April 21, 2017

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  • RECIPE BOOK INCLUDED – Get started on your journey toward a healthier, more convenient and tastier lifestyle with Sous Vide recipes by bestselling Modernist Chef Jason Logsdon. Home cooks can now easily prepare sous vide steak, chicken, seafood and eggs for a fraction of the cost of going to a restaurant.
  • EASY SOUS VIDE Second Generation, superior quality compact alternative to self-contained sous vide water ovens. Easily clips to most pots and containers up to 10 gallons, creating a classic sous vide system for easy use with utensils you already own. The ingenuity of sous vide allows you to cook high-end restaurant quality food with the touch of a button.
  • POWERFUL 1200 WATTS Ensuring your set up and recovery time will be fast and simple, the GSV140 Quiet Run motor is the most powerful Sous Vide Pod on the market. With a secure stand up design and solid construction the GSV140 was built to last
  • RELIABLE AND ACCURATE – Exclusive Active Control Thermostat incorporates precision temperature settings within +/- 0.01 degree. The GSV140 Pod pumps up to 2.1 GPM (Gallons Per Minute), circulating heated water to an exact degree for complete accuracy and a perfect result each time.
  • This fits your .
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Just set the dial and relax while the Gourmia GSV140 prepares a better steak than a five-star steakhouse. Leave meat, poultry and fish to simmer, no culinary experience necessary. Enjoy a hassle free sous vide experience with the new user friendly bright digital display and a variety of colors to choose from.
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Just set the dial and relax while the Gourmia GSV140 Digital Sous vide Pod prepares a better steak than a five-star steakhouse. Gourmia makes it super easy to cook like a pro, no culinary experience needed. Easily clips to most pots and containers up to 10 gallons, creating a classic sous vide system with utensils you already own. Get consistent and delicious results with sous vide steak, chicken, seafood and eggs. With a new design the Gourmia GSV 140 takes Sous Vide cooking to the next level. Come home to a superbly cooked meal, for a small percentage of the cost every night.

Recent reviews of Gourmia GSV140 Immersion Sous Vide Pod 2nd Generation Circulator Precision Cooker Ergonomic Sleek Designed Digital View While Cooking 1200 Watts Black:

This cooker was honestly pretry frightening at 1st. But was something I really wanted to attempt. I love cooking and figuring out ways to make my food better. I really think what is best about this is that when cooking in the bags you are not just letting the fat and flavors just evaporate like you could frying or baking your food. This keeps everything tightly sealed and cooks it in all own flavors and any added seasonings you add. I 1st tried this with an egg, and Hess u will get a kick out of this. I seriously did not think anything of just cracking an egg into the water to let it cook while the cooker was running, I tell you not to do that. It’ll suck up the egg and cook it in it and clog up the machine. It was a ache to clean. So after cleaning it out I got a regular kitchen plastic ziploc bag and put an egg in it and places that in the water. Now yes it takes a whole lot of less time to just cook an egg on the stove in a frying pan but I have to admit the taste and texture of my egg was totally different and pleasing. I cooked it long enough so the egg was not runny at all, the yolk was the nicest shade of yellow and was delishous. Now I have so more experimenting to do. Just waiting for my husband to get us a deer. I am sure that could be amazing cooked with garlic and onions. The machine itself is easy to use, I does take some to get used to with setting the temp then setting the time. And it is bigger then I thought it could be. You need a really deep pot for this to work so that the cilicone grips can grab the side of the pot.

This sous vide cooker has me like. Wow. Just wow. Or to quote a famous 16 year old rap song: Like Whoa. I had heard and looked into a sous vide before, however missing counter space, I did not have room for the self contained kind. I did not realize that this sleek, space-saving kind existed. Its only a foot and a half tall and only some inches large; about the size of a hand mixer. I got the purple one, and I must say: it seems pretty snazzy. I am liking it. The information could not be any clearer. And boy does Gourmia give you a plethora of them. there’s an instruction book, and no less then TWO fast start guides. I read all three to be sure I was not missing anything, however all are super clear and just the same thing so you only need one to get going. I cut up an orange pepper, half a red onion, some garlic, some green beans, and I added them to chicken tenderloins and masala sauce. You have to use a vacuum sealer for best results. You could just ziplock bag food, however I know you will not get close to the same level of flavor infusion. My concoction did not quite get all the air out because my vacuum sealer is awful, however it was close, and more than good enough for spectacular results. And spectacular the results were indeed. More on that in a second. Once it was sealed, I clipped the sous vide to the pot. The information say it must not touch the bottom of the pot so I was a little worried because my deepest pot was a little too short. Nothing to fear, the clip on the sous vide is really strong and it clipped easily so there was a half inch clearance at the bottom of the pot. No slippage. I added water to the tall sauce pan so it was between the two lines on the metal base of the sous vide.

