April 21, 2017

What we found out: MQ3-45 (230V) (Grundfos)


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General description

Grundfos MQ3-45 (230V) pressure boosting pump.

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IPT Diaphragm 2in. Ports, 3000 GPH, /2in. Solids Capacity, 20cc Honda GX20 Engine, Model# 2D4XH vs 3-45 230-v

This sludge or mud pump 3-45 230v is more than able of to get the water moving. Built for portability without sacrificing durability with sand-cast aluminum and a heavy-responsibility gear box. Hard Handling (in. ): 1 1/2, Diaphragm: TPE, Start Type: Recoil, Engine: Honda, Run Time: 2 5/16 hrs. Fuel Capacity (gal. ): 0. 66, Engine Displacement (cc): 120, Engine Speed (RPM): 3,600, Pump Housing: Sand-cast aluminum, Engine Type: GX120 OHV, Flow (GPH): 3,000, Max. Suction Lift (ft. ): 25, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 25 x 22 3/16 x 23 3/16, Discharge Port (in. ): 2, Check Valve: Neoprene, Fits Hose Dia. (in. ): 2, Low Oil Shutdown: Yes, Suction Port (in. ): 2, Max. Liquid Temp. (deg F): 180deg F.

Hydro Logic Continuous Duty for Evolution RO

Heavy responsibility, commercial booster pump intended for uninterrupted use. Will include integrated low pressure and high pressure switches. May be used in conjunction with our float valve. Adjustable pressure dial. Direct 120V plug in. Will include pump protector/inlet filter and 1/2″ QC fittings. Doesn’t thermally cycle. Intended to run continuously 24/7. A workhorse pump that will power your Evolution RO1000 to 80 psi and is well-matched with other 1000-1500 GPD RO systems to increase them up to 150 psi.

Aqua Flo .0 5V 2 Speed FMCP 00 004

The Aqua-Flo Flo-Master HP and CP Series Pumps are perfect for spas and hot tubs with some number of jets since they frequently require a greater output. The remaining flow rates of the Flo-Master let the pump to run at a lower hp to do the same job of higher hp pumps. Using less hp means a lower operating cost and more money in your pocket AquaFlo part number FMCP 02610000-1010 FMCP – Center Discharge Ideal for bigger, multi-jet tubs or alike applications that require greater output. Fast release compression fittings let for easy installation or maintenance. Compact, unitized, single spring elastomer bellows mechanical seal offers maximum durability and performance. High-performance impeller which gives flow rates that surpass all tested competition. Drip evidence, cool running seal virtually removes seal burnout Adapts to a hair and lint trap for self priming applications Stainless steel fasteners Unions are included 1. 5″ Inlet and outlet plumbing connections Operational hp: 1 HP Total hp: 1. 5 THP 115 Volt 2 Speeds Replaces the following pump models: 02610516-2 03610000 02610000-1 03510631-2 The Aqua-Flo Flo-Master FMCP Pump has a center discharge on the top of the pump and the FMHP Pump has an side or offshoot discharge. Flo-Master Pumps come complete with fast release compression fittings which makes installation and maintenance simple. The upgraded shaft seal and high performance impeller help to offer a high level of performance in any condition.

Dolphin s 6250 Diamond Amp Master Aquarium

All Diamond Amp Master Pumps are made using one impeller intended to operate on each motor as close to 100 efficiency as possible. The diamond compact wet end is internally intended to extreme accuracy with greatly polished and economical sized water flow channels. The impellers are perfectly balanced and re-sized to get maximum efficiency from each motor. The weather evidence outdoor rated, cool and calm motors have sealed bearings and quality parts extreme service life.

