April 21, 2017

What I found out: LX2060ST Trim (LG)


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3.7V-5V stereo MP3 decoder board with 2 5W amplifier FM radio power switch and volume control

Type : Blender PartsBrand : LianshengItem : KSD38 Features ( This product comes with 2 5W amplifier ) :1, DC 3. 7-5. 0V powered by lithium batteries for DIY desktop speakers ;2, Volume potentiometer with switch, you may be able to change the master volume after turning on the power ;3, Can read U disk and SD card MP3 songs (the other formats aren’t supported ) ;4, Comes with 2 5W amplifier, connected to four European 5W speakers you may be able to listen to music ;5, FM radio function, you may be able to listen to local FM radio station ( general effect ). Plus 10 yuan to increase the Bluetooth receiver, you have to increase the price, contact buyer service to change merchandise ( taken in kind, caused by factors cameras and monitors there can be color ) : Wiring information :1, 2P transposon (J2): take 3. 7 battery, near surface shell that’s positive, it’s negative near the board edge ;2, 2P transposon (J5): pick four European 5W left speaker, L + pick horn positive, L- connect speaker negative ;3, 2P transposon (J6): 4 ohms 5W pick the right speaker, R + pick horn positive, R- connect speaker negative ;4, ANT1 white pad is the place of weld radio antenna, radio antenna can decide more than one meter of copper wire or rod antenna, radio and visual effects are different ( and professional radios can’t be compared ) different geographical environments. Product plans :Installation pitch: W 123 x H 60mmInstallation hole : W 116 x H 53mmOverall dimensions : Width 135 72 deep 35mm high Panel Description :1, “DC5V”: DC 5V charger jack ;2, “AUX”: external audio input interface, you may be able to access the phone or computer and other audio ;3, “SD / MMC CARD”: SD / MMC card slot ( TF card or have to add a Cato ) ;4, “USB”: U disk jack ( plug has U-disk MP3 songs may be played directly ) ;5″ Big handle ” : You.

Maytag Microwave Control Board Part 59001079R 59001079 Model ACO1560AB

59001079R plans Our Value OEM Value Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces 59001079r 59001079R Maytag Microwave Control Board well-matched Models Maytag ACO1560AB Maytag ACO1560AC Maytag ACO1560AS Maytag ACO1560AW Maytag MMV5156AAB Maytag MMV5156AAQ Maytag MMV5156AAS Maytag MMV5156AAW Maytag MMV5156ACB Maytag MMV5156ACQ Maytag MMV5156ACS Maytag MMV5156ACW well-matched Part Numbers Maytag 59001079R.

7377FM amplifier board 12V 6 inch car subwoofer cannon core card MP3 decoder board + 30W amplifier radio

Type : Blender PartsBrand : LianshengItem : 7377FMProducts ( taken in kind, caused by factors cameras and monitors there can be color ) : Product plans :Installation hole : Wide65 High40mmInstallation pitch : Wide68 High72mm Edge-Edge128 mmOverall Dimensions : Width138 High82 Deep75mm( Face oval ) Baby features:1. You may be able to readSDCard ( ifTFCards have to add a Cato ) andUWithin the diskMP3Songs ( not supportedWMAAnd other formats ) ;2. DC12VPower supply, may be applied to a large range of DC12VWhat motorcycle battery, cars, etc. ;3. With1RoadAUXExternal audio input (3. 5mmJackLINE IN), Can access computers, mobile phones,CDOrMP3Substandard sound audio ;4. Amplifier usingTDA7377,BTLOutput, rated power30WPeak power60W, you may be able to push4-16Europe4-6Inch70Magnetic following speakers or stereo ;5. External remote input jack (REM) Extension cord plug in an external remote amplifier mounted like to meet in a hidden place and want to use the remote control functionality friend needs. Panel Description :SD:SDCard slot ( ifTFCalgary a Cato on the line, shop for sale ) ;USB:UDisk jack (you may also insertedULarge plate reader interface, well-matched with most ) ;IR: Remote Receiver ( here the remote control at the remote operation without an external plug wire ) ;display ; after power this lamp is lit, the reader andUFlashes when the disk gradually ;White transposons : above a row+ 12VThen DC+ 12VPositive,GNDConnect the negative power supply ; following a rowTRE OUTPick tweeter ( can’t pick ) ;POWER: DC12VJack ( may be inserted12V 3AMore power adapter ) ;LINE IN:3. 5mmExternal audio input port, you may be able to connectCDOr computer sound came ;REM: External remote extension cable connector ( not connected, then alignIRLocation may also remote control ) ;VOL: Master volume control, power front Keep the volume down so as not to produce adverse e.

