April 21, 2017

What we found out: Industrial TR89100 (TR)

Nov 20th 2017
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  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Jackhammer, hex/flat/spade chisels, safety goggles, working gloves
  • SAFETY: Inspected and certified with ETL listing, double-insulated plug, and UL listed cable
  • POWER: Excellent heavy-duty drilling power, 11 amp motor, 1,800 bpm, and TV tested – 176 hours
  • TOTAL PORTABILITY: Comes with a blow-molded case secured with durable metal clips and rollers
  • BREAK ON THROUGH: Power you can trust to break through concrete, clay, concrete floors, and more
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Break through concrete, clay, concrete floors, and many other stubborn, tough surfaces. The accessories include a hex pointed chisel, flat chisel, oil container, safety goggles, oil/fix wrenches, and suede working gloves. It is easy to take around using the blow-molded case, which is secured with lasting metal clips and rollers. By power and durability, it has an 11 amp motor, strikes 1,800 blows per minute, and has proven strength for use with TUV: 176 hours of uninterrupted handling with no sign of slowing down. The safety of this product is internationally recognized by Intertek’s ETL listing, holds an insulated plug, and a weather tolerant, UL listed rubber cable.

Recent reviews of TR Industrial TR89100 Electric Demolition Jackhammer with Point, Flat and Spade Scoop Shovel Chisels Bits, 4-Piece Set:

Neiko Industrial-Grade Electric Demolition Jack Hammer, with 2 Bits Point and Flat & Metal CaseFor the money this is a great little jack hammer same to Hitachi H65 which cost 850. Special Note before use apply thread locker to every screw and screw because there’s none. I found this out the hard way. Nearly every head screw vibrated out throughout the job I used it on. 20 x 10 patio demolition. Unit gets hot, however wear some gloves and you’ll be good. Order the extra brushes from TOOLBARN. Com SKU 999044 Hitachi Carbon Brush (pair) P12RA M12V 5. 09 per set. Spare parts are easy to find use Hitachi H65 parts. 1st set of brushes lasted 6. 5 hrs before falling separately do to vibration. They should be tightened frequently throughout use. Had to install a SKU 945932 Hitachi BRUSH TERMINAL H65 H85 H90SB 1. 44 ea on one side. The wiring in the handle needs to be redone found wires twisted together and plastic tubing slid over. Wires were loose thru out the handle assembly recommend rework in this area also may be a safety issue. The Chinese maker was cutting some corners when they built these but for 1/4 the price do the detail work yourself.

I ordered this jackhammer with three bits (bull point, chisel and spade) for removing roots and stump left over from 3 palm trees that were 30+ feet tall. There was another that I did earlier to this buy by pick, shovel and axe which took two months since the roots that act like steel wire keep deflecting blows and with the clay soil made the job painful. So I have decided to give this one a attempt. CA State Tax plus shipping at 205 at the time of buy is greatfor a tool that I’ll use for tree roots and digging for landscaping and retaining wall builds in clay soil. If the tool works at least till I complete the job. Here are my observations after a week afterward. (1) Arrived double boxed, with the metal carrying case undented. The shipper (eToolsCity) must have read the reviews and beefed up the packaging, which is appreciated. Not that I care about dents about the case, however I was more worried about impacts that may render the double insulation in the unit useless. (2) but, the jammer leaked oil from the shaft while it was in the nylon bag, so I had to use complete oil in the container supplied to get the action started. (3) As other reviewers and the manual suggests be sure you have enough oil in the tool, and be sure all screws are tight. Don’t use in wet conditions, in spite of double insulation. If you need extra oil single weight oil of grade 40 (SAE 40W) is suggested, they really recommend Shell Rotella #40. It’s rare to find this is car parts stores, however got one from Pep Boys instead. If you have a West Marine close, then they also carry it. (4) Safety system: is good, you must ram the tool into the target before it engages, don’t give up thinking that it doesn’t work.

This little demolition hammer is a real workhorse. It’s heavy for its size, however that just equals more punch, and that extra weight really helped to concentrate the hammer’s blows. My driveway is surely no match for this little wonder, in fact, my driveway is smashed to bits – just what I wanted. After some hours of using this hammer, after I’d determined the best way to break-up my driveway(grapefruit sized chunks), I was halfway through the part I’d started on and the hammer looked new and was not hot from heavy use. If you want a reason for not purchasing this hammer I guess you could gripe about the steel carrying case it comes in, maybe that may be thicker. And one small issue I will attempt to resolve – the thing came with only a tiny slip of paper illustrating how to change bits, that is all that came with – no waranty, no information, no papers, just the little slip of paper for the bits. Which will be enough if nothing ever happens to this tool. In my case, I have already gotten my money out of the hammer. But if/when it goes south, I would like to be able to fix it. It is Chinese but is hard, a steel body like an old Craftsman and the torque inside to really do the job. I love this tool – so will you.

