April 21, 2017

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  • Detachable grass catcher for easy disposal
  • Powerful 12-amp motor cuts a 20-inch wide path
  • Grass collection bag capacity: 14.5 gal
  • Full 2-year warranty
  • Maintenance free – No gas, oil or tune-ups
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

MOW WITH JOE. Take back your yard with new gear this year and decide the greener grooming solution that is better for you, better for your lawn, and better for the environment. Say goodbye to gas, oil, noxious fumes, pull-cords, and expensive tune-ups For small to medium-sized yards, the cutting-edge, 12-amp electric MJ408E is your greener, cleaner alternative to get the job done with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air. Startup is instant, dependable, and effortless with virtually zero maintenance, season after season. Simply plug in your MJ408E and go Delivering the power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric unit, it is lasting steel blade cuts a 20-inch large path with precision on each pass and features a convenient 7-position manual height modification for maximum control. MJ408E comes equipped with a removable 14. 5 gallon rear collection bag for fast and easy disposal. The unit is ETL-accepted and carries a full two-year warranty.

Compare with similar products:

Fe350 Golf Cart Engine – 50 State Utility vs MJ408-E

• HP:11. 5 • Cooling:Air MJ408E • Cylinders:1 • Starter:Electric • Charging System:Starter Generator • Muffler:Not Included • Dry Weight (w/o muffler):81 lbs. • Warranty:See authorized Club Car dealer • Ethanol well-matched:Warranty void with ethanol-mixed fuel >10% REPLACES:CLUB CAR 103386202and others FITS:CLUB CAR Fits all utility vehicles; Carryall 2, Carryall 6, Villager 6 & 8, Transporter; with 11. 5unitized powertrainand others.

MS2000N One Wheel Sulky

Improved patented MS2000N One-Wheel Sulky. Quickly and easily change your walk-behind mower into a stand-on riding mower. Increase efficiency and comfort for those long days of mowing. This patented sulky fits nearly every mower. Hitch adapters are available. Remember that a sulky device puts more strain on a mower’s drive system. Most mowers can handle the extra weight with no problem. User suggested weight of 220lbs and under.

Poulan Pro 961420141 PR675Y22RHP Briggs 675 EXI Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag mower with 22-Inch Deck

Equipped with a powerful, high performance Briggs & Stratton 163 cc 675 EXI Series engine, the Poulan Pro PR675Y22RHP features a push-button ReadyStart starting system, with no priming or choke obliged – just push the button and it is prepared to get to work. It is also equipped with Just Check and Add technology for a clean-running engine that never requires oil changes, so there is no mess, and no disposal – just check oil and add more if needed. With power-assisted front-wheel-drive (FWD) transmission, and a lasting, multi-function, 22" steel cutting deck, it is able of side discharging, mulching, and rear bagging – with no tools obliged to change modes. It has easy-rolling, over-sized 11" rear wheels that make it super-easy to maneuver. It includes nine fast-change cutting height positions, three handle modification positions, and a fitted water hose connector for fast, simple clean-up under the cutting deck.

V 10.5AH Battery for Neuton CE6 Cordless Mower – 5 Pack vs MJ-408E

PS-12100H 12V 10. 5AH – Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Valve regulated, spill evidence construction lets safe operation in any position. Common uses for the PS-12100H: buyer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Engine Starters, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn and Garden Tools, Medical Mobility, Motorcycles, Photography, Power sports, movable Tools, Solar, Toys and Hobby, Access Control Devices, Emergency Lighting, Security.

Poulan Pro 961720015 190 cc High Wheel Trimmer 22"

The Poulenc Pro 22 in. 6. 25 ft-lb gross torque, 190 cc Briggs & Stratton engine High Wheel Walk Behind String Trimmer is intended for cutting taller and heavier brush. With a 22 in. Cutting Width and 12 in. Wheels this trimmer rolls smoothly over rough and hilly terrain. Supported by Poulenc Pro 2-Year restricted Warranty.

SOGAR 20-Inch/6.0 HP Self-Propelled Powered Gasoline Mower Side Discharge Mower vs Sun Joe MJ408E 1 pricing

The new variant of the lawn machines, 6 HP more powerful hp is bigger, high efficiency, fuel economical, environmental protection, new look. The operation is simple. Its driving mode is self-contained, the engine model is 1 p70f (20 inches), this machine is easy to start, low sound, environmental protection. Plans: Engine type: 1 p70f (20 inches Capacity: 173 cc Driving mode: self propelled Cutting width: 500 mm Mowing height: 30-95 – mm (10) Fuel tank product “1. 5 L Weight: 83. 77 LB Features: 1: This 20” lawn mower guarantees the best of ergonomics, durability, performance and easy use 2: Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution on the lawn Package List:1 Lawn Mower Warm Tip: Any questions contact with us, we’re happy to service for you.

Poulan Pro 961420138 PR625AWD Briggs 625ex "CleanScape" Push Mower in 21" Deck vs MJ-408-E

Give your lawn that professional, neat and clean look with the Poulan Pro Clean Scape mowing system.   The Clean Scape 21″ mowing system lifts grass while cutting for superior bagging or extra-good mulching, or simply discharge clippings through the rear side chute.   Wheel & deck alignment lets for closer trimming along fences or another structures, while variable speed All Wheel Drive gives superior traction and easier mowing on all terrains.  Powerful Briggs & Stratton 150cc engine gives 6. 25 ft-lb gross torque and features prepared Start for no easy choke/no prime starting.  supported by Poulan Pro 2-Year restricted Warranty.

