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Nov 20th 2017
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General description

Do you want year-round heating and cooling all in one convenient appliance? Look no more than the De’Longhi Pinguino movable Air Conditioner with 13,000 BTUs and a distinctive 3810 watt heat pump. Do not suffer in the heat or the cold, simply roll the Pinguino into any room and place it near a window and outlet. Plug it in, slide in the window bracket, attach the hose and turn it on. There aren’t tools obliged Not only is it easy to set up, however you’ll also save money with lots of energy-economical features like eco-friendly refrigerant gas and an adjustable thermostat. The convenient 24-hour double function programmable timer lets you to set it only for the time you need cooling. With most movable air conditioner units, you have to continuously empty extra condensation from a can. But with Pinguino’s “no drip” technology, the unit automatically recylces the condensation so you never have to empty a can again Other highlights include 3 fan speeds, auto fan function, increase function, easy-to-use digital controls with LCD display and remote, and sleep and smart modes. With calm, worry-free operation, the Pinguino is perfect for your home office, bedroom, basement or anywhere cooling is required.

Recent reviews of De’Longhi PAC N130HPE 13,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Heat:

Truthfully, I am cynical of some reviews here and seriously have to wonder if they do not have a clash of interest with their negative comments and super low ratings. One reviewer, after posting a mile-long wall of text proclaims this unit to be "a gimmick and fake AC". Huh? The unit is nowhere close to being a "gimmick", and because it does what it says it’ll do (cool the room it is in) it’s surely not a "fake AC". I don t have axe to grind nor do I have a clash of interest with my review. I am just an average, everyday person who doesn’t like being hot in the summer time when the temps go above 75 degrees. So, here goes:This air conditioner does what it’s supposed to: cool a room. The fan isn’t calm when on high, however that is to be projected and, Truthfully, it is an satisfactory "white sound" that is easy to get used to. The only issue I have with this unit is that – because it is been discontinued – substitute parts are hard to get. I bought this item at a liquidation store and the exhaust hose, hose connectors, hose adapters, window bracket, and remote control weren’t included with the unit. That left me having to find these things online. The window bracket, hose and connectors and remote are available – one of the adapters (to fit in the window bracket) aren’t. Not a big issue for me, however it may be for someone. That said, this unit usually comes with the venting kit, so there should not be a problem as there are places (separately from Amazon. Com) still selling this unit with everything included. I have been using the unit to cool our bedroom that last few nights caused by some a summer "heat wave" we’re feeling in the Pacific Northwest.

I bought this unit to supplement a 12000 BTU window unit that is in the master bedroom located at the end of a hall in my ranch type house and did not want a noisy window unit in the livingroom. Normaly that unit keeps the whole house comfy, the living room is around 72 degrees, but the bedroom is 62 degrees. The Delonghi unit was placed in the livingroom and on hot/wet days (Temps 89-90+ days) the Delongie, runs quitely, and keeps the living room area, as well as the country style kitchen dinning area that is adjacant to the livingroom comfy. When the temperture is in the high 70-80’s if the Delonghi is turned on in the ornings keeps the livingroom/dinning area confortable and I do not have to use the window unit. Do not expect to come home on a 90 degree day, turn the Delonghi unit on and expect it to cool the room down, it’ll reduce the temp into the low 80’s in a hour. I get a kick out of people who do this and expect any air condition to lower a 90+ degree room in a short time. I have delayed the start in the morning for the Delonghi for some hours after I leave, however before the high temps reach into the daily highs. Have not used the Heat Pump still, however I imagine it’s for "additional" heat on cooler days, and not ment to heat the house. In general it was just what I needed and iused properly does just what I want it to.