Maytag Microwave Control Board Part 53001792R 53001792 Model Maytag AMV1162AAB

Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces 53001792r 53001792R Maytag Microwave Control Board This Control Board is for Maytag Microwave models. Well-matched Models Maytag AMV1162AAB Maytag AMV1162AAQ Maytag AMV1162AAS Maytag AMV1162AAW Maytag MMV1153AAB Maytag MMV1153AAW Maytag UMV1152BAS well-matched Part Numbers Maytag 53001792R 53001792R plans Our Value OEM Value Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces 53001792r 53001792R Maytag Microwave Control Board This Control Board is for Maytag Microwave models. Well-matched Models Maytag AMV1162AAB Maytag AMV1162AAQ Maytag AMV1162AAS Maytag AMV1162AAW Maytag MMV1153AAB Maytag MMV1153AAW Maytag UMV1152BAS well-matched Part Numbers Maytag 53001792R.

12 Free shipping France beautiful rose camellia corsage wedding flower bouquets of dried flowers peony flowers simulation

Type : Vegetable Washer PartsApplicable scene : Floral displayColor category : Orange green white pink rose red burgundy yellowStyle : Western European styleFlowers and plants species : Tea RoseArtificial flower type : Silk flowerCombination : Single / beam Dual 11 big you pick any of your exclusive Baby structure: a big flower head of a flower head of a budBaby Size: Total Length 60cm, flower head diameter about 5cm-7cmPlease optimistic about the former pro purchase baby descriptionForm: a big head and a flower head of a small flower bud- Size: total length 60cm, flower head diameter about 5cm-7cmMaterial: raw silk may be cleaned.

GE Microwave Oven Magnetron and Diode OM75P (10) Part # WB27X10017 vs LG LX2060ST Trim pricing

This is a brand new factory supplied part and is the SAME EXACT part sold by GE. Direct factory substitute for Samsung made OM75S & OM75P(10) magnetrons. Common magnetron used in many GE, Frigidaire and other brand microwaves. This is the current substitute for magnetron tubes having a Samsung label and marked. “OM75S (10)” OR OM75P (10) only. We don’t ensure compatibility with any other kind of magnetron except those marked OM75S (10) OR OM75P (10).

Microwave chen Cart with Storage and 2-Door Closed, Pine

Manage your kitchen and add extra counter space and microwave storage space with this classically styled microwave kitchen cart with storage. It’s constructed of tough and lasting materials and features a natural maple laminate finish that will blend with many decors. Also, it has a smooth surface and easy to access storage spaces for keeping essential kitchen things close at hand. The top counter on this kitchen island cart, pine, gives a platform spacious enough to house a microwave, toaster or another kitchen appliance. Under the top counter is a big open counter that will easily hold cookbooks, spices, canisters and more. The bottom of the cart features a two-door closed cabinet for extra pots and pans, storage containers, dishes, glassware, kitchen linens or another important accessories. The tough movable maple kitchen cart has casters for easy mobility and will fit into most any kitchen space. It requires some assembly.

G.E. Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 13 1/2 " WB49X10002 vs LG LX2060ST Trim review

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you’re unsure about compatibility email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING. EMO3000CBB001, MO3000CBB02 EMO3000CBB03 EVM1750DM2BB, EVM1750DM2CC EVM1750DM2WW, EVM1750DMBB01 HVM1540DN1BB, HVM1540DN1WW, HVM1540DN2BB, HVM1540DN2WW HVM1750DM1CC, HVM1750DM2BB, HVM1750DM2CC JES1144WY01, JES1144WY02, JES1144WY03, JES1144WYP01 JNM1541DN1BB, JNM1541DN1CC, JNM1541DN1WW, JNM1541DN2BB JNM1731DM2BB, JNM1731DM2CC, JNM1731DM2WW, JNM1731DMBB01 JVM1430BD002, JVM1430BD01, JVM1430BD02 JVM1430BD03, JVM1430WD002, JVM1440BD003, JVM1440BH01, JVM1440BH02, JVM1440BH03 JVM1441BD003, JVM1441BH01, JVM1441BH02, JVM1441BH03, JVM1441BH04 JVM1443BK01, JVM1443BK02, JVM1443LK01, JVM1443LK02 JVM1540DN1BB, JVM1540DN1CC, JVM1540DN1WW JVM1540DN2BB, JVM1540DN2CC, JVM1630BB001, JVM1630BB002, JVM1630BB003, JVM1630BB004, JVM1630BB005, JVM1631BB001, JVM1631BB002, JVM1631BB003, JVM1631BB004 JVM1640AB001, JVM1640AB002, JVM1640AB003, JVM1640AB004 JVM1642AB001, JVM1642AB002, JVM1642AB003, JVM1642AB005 JVM1650AB001, JVM1650AB002, JVM1650AB003, JVM1650AB004 JVM1651AB001, JVM1651AB002, JVM1651AB003 JVM1651AB004, JVM1651AB005 JVM1653BD001, JVM1653BD002, JVM1653BD003, JVM1653BD004 JVM1660AB001, JVM1660AB002, JVM1660AB003, JVM1660AB004 JVM1661AB002, JVM1661AB003, JVM1661AB004, JVM1661AB0 JVM1661AB02, JVM1661BB002, JVM1661BB003, JVM1661BB004, JVM1661BB005 JVM1661BB006, JVM1661BB02, JVM1661CB002, JVM1661CB003, JVM1661CB004, JVM1661CB005, JVM1661CB006, JVM1661CB02, JVM1661SB002, JVM1661SB003, JVM1661SB004, JVM1661SB005, JVM1661SB006, JVM1661SB02 JVM1740DM2BB, JVM1740DM2CC, JVM1740DM2WW, JVM1740DMBB01 JVM1740DMCC01, JVM1740DMWW01, JVM1740SM2SS, JVM1740SMSS01 JVM1750DM1BB, JVM1750DM1CC, JVM1750DM1WW, JVM1750DM2BB JVM1750DM2CC, JVM1750DM2WW, JVM1750DMBB01, JVM1750DMCC01 LVM1540DN1BB, LVM1540DN1WW, LVM1540LN1CS, LVM1540SN1SS LVM1750DM1BB, LVM1750DM1WW, LVM1750DM2BB, LVM1750DM2WW LVM1750SM1SS, LVM1750SM2SS, RVM1435BD002, RVM1435WD002 RVM1625BD001.

