April 21, 2017

Some info about MQ3-45 (96860207) (Grundfos)


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  • 230 Volts with 1 Horse Power All-in-one pressure boost unit Easy to Install and operate Self-Priming Dry-running protection with automatic reset User-Friendly Control Panel Built-in pressure Tank and Switch Low noise operation Flexible discharge connection Also Available with 115 Volts, Model # 96860195
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General description

The Grundfos MQ345 Water Pressure Booster Pumpis a compact allinone pressure boosting unit, intended for domestic water supply and other boosting or lift applications. The Grunfos MQ is a dependable, easytoinstall water booster pump with many standard features. The Grundfos MQ water booster pump is ideal for pressure boosting from water storage tanks or from city water supply (maximum 45 psi inlet pressure). The Grundfos MQ345 Water Pressure Booster Pumpis also a selfpriming multistage centrifugal pump. It can self prime from a well depth of down to 26 feet inside a maximum time of 5 minutes. The anticycling feature prevents the pump from frequently starting and stopping in case of a dripping tap or a minor leak. Suited for Pressure Boosting and shallow well applications in private homes, vacation homes, farms, green houses and marinas. Installation guide.

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Fill-Rite SS45BX73PG 2V DC Diaphragm Motor Bracket PumpNGo

Built into every fuel move 96860207 pump, chemical move pump and meter is over 50 years of experience—and the pride and workmanship related with the moniker “Made in USA”. We use only the most lasting materials to insure long life and dependability. Fill-Rite and Sotera branded merchandise deliver superior performance time and time again, despite of the application or installation.

Zoeller 292-000 5-Volt /2 Horse Power Model M292 High Head Waste-Mate Automatic Cast Iron Single Phase Submersible Sewage/Effluent Pump

292-0001 Features: -auto sewage pump. -Powder coated cast iron construction dissipates motor heat and prevents rust for longer life. -Non clogging vortex impeller lets pump to pass small diameter solids. -100 Factory tested under water to ensure quality and dependability. -US made by quality craftsman. Plans: -Voltage: 115V. -Horse power: 1/2HP. -Dimensions: 18. 56″ H x 12. 88″ W.

Flotec FP322-2 3-Wire Submersible Well Pump

FP3212-12 Features: -Cast iron discharge connection, will include fitted check valve, gives smooth water passages for maximum efficiency. -Sump pump. -For average yield wells with average household use. -All 1. 25″ NPT. -Can pump to depths of 150′. -14 Gallons per minute capacity. Dimensions: in general Height – Top to Bottom: -47″. In general Width – Side to Side: -4. 6″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -6″. In general Product Weight: -34 lbs.

UPS5-55SUC/TLC 3/25 Stainless Steel Circulator Pump (59896783)

Grundfos UPS15-55SUC/TLC 3/25 HP Stainless Steel Circulator Pump (59896783)Grundfos UPS15-55SUC/TLC 3/25 HP Stainless Steel Circulator Pump (59896783) Features: fast connect terminals for easy installation Removable check valve removes the need for an in-line flow check Stainless steel your answer for corrosive and oxygen bearing fluids Patented electronic starting unit gives the highest starting torqueof any circulators in its class Ceramic bearings assures years of calm, trouble-free operation interior lip seal and filter keeps debris out of rotor can SU = 1-1/4″ Union (GU 125) TLC = Timer and Line Cord IncludedGrundfos UPS15-55SUC/TLC 3/25 HP Stainless Steel Circulator Pump (59896783) plans: Flow range: 0-25 U. S. Gpm Head range: 0-18 feet Motors: 2-pole, single-phase Max. Liquid temperature: 230 F (110 C) Min. Liquid temperature: 36 F (2 C) Max. System pressure: 145 psi.

/2 Series 00 NFI Circulator Pump

The Series 100 is an Oil Lubricated, Three-part Pump (Replaceable Motor, Repairable Bearing Assembly and Pump Body Volute). Intended for Applications that Require More Flow than the Smaller 1/25 hp Pumps can supply, with the capability to Overcome More Friction Loss in Both Residential and Commercial Service. Maximum Operating Pressure is 125 psi and 225° F Bell & Gossett 106189 1/12 hp Pump Material: Cast Iron Amperage: 1. 75 Application: Heating Voltage: 115V Max psi: 125 psi Type: Pump Horse Power: 1/12 Connection Size: 3/4″ X 1″ X 1-1/4″ X 1-1/2″ Flow Range: 0-33 GPM Head Range: 0-8 ft. Hertz: 60 Phase: 1 RPM: 1725 Temperature Range (F): 225° F Max Connection Type: Flanged.

