June 30, 2017

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  • This fits your .
  • Product is made of plastic and has a stainless steel color.
  • Compatible with countertop microwave FPMO209KF
  • Professional series 27 in. microwave trim kit
  • Turns a countertop microwave into a built-in product
  • to make sure this fits. P.when(“ReplacementPartsBulletLoader”).execute(function(module) module.initializeDPX(); )
  • Product measures 18″ H x 1″ D x 29.75″ W
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

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General description

The Frigidaire fitted Trim Kit lets for the installation of microwaves to be built into a cabinet or wall by itself or over an electric wall oven. Fits particular Frigidaire models. 27-inches. The product is made of plastic and has a stainless steel color.

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Whirlpool Microwave Control Board Part W10250238R W10250238 Model Whirlpool Microwave Various

W10250238R plans Our Value OEM Value maker Whirlpool Package height 11 Package length 17 Package width 7 Product height 2. 25 in. Product length 10. 75 in. Product weight 0. 96 lbs Product width 4 in. UPC 842740052228 Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces w10250238r W10250238R Refurbished Whirlpool Microwave Control Bo. Plans: Product Height: 2. 25 in. Product Length: 10. 75 in. Product Weight: 0. 96 lbs, Product Width: 4 in. Well-matched Models Whirlpool Microwave different well-matched Part Numbers Whirlpool W10250238 Whirlpool W10250238R.

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8206448R plans Our Value OEM Value maker Whirlpool Package height 11 Package length 17 Package width 7 Product height 2. 25 in. Product length 5. 375 in. Product weight 0. 6875 lbs Product width 4. 75 in. Refurbished Appliance Part Replaces 8206448r 8206448R Refurbished Whirlpool Microwave Control Bo. Plans: Product Height: 2. 25 in. Product Length: 5. 375 in. Product Weight: 0. 6875 lbs, Product Width: 4. 75 in. This Part is for Whirlpool Microwave Appliance models. Well-matched Models Whirlpool MH1150XMB0 Whirlpool MH1150XMB1 Whirlpool MH1150XMB2 Whirlpool MH1150XMB3 Whirlpool MH1150XMB4 Whirlpool MH1150XMQ0 Whirlpool MH1150XMQ1 Whirlpool MH1150XMQ2 Whirlpool MH1150XMQ3 Whirlpool MH1150XMQ4 Whirlpool MH1150XMS0 Whirlpool MH1150XMS1 Whirlpool MH1150XMS2 Whirlpool MH1150XMS3 Whirlpool MH1150XMS4 Whirlpool MH1150XMT0 Whirlpool MH1150XMT1 Whirlpool MH1150XMT2 Whirlpool MH1150XMT3 Whirlpool MH1150XMT4 Whirlpool Microwave different well-matched Part Numbers Whirlpool 8204740 Whirlpool 8206448 Whirlpool 8206448R.

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