April 21, 2017

HOLD DOWN (1623) actually has good reviews

Nov 20th 2017
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DOWN 3-Inch CLAMP isn't that bad compared to other products



  • They can pivot or be removed quickly by loosening the mounting bolt (supplied)
  • Hold-down clamps are a must for surface clamping on the work bench or machine tables
  • Fracture resistant and/or ductile iron castings with durable baked on enamel finish
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General description

Hold-Down Clamps Are A Must For Surface Clamping On The Work Bench Or Machine Tables. They Can Pivot Or Be Removed Quickly By Loosening The Mounting screw (Supplied). Will include These Construction Features:, Fracture tolerant And/or Ductile Iron Castings With lasting Baked On Enamel Finish, Precision Cut 9/16″ Acme Screw, Mounting Hardware Made In Usa.

Recent reviews of 1623 HOLD DOWN CLAMP 3-Inch:

I have had one of these for many years and I’d like to get at least another. I have not been able to find them in home improvement stores recently. You may be able to mount this clamp anywhere on your work bench by just drilling a hole for the supplied round headed screw, then countersinking for the screw head. When the clamp isn’t in use the screw will drop flush with the work surface. There is no open hole in the work bench like for a hold fast. When you want to use it you simply reach under the work surface, push up on the screw, slide the clamp onto the screw head and clamp down your part. And you may be able to make extra bolts to mount the same clamp at different places simply by rounding the hex head on an common screw using a grinder. It is useful for planing, sanding or any other reason you may want to clamp a part down away from the edge of your bench. And if you know the brand you know their tools are well made – American made by the way.

This is a well-made clamp for holding things securely to your bench top, wherever you have a hole drilled through it to take the supplied screw. Mounted upside-down, it also makes an excellent way to clamp a movable bench top to another bench or table.

If you do not have any holes in your workbench, or not enough, put some in. Then mount this clamp, then tighten, whatever you want to stay put – will. Nothing is going to come loose. Quality during, just what you expect from the Jorgenson company. You may be able to expect only the best from one of the leaders in clamps. Lots of what makes these Jorgenson clamps better that the cheapies is the thread, the cheapies will probably adhere when tightening, frustrating, the screw thread gets bound up before the cheapie every clamped the work. Take my advice, avoid those knockoff clamps.

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Shop Fox D2726 for T-Slot Tracks

The Hold Down clamp slides in the T-Slot Track sold individually and quickly secures with the turn of the hand handle. By turning the clamp head 180 degrees to the workpiece, the clamp offers a dual capacity of 0 to 3/4-Inch and 3/4-Inch to 2-1/2-Inch depending upon the size of the workpiece. See D2723, D2724 and D2725 for T-Slot Track.

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Models to consider:
807-U 807-SD2726 810-SPW965 WMS-5
WMS-4 G9589810-S PW964
WMS-5 810-SPW964 WMS-4807-U PW965
807-S D2726G9589 810-S
807-U G9589WMS-4 810-SWMS-5 D2726
810-S 807-SPW964 PW965


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