April 21, 2017

What we found out: Seven NC-4610Q (Mighty)


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  • Unique compact and 35 lb. lightweight design is great for the most confined work locations
  • Four Star rated for power and endurance in professional applications
  • Exclusive m7 Jumbo Hammer Impact mechanism for high torque only 35 pounds and with an 85 dBA sound pressure rating
  • Complete accessory product spectrum for professional automotive and industrial applications
  • Powerful performance up to 500 feet/pounds capacity with a 1/2″ drive 1/4″ air inlet
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

The Mighty Seven m7 1/2″ Mini affect Wrench from King Tony Tools is a compact and lightweight tool suited for the most calling for applications. A Jumbo Hammer drive system delivers up to 500 feet/pounds of torque with 9,000 RPM free speed. Just 3. 5 pounds to minimize exhaustion and at 85 dBA has one of the best sound pressure ratings available in a professional grade tool.

Recent reviews of Mighty Seven NC-4610Q 1/2" Quiet Mini Impact Wrench:

I typically do not leave feedback but this deserves it. I took a risk on this gun. I’m the type to review something to death before making a buy but could not find anything on this affect. Do to the size and price I figured if it was not powerfull enof it could be a nice tool to have for those times when tight spaces apply. It surprised me and is every bit as powerfull as the Igersol Rand brands I have been using for many years. I could compare it to a titanium IR. Its light and small making it easier on the arms. For someone who was professionally wrenching for over 10 yrs I could not be happier with the buy. This will be my daily 1/2″ affect.

I picked up a 1/2 inch gun since the 3/8ths Mighty Seven I tried 1st worked so well. The 1/2 inch is, amazingly, about the same small size and just a little heavier. It works great as a compact all-around gun for fast engine and suspension work, and was a workhorse for basic wheel work. Every now, then it will not take off an overtightened lugnut and I have to get my big IR out, which feels big and heavy by comparison. If you use up your days gunning tires on and off, you really get to appreciate the lightness, speed, and calm of this gun. Great trigger control too. One of these days if it starts breaking down I will look forward to taking it separately to see what kind of hammer system it uses that lets it work so well with so little mass (I have rebuilt my other 1/2’s some number of times), but so far no signs of it slowing down.

It is a great affect. I use it everyday for work to gun off wheels. Feels stout. Have been using it 5 days a week at 8 hours a day for over a month so far and have had zero problems with it. The size is great too. You will get a kick out of it when you see it in person.

Compare with similar products:

Craftsman 19.2v C3 (Bulk Packaged. Battery and Charger Not Included) vs NC-4610-Q

Note; not in retail package. NC-4610Q This Craftsman Cordless affect Wrench Torques Hard This inch Craftsman C3 19. 2 volt cordless affect wrench 17090 delivers powerful torquing action in the flexibility of a cordless design. Not only built tough, however intended to do in engine compartments, under trucks and on different structural projects, if you are busting rusty bolts loose or sinking lags deep into beams, it delivers 200 foot pounds of torque at up to 3,000 impacts per minute, so the job is done fast. Featuring a bottom mounted LED light, this Craftsman cordless affect wrench illuminates different work surfaces, while the balanced, ergonomic grip makes long hours on the job easy, so it's an asset in many working conditions. A fast-swapping directional switch tightens and loosens instantly for fast fixes, and equipped with an integrated retention pin, it holds onto bits longer and stronger than last variants. A hard tool, built to do, stock up with this muscly affect and get the job done.

Makita XWT02M LXT Lithium Ion Brushless Cordless 3 Speed Kit, 1/2-Inch

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless 3-Speed 1/2″ affect Wrench (XWT02M) combines expanded run time and speed control for unmatched fastening performance. The XWT02M is powered by a Makita brushless motor for longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. The 18V LXT 4. 0 Ah battery gives 35 more run time per charge than the BL1830 battery, still it charges in only 40 minutes – the fastest charge-time in the group – for less downtime and increased productivity. Three speeds with a reversible setting mean more control for fastening applications, making the XWT02M ideal for vehicle, installation, and fabrication trades.

Husky 1/2 in. Compact Air Tool

The new Husky air tool line is built to industrial standards for the professional user more power, less sound and longer life. This new Husky 1/2 in Compact affect Wrench features a low weight, compact, composite housing and the new hard hitting Jumbo Hammer. This tool is half the size and weight of the competitor’s regular 1/2 inch affect wrenches while producing an amazing 500 foot-pounds of max torque. This tool is guaranteed to conquer the toughest jobs. The tools compact design lets the tool to operate in spaces that regular impacts won’t fit. The tools interior silencing largely decreases tool sound for extra user comfort while the trigger mounted Forward/Reverse and 3 step power management system lets for single hand modification of both the tool direction and power. Ideal applications for this tool are jobs in confined spaces which involve removing and installing fasteners, as well as auto/recreational, car/garden-farming, equipment/machinery service and fix. Especially good for professional auto techs and tight fasteners in places that you can not fit a regular full size affect wrench.