I got the Gourmia – GSV140- Immersion Sous Vide Pod 2nd Generation – Circulator Precision Cooker – Ergonomic Sleek intended Digital View While Cooking- 1200 Watts – Purple- will include Gourmet Recipe Book. This is something I have been wanting for a long time, to attempt and help me with losing weight. When it 1st came I read all the material that came with it because I’d like to be sure I used it right since I have never used one. After all the reading it was so easy to use. I got my chicken seasoned the way I cook it in the oven with paprika and garlic salt, and cut me up some sweet potatoes and seasoned them. I put my Immersion Sous Vide Pod in my canning pot,, then put the water in at a level between the two lines. I did not have the vacuum sealer bags so I used freezer ziplock (I lowered the bags in the water, and the water pushed the air out of the bags as it lowered, when the water was nearly to the top I zipped it close, worked great). Then I clipped the sous vide to the pot, plugged it in, pressed power spot for 5 seconds, turned the handle to the temperature I wanted and when it came up to temperature and set the timer. It was just that easy to do, took a whole maybe two minutes and it was cooking. OMG. SO EASY. Just be sure you’re cooking in something that the Immersion Pod does not touch the bottom of the pan. That was all there was to it, I had set it for 2 hours since I had cut everything in small pieces. Let me tell you I had the best supper the chicken wasn’t dry, it was moist and the flavor was so much better than cooking it in the oven. The sweet potatoes were so tender and had absorbed the spices (next time I will have to cook more potatoes, I eat both). I know now how I’m going to be cooking all of my Thanksgiving dinners.

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Instant Pot Accu LS-SV02A (120V, 800W) vs GSV140-B

Sous Vide cooks food gradually GSV140B at exact low temperatures over a extended period of time to accomplish succulent, nutritious and delicious meals. Instant Pot’s Accu SV800 Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is a versatile and easy-to-use kitchen helper that lets you to cook healthy, gourmet meals in temperature vary from 104F to 195F / 40C to 90C up to 72 hours. Accu SV800 works professionally and reliably with its super calm motor and high temperature accuracy of 0. 4F/ 0. 2C.

ChefSteps CS10001 Joule, White/Stainless

Joule is the smallest, most powerful sous vide tool available. It heats water faster than any other immersion circulator or precision cooker and holds the temperature with complete accuracy to ensure perfect results every time. Controlled entirely by a groundbreaking app that empowers sous vide Veterans and novices alike, joule gives you the freedom to cook from anywhere.

Anova, WIFI Gen, 900

The Anova Precision Cooker makes it simple to accomplish professional-level cooking results at home. To use, simply attach the cooker to any water-filled pot, put your food in a sealable bag, and set the time and temperature. The Precision Cooker heats and circulates the water to a exact temperature, cooking food to an exact temperature which creates maximum tenderness and moisture retention (without worry of overcooking). The Anova Precision Cooker connects to your phone, so you may be able to cook amazing meals by the touch of a button — use up less time tied to the kitchen by relying on the app to inform you when your food is prepared to eat.

Kitchen Masters 110v,, Timer, 800w vs GSV-140B

4 Reasons why you have to decide Kitchen Masters Sous Vide 1 – Kitchen Masters Sous Vide Circulator can turn any pot or container into a professional-grade sous vide water bath. Now you may be able to work at your home kitchen and make food as good and tasty as in the best v restaurant. 2 – Kitchen Masters Sous Vide cooks your food evenly and exactly the way you want. It’ll never overcook while it sits in the water bath. Dinner is prepared when you’re. This is a device used by the best chefs and so can you now. 3 – Kitchen Masters Sous Vide offers unbelievable control and precision thank to state of the art thermometer and microprocessor with a precision capability of 0. 4F/ 0. 2C. 4 – Kitchen Masters Sous Vide offers a 24/7 buyer support service and 36 months product warranty.

with LCD Display by CookTech 800W Power Pump & Stainless Steel Quiet & Accurate

CookTech Sous Vide Technical plans Minimum Temperature – 41F Maximum Temperature – 212F Temperature Stability – 1c Thermal Pump Power – 800w Circulation Pump – 8. 5 LPM / 2. 25 GPM Input Power – 110v Wetted Materials: Stainless Steel Housing Polypropylene Pump Cup LIFETIME WARRANTY 24/7 buyer SUPPORT BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY do not HESITATE ORDER NOW.