Flotec FP4332, ThermoPlastic Convertible Jet

About the Flotec FP4332 ThermoPlastic Convertible Jet Pump 1 HP The Flotec FP4332 gives you with excellent performance and tough durability. This thermoplastic jet pump is made of fiberglassreinforced thermoplastic which makes it tough and tolerant to corrosion. Yoursquo;ll love not needing to worry about fixing or replacing this strong product. The damage tolerant Flotec FP4332 is perfect for use with shallow well applications and deep well applications. Despite of what kind of well you have, this product will work hard to fit your needs. It will include a heavyduty pressure regulator and motor that help it get its job done while staying safe simultaneously. It includes a builtin pressure regulator and pressure switch thatrsquo;s prewired with a 3050 PSI pressure setting for your convenience. Best of all, the Flotec FP4332 is as easy to install as they come. In no time at all you may be able to have the product set up and prepared to work for many years. You wonrsquo;t ever want to use another jet pump again.

ALPHA 555SF Circulator (Stainless Steel Body) [59896879]

For Residential and Light Commercial Heating SystemsA common pump in a heating system runs at full speed day and night. The stainless steel ALPHA from Grundfos adapts to the variable demand of the house while keeping your comfort. In that way it saves a significant amount of electricity and thus decreases an equally big amount of emissions. Rated A for its energy efficiency, the ALPHA is a greatly dependable and environmentally accountable choice. When installed and set in the distinctive Grundfos AUTOADAPT function ALPHA will examine and change automatically to your heating demands. This pump is comparable in size to Taco 007 and Bell & Gossett NRF-22 pumps. ALPHA is the new and most groundbreaking member of the Grundfos family of high-quality circulators. With ALPHA, you may be able to stop worrying about complex pump settings. Simply install the pump and leave it in the factory setting, AUTOADAPT. ALPHA will automatically examine the heating system, find the optimum setting and continue to change its operation to changes in demand. Applications:GRUNDFOS ALPHA is intended for circulating liquids in heating systems. Pumps with stainless steel pump housing may also be used in domestic hot-water systems. Systems with constant or variable goes where it’s desirable to optimize the pump responsibility pointsystems with variable flow-pipe temperaturesystems where night setback is an issue and desiredFeatures and benefits:Compact design with control box well integrated in the pump headAUTOADAPT control mode as default setting, suited for most applicationsIntegrated differential-pressure control (proportional- and constant pressure control)A display showing the real power intake (P1) in WattLow noiseHigh starting torqueAutomatic Night SetBackMotor depending on permanent-magnet/compact-stator technologyIntegrated frequency converterSelf-venting pump housing.

Johnson Flow Master 5.0 GPH Variable Flow Demand 2V

Aqua Jet Flow Master 5. 0 WPSThe ideal choice for pressurizing water in a closed system. The digital controller changes water flow asthe demand is increased and decreased while maintaining a smooth flow. The distinctive variable flowfeature of the Flow Master pump lets the pump to be mounted without an accumulator tank and still maintain an flow despite if one or many taps are used. Features:Capacity: 19 l/min – 5 GPMPressure Cut Off: 3. 5 bar – 50 psiFuze Size: 15 AConnection:3/8″ NPT / hose 1/2″; 1/2″ NPT / hose 3/4″; 1/2″ NPT 3/4″ hose 1/2 CTSDimensions: 239 mm/9. 4″ long x 209 mm/8. 22″ large x 113 mm/4. 49″ highWeight: 2 kg/4. 5 lbsMotor: WPS 5. 0 – 150 W, 12/24V DC (with fitted thermal protection)Body: Nylon/PolypropyleneValves: Santoprene/EPDMDiaphragm: Santoprene.

Pentair CFIIN2F Challenger Standard Efficiency Single Speed Full Rated High Flow Inground, 2

Pump parts are custom molded thermoplastic for superior strength and durability. All parts worked on and perfected through Computer Assisted Design for maximum flow performance at minimum operating expense. See-thru cover. Big strainer basket. User-friendly removable drain plugs. Most diverse offering in voltage and-hp. 230-Volts, 11. 5-Amps full load, 2-hp, 1. 30-SF, 2. 60-SFHP, 2-inch by 2-inch port size. UL, NSF, CSA main listings and certifications. Measures 12-1/2-inch length by 15-inch height by 28-inch width.

