April 21, 2017

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About KAKA Industrial: A Company Delivers High Quality merchandise with Fast Shipment and Lowest Price Possible; We generally Fulfill What We Have PromisedKAKA 3-IN-1/305 12 Inch Sheet Metal Machine, Sheet Metal Brake, Shears & Slip Roll MachineKaka 12 Inch smart 3-IN-1 machine is intended to cut, brake and roll simultaneously. It equips with the mix of shear, press brake and roll. The shear makes straight cuts up to 12″ while the press brake can bends to 90 degrees of material up to 12″ large. The mix machine of shear, press brake and roll applied adjustable finger dies for pans and boxes. It’s a smart choice for any metalworking shop. Also check our product video on Youtubehttps://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=HR0o2KhwNOYFeatures & SpecificationModel:3-IN-1/305Bed Width (In): 12INMaximum Shearing Thickness (In): 0. 039Maximum Bending Thickness (In): 0. 039Maximum Bending Angle: 90Maximum Rolling Thickness (In): 0. 039Min. Rolling dia. (In): 1. 6″.

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Stud Cutter SCL-158358C Channel for Cutting 1-5/8-Inch 2-1/2-Inch 3-5/8-Inch Steel Studs Channel. USA MADE

Easy Shear SCL-158358C Stud Cutter 3-in-1/305 Top loaded for easy place of cuts. Not slid in. No flying hot chips to worry about Compound leverage shear cuts through 20 gauge metal studs and runner faster, easier and more inexpensively than any other tool on the market. Easy Shear completes cut in one easy stroke without deforming metal channel. Die assembly assures that cutting action is clean and exact (30″) long handle gives extra leverage making cutting with this shear nearly effortless. Lightweight and movable enough to be where you want it, when you want it. SCL-158358C cuts 3 basic channel sizes 1-5/8, 2-1/2 & 3-5/8 In. 20Gauge stud and runners. Shear features rugged all steel construction. Handle has Black vinyl comfy grips.

Black Rhino 00022 Vigor

The Vigor Shear is a great tool for cutting chamfer or shoe mould. We added a rhino grip handle for more comfort and control. We also added a superior hardened blade with anvil for angled cutting applications. This tool will replace some of the other big bulky tools that are usually needed when you’re working on moulding.

Gingher 8 Inch Featherweight Dressmaker s

Common projects become light work with the Featherweight Dressmaker’s Shears. These shears have a distinctive design and feel and weigh only 2-oz. They feature lasting; stainless steel blades and black nylon handles. This package holds one pair of 8-inch Featherweight Dressmaker’s Shears. Caution: blades are very sharp. Handle with care. Imported.

ADC Medicut s, 7-1/4", Royal Blue

Razor sharp, super-hardened surgical stainless steel blades with one serrated edge to cut through the toughest materials. Blades tempered to a Rockwell hardness of C56 for unsurpassed durability. Contoured polypropylene handles with big ring supply maximum control and comfort. Extra big rivet with a rated strength of 88kg assures rugged durability. Completely auto-clavable to 143�C (290�F). Inspected and packaged in the U. S. A. Two Year Quality Performance ensure.

Elenco XP752A Variable Voltage Supply: 0-50VDC at 3A with LCD Display

The Elenco variable voltage supplies all feature fail-safe auto overload protection with output current externally adjustable. Special circuit protects equipment, user and itself. Current limiting modification is easy. Simply short output and change bound control to read wanted maximum current. The output voltage is continuously variable and exactly held to your setting. Ideal for use in labs, service shops, schools, home and business. The XP-752 has an output of 50 VDC at 3A. Its features are good and coarse controls for voltage and current, and holds two 3 digit LCD Volt/ Current meters. The supply incorporates an externally controlled current cutoff circuit with an LED showing current overload. Protected against short circuits and overloads. Now with switchable input 120 or 240 VAC .

Scissor Full Coated 10in vs KAKA 1 305 Sheet pricing

Features. The Wiss Core 2 Ring Scissor is a great all-function scissor for around the home. Its Blades have a titanium covering that’s 3 times harder than steel for a longer life. Precision ground blades for smooth cutting. All-function scissor. Cuts paper fabric cardboard craft materials plastic and more precision ground blades for smooth cutting.

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ADC 320 Medicut 7 1/4" EMT s, Black vs KAKA 1 305 Sheet review

The ADC 7. 25 inch medicut shear is our best selling brand of medical grade utility shears. Blades tempered to a rockwell hardness of C56 for unsurpassed durability. Extra big rivet with a rated strength of 88 kg assures rugged durability. Extra big rivet with a rated strength of 88 kg assures rugged durability.

Baileigh MPS-8G Bench Mounted Multi-Purpose Manual, 8" Blade Length

Baileigh bench mounted multi-function manual sheet metal shear. Cutting sheet metal of thin steel plate should be easy. It’ll make life easier. It’s perfect for those small fabrication shops that don’t have lots of room or space for bigger more permanently mounted machinery. The manual shear uses a gear system that’s connected to the pull down handle for more efficiency allowing 0. 236-inches light steel to be cut with ease. A useful material hold down is included. The 8-inches blade length also lets for the cutting of a full 7-inches part of sheet metal. The blades are polished for longevity and are completely adjustable for blade gap. Plans – Shear capacity flat bar: 2. 75-inches by 0. 236-inches; shear capacity round: 0. 5-inches.