This review was written with the input from my Dad, a retired General freelancer, who has installed a gazillion of these things. 1st off, about the five stars: to get five stars with us, a product has to work as advertised, be a just price at the time of review, and a hard choice in its group. This movable Air Conditioner meets all the above requirements – just not generally on Amazon. Check out DeLonghi’s direct web site, type in the Model number, and check out the specifications and list price there. You may also download a PDF of the User Guide, which I generally recommend for any bigger buy. If you read the guide 1st you may be able to tell if the installation is inside your potential and if the functions are what you want. Summer isn’t my favorite time of yer, usually because I dislike hot weather. In recent years we have been living in places that aren’t recognized for hot weather, however have been feeling unusually hot summers. Houses in these regions frequently don’t have air-conditioning. This DeLonghi unit is big and bulky, and the control panel seems to be a sticker (1st time I have seen that), but it does install quickly and works well. You may be able to heat (to a point; it is not suggested for serious cold) dehumidify (but only dehumidify; the fan works at the lowest setting while in this mode and you can not run the other functions simultaneously), and cool the air. The fast Start Up Guide promises if you have the right window settings you may be able to set up the unit in five minutes. You may be able to and we did; it was easy. The materials are plastic but tough enough; as generally we post if we run into quality issues down the road. We also post if a machine breaks down to give people an estimate of the product life span.

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Tower Evaporative Cooler, 100 sq ft Cooling Caity, Remote Control

Beat the heat with the Luma Comfort EC45S Tower Evaporative Cooler. Use this smart system to get superior weather control in your home. This thin, nice appliance is intended for indoor spaces and works as an air cooler, tower fan and humidifier in one. As water evaporates, the Luna Comfort uses it to help cool your room while also adding moisture to dry environments. It will include a remote control for extra convenience and on-board storage to assist you keep track of it. This indoor evaporative cooler has fitted coasters, making it simple to move around the house with you when you change rooms. It is the ideal summer cooling solution for small bedrooms, office cubicles, play regions and personal spaces.

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New AC-10100E Ultra Comt 10,000 vs PAC N-130HPE

Do not let the heat get you down. Turn on the NewAir AC-10100E super Compact movable air conditioner for a blast of 10,000 BTU cooling power. This movable air conditioner is able of cooling rooms up to 325 square feet. It�s also easy to install and offers a completely movable – move it wherever you need cooling comfort. Improves Air Quality With a washable activated carbon filter, this room air conditioner removes extra particles from the air, making sure every breath you take is clean and refreshing. It includes a fitted dehumidifier, which removes moisture from the air for extra comfort. Easy-to-Use Controls This movable AC comes with a LCD display and push-button controls, which makes it simple to cool your space to the perfect temperature. It also comes with a 12-hour timer, sleep mode and the auto-fan function that automatically maintains your set temperature by raising and lowering the fan speed. Super Compact Design At roughly 12. 13� L x 15. 13� W x 29. 75� H, the NewAir AC-10100E room air is one of the most compact movable air conditioners available, making it the perfect size for nearly any space. Cools Up To 325 Square Feet This NewAir movable air cooler is perfect for spot cooling spaces up to 325 square feet. This is ideal for bedrooms, home offices, dorm rooms and other personal spaces. Self-Evaporative Technology The NewAir AC-10100E 10,000 BTU movable AC uses self-evaporative technology that improves cooling efficiency by using water from the air to cool the compressor coils. It also decreases the amount of condensate water collected in the tank, so you will not have to empty it as frequently.

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Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S movable Evaporative Cooling Unit Portacool PAC2K482S movable Evaporative Cooling Unit The Portacool PAC2K482S movable Evaporative Cooling Unit is one of most economical ways to keep cool, indoors or out. The big airflow capacity lets for cooling that can cover up to 4,000 square feet, lowering the temperature 15 to 25 degrees. This unit has a 40-gallon capacity with a convenient garden hose connection. The PAC2K482S uses an all-natural tap water with no harmful refrigerants to keep indoor and outdoor spaces cool. Heavy-responsibility casters make it movable and easy to move. You may be able to rely on the PAC2K482S for all your cooling needs throughout those hot months. It is ETL rated, cost economical, and prepared to operate, right out of the box. No assembly obliged.

Honeywell HL14CESWW HL Series 14000 Remote Control, White/White vs PAC N-130-HPE

The Honeywell hl series 14,000 BTU movable air conditioner combines 3-in-1 technology into one luscious and sleek body, cooling and dehumidifying regions up to 550 square feet. It features an auto-evaporation system, a dependable dehumidifying function also as a conventional three Speed fan only function delivering optimum cooling, dehumidification and new ventilation. The full-function remote control lets you to operate each feature from across the room. Unlike a fixed air conditioner unit, the Honeywell movable air conditioner requires no permanent installation and the smooth-gliding caster wheels supply easy mobility from room to room. A special sleep mode setting lets you to control the temperature for comfort throughout the night. This movable air conditioner comes with everything needed as well as a adaptable exhaust hose and an easy-to-install window venting kit. The window vent may be removed when the unit isn’t in use.

