April 21, 2017

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Intended to keep pump starts to a minimum. Increases pump life and saves energy. Outer steel shell is the air container; inner aquacell is a butyl diaphragm and polypropylene liner. This separates air from water, preventing corrosion and bacterial growth-in compliance with FDA rules. U. S. A. Pre-charged tanks are rated to compare with equivalent-size regular (standard) tanks by water draw down between pump cycles. The real physical size of a pre-charged tank is less and lets space savings up to 50 when comparing drawdown and size to that of a regular tank. Economy is achieved with the smaller size of pre-charged tanks in comparison to alike water delivery and size of regular tanks. This tank has a rated size of 220 gallons; the real tank capacity is 86 gallons. Max. Capacity (gal. ): 220, Max. PSI: 50, Material: Outer steel shell, inner aquacell butyl diaphram, polypropylene liner, Dimensions D x H (in. ): 26 x 47, Discharge Port (in. ): 1 1/4.

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Having hot water never been HT-86B easier with the next generation of mix Gas/Electric Water Heaters from Atwood Mobile merchandise. Microprocessor Technology, Conveniently Located T-Stat and ECO, and a New Dual Switch Panel. Greater in general Efficiency – Incorporating advanced design notions, Atwood water heaters are the most economical, versatile heaters available for recreation vehicles – making it easier than ever to travel with the comforts of home. Lightweight – Never before has the issue of weight been as important as it’s today. At dry weight, Atwood 10 gallon models are 30 pounds lighter than competitive models. Many protection features – The high temperature bound switch, thermostat and pressure and temperature break valve, prevent problems before they happen. An externally seal combustion chamber keeps the outside of the unit cleaner. Model: G10-3E / G103E LP Gas Part# 94102 / #94191 Electric Ignition 10,000 BTU Heat recuperation Rate of 13. 5 GPH 24 lbs Empty Weight Cut Out Dimensions: 16″ large x 15. 5″ High x 20. 8″ Deep Switch and Door Sold individually .

Atwood EHM-11 Electric Water Heater w/Heat Exchanger – 11Gal – 110V

Electric Water Heaterw/ Heat ExchangerVolt: 110vGallons: 11Atwood? S engineering, manufacturing and application specialty have been honed by time and the experience of supplying millions of water heaters to the recreation car market for more than 30 years. Nearly 20 years ago, Atwood applied this specific knowledge to meet the needs of the marine business. In doing so, we intended the water heaters that became the standard in the boating business. Performance Atwood water heaters have been intended not only to heat water quickly and proficiently, however to also deliver every oz of usable hot water possible from the tank. Atwood water heaters perform reliably, assuring buyer satisfaction and full use of hot water benefits intended in your pleasure boats. Safe and economical heat exchangers to swiftly heat water when under power, Atwood has worked on economical heat exchangers. Each heat exchanger is exactly intended for the water heater? S capacity ensuing in heat up times superior to competitive models. These heat exchangers ensure safety by using a distinctive double tube construction which prevents any possibility of engine coolant contaminating the new water systemCorrosion tolerant construction The casing of every Atwood electric water heater is constructed from corrosion tolerant materials and the non stainless steel models are carefully painted to stand up against the most corrosive marine environments. Special attention to detail on edges and corners helps guarantee greater handling safety. The Atwood tank is constructed of high strength aluminum core with a bonded corrosion fighting cladding material on the interior surface to guarantee a long life. This removes the need for an anode and it? S yearly substitute. Intended for installation flexibility The cubic form and lightweight aluminum-alloy tank offers greater.


The Atwood 6 gallon mix LP gas and electric water heater may be run either off an electrical hook up or a generator. The heat exchanger carefully transfers otherwise wasted energy from the engine-cooling system of a motorized coach to the water heater throughout travel. When you arrive at your destination, hot water is available now. The Electronic Ignition gives you convenience and safety. A simple flip of the switch turns the water heater on or off. Operating this unit on both Gas and Electricity simultaneously will considerably increase the hot water recuperation time. Heater can fit into a single 12-5/8″ x 16-1/4″ cutout and may be flush mounted into the RV sidewall and will include a outside access door for a much more integrated, nice look. 6 Gallon Capacity LP Gas / Electric / Heat Exchanger Direct Spark Ignition Input 8,800 BTU Gas – 1400 Watt Electric recuperation Rate of 5. 8 GPH for Electric, 7. 4 GPH for Gas, and 13. 2 GPH for Gas/Electric 19 lbs Empty Weight Cut Out Dimensions: 16″ large x 12. 5″ High x 16 7/8″ Deep.

