June 12, 2017

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  • Simply Scoop in Dirt, Pour in Water, and let Gravity do all the work
  • Recommended for all ages by the Gold Prospectors Association of America, Fun and educational
  • Everything needed neatly stacks inside this easy to carry 7 pound kit
  • Gold pan kit as Seen on “Shark Tank” February 13th, 2015
  • Breakthrough Design for the Gold and Gem Prospecting Kit
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General description

Gold. Everybody wants it. Wars have been fought for it. It literally makes our world go around. But best of all, it is everywhere just waiting to be found. People used to have to use up hours working with a gold pan and plain old dirt to find it. We thought that was too much work and not enough fun. Now, we have made it fun and easy for everyone, as well as kids, to find gold. Introducing: the Gold Rush Nugget can (GRNB). Field-tested and suggested by the Gold Prospectors affiliation of America (GPAA), the GRNB isn’t just another gold panning kit. The GRNB is made of lasting, high-quality plastic and weighs only seven pounds, allowing a lightweight and easy-to-carry means to gold pan. The way the GRNB works is by concentrating gold into a small bowl through a filtration system, making the panning procedure super easy and fun. With gravity doing all the hard work for you, simply scoop in as much dirt and water till the bowl is almost full. The GRNB is the only gold panning kit that offers this kind of patented design for quickly concentrating good gold. Using a technique called category, the filtration system in the GRNB offers two different-sized screens for collecting big and medium-sized materials, like rocks, nuggets, and gems, with the smallest particles and water being thrust by gravity through a funnel and into a collection bowl at the bottom of the can. Exactly, the flow of water coming out of the funnel is perfectly regulated such that it penetrates the bed of sand, creating a liquid bed, enough to trap the gold. The last step is to pour the contents of the bowl into the gold pan we supply in the kit, and sifting for your concentrated gold. We supply all the information for using the GRNB, also as the procedure for panning the concentrated gold. Also to can, we supply a hand shovel to scoop dirt, water pail to pour in water, and tweezers, a magnet, suction bottle, and vials for collecting your results.

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