May 31, 2017

SPT77WML-01 15-Amp (SKILSAW) is a bargain at this price

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  • The anti-snag lower guard provides smooth operation for small cut-off pieces
  • 53 bevel allows users to complete a wider variety of cuts
  • 15 Amp of power gives users the power to rip through more lumber in less time
  • Lightest magnesium construction reduces user fatigue for less down time
  • Cut-Ready(TM) depth of cut system helps with quick, accurate depth measurements
  • Core Components are the same, but some units received may have the old model number MAG77LT and different font on SKILSAW
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

The lightest worm drive continues the long tradition of SKILSAW quality, rugged durability and steadily exceptional cutting performance. Weighing in at just 11. 5 lbs. it’s the lightest worm drive saw on the market. The rugged magnesium housing stays strong but keeps the motor cooler, giving you powerful performance job after job. Legendary SKILSAW worm drive technology meets our best-in-class Dual-Field motor, invented exactly for saws. This model comes with a SKILSAW blade, just to be sure your SKILSAW is tough as nails right out of the box.

Recent reviews of SPT77WML-01 SKILSAW:

I have been using the Mag77 since it came out. Just the same as the 77, just lighter. They had made some changes here and there, however nothing big. A while back they allowed the saw table to tilt just beyond 45 degrees, (just after I bought a substitute that was the older style). The new saw tilts more than the Mag77, the 45 degree stop release lever is in a much better place, and, wait for it.. You may be able to really read the degree display on the tilt protractor it’s marked with white numbers and hash marks on a black background, and the pointer doesn’t block the numbers, unlike the older Skilsaws. Also, it has every degree indicated instead of every 5 degrees like the old saw. You may be able to certainly feel that it’s lighter, in fact when I picked up a fellow worker’s 77 I felt like I was going to pull my shoulder out of it is socket What a difference 4 pounds makes It also has a blade wrench that stows on the saw table, at the rear under the handle. I haven’t had a problem with it falling out, and it feels secure. The blade guard was redesigned and works better, I don’t have to pull it back almost as frequently as the older saws. They changed the blade lock from the side to it is new place at the oil fill screw. I can not get used to that, it feels uncomfortable, however I guess if you’re new to this saw it’ll be good. It has softer rubber inserts on both handles that help improve the grip. There are some other changes internally and on the table, however they do not make the saw feel any different, except for decreasing the weight. Certainly worth the extra money, happy with it.

I have been using the original SHD77 for many years and could not be more happy with it.. Not a single issue/problem. Though I do really enjoy the fact that it’s a rather heavy saw (it assists ‘pull’ the saw nicely with gravity when going downwards, etc. ), I was a bit cynical with the new 77LT being 4-pounds lighter than my original old 77. But, after now using this new Mag77LT constantly for nearly 3-weeks now, I’d have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy this new model. Luckily, I don’t find it being too’ light; it’s in fact, right at a nice sweet spot. Shortly, I am impressed As for some of the other nice new touches on the saw, I love the design on the arbor wrench/multi-tool & how it has a positive-action “snap” that holds it in the saw’s table. Other saws that have the fitted wrench tend to just pop-off and the wrench gets lost so easily. With that said, I am happy the engineers of the Mag77LT got the system for the wrench down pat so that it’s securely stored, regardless how much I end up banging/jostling/jerking the saw around. The other real nice refinement that I enjoy is the easy to read calibrated depth bracket that has both standard lumber sizes also as standard plywood sized laid out (i. E. just clamp the depth modification lever at the corresponding depth-of-cut markers for your material & you are good to go). This is a nice timesaver and is spot-on.

BEST SAW – Brand new this saw has no equal Still, I bought this reconditioned, and reconditioned this saw is better than all the sidewinders out there. This reconditioned saw has put up with abuse for 12 years. I bought a new Skill 77 in 1982 and it was treated like a rental tool for 20 years. But, in 2002, as an older construction worker i wanted a lighter saw, however did not want to pay for a new one. This saw is so good, it does not matter if it’s reconditioned, used, or any variation thereof. CHEAP ENOUGH – I bought two; one with a finish blade and one with a rough demo blade. THIS IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR round SAW NEEDS BALANCED: The weight is focused (pushing saw is focused and does not push to side like sidewinder weight imbalance)POWERFUL: Torque-ee. Does not bog down under a load. Cuts thick hardwood / Cuts granite countertops (w/diamond bld)EASY: High visability for RIGHT HANDED people, yes you may be able to see the line you are cutting, instead of craning your neck. Hard BUILT: does not rattle or whine while it is spinning. Correct: modifications for angle cuts and depth are strong, hard and clear. TOUGH: Beat this thing and it’ll never know it. Disadvantage of the Skill 77M is that it is magnesium plate can not be dropped and survive also as the Skill 77Think about it. A Black and Decker sidewinder is not as good brand new out of the box, as a used beat up Skil 77M.