Industrial 50-Inch Pan Box 16 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity, Broad Application, Versatility Box Pan vs KAKA 1 305 Sheet price

About KAKA Industrial: A Company Delivers High Quality merchandise with Fast Shipment and Lowest Price Possible. We generally Fulfill What We Have Promised KAKA Industrial 50-Inch Pan and Box Brake Overview With all the features a sheet metal hand brake possesses, this box and pan brake broads the application to the next level. Hard construction, great capacity, high flexibility and versatility and broad application are the key benefits this box and pan brake possesses. With a completely-welded steel plate framework, this pan and box brake will be a great tool can last for a long time and the price will leave you inside a good budget. Click Add to Cart Now to assert This Versatility, High Quality, Easy Operation Sheet Metal Pan and Box Brake Today. One benefit of this brake is the broad application. This hard build sheet metal pan box brake incorporates all the features of our standard hand brakes but with greater range of applications. Thickness modification may be accomplish just via adjusting blade gap. Another advantage is the versatility and flexibility this brake owns. With fingers installed, this high quality brake may be used as a full-length nose bar, turning the machine into a straight bending brake. The 16 assorted size part fingers which lets producing many sizes of boxed and pans. To assert yours today when it’s late. SpecificationModel: BP-1650Max Bending Length: 50-InchMax Thickness: 16 Gauge light SteelMax Box Depth: 4-InchBeam modification: 5/8Finger Nose Angle: 45 DegreeShipping Weight: 545Warranty: 1-Year Special NoticeA valid phone number is REQUIREDForklift service is available at your expense. Contact us 1st before ordering if needed since we can ask for a discount rate for you.

Malco SRC24A Channel with Compound Leverage for Cutting 1-5/8-Inch 2-1/2-Inch 3-5/8-Inch Steel Studs Channel

Put away the saw The Malco SRC24A Channel Shear is a compound leverage Channel Shear that quickly and proficiently cuts through 20 gauge metal studs. The 36 inch handle gives you the leverage to easily cut through the stud in one easy stroke without deforming the metal around the cut. The die assembly surrounds the channel making sure a clean and exact cut where you need it most. Unlike saw cuts, the ensuing edges don’t require extra finishing Features: All Steel Construction for long, reliable service lifeSteel Die Assembly assures exact, clean cut edgesErgonomic handle uses compound leverage for nearly effortless cutting action in one easy strokeLightweight and movable to take it where you need the cutting done.

Gilmour Telescoping Gear Driven Anvil Lopper 1-1/4 Inch Cutting Capacity 25AT Aluminum vs KAKA 1 305 Sheet reviews

Gilmour’s telescoping gear driven anvil has a cutting capacity of 1-1/4-inches and the gear driven action gives triple the cutting power. The blades are constructed of hardened and tempered, precision ground steel with a non stick covering. The extra strong oval aluminum handle with padded grips telescope to 37-inches. The brass anvil is reversible and replaceable for lasting performance.

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Models to consider:
HS-500 320NOQ320TLQ W1.0x610aTT-374002 A117
M1041 YC0850BRN1333 320RB321BKQ MPS-8G
TT-HS125 SCL-158358C3-in-1/200 W1.0x915a10915L 3404SSQ
XTL-5601 98987097JJS1602 30066A607-BLK XP752A
A111 SC616TS01 SZ360T870-GLA MXKMS00
320BK PBB-4012EO-CAC-142 320BKQTL-6 W10TM
25AT 12-96536984JW1.0x305a SRC24AW1.5x610z W22W
323RBQ SP27GBP-1650 PRS-870-HPKZZ-0063 M1040
093-AJCSS 368SSCT-01TT-TC-193 01-004244JW22N AUA-S1
320RB M1041W10TM 870-GLAA117 323RBQ
320BK 10915LXB-TCABLE-3 HS-50001-004244J A111
SP27G PBB-4012093-AJCSS SCL-158358C30066A TS01
SZ360T W22WXP752A 25ATMPS-8G TT-HS125
EO-CAC-142 98987097J3404SSQ 368SSCT-01BP-1650 YC0850
TT-374002 W22N320BKQ TL-6607-BLK 320TLQ
W1.0x915a 320NOQ321BKQ SRC24AAUA-S1 12-96536984J
MXKMS00 JS1602BRN1333 M1040TT-TC-193 3-in-1/200
SC616 W1.0x305aW1.0x610a W1.5x610zPRS-870-HPK XTL-5601
TT-374002 320BKQSRC24A MPS-8G320NOQ JS1602
XB-TCABLE-3 SCL-158358C323RBQ TS01M1041 321BKQ
SZ360T 98987097J3-in-1/200 368SSCT-01320RB TT-TC-193
XP752A SP27GTT-HS125 607-BLKSC616 W22W
10915L 320TLQW1.0x915a TL-6M1040 12-96536984J
PRS-870-HPK A11725AT ZZ-0063320BK YC0850
W1.0x305a 01-004244J3404SSQ W10TMW1.0x610a A111
BP-1650 AUA-S1XTL-5601 HS-500870-GLA MXKMS00
W22N 30066A093-AJCSS W1.5x610zBRN1333 EO-CAC-142


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