Fill-Rite SS460BX73PG 5V AC Diaphragm Motor Bracket PumpNGo vs Grundfos MQ3-45 96860207 pricing

Built into every fuel move pump, chemical move pump and meter is over 50 years of experience—and the pride and workmanship related with the moniker “Made in USA”. We use only the most lasting materials to insure long life and dependability. Fill-Rite and Sotera branded merchandise deliver superior performance time and time again, despite of the application or installation.

Pentair FPOS775A Flotec /4 790 GPH Utility Pump

About the Flotec FP0S1775A IntelliPump ThermoplasticSubmersible Utility Pump 1/4 HP and 1790GPH Max Get rid of unwanted water with the Flotec FP0S1775A. If you need it to drain a broken appliance or want to keep it around for emergency reasons, this submersible utility pump will serve your need. Itrsquo;s easy to use in either manual settings or auto settings and you may be able to rest safe knowing that it works well for most drainage situations. The Flotec FP0S1775A is lightweight and movable so that yoursquo;ll be able to gain from it anywhere and it pumps water all the way down to 3/16rdquo; deep for maximum drainage. A 15 foot long power cord and garden hose adapter bring more convenience to your life and enable you to stay safe from water damage at all times. Yoursquo;ll love having the Flotec FP0S1775A around in times of need, so yoursquo;ll love knowing that this product was built to last. A corrosionresistant construction and thermoplastic build make this utility pump a step above the rest when it comes to durability. You wonrsquo;t have to fear replacing it anytime soon and you may be able to enjoy the peace of mind that yoursquo;ll get from having this useful tool around.

WAYNE RUP60 /6 Oil Free Submersible Multi-Purpose Pump vs Grundfos MQ3-45 96860207 review

The Wayne 1/6 hp 2,000 gph oil less submersible utility water pump pumps out up to 2000 gallons per hour with its energy economical motor. It is intended for use in uninterrupted responsibility applications, as well as draining flooded basements, sinks, tubs, or stock tanks, or emptying water-filled boats. The affect and corrosion-tolerant housing, volute, and impeller assures durability, and the bottom suction can get water inside 1/8-inch of the surface. A 3/4-inch adjustable discharge adapter connects to garden hoses, and the 1-1/4-inch discharge port gives high-volume performance. Wayne backs its pump with a one-year restricted warranty.

Zurn – RD250-SS3 – 3 Replacement Roof Drain

Technical Specification Item Roof Drain Material of Construction Stainless Steel Body, Dura Coat Cast Iron Clamp Color/Finish Mill Connection Push In Grid Material Cast Iron Height (In. ) 4-15/16 Length (In. ) 12 will include Neoprene Gasket, Clamp band, Dome And Stainless Steel Hardware Package Quantity 1 This listing is for each.

Aqua Flo .0 5V 2 Speed Pump FMCP 00 004 vs Grundfos MQ3-45 96860207 price

The Aqua-Flo Flo-Master HP and CP Series Pumps are perfect for spas and hot tubs with some number of jets since they frequently require a greater output. The remaining flow rates of the Flo-Master let the pump to run at a lower hp to do the same job of higher hp pumps. Using less hp means a lower operating cost and more money in your pocket. AquaFlo part number FMCP 02610000-1010 FMCP – Center Discharge Ideal for bigger, multi-jet tubs or alike applications that require greater output. Fast release compression fittings let for easy installation or maintenance. Compact, unitized, single spring elastomer bellows mechanical seal offers maximum durability and performance. High-performance impeller which gives flow rates that surpass all tested competition. Drip evidence, cool running seal virtually removes seal burnout Adapts to a hair and lint trap for self priming applications Stainless steel fasteners Unions are included 1. 5″ Inlet and outlet plumbing connections Operational hp: 1 HP Total hp: 1. 5 THP 115 Volt 2 Speeds Replaces the following pump models: 02610516-2 03610000 02610000-1 03510631-2 The Aqua-Flo Flo-Master FMCP Pump has a center discharge on the top of the pump and the FMHP Pump has an side or offshoot discharge. Flo-Master Pumps come complete with fast release compression fittings which makes installation and maintenance simple. The upgraded shaft seal and high performance impeller help to offer a high level of performance in any condition.