Bosch 520 PN NG Therm Tankless Water Heater, Natural Gas

This Bosch Therm 520 PN model offer Piezo push-button ignition and utilizes a modulating gas valve to ensure a constant temperature at varying flow rates. The 520 PN is the ideal tankless solution for smaller families and households that only use no more than two hot water applications at a time. While it gives endless hot water, it saves money because it only heats water when you need hot water.

Noritz NR981-SV-NG Indoor-Outdoor Tankless Water Heater 9.8 Gpm Designed for 4-Inch Single Wall, Class Iii Venting, Natural Gas

Indoor/Outdoor tankless water heater up to 9. 8 gallons per minute. Noritz was an innovator in the water heating business for over 60 years. We presented the 1st modern, electronically controlled tankless water heater in 1981 and we remain the leader in energy savings and superior hot water delivery today. Our goal is to empower you with the highest quality merchandise available at superior value.

Chronomite M-30/240 HTR 104F 240-Volt 30-Amp Instant-Flow Micro Standard Flow Tankless Water Heater, 104-Degree Preset

Chronomite was the 1st to patent a microprocessor technology which lets for a pre-set or controlled output temperature that delivers unlimited hot water without risk of scalding-in two seconds as opposed to the six seconds offered by other tankless water heaters. Chronomite is installed at point of use and is only operational when hot water is requested, considerably decreasing hot water delivery time and inefficient use of electricity.

SuperGreen IR20 POU Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater, 110V, 2.4 KW, 20 Amp Maximum 1.0 GPM

Video Introduction: Model IR-20 POU POINT-OF-USE movable electric tankless water heater utilizes the new technology in Quartz Infrared heating elements to offer instant and uninterrupted hot water using regular 110VAC household voltage. This movable unit may be used anywhere you can access a water supply and electricity. Energizes your water heater with far infrared energy to heat, condition, help minimized bacteria and algae, while breaking down hard water deposits and it’s also self-cleaning and maintenance free functionings. Application: single point-of-use applications, outdoor kitchen sinks, outdoor showers, campers, RV’s and boats electric tankless heating. Design features: many redundant high power quartz heating elements thermostatic intelligent temperature controller completely modulating power control. LED temperature outlet/set display (°c setting). Compact design for space saving. Superior energy economical (98). Recyclable uninterrupted hot water on-demand. Self-cleaning design for maintenance free operation. Safety features: overheat thermal cut off fuses. High bound temperature safety cut off. Outlet thermocouple constantly monitor temperature and anti-scald protection. Residual leakage current detection. Power prerequisites. Power(KW): 2. 4 kW Voltage(V): 120VAC Breaker Sized(AMP): 20 Amp suggested Electrical Service: 100 Amp Wire size(AWG): 12(x2).

Bradford White MI40T6FBN-394 40 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater

Bradford White offers a large array of both natural and LP gas-powered water heaters for residential use. These lasting merchandise supply years of reliable service and are intended to get you more hot water for the money. These water heaters use a draft diverter and are atmospherically vented with capacities ranging from 29 to 60 gallons.

Heatworks MODEL 1

The Heatworks MODEL 1 is the world’s 1st tankless electric water heater depending on a patented technology to change electrical energy into heat using the natural impurities found in water. Use it to replace or improve any present water heating system today. Waiting too long for hot water to arrive in the kitchen? Tank too far from the guest room? Unreliable tankless unit just failed for the third time? The MODEL 1’s got it covered. Enjoy instant and infinite hot water and with no obliged maintenance all while saving time, energy, and water. Requires a hardwired electrical connection between 110 – 250 VAC. Software adjustable power settings between 15 – 48 Amps. Visit the maker web site for proper sizing and technical info.

Rinnai RL75eNG External Whole House Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater 7.5 Gallon, Natural Gas

Luxury Collection Natural Gas, External Whole House Tankless Water Heater with 7. 5 GPM at 40° F Rise for Three Bathroom Home The RL75e delivers up to 7. 5 gallons of hot water per minute (GPM), making it ideal for two to three-bathroom homes. Easy to install on any outside wall, the R75LSe frees up interior space and saves on installation and construction costs. Qualifies For Federal Tax Credit A tankless water heater is an energy-economical water heating system that heats water only when it’s needed. These space-saving, long-lasting water heaters supply an endless stream of clean, hot water for all your appliances at the same time without temperature fluctuations. And all while saving you up to 40 in energy costs. Features: ENERGY STAR® Qualified Certified for Installation in made (Mobile) Homes Commercial-grade Heat Exchanger for Residential and Commercial Applications Hot Water Capacity: 0. 4 to 7. 5 GPM 40° F Rise 82 Thermal Efficiency Natural Gas Fuel Outdoor Installation Only Pre-set at 120°F 98° F to 140° F Temperature Range Gas Rate Input BTU’s: 9,900 – 180,000 Electronic Ignition EZConnect®(Connects Two Units Together) Meets California and Texas NOx Emissions Standards well-matched with Full Line of Rinnai Digital Controllers GSA accepted 12-Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger, 5 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor for Residential Installations will include: MC-91-1 Digital Controller with Error Code display separation Valve Pressure break Valve Wall Mounting Hardware plans: Width: 14″ Height: 22-15/16″ Depth: 9-15/16″ Weight: 46 lbs Factory Set Temperature: 120° Gas Connection: 3/4″ Water Connection: 3/4″.

