April 21, 2017

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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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Flashtechllc iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 inch LCD Screen Digitizer Assembly vs HC39-GE242

(Compatiable with:iPhone 6 Plus 5. HC39GE242 5? ? Tool Kit Contents 😕 Screwdrivers -Phillips Head;Pentalobe Screwdriver;Plastic Opening Tool;Triangular pry part;Suction Cup;Cleaning Cloth. ?notice:? remove all static from system and dry test before finalizing installation. Discuss with or seek a professional technician for installation. Information not included. ? What is a “Dry Test?”? A “Dry Test” is securing all connections and testing functionality before applying adhesives. This saves time, money and prevents extra damage to the product. (Static elimination?) This procedure prevents current from reaching the rest of your device. Removing the battery for a minimum of 5 minutes will eliminate the charge inside the cell.


This capacitor is the direct substitute for many Rheem, Ruud, and Weatherking air conditioner and heat pump models. This capacitor replaces Rheem Ruud Weatherking part numbers 43-23204-03, 43-26261-03, and 43-25133-02. IMPORTANT NOTE ON CAPACITOR FITMENT: This is a round capacitor which measures 2 in diameter at the base. If your capacitor measures 2-1/2 in diameter at the base, this isn’t the correct capacitor for your unit. Caused by changes in capacitor materials and manufacturing over the years there have been slight variations in case diameter. This is particularly true if replacing an older plastic capacitor with a new metal case capacitor. If your capacitor mounts through a round hole bracket it can be needed to expand the hole somewhat with a file or grinder on some older units. This part is covered by the exclusive OneTrip Parts two year restricted substitute policy. If this part fails inside two years from date of buy, return the faulty part and a copy of the original invoice to the place of buy for substitute. Contact the authorized OneTrip Parts dealer that you bought the part from for details. Original equipment maker’s brand name(s) and part numbers were used for identification reasons only. This item is supplied by OneTrip Parts and meets or exceeds original equipment plans.

Black Retina LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Glass Replacement Full Assembly for iPhone 5C

Made of high quality and lasting material. This is original one. It’s a good substitute of your old and brokend Touch Screen LCD display Digitizer or iphone 5C All things have checked before shipped out quality guarateed and 100working Black substitute LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Glass Assembly for iPhone 5C tools kit: 1 x Pry tools 2 x Screw drivers (1 Philips, and 1 Pentalobe) 1 x Suction Cup 1 x iPhone Pick.

Cutelook TM Iphone 5c LCD Display Touch Screen Glass Digitizer Assembly with Spare Parts (Home Button & Camera & Flex Cable) Black vs HC-39GE-242

Product info: 1. LCD Digitizer with no bubbles already pre assembly 2. All parts are factory assembled. 3. It can be used to fix flawed LCD Digitizer (,Damaged, Cracked, Dead pixel(s), Wrong color issues, Not Recognized touch) 4. Each screen is tested before shipping and 100 working. 5,Attention(press chip shield,avoid bending cable,decide correct screw) Package include: – Tool Kit Included. – Home Button with Flex Cable Preinstalled – All Brackets Preinstalled – Front Camera, closeness Sensor Installed – High Quality Grade A substitute Part.

SAMSUNG GLALXY S4 LCD Screen Digitizer Assembly

About Flashtechllc: The leading provider of cell phone fix parts and accessories, service and supplies to persons and business for many years. Be aware this isn’t a Phone buyer service is our #1 priority 1. We supply preassembled substitute LCD Digitizer without the frame. 2. All of our packages are shipped in a protecting shipping box to avoid damage. Well-matched with : SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I545 M919 I337 R970 I9500 I9505 Tool kit provided, see contents below: 1 x Triangular pry part 1 x Plastic Opening Tool 1 x Phillips Head 1 x Suction Cup 1 x Cleaning Cloth Before installation carefully check the item’s look when you get it. Examine the item and all of the band cables for signs of damage. If there’s any problem, contact us now and supply pictures of defects. Instruction confirm the device functions properly before you use any sticky. Perform “dry Test” by plugging the flex connector to your device to confirm your device functions. You may be able to use our videos on Youtube by searching Flashtechllc for reference, there are lots of in depth installation information. Caused by the complexity of phones and tablets we suggest that all repairs are done by a professional. If you decide to do the fix yourself understand if you damage your device, parts or substitute part in the procedure we’ll not be held liable for the damage.