Pond Builder Solids Handling 420 GPH

A mainstay of the water garden business for many years, these pumps have proved to be one of the most reliable and energy-economical direct drive pumps available. These pumps are great for medium to heavy goes and higher head heights. Water Cooled-No Oil. 18 Month restricted Manufacturers Warranty. Handles Solids up to 1. 25″.

0v, 2. gpm 80 series Fuel oil pump for Diesel Biodiesel Kerosene Fuel Tra… vs Grundfos MQ3-45 96860207 reviews

Diesel / Biodiesel Pumps 40, 60 & 80 Series Light Oil Pumps Not for use with vegetable oil and other such heavy oils These pumps are intended for light oil pumping applications like diesel fuel, biodiesel and kerosene. These pumps can not handle thicker oils like vegetable oil, transmission liquid or motor oil. Fit with Viton seals, they’re 100 biodiesel well-matched. Use this pump for fueling vehicles, transfering fluids, filtering fluids & more. The main function of this pump is for fueling vehicles with an auto nozzle. The pump will build up pressure to 44 psi max, then be unable to pump anymore. No bypass is required as the pump won’t damage itself when the oil flow is stopped (typically by a nozzel) The pump shouldn’t be left on for a extended period of time when constrained, as it’ll wear down the vanes, however it’s ok for normal handling. Included with this pump are 2 straight hose barb fittings which use a viton oring to form a correct seal with the pump. Though the fittings on the pump are straight thread, most NPT fittings may be made to fit when using yellow teflon tape.

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Models to consider:
4JPH3 FP5722PKX401T 02840100A5763-IPT-95 AQ2246
0014-F1 SS465BEXPQP3TI R099A-USKT75S10-2 UP15-42F
HPR-6 SV9501M2700FP4312 103252LF50DWXU6.75S VIP50
200PH-5 U141-281TTUP28FM 006-IQST457729-WYNP IGF 32-9
FP2222 3-MDQX-SC3900-300PIH-8 637119-62-C4CB57 4008-101-A65
007ZFIFC LF3TWP-9X2013 60J59QPT405SLT W22G20S11-PE
3793-IPT-95 7600a0001uDM150AD LSB0058230013-SF3 TE-5-MD-SC
LMB15107992 YP30G11AA BGPL36CP11/4PFACS-3 SS460BX731PG
IQP-120 MSV1-12-3PSJ10A YP20G50DWXU61.5S2 J10S
X2013 4008-101-A65DS3HG-01 SV9501M2700SS465BEXP 55-AQUAJETARV
FP5242 AK300HWP552 W22G20S11-PEBGLR20BF 005-SF2
LMB15107992 4225A154.222J10S FP0S4100XPKX401T UP15-42F
11AA T75S10-27600a0001u HPWP15LSB005823 FP5455
L23401 SWS505763-IPT-95 2P5XHRSNCP42 LE41A
FP4312 0010-F3-1IFC3AB2LCB1H2D0 IQP-120SERIES100 LHB08100096
U141-281TT 5501-IVN2-V77DULPKX201T QP3TI57729-WYNP A-TREP03-001
4008-101-E65 FP5732HPR-6 IGF 32-9CWS75 009-F5/173
11AA TE-4-MD-SCFP5242 4008-101-E65CP8000RC TE-3-MD-HC
FP4012-10 637119-62-CLMB15107992 IQP-120HWP552 106197LF
SJ10A 0013-SF30010-SF3 HPR-6TE-5-MD-SC FP5722
1K058 MSV1-12-3P3ZHT8 370E-98BGPL36CP11/4PF 55-AQUAJETARV
55AQUAJET-ARV SNCP424225A154.222 815 SS-C 115VFP2222 LSB005823
X2013 YP20GA-TREP03-001 BGLR20BF0012-SF4 FP5455
DS3HG-01 FP4022IGF 32-9 7600a0001uSV9501M2700 007ZFIFC
GSC-3648-70 0010-F3-1IFC2MP9HR SERIES1003-MDQX-SC 3AB2LCB1H2D0


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