April 21, 2017

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  • 6-Inch spout reach
  • 1/2-Inch female connection
  • Rubbed bronze finish
  • Solid brass construction
  • Model no. 06088920
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

Hansgrohe Tango C Tub Spout in Rubbed Bronze # HG06088920. As one of the leading international manufacturers of plumbing merchandise, Hansgrohe represents novelty, design, quality and showering pleasure at the highest level. Stylish in form, Tango C defies category-it is a living, moving love story still also statuesque, as if intended exactly for you. Sloping, curving, flexed, Tango C recreates a timeless era that’s captivating and irresistible. From the form of the spout to the detail in each handle, Tango C gives you a design that is conventional, however not essentially confining. You may be able to decide the faucets and shower merchandise to highlight a rustic, pastoral setting, still the design is sophisticated enough to accompany a more lavish conventional environment, like in luxury mansions from yesteryear. If you have any questions or concerns about this product and/or it’s functionality, contact Hansgrohe‘s buyer Service department at 1-800-334-0455.

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About the maker ToolPro produces quality tools intended exactly for the professional freelancer and installer. They understand that quality is your 1st concern when shopping for tools that will be subjected to the heavy demands of construction professionals, so all tools are field tested to ensure they’re jobsite prepared. ToolPros concentrate is on novelty, quality and value, a concentrate that’s readily obvious when you use these tools. Simply the best choice for installers and finishers in the Drywall, EIFS, Stucco and Acoustical trades.

M-D Building Produts 93969 Smart Tool Builder’s Angle Sensor Module with arrying ase

Using custom patented sensor technology, SmartTool was the digital level leader for over 20 years.   showing in degrees, % slope or inches per foot, it’s correct to 1/10 of a degree and holds the best accuracy of any digital level on the market that MD has tested.   Its 9V battery (included) runs for over 500 hours and has the capability to beep at any angle you decide.

Original Autel MaxiDAS® DS708 Version Wireless Sanner Support 12V Petrol&Diesel Vehiles (English) vs HG-06088920

Top 5 Reasons to Get Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Spanish variant: 1. Language: English+Spanish 2. One Year Free Update Online Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Update Instruction 3. Support Petrol and Diesel Car Model, however only support 12V, not support 24V 4. Wifi Available 5. Cover More than 40 Vehicles Makers from US, Asian and European Notice: do not know how to decide between all the Autel Scanners? Refer to Our Official Blog All Autel Scanner Comparison Table, it’ll assist you learn the Most suited Device Description: The new generation platform stands out in a range of tools by very high performance with intuitive operation. Right for the 1st time, workshops and technicians could find an OE-level diagnostic solution intended for the aftermarket. The DS708 is the key to get buyer confidence and increase your bottom-line. Feature and Function: 1. Broad car coverage for more than 30 domestic, Asian and European car makes 2. Deep car system coverage for ALL electronic systems 3. Complete function capability as well as live data and so many others 4. Unparalleled OBDII functionalities supports ALL 5 OBDII protocols and ALL 9 test modes 5. Auto Wi-Fi updates available in new software releases 6. Groundbreaking dual-processor technology for quicker diagnostics and boot-up 7. The real Windows CE operating system lets for more stable performances, better compatibility and expandability 8. Internet explorer brings internet resource of your choice at your fingertips 9. WIFI internet capability lets for wireless access during the workshop 10. Advanced USB communication for faster operation and more correct diagnostics 11. Very easy-to-us with touch-screen operation and intuitive operation 12. Distinctive shop tough ergonomic design features multi-layered rubber protection and strong housing 13. Intelligent memory of vehicles for easy and fast diagnosis of tested vehicles.


INNOVA 5568 Pro-Timing Light with Tool Case PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This timing light will include a full range of alternatives intended to meet the demands of DIYers with many of the features that professional installers demand. This pro timing light with tool case works on adjustable and non-adjustable timing systems. It also works on both domestic and import vehicles. This timing light is intended for use with all 12-volt negative-ground vehicles and it can also be used on vehicles equipped with a distributorless ignition systems. It has a four function digital readout and easy-to-read backlit LCD, which will include tachometer varies from 249 to 9,990 RPM, advance degrees from 0 to 90-degrees, dwell from 0 to 180-degrees, and 2-12 cylinders. It switches from 2 cycles to 4 cycles.

DBI/SALA Python, 1500140, Vinyl Spill ontrol Safe Buket W/6 D-Ring onnetion Points Inside Of Buket, W/Hook&Loop losure System, 250Lb Load Ra

Vinyl spill control can, 15 inches X 12. 5 inches. Will include 6 D-ring connection points located inside of the can. Distinctive patent pending hook and loop closure system. 250 pound load ranking. Fall protection for humans is important to individual safety. Fall protection is about you. Drop prevention is about everybody else. Fall protection was regulated for decades. We know how to prevent people from falling. What about the tools, dropped objects can result in big property damages, lost tools or, worse still, injury or death. It’s our passion to assist you protect the people around you. BKT-250HLV.