Rheem EcoSense 6.4 GPM 150,000 BTU Ultra LoNox Natural Gas Mid Efficiency Outdoor Tankless Water Heater

Rheem EcoSense super low NOx, mid-efficiency tankless gas water heaters are intended to offer uninterrupted hot water. Hot start programming helps minimize fluctuation in water temperature, called “cold water sandwich”, throughout periods of recurrent on/off operation. EZ-Link cable available for higher demand applications to connect two tankless units to operate as one. Manifold up to six units with an optional MIC-6 manifold control board.

Combo Tank Kit With Supervent- Tk300-30

Honeywell TK Series Combo Boiler Trim kits are a fast and convenient way to buy the key “boiler trim” used by installers when performing a boiler change out. All Combo Trim Kits with SuperVent include expansion tank and SuperVent high performance air eliminator; selected models also include FM911 mix boiler fill valve / backflow preventer and/or service check valves for in-line servicing of the expansion tank. This product should be bought & installed by a qualified freelancer.

What people considered before buying HT86B:
  1. Brands2O TC2104-P2 Well Pump Pressure Gauge
  2. Square D by Schneider Electric FSG2J24CP 40-60 PSI Pumptrol Water Pressure Switch
  3. Water Source Llc Rv50-nl 1/2-Inch Pressure Relief Valve No Lead 75 PSI
  4. Parts2O FP78-7LF Long Tank Tee
  5. Square D by Schneider Electric FSG2J24M4CP 40-60 PSI Pumptrol Water Pressure Switch with Low Pressure Cut-Off
  6. Well Pump Wire Splice Kit, Submersible 3M Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing and Copper Connector for 4 Wires, #10 #12 #14 AWG.

Models to consider:
SP14410 AE-9.5E61-12U-015SV RTG20218WH27 GA16NGETL
HX3260:F1 G75-75NRL94iP 6-40-DORTRA-14 SP55
HYB-90N EX3512EX80T NPE-240A-LPEX60 PXHS-50
SW6D GA5PORTSmart POOL 27 EZTR40-NGC 1210 ES LP VIR201602923
SR-20L/240 HTR GCG-50LPV53e-N 6 30 GORTNRC1111-DVNG RUCS65IN
6 10 SOMSK 5132AGA10LP S-14RTEX-13 VIR9963C
RTEX-36 FVI-12-LPBT-100 T4K1J2-800Smart SPA 5.5 MR105245
RTGH-84XLP YL205TK30-PV100FM GCR-40SP8208 8410-VSB
6 40 DORT RTEX-27SR-20L/120 HTR 940ESLPDEL-20S EX55 DL
VIR9963C PHPT80RU80EP VIR9971DVIR613314 FCG-75-LP
ST120 GA16NGETLG10-3E BTR-154RTG20218 HYB-90N
RV-550 RV-550-NSPECS-50 SR-20L/208 HTR5123A NR83-DVCNG
BFG61-50T40-3NOV V53e-LPEZ202 EX3512V53e-N RUC90iN
GT505PI SP60VIRPKB24151 6 10 SOMSKJSD24-K EX4208T FS
MR105245 R98LSi-NRTEX-13 6 30 GORTDEL-10S VIR201602854
6 50 LORT N-120VIR9973C AE-9.5PXNS-40 R-24
I12-LP CMT-2.5GT505PI R98LSi-NSmart POOL 27 WH27
1ET2G12F RTEX-13NR83-DVCNG VIR201602854RU90EeP ECO180XLN3
C 950 ES LP T-H3S-OS-PSP100 DL SP14410Ms150eb3 SX-30V
E61-12U-015SV EX2412NPE-240A-LP SW6PESP60 MR105245
VIR9963C RTG20218G75-75N PHPT80RUC90iN BTR-200
ES2.5 6 10 SOMSKSR-30L/120 HTR EZ202VIR613314 RU80IP
GA10NGDP ENS-50PXNS-40 RL94iPF1100 SR-20L/120 HTR


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