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Ducted Evaporative Cooler with Motor, Drive: With, Air Flow: 4800 cfm, Drive Type: Belt, Speed: 2, Motor HP: 1/2, Voltage: 115, Discharge: Down, Width: 34-1/8″, Depth: 34-1/8″, Height: 34-1/2″, channel Opening Length: 17-3/4″, channel Opening Width: 17-3/4″, Pad Thickness: 2″, Pump Voltage: 115, Water Capacity: 9. 1 gal. Operating Weight: 233 lb. Color: Cool Sand, will include: Motor, 115V Pump.

Pinguino 13,500 3-in-1 Dehumidifier, Fan by DeLonghi

DeLonghi Pinguino PACN135EC movable Air Conditioner movable air conditioner with 13,500 BTUs of cooling capacity Air conditioner, dehumidifier, and fan in one Ideal for spaces up to 525 square feet Five-minute installation with no tools obliged Recirculation system recycles condensation to prevent drips Programmable 12-hour timer and thermostat Easy-to-use LED control panel and remote control movable unit with caster wheels and handles for easy transport Uses ozone-safe refrigerant Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, and Fan in One With 13,500 BTUs, the DeLonghi Pinguino quickly cools spaces up to 525 square feet–perfect for a bigger bedroom or home office. The unit offers three modes to decide from: Cooling, dehumidifying, and fan. Cooling mode cools and dehumidifies the room. To take off moisture from the air without cooling, decide the dehumidifying choice. To circulate air in the room, choose the fan only choice, and decide from three fan speeds, as well as calm mode.

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Evaporative cooler is joint of an evaporative humidifier and blower fan. It uses evaporation of water to cool the environment. The air cooler has pump to circulate water to cool the air and you may be able to improve it by adding ice to the water for cooler experience. Note that this isn’t an AC unit and you shall not expect an air cooler to blow out freezing air that of AC unit. As an bonus it uses less energy than an AC.

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Motor Choice 1/3 HP 4100 business Standard ranking, Not Included, Or 1/2 HP 4800 business Standard ranking, Not Included, 2 Speed Motor, Aspen Pads Media, Down Draft, 8 Year restricted Warranty On Cabinet, Powder Coated For Durability. Cabinet dimensions: 34-1/2″ x 34″ x 34″ channel opening: 17-3/4″ x 17-3/4″ x 8-3/16″ Cools 800-1400 sqft Corrosion-tolerant, one-part bottom pan lasting polyester powder-coated outside & interior finish Adjustable water trough Bolted construction for easy parts substitute calm blower wheel operation 1/3 or 1/2 hp motor (not included), 1 or 2 speed available distinctive single-part bottom pan with 8-year ensure against leakage caused by rust and corrosion. Made in the USA.

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With 3 cool settings, 3 fan settings, a 24-hour on/off timer and dehumidify mode, this single-hose model is equipped to meet your interior weather needs. A fast-Install Window Kit is included for exhausting the unit through any horizontal or vertical opening window and completely directional casters supply mobility. Maintenance is minimal with a slide-out washable mesh filter and Auto Evaporation technology makes manual draining needless.

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Models to consider:
EC220W ACW300CAP14001HS YPL3-10C-CCHSF-6N25 WPPH-06CR5
CCDD383840 KY-80MDAC0008US MCP44-PADPH14B EC110S
ACW600C WA-1150DERMC-FA300DGD 69 poundsPORT8000 NPA1-08C
WA-8070E AKPD14HR4KY2-100 OP18CCDD383840 PBEL66
EMS-300 KY-80KSTAP14CG AC-10000EPAC2K48HZ ARP-9411
X-KY-80 ARC-143MXSF-6N25 ACB160HWA-1061H EC220W
WA-1240H AP11000PORT14000 WPPH-06CR5ARC-08WB HCB-P11-A DB
CCSD626262 KPN1-10CRN1-BH9AKPD12ER4 ARP-2412CPN12XH9 PAC1202W
DPA140B1WB LP1213GXRNPC1-12.5C-W DPA120B1WBPAC52-2-12D AP11000
WA-8070E LP1415GXRSRCOOL18K P10SSS10N10 YPV6-14C


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