June 13, 2017

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Withstand Over 100 psi of increase. Secured By Rugged/Spring-Loaded/SS T-Bar Clamps.

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Bessey 3101180 Clamp Service Part Tgj2.5 Replacement Swivel Pad, 4-Pack vs 1047030

4-part set of steel pressure pads for Bessey TGJ2. 5 series, GS16K and GS12-8K clamps for replacing worn pressure pads. Pads are intended with an integral snap ring on the interior of the pad that secures to the pad to the ball end of the threaded spindle. To install simply seat the new pad onto the spindle, close the clamp, tighten and you’ll hear the snap of the pad as it secures to the ball end of the spindle. Pads fit listed Bessey models and some competitors clamp spindles with a 0. 393 ball end diameter.

Jet 70450-2 50" Parallel Clamp 2 Pack

The JET 70450-2 50-Inch Parallel Clamps (Two Pack) supply powerful 90-degree clamping potential at up to 1,000 pounds of pressure. These versatile clamps include movable jaws that may be reversed and used as spreaders. Easy to use, the clamps feature SumoGrip handles that supply comfort and increase torque. They have an groundbreaking measurement system for fast identification of opening capacities. The 70450-2 50-Inch Parallel Clamps (Two Pack)At a Glance:90-degree clamping capabilitiesUp to 1,000 pounds of pressurePrecision-Rule Measurement System gives exact setups and readingsSoft SumoGrip handles increase torqueReversible, movable jaws double as spreadersClamps feature large fast-lock jaws and a 1,000-pound pressure capacity for superior stability. View bigger. A Precision-Rule Measurement System along the rails helps supply steadily correct results. Deep Throats and fast-Lock Jaws for easy UseEach JET 70450-2 is a well-constructed 50-inch parallel clamp with a deeper-than-standard throat and large jaw, so it’ll be indispensable to your workshop. For convenience, the clamps’ Slide-Glide causes easily lock the jaws into place, allowing for smooth motion. Smart Rail Design Makes Tough Jobs EasyEach 70450-2 rail features an groundbreaking Precision-Rule Measurement System that gives you with consistent setups and exact readings on your openings–a feature other clamps fail to offer. What is more, the moveable rail stands add convenience and accuracy to both clamping and spreading jobs. Ergonomic Design Works for YouThe 50-inch parallel clamps feature ergonomic construction that is intended to work for you–not the other way around. Soft SumoGrip handles make the clamps easy to hold, and they also give you increased torque. The clamps don’t take much strength to control, still can clamp up to 1,000 pounds of pressure. For more convenience, each Acme-threaded handle easily turns while applying uninterrupted pressure. Built for Durability and VersatilityThese clamps are constructed to see you through your projects. Featuring a lasting aluminum design, superior I-beam construction, and a completely-plated rigid backbone to prevent corrosion, each clamp is built for long-lasting use. Also, a non-marring composite resin covers each clamp’s jaw face to prevent wear and tear and ensure clamping pressure. Versatile, each 70450-2 is intended with a workable profile that lets you to closely clamp on the side of the jaw face. For more flexibility, the clamps’ moveable, reversible jaws may be dual-purposed as spreaders. What is in the BoxJET 70450-2 50-Inch Parallel Clamp (Two Pack).

Bessey KLI3.012 12-Inch Ratcheting KliKlamp

The KliKlamp is lasting, also as speedy. Ratchet action controls clamping with an ergonomically shaped clamping arm made from fiberglass-strengthened polyamide. Fixed and sliding arms made from magnesium are very light and strong. Fixed arm with V-groves holds round, pointed or angular shaped workpieces firmly. Complete with plastic cap to protect workpiece. This 12″ clamp has a throat depth of 3″ and a clamping force of 260 lbs. Made in Germany.

Bessey T23269 ClassiX® GSL60 24" x 4-3/4" Bar Clamp with Heavy Duty Pad

Bessey GSL60 0-24″ classiX Welding Clamp With Heavy responsibility Pads Mfg# GSL60 Features: BESSEYs international line of high-value clamps A common platform of high volume clamp styles, openings and pressure potential gives the impetus for high-volume production runs Internationally sourced parts coordinated by BESSEY quality control and engineering departments ensure great prices and great quality Profiled rail, spatter tolerant spindle and simplified heavy responsibility pad offer great value for industrial use Throat Depth: 4-3/4″ Clamping Capacity: 0-24″ Clamping Force: 1,880.

Bessey PZ6.024 Bessey Rapid Action Clamp with No Twist Clamping Action & 24" Capacity, x 6" Throat Depth, Red/Black

Fast action bar clamp with straight line clamping force that removes the changing of clamped parts. Double action enclosed threaded spindle gives fast application of positive force and keeps contaminants away from spindle threads. Removable plastic protector pads are included on both the pressure plate and anvil surface. Serrated Bessey German steel rails and patented hardened anti slip set screw gives powerful secure clamping force of 1,620 pounds. Sliding T-Bar style handle for easy application of high clamping force.