Compare with similar products:

Hitachi H45MEY SDS Max AC Brushless Demo Hammer

Hitachi new H45MEY SDS max TR89100 AC Brushless Demo hammer is exactly what construction professionals have been looking for and is the newest AC Brushless model in the Hitachi lineup. With the highest demolition performance in its class, you may be able to complete the most calling for jobs with ease. The user vibration protection (UVP) technology allows you to work more proficiently and decreases down time from vibration related injury. The AC Brushless motor works with long extension cords and also makes the H45MEY maintenance free from carbon brush changes and commutator bar wear. The interior inverter circuit lets the tool be used with a generator. The aluminum housing body (AHB) is lasting and the push button affect selector also serves as a diagnostic tool to trouble shoot overload or over heating issues. The H45MEY is filled with features and benefits to make your job easier.

SDS Max To SDS Plus Chuck Adaptor Converter Shank Quick Fits Bosch Hilti Makita

Feature: – SDS Max to SDS Plus adaptor fits Bosch, Hilti and Makita High quality professional adaptor, durability is completely guaranteed. – lets the use of any SDS plus drill bits in a SDS max rotating hammer drill. – Fits all standard SDS max drills. Package: – 1x SDS Max to SDS Plus adaptor Specification: -Type: SDS Max to SDS Plus adaptor -in general Length: 200mm.

DEWALT D25851K 12-Pound Spline Hammer

Will include: 12 lb. Spline Demolition Hammer Side Handle Bit Grease Kit Box Users GuideFEATURES: 13. 5 Amp motor maximum performance and overload protection 9. 5 ft-lbs of affect gives powerful chipping and faster destruction rates SHOCKS Active Vibration Control decreases vibration up to 50 while rising user comfort and productivity Electronic variable speed lets the user to control the speed of chipping and affect energySPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 14 lbs. Affect Energy: 9. 5ft. -lbs. Length: 18. 6″ Vibration Measurement: 8. 3 m/s2 Amps: 13. 5 Amps.

Hilti 03484551 TE500-AVR Hammer Performance Package vs TR-89100

Best power-to-weight ration in its class. Active vibration reduction for improved worker comfort and productivity. Chisel changes to 12 positions for easy access in tight spaces. Lock-on switch for uninterrupted chiseling. Uses TE-YP chisels. Package will include tool, 1 TE-YP SM 36 pointed and 1 TE-YP FM 36 flat self sharpening chisel.

ARKSEN© 2200W Jack Hammer Elecic Concrete Breaker Punch & Chisel Bits w/Case

Arksen 2200 watt electric jack hammer delivers 1800 impacts per minute at 55 ft/lbs which can break up the hardest of surfaces. Since an air compressor isn’t obliged, this is one of the most movable jack hammers in the market. Adjustable 360 foregrip gives extra control and comfort throughout expanded use. Our jack hammer is perfect for breaking up concrete, asphalt, mortar, hard clay, rocks, bricks and more This jack hammer is perfect for home renovations or stone masonry project. Heavy responsibility, lasting Construction Perfect for Demolition, Trenching, Chipping, Breaking Holes In Concrete, Block, Brick, Tile Stucco, Housing Foundation elimination, Concrete Slab, Oil Chimney And more 360 Swivel Foregrip Handle Industrial Quality, Durable Heavy responsibility Carrying Case With Handle Storage Carrying Case Included suited For Home And Business plans: Motor Power: 2200 Watts Voltage: 110V/60Hz No Load Speed: 1900RPM Speed: 1800 Impacts Per Minute will include: 1 x 2200 Watt Electric Demolition Jack Hammer 1 x 16″ Bull Point Chisel 1 x 16″ Flat Chisel 1 x protecting Gloves 1 x protecting Goggles 1 x Oil Bottle 3 x Hex Keys 1 x Wrench 1 x Carrying Case with Handle.

Hilti 120-Volt SDS Max TE 70-ATC-AVR Combi Hammer Performance Package

The next generation of Hilti TE 70 Combihammers unleashes unbelievable power and speed while maintaining maximum protection and comfort. With a powerful 1800W motor, the TE 70 makes hammer drilling, coring and chiseling through tough concrete seem easy. The best-in-class combihammer was upgraded to include Active Vibration Reduction (AVR). The Active Torque Control (ATC) feature decreases the possibility of twisting should the drill bit catch.

Makita HM1307CB-R 35 lb. 1-1/8 in. Hex Hammer Kit (Certified Refurbished)

This is a factory reconditioned product. Reconditioned usually means that the product was returned to the maker, who brings the product back to like new condition. Some merchandise may contain cosmetic blemishes. Will include 35 lb. 1-1/8 in. Hex Demolition Hammer Kit – HM1307CB-R, Bull Point – D-21353, Tool Case with Wheels.