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MM 18V CRDLS Circ Saw (Pack of 2)

Master Mechanic, 18V, 5-1/2″ Cordless round Saw, 3800 RPM, Features: Trigger Switch With Brake, Spindle Lock For Blade Change, 0-50 Degree Bevel, Cast Aluminum Upper Guard, Poly Carbonate Lower Guard & Steel Base, Maximum Cutting Depth 1-9/16″, Ergonomic Design, Over Molded Soft Grip, Uses Any 10Mm Blade, will include: 24 Tooth Tungsten Carbide Blade, 1. 5A Battery, 1 Hour Diagnostic Charger, For substitute Battery Use TV #134-458 & Charger TV #134-457, filled In A Color Box.

PORTER-CABLE PC15TCS 15 Amp Heavy-Duty Circular Saw, 7-1/4"

The PORTER-CABLE PC15TCS 7-1/4″ Heavy-responsibility round Saw features a heavy-responsibility 15 amp motor that delivers power and torque through the toughest applications. This 11. 3 lbs. Lightweight saw decreases exhaustion & improves user handling. It has a 45 degree bevel capacity that gives a range of applications that may be finished. The stamped steel shoe with optimum line of sight gives correct cuts and lasting construction, a spindle lock feature lets for single wrench bit changes, and a kerf cut display aligns the blade to the display for correct line cuts. Plans: Motor: 120 VAC, 25-60 HZ/120 VDC, Amps: 15, Capacity at 90Degree Cut: 2-3/8″, Speed: 5,600, Capacity at 45Degree Cut: 1-13/16″, Arbor: Standard, Blade Diameter: 7-1/4″, Weight: 11. 3″.

Festool P48561556 Plunge Cut Circular Saw with CT 48 E 12.7 Gallon HEPA Dust Extractor vs SPT-77WML-01

Will include TS 55 REQ Plunge Cut round Saw – 561556, CT 48 E 12. 7 Gallon HEPA Mobile Dust Extractor – 584084, SYS-4 T-Loc Systainer, 1 in. X 11. 5 ft. AntiStatic Suction Hose, HEPA Filter, SELFCLEAN Filter Bag, 55 in. (1400mm) Guide Rail, 48T Carbide Blade, bound Stop, Splinter Guard, Plug-It Power Cord.

Makita XSH01X 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion 36V Cordless 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Kit

Makita XSH01X 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Cordless 7-1/4″ round Saw Kit. The Makita-built motor delivers 4,800 RPM for fast cutting and ripping. The two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries deliver the power and performance of a corded saw without leaving the 18V LXT platform. The two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries deliver up to 2. 5X more cuts per charge strengthened magnesium base for durability. It weighs only 10. 1 lbs. With batteries for operator comfort. Big cutting capacity (2-5/8″at 90 Degree) and bevel capacity (0 Degree- 50 Degree) with positive stops at 45 Degree, 30 Degree and 15 Degree. Rubberized soft grip handles for increased comfort. It has big rubberized levers for fast and easy depth and bevel modifications. It has an on-board blade wrench for convenience. The flat motor housing is intended for stability when changing the blade. The fitted dust blower cleans the line of cut for operator accuracy. The Electric brake is for maximum productivity. The L. E. D. Battery and temperature display monitors battery charge position and temperature. Ideal for framers, builders, roofers, forming and more.

Makita 651172-0 Circular Saw Switch

Makita 651172-0 round Saw Switch. Switch can be used on round saw. This part fits model number 5007 and many Makita models. 13-Inch long, 2-Inch large, and 8-Inch high. Package weight of this item is 8-Pound. Makita utilizes leading-edge technology and novelty to engineer tools that are more compact with less weight still deliver industrial power and results.