Emerson Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 12 3/8 in P34

This microwave plate is only recognized to be well-matched with the microwave brands and models listed below: MW1119, MW1119B, MW1119W, MW1161, MW1161S, MW1161SB, MWG9111, MWG9111S, MWG9111SL, MWG9115, MWG9115S, MWG9115SL, MW8115SS, MW8117, MW8117W, MW8119SB, MW8119SBM, MW8121SL, MW8992, MW8992R, MW8992RD, MW8992SB, MW9113, MW9113SS, MW9117, MW9117W, MW9090SS, Hamilton Beach model P100N30ALS3B, Sylvania model SR11092,.

Microwave Cooking Set – 9 Piece Microwave Cookware Set by MicroBuddy – Home-cooked meals in minutes vs LG LX2060ST Trim price

The Original MicroBuddy 9 part Microwave Cooking Set A revolutionary idea in microwave cooking. Gives you home-cooked meals in minutes. Super moisturized heat circulation seals in nutrients and flavor while using the speed of the microwave. You’ll enjoy the healthiest foods ever, cooked faster than ever before possible and totally without the “nuked” flavor or texture. MicroBuddy foods generally keep their inviting natural colors, flavors, aromas and textures. Only MicroBuddy uses super-moisturized heat circulation in its distinctive design. The elevated MicroBuddy tray keeps food out of the water, while the steam is circulated around the dome-shaped cover to seal in nutrients and flavor. This big set comes with three different sizes of cooking containers, so you will have one that’s the perfect size and form for anything you prepare. The mix will have you prepared for big meals, or a range of dishes without any have to stop for cleaning. When you do have to wash them, each part is dishwasher safe, so you will not have to waste any extra time or effort to get them clean.

11" Microwaveable Glass Plate Cover with Red Silicone Handle by Catamount Glassware

11″ Microwaveable Glass Plate Cover by Catamount Glassware is intended to take the heat. The new plate covers are flameproof, ovenproof, microwave and dishwasher safe. Each is made with the highest quality of borosilicate glass and emphasized with a safe and easy grip silicone handle. Buyers may be confident that the transparent glass Microwave plate cover wont warp or discolor. Also, the nonporous glass construction removes the possibility of leaching BPA’s.

Frigidaire Range Timer Part 316207502R 316207502 Model Frigidaire 79092310100 vs LG LX2060ST Trim reviews