ARKSEN 2800W Jack Hammer Elecic Concrete Breaker Point & Chisel w/Case

This 2800 watt electric jack hammer delivers 1800 impacts per minute at 55 ft/lbs which can break up the hardest of surfaces. Since an air compressor isn’t obliged, this is one of the most movable jack hammers in the market. Adjustable 360 foregrip gives extra control and comfort throughout expanded use. Our jack hammer is perfect for breaking up concrete, asphalt, mortar, hard clay, rocks, bricks and more. This jack hammer is perfect for home renovations or stone masonry project.

DEWALT D25901K 23.4 LB SDS Max Demo Hammer Shocks

Intended for professional chipping, demolition and chasing applications, the corded DEWALT D25901K 22-pound SDS demolition hammer can handles a range of masonry materials–as well as brick, concrete and stone–while giving increased durability, performance, comfort, and serviceability on the job site. A heavy-responsibility 14. 0 amp motor with a 19-setting variable affect control gives you between 3. 7 and 18. 5 foot-pounds of affect energy and assures correct affect based on the application.

Texas Pneumatic Tools, Inc. Air Scribe TXAS1

The Texas Pneumatic air scribe is lightweight and easy to operate. It’s intended to write on a range of materials like steel, glass, plastic and wood. It may also be used for deburring, trimming and removing broken studs on small applications. And as with all Texas Pneumatic tools; it’s made completely in the USA.

DEWALT D25899K 21 LB SDS Max Demo Hammer

Intended for professional chipping, demolition and chasing applications with a range of masonry materials as well as brick, concrete and stone, the DEWALT 21-pound SDS Max Demolition Hammer features a heavy-responsibility 14. 0 Amp motor that protects against overload while delivering high-performance power. Other features are an SDS Max tool holder with rubber dampers for easy insertion and elimination of SDS Max chisels, a chisel indexing dial for precisely rotating the chisel to any of 12 different positions, and an adjustable side handle that rotates 360-degrees. This heavy-responsibility hammer includes a non-air pumping beat part and spring-loaded dust seals to prevent dust from entering the machine while in use.

Bosch DH507 12-Pound 10-Amp Variable Speed SDS-Max Hammer

The Bosch DH507 12-Pound 10-Amp Variable Speed SDS-Max Demolition Hammer stands out as the best performing hammer in its class, with 15- more affect energy, improved ergonomics which include an extra grip area on the hammer tube for chiseling in tight spaces and a variable speed dial when controlled chiseling is required. At only 5. 6 ft. -lbs. Affect energy and only 12. 4-lbs in weight, the DH507 gives best-in-class power to weight percentage, allowing for improved affect energy for maximum productivity in a range of chiseling applications. The hammer tube grip area gives for extra grip area besides the side handle for “maximum comfort” when chiseling in tight spaces or in a large range of positions. Bosch demolition hammers hit harder and shake less, giving you total comfort and control as you work.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Hitachi 999044 Carbon Brush (Pair) P12RA M12V Replacement Part
  2. TR Industrial TR90264 Carbon Brushes for Demolition Jack Hammer, Black, 2-Piece
  3. Hitachi 945932 Brush Terminal H65 H85 H90SB Replacement Part
  4. TR Industrial TR89103 Hex Shank Scraping Chisel, 3″ x 12″
  5. 5 Set 7 x 17 x 18mm Carbon Brushes 999044 for Hitachi Power Tool

Models to consider:
D25980KB X1108D25831K H41MBD25941K D25891K
D25960K D25901KA-010-CO-10159_1 D25980KH45MRY DH1020VC
TR89105 HM1307CBTXAS1 DH50708DMH001-85-0206 HM0870C
TR89305 D25899KH60MRV X1109BH2760VC D25980
010-CO-10157 RH328VC-36K02845A TX30PB-1H65SD2 TE 80-ATC AVR
11335K H45MEYX1110-1 OS284A01-025-0006 08DMH001-95-0311
DH712VC D25851K010-CO-10157 A-010-CO-10154_1
X1109 D25980KBD25891K DH712VCD25960K H60MRV
D25980K 11335K08DMH001-85-0206 TR89105TX30PB-1 H45MEY
010-CO-10157 08DMH001-95-0311BH2760VC D25899KA-010-CO-10159_1 D25901K
H65SD2 H45MRYX1110-1 D25831KD25851K D25980
RH328VC-36K TXAS1OS284 D25941K02845A A-010-CO-10154_1
TE 80-ATC AVR A01-025-0006HM0870C H41MBDH507 X1108
010-CO-10157 DH1020VCTR89305 HM1307CB
02845A 010-CO-10157RH328VC-36K TE 80-ATC AVRD25891K HM0870C
H45MEY DH507D25980K A-010-CO-10154_1A-010-CO-10159_1 DH1020VC
D25831K X1109D25899K D25901KH45MRY 010-CO-10157
X1110-1 08DMH001-85-0206DH712VC BH2760VCH41MB TX30PB-1
H60MRV X1108TR89305 D25941K08DMH001-95-0311 D25980
HM1307CB D25851KD25960K 11335KH65SD2 OS284
D25980KB TXAS1TR89105 A01-025-0006


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