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These high barrier heat-sealable foil bags are an ideal choice for merchandise requiring expanded protection from oxygen, moisture and UV. The stand up functionality coupled with a resealable zipper make these bags great for multi-use merchandise. Convenient and easy to fill, these bags are some of the most well-liked in a large range of industries. The one way degassing valve lets any extra gas to escape from inside the bag without letting outside air back in. Perfect for merchandise like freshly roasted coffee, fertilizers, dog treats or any other product that requires a pressure break system.

X431 iDiag Auto Diag Sanner for Android

Launch X431 iDiag Auto Diag Scanner for Android Highlights: 1. Languages: English, French, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese 2. X431 iDiag Auto Diag Scanner for Android used on Android operation system smart phone or pad. It nees Android system above V4. 0 Launch X431 iDiag Function: 1. OBDII full function 2. Search and help OBDII DTCs, display data stream graph 3. Support record and playback the tested data stream 4. Support basic diagnostic function for all systems of one single car model 5. Support basic diagnostic function for all systems of many car models 6. Support basic diagnostic function for all systems of all car models 7. Create maintenance database 8. “My zone” functions 9. Establish public and private maintenance social circle 10. Supply instant info 11. Support online update Launch X431 iDiag Parameter 1. Connection technique: Standard OBDII interface, micro USB2. 0 2. Common Power intake:(12V) Static current 25mA,in general unit average current 35mA 3. Working temp: -20℃-55℃ 4. Storage temp:-30℃-70℃ 5. Working voltage: powered by car battery DC 9V-15V Launch X431 iDiag Package List: 1pc x X431 iDiag Auto Diag Scanner for Android major unit 1pc x OBD2 Cable 1pc x Password paper 1pc x Carrying case.

OneTigris ompat MOLLE ED Pouh Utility Gadget Pouh

About OneTigris Molle Gadget Pouch: Compact EDC Pouch for Daily Work: Carry your things with you closely regardless where you go. Two zippered pockets help get your useful objects in a fast way. If you move all day at work/travel and want a fast access to your personal belongings, this will be a nice choice. Tool Pouch Organizer to Keep Things Together: 6. 7 x 4. 7 inch as the major compartment, supply enough space to carry your phone also as the spare battery, keys, wall charger, earbud headphones, work ID badge, cards and cash. Ideal for someone who wants to consolidate all their pocket-carried EDC gear into one place rather than have it spread around to disparate compartments in their kit. Molle Attachment Pouch for Extra cart: Has two MOLLE straps to weave into your backpacks MOLLE. You could also attach this to a belt if you want to. Great for people who need backpack/belt addition pouch. Specification: Constructed of high quality 1000D Nylon = With 1 metallic mountaineering buckle to be attached on vest or pack 2 major zipper compartments store essential EDC gear outside cell phone pouch outside pen sheath for fast access MOLLE integration for easy customization or attachment to a bigger bag Dimensions: 6. 7 x 4. 7x 2 inches Package included: 1 x OneTigris Compact EDC pouch.

VETO PRO PA MB2 Tall Meter Bag

Size Matters. The MB2 is a taller variant of our MB-Meter Bag and accommodates and protects taller meters, analyzers and fix tools. Features rugged construction, spacious pockets, interior cushioning, heavy responsibility zippers, and a removable rubber handle. The MB2 offers tradesmen a meter bag or small tool bag. An optional shoulder strap is sold individually.

Snap Tool Roll Handmade by Hide & Drink :: Swazey Suede

This leather part with rustic accents is supposed to be passed on to future generations. I moustache you a question, are you hairy? Do you get a 5 o’ clock shadow? Do you shave in the morning, then minutes afterward you have grown the bushiest facial hair recognized to man? If so, then you have to tame that facial hair with style. Be it at home or on the road, shave your manly facial hair, groom your good moustache, and trim those hairs with the Leather Barber Tool Roll at your side. With slots to place your razors, scissors, combs, tweezers and trimmers, this is the ideal home for them all. Shaving has long since been a tradition dating back as far as the finding of ancient razors from the Bronze Age circa 3500BC in Egypt. Barbers were greatly respected persons, and the 1st recognized examples of barbers were priests or medicine men, and in Roman times a 1st shave was treated as a ceremonial celebration of a young man’s coming of age. Barber shops became well-liked places for daily news and local gossip, and the barber doubled up as a doctor, performing functionings, leeching, enemas and teeth extraction. Our swayze suede is made through a thorough and meticulous procedure. Once we remove the hair from the hide, we prepare the fibers for tannage. These tannins couple with the fibers, and changes into a leather and halts the decomposing procedure. Next, the leather is treated with oils and salts, creating a material that’s lasting and long-lasting. Before coloring, the leather is cut down and fined to get that beautiful, soft to the touch texture of our swayze suede.