AMH Preassembled Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer + LCD Display & LCD Shield Plate + Spares Parts (Front Camera + Home Button + Earpiece Speake vs HC39GE242 pricing

This is AMH brand screen substitute & repairing kit for iPhone 5C. The front screen assembly holds not only the LCD display & touch screen digitizer, however also the spare parts as following: LCD shield plate Front camere & sensor Earpiece speaker & bracket Home button & flex band cable Note It isn’t easy to get the damaged phone fixed by oneself who isn’t professional or experienced. If you may be able to’t DIY, we propose you ask someone who is good at repairing to do this for you. AMH repairing manual is offered, however you may also find quite lots of iphone repairing tutorial videos on Youtube for your reference.

Abuty LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Frame Assembly Replacement for iPhone 5 C (Black) vs HC-39-GE-242

The perfect LCD screen substitute display touch screen digitizer full assembly for iPhone 5 C, makes your phone a new look, restored to its original look and functionality intact. Plans: Screen: > 3″ well-matched: For Apple iPhone 5 C Quality level: A++++ Type: LCD Screen Panels things: For iPhone 5 C LCD DISPLAY SCREEN Catalog: Spare Parts for iPhone 5 C Testing: 100 all tested one by one Touch Screen Type: Capacitive Screen Package will include: 1x LCD display screen for iPhone 5 C.

JingXiGuoJi® Novelty Replacement Digitizer and Touch Screen LCD Assembly for Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs HC39GE242 review

Features: 1. Touch Screen Panel Glass substitute with Digitizer 2. Each screen is tested before shipping and working 3. Replaces damaged or broken one on Sony Xperia Tablet Z 4. Fixes flawed screen and some display problems like dead pixels, some color issue 5. Makes your device look new 6. Easy to install. But notice:This item is easy to be damaged,if you had experience on installation,you could DIY. If not, look someone who have for help. Thanks. Attention: JingXiGuoJi is a US brand specialising in buyer electronics. We’re dedicated to creating merchandise that supply our Amazon customers satisfaction beyond expectations. And we greatly appreciate all customers’ opinions to enhance the selling, any advice is appreciated. We’d like to save your time and money. Package will include: 1 x substitute Digitizer and Touch Screen LCD Assembly.

SPI, AT01371, Water Temperature Sensor SkiDoo CanAm SeaDoo Replaces #’s 420222425 & 278001016

SPECIAL NOTE: This item is sold AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY AND can not BE RETURNED. The maker tests all units to be sure they’re functioning before shipping. Caused by the complex nature of diagnosing and fixing electrical problems, there’s no warranty or return on any electrical things we sell. Made by SPIMade in TaiwanReplaces Ski-Doo, Can-Am, & Sea-Doo OEM #’s 420222425 & 278001016.

Chainsaws Chain Saw STIHL 029 039 MS290 MS310 MS390 Carburetor Engine Parts vs HC39GE242 price

New carburetor for stihl chainsaw ms290 ms310 ms390 029 039. This is non original aftermarket parts fit for stihl ms290 ms310 ms390 029 039 chainsaw, you’ll get exactly showed on the picture, check the pictures for compatibility before ordering it, we have the great confidence with the quality of our parts and supply 3months warranty too.

Group Vertical® New 21.5" Glass Front Screen Panel for Apple iMac 2011 9229795 8103553

This Front Glass Screen can be used in replacing your broken or damaged computer screen. If you screen is cracked this screen is a great substitute. Professional installation is suggested. This screen has 3 holes one for the camera and one for Bluetooth. Be sure to check your computers compatibility before ordering. This is a diagonal measurement of the looking at area of the screen. Qty: 1Color: BlackSKU: SCR1023Compatibility: Apple iMac 2011 variant 922-9795 810-3553.

iPhone 5 Premium LCD Screen Replacement & Repair Kit : Black by Wefixxit vs HC39GE242 reviews