Hot Water Circulator, /8, IFC

Cast Iron Taco 0010-F3-1IFC Circulator Pump with an Integral Flow Check (IFC) is intended to decrease installation costs when using Taco 0010 circulators. The bulit-in IFC increases the flow performance when in comparison to regular in-line check valve. Taco 0010-F3-1IFC model may be used for medium head, medium/higher flow residential or light commercial applications like hydronic heating, radiant floor heating, and hydro-air fan coils. Both the IFC (Integral Flow Check) and circulator pump cartridge are easily accessed for service and eliminate the need for replacing the complete unit.

Liberty s LE4A 4/0Horse Power 2Inch Discharge LE40Series Submersible Automatic Sewage

LE41A Features: -Pump. -Heavy-responsibility built and dependable. -Perfect choice for residential sewage applications. -Combines hard performance with exceptional value. -Mercury-free large-angle float with series pump – lets for manual operation of pump separate from switch. -Rotor shaft shall be made of 416 stain-less steel and shall be supported by lower and upper ball bearings. -Float cord shall be equipped with a series plug for manual bypass operation. -Oil filled, thermally protected motor. -Permanently lubricated ball bearings. -Engine HP: 4/10. -Solids-handling: 2”. -Discharge: 2” FNPT. -Maximum liquid temperature 140 F. Construction: -All cast iron construction with an epoxy powder coat finish, stainless steel fasteners, fast-disconnect power cord and a vortex style impeller for superior solids handling. Plans: -115 Volts / 1 Phase / 12 Amps. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 14” H x 10. 75” W. Warranty: -2-Year warranty.

Taco 009BF5J Circulating Cast Iron with Bronze Cartridge for longer life then standard 009F5.

Taco 009 BF5-J Pump (Cast Iron pump with a Bronze Cartridge) – Is an upgraded and superior pump then the standard Taco 009 and equivalent basic model pumps. The Bronze Cartridge increases the life of the pump and can handle the hard application better. This pump will seamlessly replace other pumps without any issues, it simply is the same pump as the Taco 009 with better parts inside. How much time do you waste replacing pumps? The cartridge is replaceable if you do have a failure. Taco 009 BF5-J Pump (Cast Iron pump with a Bronze Cartridge) – is exactly intended for high-head/high-flow applications in big residential and light commercial systems. It’s ideal for high pressure drop boilers, fan coil units, heat exchangers, bigger radiant systems, heat recuperation and geothermal systems. The bronze cartridge 009 should be used on open loop systems. Taco 009 BF5-J & Taco 0011 BF4-J are the flagship pumps of the wood boiler business. Don’t compare this pump to the Taco 009-F5 pump. The F5 is the basic model Taco 009. Ours is the PREMIUM Taco 009. GASKETS INCLUDED WITH PUMP common Applications: •Hydronic Heating •Radiant In-Floor/PanelHeating •Closed-Loop Solar Heating Systems.

UPS555SFC 59896773 /2 5V Circulating Stainless Steel Body

Product name: UPS 15-55 SFC Product Number: 59896773 EAN number: 5700837414449 Speed Number: 3 Max flow: 25. 1 US gpm Head max: 18 ft Maximum operating pressure 145 psi Approvals on nameplate: UL, CSA Valve: pump with fitted isolating and non-return valves Pump housing: Stainless steel DIN W. -Nr. 1. 4301 AISI 304 Impeller: Composite, PES Maximum ambient temperature: 104 F Ambient max at 176F liquid 176 F Maximum operating pressure 145 psi Flange standard: USA Oval kind of connection: S. S. Flange Pipe connection: 2 – screw Flange Pressure stage: 10 Port-to-port length: 6 1/2 in Liquid temperature range 35. 6. 230 F Number of poles: 2 Power input in speed 1: 58 W Power input in speed 2: 77 W Max. Power input: 87 W Rated power – P2: 0,6/0,07/0,09 kW major frequency: 60 Hz Rated voltage: 1 x 115 V Current in speed 1 0. 53 A Current in speed 2 0. 69 A Current in speed 3 0. 75 A Capacitor size – run 10 μF/180 V Insulation class (IEC 85): F Motor protection: CONTACT Thermal protec: interior Pos term box: 9H Gross weight: 6 lb.