Yanhua Piwis Tester II Diagnosti Tool For Porshe (Without Laptop And Software)

1. This is only hardware, no laptop and software in the package. 2. One Year Free Maintenance 3. Update: By CD or HDD (One Year free of charge, It can’t be updated online. 200USD for one time update after one year. ) 4. Requires Online Modules: (F BCM R BCM DME ELV SRS KEY) 5. Piwis Tester II for Porsche Software Free Download (American Server) Piwis Tester II for Porsche Functions: 1. Read/clear error code, catch data stream, computer programming match, part test, maintenance info consult, parts site drawing, wiring chart. 2. Porsche Piwis Tester II may help you diagnose and program the most new and old kind of Porsche cars. As an example: 911(997)(991), Boxster/Cayman, (987), Cayenne up to MY 2010, Cayenne from MY 2011 and Panamera. 3. New Panamera can only be identified by using Porsche Piwis Tester II. Depending on current project planning, all earlier car models will slowly be changed over to the new Porsche Piwis Tester II by the end of 2010. Porsche Piwis Tester I must be used for older models in the Porsche workshop till end of 2010. 4. Support for Porsche. Piwis Tester I’ll not be available once the earlier diagnostic programs have been moved to Porsche Piwis Tester II. 5. When Porsche Piwis Tester II is circulated, it’ll contain one basic part of software. This is needed to start and configure the tester. Piwis Tester II Support Systems: ENGINE automatio transmission, air-conditioner, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, Original antitheft System,KEYLESS GO system, OBDII system. Piwis Tester II car Coverage: 1. 911(997) (991) 2. Boxster/Cayman (987) 3. Cayenne up to MY 2010 4. Cayenne from MY 2011 5. Panamera Porsche Piwis Tester II Packing List: 1pc x Piwis Tester II VCI 1pc x OBDII Cable 1pc x USB Cable 1pc x Extensional Cable.

Models to consider:
WCP24 TB-CTTP-01108AT77207 OS1016mad-02369 mad-02369
W500 SETWSW05513TB-CT-104 TTP-34KB2121 SS1179
35-950BLK DESERQ02IRW10506535 B00VUGOQ3AMCH-01 DWST1-75552
P-2200 T77290DTY-COMUTILV2 1DM-23021KLE5482 HP-117
300720-BR 601ZTmad-02369 B606ZSM-912 B00VUFTS6G
RE8040-ORANGE QA222TB-CTP-01030A KLE42244GRB1 700C
TB-CT-05 AP-8360CA500 EZ-027QA211 2895RT5
SH26-C 485MRmad-02369 CN031CB03 CB07
Pex-1632 STR005BT 1607 mad-02369S47Y S K2-G
SDK15K03_06_uv T77207CA895 B1604CB03 TB-CT-104
mad-02369 TTP-34QA222 RTP-0003TP00924 700C
S47Y S WCP24BL 30299 EZ-027TOU-CT-26 SS1179
B00VUFTS6G DG510351829MHS W438KLE5482 TR 150027
SHY16G25_06_bf mm1401ppcHP-117 3113-4 LEFT4750-3PB-1 ATB-42
H-50 5018DBRT7814B W500CB07 STR005
SETWSW05513 DESERQ02BT 1607 SH26-CGRB1 mad-02369
AC-105-BK CN031TB-CTP-01030A SS1050K2-G EY75A1X
AP-8360 TB-CT-20-STP00923 S5403DTY-COMUTILV2 mad-02369
mad-02369 KLE42244300720-BR SS1179STR005 RTP-0003
KLE5482 4750-3PB-1725SP P-2200K2-G SS57234
3113-4 LEFT DTY-COMUTILV2700C DG5103GRB1 W500
8018DB TB-CT-104CB03 LG681DM-23021 KB2121
35-950BLK mad-02369TB-CTTP-01108A TB-CT-36-L6CN031 QA222
W438 CA500AP-8360 mad-02369WR 150028 EZ-027
QA211 TR 150027B00VUGOQ3A Pex-1632mad-02369 mad-02369
B00VUFTS6G TOU-CTP-01033AIRW10506535 SH26-CH-50 B606
AC-105-BK mad-02369MP-101 BTWR 1602SS1190 S47Y S


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