Bessey KR3.540 40-Inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp, 4-Pack vs BD Diesel 1047030 Intercooler pricing

The new K Body REVO clamp vary from BESSEY offers some 30-% more clamping force, and newly-intended pressure caps and work-part contact elements also protect the work-part very well. The Vario K Body REVO clamp enables the head to be adjusted at the press of a button. The new K Body REVO clamp from BESSEY achieves a powerful 7,000 N clamping force – some 2,000 N more than common. Also, the jaw face was increased by 30-%. Three removable and glue-repellent pressure caps ensure work part protection. Adjustable work part contact elements prevent direct contact between the work part and the serrated steel rail under full utilization of the jaw face. The tilting K Body clamp adapter (available individually) KR-AS which is easily pushed on to the clamping jaws enables clamping prerequisites outside of the 90-Degree range to be fulfilled. The tilting adapter changes to the work part, despite of if fitted in a v-form or at a slanted parallel. The extra module is endlessly tilt-able inside a range of 30-Degree. 24-Inch K Body REVO, 1,500-Pound clamping force, 3-3/4-Inch Throat depth, 3 removable jaw pads, 2 part ergonomic handle, removable material protector pads, removable end stop, may be attached to a work bench using Bessey TK-6 clamps. Will include FOUR 40” CLAMPS.

TEKTON 7521 Helping Hand with Magnifier

Solder, glue, fasten, and assemble small parts with the TEKTON Helping Hand with Magnifier. Two alligator spring clamps are mounted on common ball joints to hold workpieces in any position. The 2-1/2 inch, 2X magnifying glass improves your visibility of good details for exact work. A hard cast iron base gives a sure and stable platform to keep everything steady.

Bessey CDS24-10WP 10-Inch Throat x 24-Inch Opening Heavy Duty Tradesmen Bar Clamp vs BD Diesel 1047030 Intercooler review

Deep reach CDS with flat rail clamp offers the extra reach you need. It offers a throat depth of up to 20 when you need that extra deep reach. Maximum safety is available with the integrated anti-slip system. A set screw that’s molded into the sliding arm interlocks with the serration on the rail to prevent the clamp from slipping. Corrugated malleable cast iron fixed jaw and sliding arm produce powerful, rigid clamping. The high quality profiled rail from Bessey’s own German steel plant was optimized for clamps. The profile acts as a dependable reinforcement against torsional forces, while the serration on six faces extra prevents the clamp from slipping. The smooth running spindle with Acme thread lets for more clamping with less effort. Comes with flat rail profile, standard pad and plastic cap.

Bessey KR3.540 40-inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp, 2-Pack

Included with a restricted Warranty and made to the highest standards, quality, and workmanship the Bessey woodworking clamp is ideal for professional and beginner woodworkers and do-it yourselfers. The Bessey KR3. 540 40-inch K-Body REVO big Parallel Clamps are intended with Composite Handles. Intended with up to 1,500 lbs (nominal) of clamping force the Bessey KR3. 540 40-inch K-Body REVO Parallel Clamp features a big 90-degree parallel jaw for pressure distribution over the complete jaw surface Included with a convertible for spreading. Rated at a nominal 1500 lbs. Of clamping force, throat depth is 3-3/4-iches and comes included Included with (3) glue-tolerant removable jaw pads, two rail protection pads and an end clip. Will include (2) KR3. 540 REVO Clamps.

IRWIN Tools QUICK-GRIP Handi-Clamp, 2-Inch (1799212) vs BD Diesel 1047030 Intercooler price

Fast-release trigger for fast, easy positioning and convenient one-handed operation. Use anywhere you need another hand. Patented ratcheting system gives adjustable clamping pressure and considerably decreases hand force obliged to produce clamping pressure. Intended as the answer to hundreds of fast clamping needs around the home, workshop garage, or job site. Specially intended jaws hold odd-shaped work pieces. Non-marring swivel pads protect work pieces. Non-slip handles ensure grip. Made from lasting, lightweight affect-tolerant resin and IRWIN Tools fast-GRIP Handi-Clamp, 2-Inch (1799212).

Jet 70424-2 24-Inch Parallel Clamp 2 Pack

Magic® POS PRO™+ UV is a 8. 5 mil printable, anti curl, block-out film that’s exactly intended for UV Cure printers. POS PRO+ UV is a cost-efficient solution for indoor applications like promotional roll-up applications, trade show graphics, and point-of-sale applications. POS PRO+ UV offers high image quality and durability at an cheap price.

Bessey K Body REVO 60" Clamp (KR3.560) vs BD Diesel 1047030 Intercooler reviews

For high pressure clamping, 90 degree clamping, or powerful spreading, the new K Body REVO is an ideal choice. Its big, parallel jaws are uniquely intended to distribute pressure across the complete surface of your work to stop bowing, turning, and lifting. The K Body’s updated design will include three removable jaw protection caps to help prevent wear. They’re repellent to glue, easily replaceable, and resist paint and grease solvents. A fast-release feature lets the movable jaw to slide up and down the rail by just fishing the comfy Power-Grip handle. Plus, each clamp will include two slip-on workpiece supports that attach to the rail, allowing a stable base and preventing direct contact between the clamp and the real workpiece. Well-matched with K-P clamp blocks and the K-Body Clamp Extender.

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