Wefixxit is entirely listed by Amazon sellers(slimsharp, Dr. Tech, SVP-TECH). If you found seller ID isn’t anybody of the three, report to Amazon now, as they’re selling counterfeit product. Customers who purchase the counterfeit product will also loss the Wefixxit warranty privileges. Major Description: This use to be Exclusive only to Professional Cell Phone fix Shops. Now our Professional Premium iPhone 5 Screen LCD ( Assembly ( LCD + Touch Digitizer ). We have included a full fix tools for your keeping. The tools are high end which is the right fit for your costly iPhone. • iPhone 5 Premium substitute Screen/Digitizer well-matched with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-mobile, and all other GSM variants • Pre-Installed Plastic Protection Screen Protector •Professional Phillips Screwdriver •Professional Pentalobe Screwdriver •Premium Nylon Spudger •Premium Ring Suction Cup •Premium Guitar Pick The complete iPhone isn’t included. This is a fix kit.

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  2. GE Genteq Round Capacitor 70 7.5 uf MFD 370 Volt 27L556BZ3 27L556
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  4. Carrier Condenser Motor 5KCP39EGS070S 1/4 hp, 1100 RPM, 208-230V Genteq # 3905
  5. Carrier Original Parts Condenser Fan Motor HC39GE242, GE Model 5KCP39LFY534AS, 1/4 HP 825 RPM 208/230VAC
  6. OEM Upgraded Carrier Bryant Payne 1/4 HP 230v Condenser Fan Motor HC39GE236A

Models to consider:
SWT01277 OG2MM4910ESDMCL-3000-OT SM-S6BL-EDGEACK340240 IPhone 5C
S97010319 6711A90019AIPH447+T005 IPH5-SCREEN-BLKLGI9500WT HTC0001-1
MG-2CBR Carb-1-1UVXF10g E00110306S10941147 SD-10V
A330 CMP101473S99270725 iphone 6AT-01371 ji-4325
cji-435 S97007894SC0003 ERER33002535SNY-Z2-TL MBC2000
S99010307 08P32-TK8-1002C21169 BTSA17RIFLEKITSV06244 576XP
T4000E SDI1001S97016473 i5S-WHT-TLSSB06107638 2119STRBK
S97018218 T5WHT-LCD/2-PRYS99110446 LG G2 D802 D805SD13 for iPad mini 1
A1632 1748778K1Galaxy Tab T311 SV03510AEX002 L710
IPH5-SCREEN-BLK M4130MS10941147 SC0003SB06107638 A143010
TR-0006PW-0012 A1605+A1548SV06244 6711A90019Afor iPad mini 1 SD13
rcji-854 S970170654581EL2002A IPH447+T0055900A20009A 08P32-TK8-100
S97007894 S97014211LG G2 D802 D805 S992707255900AR1173A SWT01277
MCL-3000-OT LG-BLK-D801EL-PN-47341673 49MESCBP953ERER33002535 400-415-114-LOGO
GHG-1525 iPhone 6iphone 5 A2802119STRBK 510006-AD
S97017768 ACK3751201748778K1 PN279838WE12X83 S97010319
SKF4M-GN3-BLA A330KIT08282 iphone 6S99110630 WX09X10004DS
S97013622 UVXF10gA1632 576XPT4000E 1600-W
A266 S99010122S97009281 3100-15Q1408A280 MCL-3000-OT
S10941147 IPH5-SCREEN-BLK5301AR7267B TR-0006PW-0012E00110306 WE12X83
ACK375120 HC39GE231iPhone 6 i5S-WHT-TLSS97013622 EL-PN-47341673
AEX002 cji-435T4000E SNY-Z2-TLS99010316 S99080482
510006-AD LGI9500WTtc-1708a SWT012776711A90019A IPhone 5C
UVXF10g MG-2CBRJGSR-3656 A330S97017768 5988LCD012BKT001
2119STRBK S97015620rcji-854 A9697S99080556 SKF4M-GN3-BLA
CCDD464634 iphone 5G3-D850-GREY-TL S1853A000A1632 6871A20611V
WX09X10004DS SM-S6BL-EDGES300 S99010307400-415-114-LOGO A1605+A1548


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