LIPAVI Stainless Steel Rack 30SS, 12Wx9.7Lx8H Inch, Silver, Fits Supreme

Sous Vide Rack for carefully Holding the Pouches Before, throughout and After Cooking. The Rack assures proper Distance Between the Individual Pouches so that the Water can Flow Freely and let for an Sous Vide Warming. No Pile of Pouches at the Bottom of the Water Bath Anymore. The Rack is Adjustable for Different Thicknesses of the Pouches and Collapsible to Save Space in the Cupboard. LIPAVI Racks Increase considerably the Capacity of your Sous Vide Bath. The LIPAVI Sous Vide Racks are the Perfect Companions to any Sous Vide Immersion Circulator like Anova, Nomiku, Sansaire, PolyScience, Grant etc, and fits also in still water baths like Supreme Sous Vide. LIPAVI Recommends the LIPAVI Containers. All LIPAVI Containers have the Optimum Height (8 Inch) for Immersion Circulators. LIPAVI has Racks that fit in Sous Vide Supreme and Demi and also Cambro tanks. Different Models will In Fact fit Any Water Tank and Water Bath. Measure the Space Inside the Bottom of the Water Bath, Reserve enough Space for Your Immersion Circulator, and Find the Right LIPAVI Rack for Your Needs. The LIPAVI Racks are Quality merchandise made of Stainless Steel for Many Years of Service. The LIPAVI Racks are Practical also for Cooling or Freezing the Pouches. And useful as Smoking Rack. If You Use a PolyScience Professional (Classic), the SS30 Rack Will Fit Perfectly in the LIPAVI C20 container. Find the Best mix for Your of a LIPAVI Rack and a LIPAVI Container. – Search for LIPAVI on Amazon.

8-Quart Programmable Machine w/ LCD display,Silver/ vs GSV-140-B

The Sous Vide takes the guess work out of cooking and its’ spacious 8L capacity and stainless steel rack make it perfect for a large range of foods as well as fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and eggs, and most standard sized vacuum bags. Using the Sous Vide is as easy as it gets-simply vacuum seal ingredients, fill the Sous Vide, place food in the pouch rack, set time and temperature therefore via the LCD display.

Slaiya – Includes Timer – 850 – (Basic Edition)

The benefit of movable Sous Vide and Column Type Slow Cooking Machine -Easy carry handle for convenient using -Adjustable Clamp, may be adjusted to precision cook (sous vide) in any pot or tank you have -prevent control panel from mist -protect your hands from hot air stream Specification: -Power:120v -Frequency:60Hz -Temperature range : 25-99. 9 -Wattage:850W -Pumping speed : 7-8 L/min -The longest time setting : 99hous59mins -The lowest water level: 6. 35 cm -Safety: bimetal fuse -Dimensions (inches):8. 074. 3313. 78 Perfect Precision and Time Control (+/-0. 1) Precision temperature control means unbelievable results, every time. Simply set the temperature and press start. Leave food in the pot and go about your day till you are prepared to eat. Your food wont get overcooked. Unlike any other technique of cooking, food is cooked exactly how you like it from edge-to-edge with no speculation. Restaurant Quality Food Perfectly tender dishes once only achievable by chefs in top restaurants can now be replicated at home. With Wancle Sous Vide, you may be able to cook large range of food, all types of seafood also as all types of meat, from chicken to duck to fish and so on. Control Panel Is Easy to Use Touchscreen control. Big control pannel shows temperature, working time, and power indication. Humanized design prevents control panel from mist. Prepared To Cook Steps: To use the Wancle Precision Cooker, you simply attach it to a pot, put your food in a seal-able bag and set the time and temperature. The Precision Cooker circulates water around the pot while making sure a consistent temperature during. CS, GS,ETL, CE, REACH, ROHS certification.