5 Steel Blades, Mow 18" Manual Reel Mower with Catcher, Compact Design, Green vs Sun Joe MJ408E 1 review

The compact design of the Sun Joe Mow Joe 18″ Manual Reel Mower makes it easy to push and maneuver on small lawns. This versatile manual lawn mower is maintenance-free and quite easy to assemble. It offers a nine-position manual height modification, so you may be able to customize the push reel mower to match your preferences. The Sun Joe Mow Joe 18″ Manual Reel Mower comes with five steel blades, two big 10″ wheels and two small 6″ wheels. The 6. 6 gal grass catcher collects grass clippings, and detaches easily for convenient disposal.

Poulan Pro 961420137 B&;S 163cc FWD Hi Wheel 22"

With a 3-in-1 mowing system, the Poulan Pro 22 in. Mower features 7. 25 ft-lb gross torque, 163 cc Briggs & Stratton engine with prepared Start Starting System, Check & Add feature, and Variable Speed Drive System for bagging, mulching, discharge or trim potential in all mowing conditions. The 163 cc engine Briggs & Stratton delivers durability, power and reduced emissions and a high performance mowing experience. Supported by Poulan Pro 2-Year restricted Warranty.

Earthwise Mower Cordless 36-Volt Side Discharge / Mulch / Bagging vs Sun Joe MJ408E 1 price

The Earthwise 20″ cordless 36-Volt electric mower requires no gas, no oil, no fumes and starts every time. The 3-in-1 system has a side discharge, mulches or you may be able to rear bag your clippings. A steel deck adds durability and the convenient single lever height modification from 1. 5″ to 4″ gives the look of a professionally cut lawn. The 36-Volt, 14 Ah electric motor has the power to get the job done while creating zero emmissions. The handle folds for easy storage and easy lift-out battery that may be charged in or out of the mower. Earthwise is the Clean Air Choice.

MS2006N One Wheel Sulky Lift &; Latch

Quickly and easily change your walk-behind mower into a stand-on riding mower. Increase efficiency and comfort for those long days of mowing. This patented sulky fits nearly every mower Hitch adapters are available. Remember that a sulky device puts more strain on a mower’s drive system. Most mowers can handle the extra weight with no problem. Hitch is 14. 5″ large to fit most mowers. User suggested weight of 220lbs and under.

Stens part #051-024, Heftee Golf Car Service Kit for 2000 vs Sun Joe MJ408E 1 reviews

• Available for either the Heftee 2000 or 4000 • will include 4 mounting brackets, 2 axle jacks, and a tool tray • Lift golf carts at the frame, freeing tires for complete service • Fits our 051-022 Heftee HX4000 – Standard Turf Pro Package • Fits our 051-020 Heftee HF2000 – Standard Servicing Dealer Package.

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  2. GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp Corded 16-Inch Lawn Mower

Models to consider:
FH-EFG155 IKON X-52 B&SFH-FM150 12A-K2B5766MJ401C FH-EF85
FH-FM120 GY334158N FH-EFGC1251696421YP VL-FHN120
RoboTiger2.0 WG720FH-BV160-230 12A-A0M5700158N PK-EX4-JDAC
RS612 54FBZTR2454BS-CA FH-EFG125WG708 RM510 (White)
FH-RCG110 Model # 3721836BBG3 S520RHIN308 52cc
YT42DXLS P3200GY309 FH-AGL125FH-EFG175 RS622
MO14B00 FH-EF95826-327C FH-AG220VL-FMN150 PSLCLM60
VL-FMN180 MS2006NGY313 MJ403EFH-EF125 WA3835
FH-FM180 GY31112A-L2DQ766 RoboTiger1.054ZB FH-AG180
1696421YP Model # 37218FH-AGL125 S520826-327C IKON X-52 B&S
PSLCLM60 Gua400VL-EFGC175 158NFH-EFGC125 RS622
PK-EX4-JDAC RHIN309FH-EF155 FH-BV160-23054ZB VL-FMN150
VL-FHN120 FH-EF95VL-SLN170 WA3835GY334 GY309
MO14B00 48ZBGY311 FH-EFGC195+FH-AG180 MS2006N
FH-RCG110 FH-EF85RoboTiger2.0 52ccGY313 FH-FM120
62ZBM15 36BBG312A-K2B5766 MJ403ELMRM1801 12A-A0M5700
RoboTiger1.0 MS2000NWG708 FH-FM150CM2043C RM510 (White)
12A-L2DQ766 19a70019100ZTR2454BS-CA 12AGA2M6766VL-EFGC200M FH-EFG175
36BBG3 FH-AG180FH-FM180 LM2002IKON X-52 B&S RS630
FH-BV160-230 GT52XLS12A-K2B5766 RoboTiger2.0VL-FMN180 FH-AGL125
WG708 FH-EF125S510 12AVC37Z70748ZB 54FB
FH-EF85 VL-SLN170MS2006N FH-EFG15519a70019100 GY313
WA3835 S520Gua400 RS612PSLCLM60 GY311
MS2000N VL-EFGC200M12AGA2M6766 FH-EFGC12512A-L2DQ766 CM2043C
MJ403E FH-EFG125GY309 FH-EFG175FH-RCG110 FH-FM120
826-327C 62ZBM15FH-EF95 MO14B00544911B P3200
GY334 MJ401C158N 158NWG720 VL-FHN120


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