Makita XWT08T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless High Torque Sq. Drive Kit w/ Friction Ring Anvil (5.0Ah),

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless cordless high torque 1/2″ Sq. Drive affect wrench w/ friction ring anvil kit (XWT08T) combines 740 ft. Lbs. Fastening torque and 1,180 ft. Lbs. Break-away torque with expanded run time and speed control for unmatched fastening performance. It features an economical Makita Brushless motor for longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. The electronic 3-speed power selection switch gives users more exact fastening control. It’s ideal for a range of users, from iron and steel workers to pipe Fitters, railroad and vehicle mechanics, forming carpenters, and more.

Sunex Tools (SX4360-6) 1" Lightweight Super Duty with 6" Anvil

This Sunex lightweight super responsibility affect anvil has 15. 9 ft. Lbs. And 1600 ft. Lbs. Of torques, which gives it great power in a small lightweight package. Ergonomic back handle lets you to work longer, not harder. Three forward and three reverse settings give you final power control in both directions. Side Exhaust keeps air way from the opertor and work area.

Ingersoll Rand Co Air 2135QXPA

Features. The Ingersoll Rand 2135QXPA Series Impactool was built on the hardworking and respected foundation laid by the 2135Ti-MAX. The result is a light calm and Powerful affect wrench that delivers an unbelievable level of performance and Power at a cost that wont punish your wallet. Power Punish the toughest bolts with 780 ft-lbs. Of max re-verse torque and 1100 ft-lbs. Of nut-busting torque. All Powered by Ingersoll Rands finely tuned motor and twin-hammer affect system. Weight At only 4 pounds the 2135QXPA is as light as it’s Powerful so your hand tires less letting you get more work done. Sound Reduction Ingersoll Rands calm Technology decreases the sound of the tool. Sparing your ears without sacrificing a single oz of Power. 1100 ftlb NBT 1250 BPM 11000 Free Speed RPM at only 90. 7 dBA. Item Weight – 4 lbs.

Hilti 03482711 SID 18-a CPC Compact Driver Kit

Up for sale NEW HILTI SID 18-A CPC Cordless affect Driver 21. 6v Li-ion. Sale is for 1 tool, 1 battery, and a charger 110v The pictures are of the real item being sold. I’ll answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. Kit will include: (1) SID 18-A 1/4″ CPC Cordless affect Driver (1) B 18/1. 6 Ah Li-Ion Battery pack (1) C 4/36-90 115V Battery charger.

Gear (KDT88030) 3/8" Drive Air

High-efficiency air motor Professional-grade bearings and end plate Direction and power setting dial Smart Sound Silencer drastic decreases sound Ergonomic comfort-grip handle Max Breakaway Torque 510 ft-lb Weight 2. 9 lbs Impacting Sound Level – dB(A) 91. 3 1 year warranty GearWrench Advantage: No-nonsense offering and a group value leader. Super calm operation comes standard tested by professionals in vehicle fix and heavy industrial applications.  .

Makita XWT06 18V LXT 3/8-Inch Kit

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8″ affect Wrench (model XWT06) delivers cordless affect power with a 3/8″ square drive that will fit affect-rated socket sets. The versatile XWT06 packs lots of torque for a large range of fastening and loosening tasks, still it weighs just 3. 4 lbs. And is a cordless choice to air-powered tools, especially for vehicle work. The XWT06 features a Makita-built 4-pole motor that delivers 155 ft. Lbs. Of Max Torque, 0-2,100 RPM’s, and 0-3,200 impacts per minute for a large range of fastening tasks. Makita’s proprietary hammer and anvil affect system are made using the best raw materials with the highest quality steel and distinctive heat hardening procedure for maximum fastening and driving power.

AIRCAT (ACA1375XL) NITROCAT?? "" Composite with Twin Hammer

. – UPDATED 1/9/15 SOURCE: aircat. Com – >The NITROCAT® 1375-XL is a great lightweight “mini” 1/2 with a no non-sense, hard hitting Twin Hammer affect wrench that releases 900 (ft-lbs) of Loosening Torque. Used on brake calipers, tire elimination, medium screw elimination. The TWIN HAMMER system consists of 2 hammers in a closed cage which rotates around the anvil. This design lets the hammer to hit simultaneously on both sides of the anvil. A twin hammer design is lasting and especially suited for long operating cycles. A more advantage is that the design consists of few individual parts and this makes it easy to service. The twin hammer is lubricated by grease. Lubrication may be easily done from outside via greasing fitting without opening the housing. The TWIN-Hammer design is best used for industrial, all-around vehicle applications, tire service and assembly. The Hard Hitting Twin Hammer system creates a dependable high torque initial affect. All NITROCAT models are suited for heavy responsibility (frame work, medium to heavy responsibility trucks)lasting Composite Housing with Ergonomically intended HandlePatented through the handle exhaust to keep debris away from faceLoosening Torque: 900 (ft-lbs)Working Torque: 100-550 (ft-lbs)Blows Per Minute: 1,750 (BPM -Under Load)Free Speed: 10,000 (rpm)Weight: 2. 7 lbs (1. 22 kg)in general Length: 6 in (152 mm)Avg. Air intake: 4 (CFM)Sound Level: 89 (dBA)Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPTAir Flow Pressure: 90 – 120 (psi)CE CertifiedMeets EU Safety, Health and Environmental Requirements1-Year Parts & Labor restricted Warranty.