FIGERM, with Temperature and Time Control, 1100W

What is sous vide? – Sous vide is a cooking technique in which food is 1st vacuum sealed then engulfed in a water bath and cooked at exact and consistent low temperature. The cooking time is longer than other techniques for the same food, however the cooking temperature is lower. This low temperature cooking produces extraordinary and distinctive results. It preserves the food nutrients without destroying the food texture, it maintains food moisture and removes food shrinkage. Now with the FIGERM Sous Vide Cooker, you may be able to get the restaurant quality results from the comfort of your home; It makes you cook like a pro. Simply just touch the START button after setting the wanted temperature and time; what is the most important features of a sous vide cooker? 1. Precision temperature control Re: correct to inside 0. 1C for FIGERM sous vide cooker 2. Powerful heating element Re: built with a state of the art 1100w heating element for FIGERM sous vide cooker 3. Easy operation Re: Simply just touch the ‘start’ button after setting wanted time and temperature for FIGERM sous vide cooker 4. Immersion Circulation; Re: This product comes with a stable and good working circulation system on the bottom of the cooker to ensure all food is evenly cooked. 5. Most important of all: lasting, and cheap Some of the Key Features – Heating element 1100W – tough and secure clamp design – correct to inside 0. 1C – Temperature range 0-90C (32-194F) – support both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees – Time range (timer): 0-99 hours – removable power cord – Digital display & low water level auto shut off – suggested water volume: 5-22 L what is included in the package 1 x sous vide cooker 1 x power cord 1 x operation guide (as well as guide for cooking common foods).

PolyScience Culinary SVPR-WC1B,

The PolyScience Sous Vide CHEF Series Immersion Circulator sets the standards for sous vide cooking. It was worked on to meet the prerequisites of the world’s best chefs, and is available for home kitchens. This reliable immersion circulator adds a whole new dimension of control to your kitchen. Its aesthetics, easy handling, and flexibility are distinctive and without agreement. Home chefs accomplish perfect, repeatable results every time with the Sous Vide CHEF Series Immersion Circulator. Exact temperature control inside 1/tenth of a degree with water circulation maximum consistency (in comparison to non-stirred devices). Compact design makes for easy storage; clamp the Sous Vide CHEF Series Immersion Circulator to any size stockpot or tank with rounded or flat walls up to 30 liters. The Sous Vide CHEF Series is rated for HOUSEHOLD-USE ONLY.

Nutrichef Thermal For Precise & Even Durable Stainless Steel Stick, Handle & Temperature Con

, The Most dependable & Easy To Use Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Has Just Been Released Tired of veggies losing their precious nutrients? Fed up with cheaply made and noisy immersion circulators? Trying to enhance your cooking style? If you’re nodding, then you may want to keep on reading. We proudly present you the coolest sous vide immersion circulator for precision cooking. No more overheating No more flimsy mounting brackets No more food wasted in vain Transform Your Kitchen Into A Gourmet Restaurant With A Nutrichef Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Feeling cool today? Then why not go for the best of the best when it comes to your sous vide cooking utensils? Our sous vide precision cooker clips onto pretty much anything, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding inside pots Enjoy now awesome cooking results every single time. Prepare the most tender pork chops, evenly cooked steaks, restaurant quality salmon or chicken and mouth-watering ribs A must have addition to your kitchen arsenal Still Not Sure If This Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Is The Right One For You? • Premium quality stainless steel stick Resilient ABS handle • fitted thermostat, time and temperature control. • Digital LCD screen for easy readings. • Safe, compact, handheld, submersible, and lightweight precision cooker. • lasting mount clip. Clamps onto all deep pots and containers • exact and immersion circulator Tender, rich in flavor and nutrients meals • For vegetables, pork, chicken, steak, burgers, rice, fish, and desserts • annoyance free cleaning and storing afterwards. • It can heat up a bubble bath for you What are you waiting for? Get yours today, while supplies last Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now.

New WiFi Nomiku

The Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is both the worlds most powerful circulator intended for the home cook and the worlds 1st wifi-connected sous vide device. Sous vide is a technique of cooking that make steadily amazing food with exact temperature, creating maximum tenderness and juiciness. A long-treasured secret weapon of top chefs, Nomiku will assist you make your star-respectable meals at homeeasily. Weve merged the lasting design of a professional kitchen device with intelligent, intuitive features you’ll love. Great for busy people who still want to be able to prepare delicious meals at home, the Nomiku WiFi machine pairs with the EatTender smartphone app to let you to share recipes and start cooking from anywhere.

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Models to consider:
PKPC120WT A3.2-120V-US
KG-SV1 LS-SV02A30SS CS10001PKPC120WT A3.2-120V-US


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