SKIL 5780-01 120-Volt 7-1/4-Inch 2 Beam Laser SKILSAW Circular Saw vs SPT-77-WML-01

Skil 5780-01 7-1/4″ Skilsaw with 2 Beam LaserIdeal for advanced DIYers, this 7-1/4″ Skilsaw is filled with a range of features like a 2-beam laser, a power-on display and an anti-snag lower guard making sure safe, correct cuts. Skil 5780-01 7-1/4″ Skilsaw with 2 Beam Laser Features: 2 Beam Laser assures an correct cut 51 Degrees Bevel change w/Positive Stop at 45 Degrees for increased accuracy Anti-Snag Lower Guard decreases Snags When Making Narrow Cut-Offs Safety Lock / Guarded Trigger Minimizes Accidental Starts Ball Bearing Motor Construction For Twice the Life 15 More Speed for faster cuts, better finish Push button spindle lock for easy blade changes Power-On display allows you to know when the tool is plugged in Rear View Depth modification for clear visibility & fast cut-depth changes Light Weight decreases User exhaustion large Foot Plate for stability when cuttingSkil 5780-01 7-1/4″ Skilsaw with 2 Beam Laser plans: Amperage: 15 Arbor Size: 5/8″ round Blade Size: 7 1/4″ Certifications: cULus Cord Length: 6 ft. Depth of Cut at 45 Deg. : 1-15/16″ max cut Depth of Cut at 90 Deg. : 2-7/16″ max cut Hertz: 50-60 Hz Max. Motor HP: 2. 6 HP Name: 5780-01 (F0125780AB) No Load RPM: 5300 Spindle Lock: Yes Voltage: 120V Weight (lbs. ): 11. 3.

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch Steel Cutting Circular Saw

Evolution EVOSAW230 9-Inch Steel Cutting round Saw offers the highest grade industrial metal cutting strength on the market today. When cutting steel, the EVOSAW230 cuts cold, no coolant is needed. Because the material is cold it may be handled and worked on now. Featuring a 48 Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade, this machine outperforms abrasives, cutting faster and lasting 20x’s longer. Will include Evolution’s 3 Year Warranty.

Ryobi ZRP507 18V ONE+ 6-1/2 in. Circular Saw Kit (Certified Refurbished)

Ryobi introduces the new and improved 18-Volt ONE+ 6-1/2 in. Round Saw, an upgraded tool that gives corded performance in a cordless tool. The 18-Volt ONE+ 6-1/2 in. Round Saw has a 40 more powerful motor in comparison to its last model. The 24 Tooth super-Thin kerf carbide-tipped blade lets for fast, clean cuts. Will include: (1) Reconditioned Ryobi P507 18-Volt ONE+ 6-1/2 in. Round Saw (1) Reconditioned Ryobi P102 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion Compact Battery (1) Reconditioned Ryobi P118 18-Volt Dual Chemistry Charger (1) 6-1/2 in. 24 Tooth super-Thin Kerf Carbide-Tipped Blade (1) Blade Wrench Operator’s manual. This is a factory reconditioned product. Reconditioned usually means that the product was returned to the maker, who brings the product back to completely working condition. Some merchandise may contain cosmetic blemishes, scrapes, scratches and dirt but should work like new. If this is a gift, keep this in mind. The factory gives a 1 year warranty available through a nationwide network of service centers. Buy receipt is needed.

Festool PT3561432 TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut Circular Saw + MFT/3 Multi-Function Table with T-Loc Systainer

Will include TS 55 EQ Plunge Cut round Saw – 561432, MFT/3 Multifunction Table – 495462, SYS 4 T-Loc Systainer Case, 55-in (1,400mm) Guide Rail, 48-Tooth High-Quality Carbide Blade, bound Stop, Splinter Guard, Plug-it Power Cord, (2) Guide Rail Supports, Angle Unit (Protractor Head), Fence Rail, Adjustable Stop, 42-in Guide Rail – FS1080.

Black & Decker CS1014 12-Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

The CS1014 round saw has a powerful 12 amp motor that gives power for cross cuts and rip cuts in all woods. The CS1014 front and rear help handles are ergonomically intended for maximum control. The bevel modification lets for correct 0-45-Degree angled cuts and the calibrated depth modification lets for correct cuts. The CS1014 comes with an 18 tooth carbide blade that will supply smooth and fast cutting ideal for tough, everyday jobs.

Saw Trax Compact 52 with Varsity Package, Model# C52VP

The Saw Trax Varsity Series panel saw is a compact unit that will include standard features plus an accessory package suggested for most woodworkers. It is ideal for customers who have to break down 4 foot sheet products that are less than 1 3/4in. Thick with precision cuts. A Makita 5007N round saw and the best dust collection hook ups possible are provided with this machine. Picture shown with optional mid-fence. U. S. A. Max. Crosscut Length (in. ): 52, Amps: 15, Max. Cutting Depth (in. ): 1 3/4.

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