Electric Reversible with 230 ft. lbs. of Torque

1/2″ Electric affect Wrench produces up to 240 ft. Lbs. Of torque to easily tighten or remove fasteners Our 1/2″ drive electric affect wrench has a 7 amp motor to fasten or remove fasteners without lots of work. Will include ball detent system to secure your sockets, one-handed rocker switch (forward/reverse), and available brushes. 2100 RPM, 2400 impacts per minute Ball bearings for smooth operation One-hand forward/reverse 7 amp, 120 volt AC motor in general length: 9-1/4″.

AIRCAT 1900 1-Inch Super Duty Aluminum

“Super responsibility” Model The Twin Hammer is best suited for all-around vehicle maintenance. Ergonomically intended Handle (decreases operator exhaustion) Patented calm Tuned Exhaust Working Torque: 170-1580 (ft-lb) Free Speed: 4,800 (rpm) Blows Per Minute: 1,150 (bpm – Under Load) Weight: 22. 2 lbs (10. 07 kg) in general Length: 20. 25 in (540 mm) Avg. Air intake: 16. 24 (CFM) Sound Level: 92 (dBA) Air Inlet: 1/2″, Air Pressure: 90 – 120 (psi).

What people considered before buying NC4610Q:
  1. Mighty Seven (NC-4611Q) Mighty Quiet 1/2″ Mini Impact Wrench
  2. Chicago Pneumatic CP7732 1/2-Inch Stubby Impact Wrench
  3. Astro 1822 1/2″ Nano Impact Wrench
  4. Mighty Seven NC-4611Q-BM 1/2″ Drive Mini Impact Wrench with Metric Stubby Socket Set
  5. Mighty Seven (NC-3611Q) Mighty Quiet 3/8″ Mini Impact Wrench

Models to consider:
GHP5178 ARI12583XWT06 DCF889HM11600TH LXWT01
W5132 1200KBBR2115-A626 P261 P102 P118DCF880HM2 XWT08Z
CP0611-HAZED 2763-21XC2340L5-VTS NC-8226CP7976 MWK2452-22
325A-354 383-2940B2WR22SE 2145QIMAX2235QTiMAX-2 DCF889HM2
LXDT04X1 CP8738K326G W5150K2ACA1150-LE 2145QIMAX
XWT04MB SP-7144DC841KA TW0350DCF899M1 2235QTiMAX
DW292K 315.ID2030DCF899P1 DCF813S2DWHT70289 118MAXK
XWT01Z 285B-TK1BTL063Z 295AA304 XWT04Z
2135THK1 BL4105285B CHK01300AVALL11110 JC50012
ARI12583 1000THC2705P1 BL4105MWK2452-22 A3651
DW293 CP77696118MAXK HDIW075CP7722 XWT02Z
CP7769 W5150295A 2925RBP1TIPCE210 P261
215G 2235QTiMAX-2XWT05Z ACA1150-LEDWHT70289 US602205550
136E IRTW7150-K12DCF880HM2 SW-784CP0611PASEL XWT08M
WR22SE ANI402XWT11Z DCF880M22135THK1 CL150200AV
SP-1158 JRD30-B2131XP 2340L5-VTSDCF883M2 CP7748
IWMH182B XWT07ZDC841KA CP894CP7976 TW0350
CP719 CHK01300AVEZRB7946 T022581W5330-K1 XWT01Z
CP0611PASED 2925RBP1TISX556-2 XWT02MB2131XP T022581
DC841KA 2145QIMAX231HA XWT02ZDCF880M2 PCE210
XWT04 W51321375XLBR 285B-TK12340L5-VTS EZRB7946
DWHT70289 DW059K2R2763-21XC SSW 18 LT BAREWR22SE JC50012
118MAXK 2115-A626CP8738K DCF899P1W5150 CP77696
DW294 DCF883M2A304 2235qtimaxHT-IW0104 W5330-K1
DW292K P2612705P1 ARI12583CP797SP6 IWMH182-01
SP-1158 W1130-K2CP93611 SP-7144XWT01Z p-9984


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