April 21, 2017

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General description

This 12,000-btu movable air conditioner is ideal for spot cooling mid-sized rooms up to 450 square feet. With three cool settings, three fan settings, a 24-hour on/off timer and dehumidify mode, this single-hose HPC12XCR is equipped to meet your interior weather needs. A fast-install window kit is included for exhausting the unit through any horizontal or vertical opening window and completely directional casters supply mobility. Maintenance is minimal with a slide-out washable mesh filter and auto evaporation technology makes manual draining needless.

Compare with similar products:

Hisense CAP-14DR1SFJS2 with Electric Heater & Remote, 14,000 vs HPC12-XCR

For maximum comfort with convenient HPC12XCR adaptable control, the 14,000 BTU movable heat/cool air conditioner looks as good as it cools and heats. This all-in-one unit cools, heats, dehumidifies, and also has a fan-only mode. With a 1,350W interior heater, it may be used year-round in temperate climates. Intended for rooms up to 500 square feet, this movable unit is easy to install with the included window kit. The I-FEEL temperature sensor built into the remote control senses its bordering temperature, and transmits the signal back to the unit, maximum comfort. Smart mode automatically sets temperature and humidity depending on room conditions, all at the touch of a button.

DELLA Cooler Humidifier Fan Ionizer Slim Cool Room Purifier

Features: Auto-Swing Distributes evenly cool air over a wider area fitted Ionic Air Purifier cleans your home’s air with every use Nylon & Photocatalystic Filter Ionizer To Purify The Air 3 Fan Speeds Mode delivers air at a low, Medium or quick Remote Control ncluded for convenient operation from across the room Versatile lightweight air cooler may also be used as a fan or humidifierm Auto-Timer function with settings from 30 Minutes, Up To 7. 5 Hours movable unit may be moved from room-to-room Uses less energy than an air conditioner.

De’Longhi PAC N130HPE 13,000 with Heat

Do you want year-round heating and cooling all in one convenient appliance? Look no more than the De’Longhi Pinguino movable Air Conditioner with 13,000 BTUs and a distinctive 3810 watt heat pump. Do not suffer in the heat or the cold, simply roll the Pinguino into any room and place it near a window and outlet. Plug it in, slide in the window bracket, attach the hose and turn it on. There aren’t tools obliged Not only is it easy to set up, however you’ll also save money with lots of energy-economical features like eco-friendly refrigerant gas and an adjustable thermostat. The convenient 24-hour double function programmable timer lets you to set it only for the time you need cooling. With most movable air conditioner units, you have to continuously empty extra condensation from a can. But with Pinguino’s “no drip” technology, the unit automatically recylces the condensation so you never have to empty a can again Other highlights include 3 fan speeds, auto fan function, increase function, easy-to-use digital controls with LCD display and remote, and sleep and smart modes. With calm, worry-free operation, the Pinguino is perfect for your home office, bedroom, basement or anywhere cooling is required.

Royal Sovereign ARP-1400BLS Classically Designed 13500 vs HPC-12XCR

Fight the summer heat with the classically intended, powerful, 13,500 BTU movable air conditioner. Its dual-hose design gives the fastest and the most energy-economical cooling. The unit combines an air conditioner to cool, a fan mode to circulate air, and a dehumidifier that will remove 71 pints of moisture/day. The sleek and classically intended unit with convenient handles and casters lets it to be easily moved from room-to-room. The louvers may be set on auto oscillation or may be adjusted by hand to direct airflow. Clear digital controls lets you to change the temperature, set the fan speed, set the 24 hour timer, and function mode easily. Window kit and remote control included for fast and easy set up.

Spalding 68395W NBA Basketball Hoop with 54 Inch Polycarbonate Backboard

The Spalding 68395W NBA movable Basketball Hoop with 54 Inch Polycarbonate Backboard features a three part, 4 Inch square pole, a 54 Inch polycarbonate backboard, and a heavy responsibility hard steel Pro Slam breakaway basketball rim. This Spalding 68395W NBA basketball system changes from 7. 5 feet to 10 feet in infinite increments with an easy-to-use screw jack modification system. Other remaining features are official NBA logo graphics, an all-weather basketball net, and free pole pad. The 40 gallon base fills with water or sand for stability.

SPT with Manual Controls, 12,000, WA-1220M vs Haier HPC12XCR 12000 pricing

Stay COOL and breathe fresher air with our 12,000btu units. Ideally cools an area up to 400sq. Ft. Effectively improves air circulation in badly ventilated spaces and maximizes energy efficiency. Uses new UL obliged LCDI plug. Manual control is exactly suggested for use in Server rooms. If there is a power failure, unit will automatically turn itself back on when power resumes. Self Evaporating Technology – throughout the cooling or heating procedure, water is extracted from the air into the unit. Most of this water is then recycled and used to cool the cooling coils and make it run more proficiently, cooling also as energy. Exhaust hose installation obliged and all standard accessories included.

Whynter ARC-12S 12,000, Platinum vs HPC-12-XCR

This Whynter ARC-12S 12,000 Btu movable Air Conditioner draws warm, wet air from the room and changes it into cool and new air. The sleek, platinum-colored mobile unit features auto drain technology for controlling condensation, an easy-to-install single hose venting system, and three operational modes: cooling, fan only, and dehumidifying.

