April 21, 2017

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  • Platform also serves as a drain pan
  • Assembly required
  • 1-Inchmetal drain fitting
  • Wide platform accommodates water heaters up to 50-Gallons
  • Wall mount water heater platform
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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General description

Holdrite 50-SWHP-WM Suspended Water Heater Platform 50 Gallon.

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These economical fittings will assist 50-SWHP-WM you build a high performance dust extraction system for your shop. Made of ABS plastic (except for the aluminum blast gates), these fittings are intended to stand up against the abrasive nature of saw dust and wood fiber. Common Tool Adapter adapts your wet/dry vacuum hose to stationary or movable power tools. It is constructed of a tough material and conforms to slight variations in size. The “stepped” design holds a 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ external diameter and a 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2-1/2″ interior diameter connection. It also has a square flange with mounting holes that may be used with a collection box. Due to danger of static electricity involved with dust collection we greatly recommend the book Dust Collection Basics #85O17 to be read previous to any installation.

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Johnson Level & Tool 40-6912 22X Builders Level Transit System

22X Builder’s Transit Level System Horizontal Circle – graduated to single degrees and reads by vernier direct to 15 minutes Vertical Arc – Reads to degrees 45-0-45 Horizontal tangent screw & vertical lock & tangent screw for exact motion control fitted sunshade – for clear sighting Top mounted leveling vial – for effortless looking at.

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Spears 1401 Series PVC Tube Tee, Schedule 40, Gray, 1" Barbed

This Spears schedule 40 PVC tee fitting has barbed male inserts on each end, and is suited for connecting and branching adaptable polyethylene tubes. The barbed ends let a fast connection to adaptable tubing. The fitting is T-shaped and has three openings to connect and branch three tubes, two on the major run and one branch at a 90-degree angle from the center of the tee. Dimensions for tees are represented as A x B x C. “A” and “B” point to the major run on the fitting, and “C” indicates the branch. The fitting is made of gray PVC (polyvinyl chloride) for chemical and corrosion resistance, high strength, and less weight than fittings made from metal. It’s well-matched with SIDR-PR (standard inside dimension ratios, pressure rated) adaptable polyethylene tubing as indicated by ASTM International standard D2239, or standard D2104 schedule 40 polyethylene tubing. The fitting has a maximum operating temperature of 140 degrees F, meets ASTM International D1784 and D2609 standards for quality assurance, and is certified by National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) for potable water service. This PVC tee fitting is suited for connecting adaptable polyethylene tubing for a range of liquid move applications.

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SDT 87740 Motor fits RIDGID® 300 535 Pipe Threading Machines 3177

SDT 87740 Motor fits RIDGID 300 535 Pipe Threading Machines 31771/2 HP 38 RPM 3177 Motor 115 Volt for RIDGID® 300 and 535 Pipe Threading Machines. Do not GET RIPPED OFF and Pay over 1200 for a alike model motor. Our motor is Guaranteed with a Full 1 Year Warranty. 1/2 HP common Electric 115 volt 60 HZ Reversible Motor 38 RPMFits RIDGID® 300, 300 Compact, and 535 Pipe ThreadersRIDGID® motor 3158 was replaced by RIDGID® 3177Replaces RIDGID® Part: 87740Replacement part intended and made by Steel Dragon Tools®. SDT® isn’t affiliated with, and the substitute part isn’t accepted by or warranted by Ridgid, Inc. RIDGID® Marks are trademarks of RIDGID, Inc and were used for product identification reasons only. Steel Dragon Tools® does Warranty this item against maker Defects for One Year.

Reliance 9002273-005 3/4-Inch T & P Discharge Pipe

9002273-005 Features: -Attaches to temperature and pressure break valve. -Finish: Blue. -Made in the USA. Application: -Drain. Product Type: -Discharge pipe. Finish: -Blue. Country of make: -United States. Dimensions: in general Width – Side to Side: -0. 75″. In general Depth – Front to Back: -0. 75″.

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  1. Holdrite QuickStand 50-SWHP-W Wall Mounted Suspended Water Heater Platform with Drain Pan and 1-Inch PVC Drain Fitting, 26-1/2-Inch by 26-1/2-Inch
  2. Holdrite QuickStand 30-SWHP-M Ceiling Mounted Suspended Water Heater Platform with Drain Pan and 1-1/4-Inch Metal Drain Fitting, 24-Inch by 24-Inch
  3. Holdrite QuickStand 40-SWHP-W Wall Mounted Suspended Water Heater Platform with Drain Pan and 1-Inch PVC Drain Fitting, 21-1/4-Inch by 21-1/4-Inch
  4. Holdrite QuickStand 40-S-24-U 24-Inch by 24-Inch by 16-Inch Galvanized Steel Water Heater Stand, Supports up to 100-Gallon Water Heaters
  5. Camco 11231 Gas Water Heater Stand Kit

Models to consider:
MX128 HFHC-88-12DPB310 SST-716PP0208WP 9102-DB
260-FHA PVC003041000HAVM102 GVP-0750-SLF25AUB-Z3 22486LF
GRDC-020 GID-295242GM 14867BSB0235 CBV-2000-S
A17-1 22995LFMFLB-11/6FT DA34826BNHR74-025S a12010500ux0198
Q-8101-L ARS5X50EPDMFB-PIC4188H M07-001510-813BG SDT-32
D3996 2-NR3XL102-WP 115-975XL2304CK 601-LT-PVC-CP
PD41855 PT-MC13115-1MZ1400-4NL 000-515CA-100pkWD24X10018 S10-375
PVC 07400 0200 CMA443PS-1 1338BE-MMS-200C P1002-66
U870I100 B0077DPS6EBVS-240 R522223281W Bm0121
024 CVT-2 VM102215BB104.020 DA34826BNBYT-7A014A 511-603HN
WW-6000-010 FB-PIC4188H75EM2 PVC 07400 0200DPB310 UV35606
U870I100 P1056-42GRDC-020 HF61CAP6P1002-66 260-FHA
CBV-2000-S GN58000.05022486LF BSPT1038710-10RTL S10-375
44443PR SB023515-8462P EBV105UC008LFA B0077DPS6E
HR74-025S U3008LFA04338LF Q-8101-LA507104N-OBF1 SB115450M
PP0208WP HG27418001115-975XL2 TS794F2#CPVDV812-612 745-VOABCP
065a M-FN16-3-3/47HFHC-88-12 C60501Z1400-4NL GVP-0750-S
111C SDT-8199102-DB T01-0094VPa12110600ux0009 WD24X10018
VM102 Bm0121Z1400-4NL a12010500ux0198BVS-240 9102-DB
P1002-66 601-LT-PVC-CPHG27418001 4100B3X1/4A-25LFN250-3/4 23336-0000LF
T01-0094VP 115-975XL2A17-1 U3008LFA22995LF SST-716
CST 280 DA34826BN510-813BG ARS5X50EPDMC60501 PT-MC13115-1M
CL40PK6 D3996WW-6000-010 EBV105563-240HC PP0208WP
CBV-2000-S WD24X10018PVC003041000HA BSPT1038P1056-42 U870I100
GRDC-020 2-NR3XLQ-8101-L PQC-103BYT-7A014A HF61CAP6
GID-295 304CK024 CVT-2 CMA44344443PR 52910N
511-603HN PD41855VDV812-612 HR74-025Sa12110600ux0009 242GM


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