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  2. Grundfos MQ3 45 1 HP Pressure Booster Pump, 115 volt
  3. Housing Bracket for Big blue 10″ and 20″ filter housings
  4. Pentek 150233, Big Blue, 1″ In/Out, #20 Blue/Black, HFPP, w/ PR
  5. Pentek DGD 5005 Spun Polypropylene Filter Cartridge, 10″ x 4 1/2″
  6. Grundfos MQ3 45 (96860207) Water Pressure Booster Pump, 230V, 1 HP
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  8. Grundfos MQ3 35 96860172 3/4 HP Pressure Booster Pump 115 Volt

Models to consider:
EC333120T BGPL36CP11/4PFAC-5C-MD MA0414X-7A370E-98 QPT405SLT
637119-62-C JBMMG3300PH-6-200E.BAN P0665MA0343X-4A 02840100A
FP4022 007-WP-70072429E-98 VCMA-15ULSR506-4 B-0823-20C
200PH-5 HBHXL13GXDCT-15000 L23401PS32-T03 B586
FR1210GA LHB08100080106197LF HPFC-2065HR9EN-CIM 20FT OPS01
FPOS1775A 0013-SF33ZHT8 04406-143A0011-F4 R055A-USK
YP20G 3S5XHRLMB15107992 FP5732009-F5/173 LHB08100084
ES09563-000 MHP75A3900-200PH-5E JSU50TE-7-MD-HC IQP-120
IMV08-E 4-MDQ-SCFP4312 0010-SF3PKX301T SE2RL-E5HCP
429E-98 S1FB1ABWANS000ACS-3 RL-S50SKV50AD1 10 9EN-CIM 20FT
379D-95 SS30T006-BC7-1PNP 6050U50133900-300PIH-8 3ZHT8
185011LF GAWA2418TE-3-MD-HC 02840100AUPS15-55SUC/TLC 50DWXU6.752
CWS100 1BL013LFFP5732 20S-CIMAC-5C-MD R055A-USK
3900-200PH-5E I075C2S-1P0665 0011-F4CPSSMAX-CI-1 ERS30M1
0013-SF3 YP20GL23401 LHB08100084300PH-6-200E.BAN B-0823-20C
JGP12001CHT 2E-38N-WGOPS01 HWP552CA200PH-5 IMV50F
SKV50AW1 IQP-120VCMA-15UL PS32-T03ACE5C 370E-98
200PI-3 MSV5-24-3PHPWP15 0010-F3-1IFC04406-143A 368B-98
FP5732 TE-7-MD-HCTE-3-MD-HC T75S10-2PAM-300HD SS415BX731PG
370E-98 IMV08-EGAWA2418 1BL013LF20S-CIM 3900-300PIH-8
IQP-120 0012-F4A-TREP03-001 HPWP15379D-95 WIP90
W22G20S11-PE 200PI-30010-SF3 50DWXU6.7520013-SF3 637119-62-C
LHB08100080 SE2FL PES1FB1ABWANS000 1-ABS0011-F4 RL-S50
PS32-T03 L23401MHP75A WP100013-SF3 TRPMW100
200PH-5 300PH-6-200E.BANB-0823-20C JBMMG3CPSSMAX-CI-1 MA0414X-7A
MA0343X-4 LS1PR099A-USK MSV5-24-3PYP20G PB1007


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