April 21, 2017

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General description

Start making the delicious lefse like an expert with the Bethany Housewares Lefse Starter Kit. This set will include a Non Stick Surface grill, a lefse turning stick, a corrugated rolling pin, two rolling pin covers and a pastry board and cloth sets. It also will include two lefse combinations to assist you get started. Will include: (1) Non Stick Surface grill, (1) lefse turning stick, (1) corrugated rolling pin, (1) package of (2) rolling pin covers, (1) pastry board and cloth set and (2) lefse combinations. Made in the USA.

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6 Person Raclette

6 Person Raclette Great for entertaining friends in a relaxed, do it yourself setting • mix grill & broiler – brown, broil, grill, toast, or warm • Grill any food over the removable nonstick plate • Broil meat, vegetables, & cheese in bottom serving trays • Easy to clean removable parts • will include 6 nonstick broiling trays & spatulas” Sold Individually note: If there’s a color/size/type choice, the choice closest to the image will be shipped (Or you may get a random color/size/type). Product_code:=NA, product_code_type:=upc.

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Models to consider:
PSCREW846 TRBABS1X154A1675BPQS60RDC RW1130HC100608 5647 BK
00-760619-0000A M7427PSCRN835P DLC-2CBR3124X SM-55MP
JE95XL-26 G250QFP-749TX 2U-Z3641NBM-0501 VX1000
PSCRN835P AMZ: NNTK932SSKB752 47010AMZBL00093 CM-825B
12sscca SCCPVC400-SW10508588 TRBA30243L3000C48ELGLASS GLO741-AS
61054N M-T4040AHFPBRUSH8235 PA30GLBHG013A BLE-3-3105A
TRUE916431 MATBT0223PP2005 ROB28063VP-W9QH-W44L KB758SP
BRR37-243 CQD-H010-KPDRM83456 M901710QBP0231 MAR97-6155
PSCRN835P SS715LIN370409 M-B4040ACHS01165IVKRMD KSB9708904
00-760619-0000A C48ELGLASSPSCREW846 PSCRN835PM7427 M-T4040AHF
VX1000 RW1130MATBT0223 KB758SPBLE-3-3105A JE95XL-26
PBRUSH8235 KSB9708904M414049P R02-12-066GLO741-AS CHS01165IVKRMD
SCCPVC400-S PPL-3RG013A BBL605XL-17HEN16924 1675BPQS60RDC
PP2005 10QBP0231PA30GLBH M-B4040AKB752 47010AMZ
LIN370409 NBM-0501FP-749TX HA143PS0021 HC100608
SM-55MP PDRM83456CDR0036YB-75 R3124XCQD-H010-K PSCRN835P
W10508588 VP-W9QH-W44LTRBA30243L3000 12ssccaDLC-2CB 61054N
DC629-W G250QROB28063 DELRF000059-SMAR97-6155 P6071397
M7427 5647 BKTRBABS1X154A KB75261054N PSCRN835P
PBRUSH8235 M9017JE95XL-26 DC629-WKSB9708904 PSCRN835P
LIN370409 SM-55MPCHS01165IVKRMD BL00093FP-749TX P6071397
M-B4040A 0769-180-KBLE-3-3105A 1675BPQS60RDCBL50907 HC100608
PS2021298 CDR0036YB-75DELRF000059-S VSTK304SSBRR37-243 VX1000
KB758SP TRBA30243L3000PSCREW846 RW1130R02-12-066 PPL-3R
NBM-0501 10QBP0231PSCRN835P PDRM83456G250Q PP2005
GLO741-AS M-T4040AHFVP-W9QH-W44L HEN16924CM-825B MAR97-6155
47010AMZ BBL605XL-1700-760619-0000A CR6402SCCPVC400-S ROB28063


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