316207502R plans Our Value OEM Value UPC 842740044322 Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces 316207502r 316207502R Frigidaire Range Timer well-matched Models Frigidaire 79092310100 Frigidaire 79092311100 Frigidaire 79092312100 Frigidaire 79092314100 Frigidaire 79092315100 Frigidaire 79092320300 Frigidaire 79092321300 Frigidaire 79092322300 Frigidaire 79092324300 Frigidaire 79092410100 Frigidaire 79092410102 Frigidaire 79092410103 Frigidaire 79092410104 Frigidaire 79092411100 Frigidaire 79092411102 Frigidaire 79092411103 Frigidaire 79092411104 Frigidaire 79092412100 Frigidaire 79092412102 Frigidaire 79092412103 Frigidaire 79092412104 Frigidaire 79092413200 Frigidaire 79092413201 Frigidaire 79092413202 Frigidaire 79092413203 Frigidaire 79092414100 Frigidaire 79092414102 Frigidaire 79092414103 Frigidaire 79092414104 Frigidaire 79092415100 Frigidaire 79092415102 Frigidaire 79092415103 Frigidaire 79092415104 Frigidaire 79092419100 Frigidaire 79092419102 Frigidaire 79092419103 Frigidaire 79092419104 Frigidaire 79092420300 Frigidaire 79092421300 Frigidaire 79092422300 Frigidaire 79092423300 Frigidaire 79092424300 Frigidaire 79092429300 Frigidaire 79092680300 Frigidaire 79092681300 Frigidaire 79092682300 Frigidaire 79092683300 Frigidaire 79092684300 Frigidaire 79092850300 Frigidaire 79092851300 Frigidaire 79092852300 Frigidaire 79092853300 Frigidaire 79092854300 Frigidaire 79092882300 Frigidaire 79092884300 Frigidaire 79092889300 Frigidaire 79093553300 Frigidaire 79093750100 Frigidaire 79093750102 Frigidaire 79093750103 Frigidaire 79093750104 Frigidaire 79093751100 Frigidaire 79093751102 Frigidaire 79093751103 Frigidaire 79093751104 Frigidaire 79093752100 Frigidaire 79093752101 Frigidaire 79093752102 Frigidaire 79093752103 Frigidaire 79093752104 Frigidaire 79093754100 Frigidaire 79093754101 Frigidaire 79093754102 Frigidaire 79093754103 Frigidaire 79093754104 Frigidaire 79093850300 Frigidaire 79093851300 well-matched Part Numbers Frigidaire 316207502R.

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  2. Panasonic 27″ Trim Kit for 2.2 cuft Panasonic Stainless Microwave Ovens, NN-TK922SS
  3. Panasonic 30″ Trim Kit for 2.2 cuft Panasonic Stainless Microwave Ovens, NN-TK932SS
  4. Frigidaire – MWTKP27KF – Professional Series Microwave Trim Kit – 27-Inch/ Stainless Steel Color

Models to consider:
AP3774313 WB27X10682WB07X11040 ACM72981003JX1527DMBB WB27X10604
WD26X10015 WH45X144JX2127SH WB15X309EX73SAAA3-0 M011760
WB36K5087 F-5304441872GN1235A0 R9800455WB20K10013 ADC73028303
WB49X10108 BH-40125QBP3822 8524213RG-8222 WB56X10824
NN-TK722SS 2T-30402-09W10258189 WB36K5505WB36K5241 WB13T10001
WB27X10931 WB06X10309WB27X10516 WB27X10900W10216347 TK-929SA
WP26X10016 WB26X10042CW9000SJSS WB55X10138WB27T11161 WB06X10818
WB15X322 WB36K5062WB20K8 JX1527SMSSWB56K19 MWTK27KW
2T-30402-07 WB21X489WB36K5531 W10216360JX1530DMWW WB27X10868
WB27T10277 TK-929SAWH12X10154 WB55X10138WD08X10057 WB20K8
EX73SAAA3-0 WB56X10270TEM-AP461126 WB27X108666871W2S152A ACM72981003
JX7227DFBB WB49X10108TV205433 WB02X11244WB27X10880 JX2127SH
NN-TK932SS 7721P040-60WB55X10530 GN1235A0BH-401 4A0 09
MD12011LD WB20K5027DE74-20015G WB06X10309WE25M40 WB27T11161
WB07X11040 M011760WB44K5009 2T-30402-076324W1A001H MSHF003-1
WB07X11034 WB36K5505WB27X10868 GMMC-760WB13T10001 JX1527DMBB
WB48X10046 GT-09WB27T10268 WB15X3096324W1A001L SH554
WB27X10931 WD21X10100WB48X194 WP26X10016WB07X10959 W10216347
JX1530DMWW WH45X144WB20K5027 WB27T10277W10258189 WB4K1
MWTK27KW WB26X10042FRI-5304440285 WB27X10900WB27X11068 WB13T10001
NGC-1071-2 GMMC-760WB20K10013 WB48X10046W10216360 4A0 09
25QBP3822 WE17M37JX7227DFBB WB36K5505W10233386R ACM72981003
WB44K10005 GT-09WB56X10822 ADC73028303WB48X194 WB27K10008
CW9000SJSS WB07X10530BH-401 WB27X10305WB56X10720 AP3774313
NN-TK932SS WB27X10604NN-TK722SS 2174-BASOWP26X10027 MF3-SS
13292A 6871W2S152AWB56K19 TV205433GN1235A0 MW9338SB
WB27X10866 SH554WB20K8 WP26X10016W10250589R BMAT-12


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