Sportshero Indoor Rebound Hanging Basketball Hoop Game Set, Includes 2 Small Balls & Ball Inflator Pump vs Haier HPC12XCR 12000 review

The indoor rebounds hanging basketball set is great for indoor and outdoor family fun. it’s suited for both kids and adults. Kids will enjoy shooting the balls, only for them to be returned to be shot again and again. Will include easy to assemble information. There are straps for hanging on the door. When not being used, the set, simply folds compactly for storage. Perfect gift for ages 3 and up. Product measures: 19. 3W x 37d x 17h inches when opened and weighs 4. 5 Lb.

Delonghi PAC-L90 Pinguino 10,000-

With a new, upgraded design, the 10,000 BTU Delonghi Pinguino PACL90 is a movable Air Conditioner that you may easily move from one room to another. Virtual silent operation and low power intake means relaxing comfort and operation that is easy on the budget. With its No Drip Technology the Pinguino uses condensation and collected moisture to help cool the air. Extra vapor is then discharged through the exhaust hose, easily mounted to a window. And when weather swings from summer to winter, this compact movable will fit in your closet till you need it again. Thanks to its lasting indoor and outdoor castor wheels and side carry handles. Also will include another-big professional castor kit Pinguino performs silently thanks to the high efficiency compressor and parts 24-HOUR PROGRAMMABLE TIMER WITH CLOCK FUNCTION will include a convenient by-pass function. Adjustaqble thermostat.

Keystone KSTAP14A 14,000 115-Volt with "Follow Me" LCD Remote Control vs Haier HPC12XCR 12000 price

The Keystone KSTAP14A 14,000 BTU 115-Volt movable Air Conditioner cools rooms up to 700 square feet. It has electronic controls with LED display and a temperature sensing full-function “Follow Me” LCD remote control allowing you to conveniently see, set and maintain the room temperature from across the room. The no-can design will include a adaptable exhaust hose and castor wheels so this movable unit will keep you cool wherever you go. Plus, it has a full 1-year parts and labor warranty and a restricted 5-year sealed system warranty also.

Honeywell HL14CESWB HL Series 14000 with Remote Control, White/Blue

The Honeywell hl series 14,000 BTU movable air conditioner combines 3-in-1 technology into one luscious and sleek body, cooling and dehumidifying regions up to 550 square feet. It features an auto-evaporation system, a dependable dehumidifying function also as a conventional three Speed fan only function delivering optimum cooling, dehumidification and new ventilation. The full-function remote control lets you to operate each feature from across the room. Unlike a fixed air conditioner unit, the Honeywell movable air conditioner requires no permanent installation and the smooth-gliding caster wheels supply easy mobility from room to room. A special sleep mode setting lets you to control the temperature for comfort throughout the night. This movable air conditioner comes with everything needed as well as a adaptable exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit. The window vent may be removed when the unit isn’t in use.

MovinCool Office Pro 63 Commercial vs Haier HPC12XCR 12000 reviews

When big server rooms and offices have to be cooled in a hurry, MovinCool’s Office Pro 63 gives instant computer cooling without expensive installation or costly operation. At 60,000 Btu/hr-more than double the cooling power of the Office Pro 24-the Office Pro 63 is the movable A/C for big-scale office applications. As an ideal computer room air conditioner, the unit protects heat-generating equipment from costly meltdowns that can stall daily functionings and ruin capital assets, hurting your bottom line. Ensure efficient risk management with the Office Pro 63. As an ideal office air conditioner, the unit also keeps employees cool and protected to enhance office morale and maintain productivity. Best of all, the self-contained, movable Office Pro 63 is prepared to cool from the get-go: just roll it in, plug it in and turn it on. Cooling solutions have never been so simple or adaptable. Exhaust channel obliged usually.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Haier HPN12XCM Portable Air Conditioner, 12000-BTU
  2. Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control – Black/Silver
  3. LG 12,000 BTU 115V Portable Air Conditioner with LCD Remote Control, black
  4. Haier HPND14XCP 13500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  5. Haier HPN14XCM Portable Air Conditioner, 14000-BTU
  6. Haier HPND14XHP 13500/11000 BTU Heating Portable Air Conditioner

Models to consider:
13C657 HL12CESWWPH14B WA-1220MNPA1-08C P08S
HP08-000 PACJS1600CK-12S WA-1310EPAC-A130HPE CL25AE
LP1415WXRSM YPL310CBTT360DG CK-24CCDD292929 YPV6-14C
KY-80 NPC1-14CSF-609 LP1013WNRLP0817WSR AC-10100E
69 pounds HPYD13XCN-RRFRA123PT1 PAC-FRAME-48ED-3C PS101G
dat30j PACN135ECSF-607H YPL310CARP-7014 MN10CESWW
LP1015WSR HPY08XCMSF-609 PUYA12NHA4KSTAP14B 048-GM-48161
LX-100 WA-9010EC100E PAC2K16HPVSPAC AN135ES WA-1140DE
FCF0009000GS CAP-10CR1SEJSAC-10100E LX-140 DBAC-10100E OP24
PAC1202W WA-1310ECCDD424835 PAD6060/G-6NPA1-08C NPC1-12.5C-W
PAD6060/G-6 MPG-10ERN1-BH9HL12CESWB LP0817WSRCCDD424835 FFRS1022Q1
TT-ACP10C01 KY-120E1LX-140 DB PUYA12NHA4CK-24 PAC52-2-12D
IPAC14KS AP14009COM-1PAC N100E dat30jCCDD373742 MBC2000
NPC1-14C MPS1-08CRN1-BH9PAC2K24HPVS AC-10100EHCB-P11-A ARP-7014


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