April 21, 2017

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  • Compatible with MAYTAG UKF7001, UKF7001AXX, UKF7002, UKF7002AXX, UKF7003, UKF7003AXX, UKF7003AXXP, UKF7003AXXT, UKF7003P, UKF7003T, UKF1002AXX, UKF5001, UKF5001AXX, UKF6001, UKF7001, SUPCO WF288, PUR FILTER 7, WATER SENTINEL WSM-1, AQUA FRESH WF288, AFF4, AP4343710, EM-1, MYRF100, OPFM-RF300, P1AC250, P1AC416
  • CERTIFIED AND TESTED by the Water Quality Association to NSF/ANSI 42 standards. Manufactured in an ISO9001 / FDA Registered facility.
  • For optimum performance change your filter every 6 months. Included with your purchase is a set of reminder stickers to remind you when it’s time to change.
  • This fits your .
  • Simple, 1-step installation. Get the same OEM performance without compromising quality or flow rate.
  • Your family deserves healthy, crystal clear drinking water. NSF/ANSI certified to remove chlorine and other contaminants.
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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Well-matched With: MAYTAG UKF7001; UKF7001AXX; UKF7002; UKF7002AXX; UKF7003; UKF7003AXX; UKF7003AXXP; UKF7003AXXT; UKF7003P; UKF7003T; UKF1002AXX; UKF5001; UKF5001AXX; UKF6001; UKF7001; SUPCO WF288; PUR FILTER 7 WATER SENTINEL WSM-1 AQUA new WF288; AFF4; AP4343710; EM-1; MYRF100; OPFM-RF300; P1AC250; P1AC416.

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20" Big Blue Whole House 5 Micron Carbon Block with CLEAR BLUE TRANSPARENT HOUSING vs RFC1600-A3-PK

20″ Big Blue Whole House RFC1600A3PK water filtration systems with CTO carbon block cartridge. Excellent to take off Chlorine, Odors and many other chemicals and contaminants. Effectively removes many impurities from tap water to offer sparkling clean and great tasting water during your whole house. Complete Systems with Filter Cartridge, Wall Bracket and Housing Wrench. Standard size filter 4. 5″x 20″.

Aqua-Pure Cuno CWS100ME 120 Volt 60 Hz Softener System, 20 – 125 psi

Aqua-Pure water softener is proper for a smaller home, up to 1-1/2 baths. It treats water as it enters your home, minimizing the effects of hard water. Benefits include lighter clothing, cleaner dishes, less detergent intake and less water handling. Helps protect the complete plumbing system. The system will include a state-of-the-art valve that lets monitoring and control of every function and cycle. This system also saves water by metering use and regenerating only when needed. The multi-level salt counter traps dirt (sediment) and debris away from the brine draw area, enabling the use of inexpensive types of water treatment salt decreasing maintenance.

Septic Tank System Treatment & Leak Detectors

PURE RHODAMINE B POWERFUL CONCENTRATE. More powerful than our competitors watered down liquid Red/Green water tracing dye. This is the dye Home Inspectors use if performing septic dye tests. This specific dye product favored by INTERNACHI the biggest home inspectors affiliation in the U. S. (3 PACK) of Septic dye test kit(s) suggested for structures over 3000 sq ft. Septic dye testing requires stronger dye than the water tracing dye that our competitors sell. This one of a kind Do it your self septic system inspection. This product will let you to detect otherwise unseen contaminants and dangerous leaks in your septic system. After flushing the tracer dye your septic tank contents will turn red and become observable. This will expose the place of the contaminated waste and tell you if your septic system is diverting the waste to regions that may be harmful to your family, like the top soil or drinking water. This procedure is usually called a septic dye test. A septic dye test is the procedure home and health inspectors perform when inspecting a septic system for dangerous seepage. Now you may be able to Do it yourself PURE RHODAMINE B. More powerful than our competitors Red/Green gallon liquid dye. A 3 pack of Easy to use “Do it yourself” septic dye test and leak detectors. This is the stuff home inspectors favor (see inspectoroutlet. Com) Visit www. Septicdyetest. Com for more information.. Keep your family safe from contaminated water. A septic dye test is THE procedure home and health inspectors perform to assess septic systems. Protect your family from invisible contaminated septic waste. Simply flush the water soluble dye pack and let it do the work, its that easy. The tracer dye will expose otherwise unseen dangerous septic system seepage caused by malfunctioning septic systems.

Under Sink Dynamically Enhanced Structured Unit – Clean & Enlivening Drinking & Cooking – Softer – No Chemicals to Buy – No vs RFC-1600A-3PK

THE NEW DYNAMICALLY improved UNITS HAVE ARRIVED. also to our amazing line of current water structuring units, we have now added a new Dynamically improved line of water structuring units that work synergistically with the magic the structured water units already supply. Our line of Dynamically improved Units have a flow-form inside that’s the same structure and size as the flow-form in the current units, however is made from a mix of proprietary materials that dynamically improve the energy of the unit and create a static energy that exists before the water flowing through the unit is structured. Nothing physical is being deposited or physically added to the water. What is happening is that the structured water is being dynamically and energetically improved by the energy in the added materials. Caused by FDA rules we can only speak of the properties of the materials in the new units. We have listed those below. Beyond that. We make no claims. Energetic properties of the materials in our new Dynamically improved Water Structuring Units: Energetic Properties that restore our bodies, and the environment. Energetic Properties that eliminate and take in things that are harmful to man and nature. Energetic Properties that have the capability to clean water from nearly all inorganic compounds, as well as pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, free radicals, heavy metals and other harmful life forms. Energetic Properties that neutralize the negative affect of electromagnetic fields. Energetic Properties that increase immunity to sickness and illness. Energetic Properties that rejuvenate the skin. Energetic Properties that improve and increase the energy of the structured water. Energetic Properties that purify water.

Aqua-Rex WK1P Physical Conditioner

Recognized to the rest of the world as the “Water-King,” the Aqua-Rex is a non-intrusive physical water conditioner (softener) that inhibits scale formation, removes present scale deposits and partially softens hot water. Aqua-Rex is efficient at removing present scale deposits from water heaters, tanks and plumbing. Descaling occurs inside some weeks. The scale breaks away in small plates as it loses adhesion with the surface that it’s encrusting. Important: In present systems that are already badly scaled it can be worth considering fitting a filter on the hot flow from the water heaters to protect mixing valves and other appliances. To accomplish this, Aqua-Rex uses pre-programmed micro-chips to transmit pulses of electrical charge into the water at varying frequencies and amplitudes. These “signals” because some of the salts in the water to form sub- microscopic clusters. When the water is then heated, the clusters act as nucleation seeds upon which the calcium carbonate (lime scale) precipitates. Instead of the hard encrustation on pipes and heating elements that usually occurs when water is heated, the precipitation takes the form of tiny calcium carbonate crystals that float suspended in the water. These invisible good crystals are carried away with the flowing water. The clusters produced by Aqua-Rex stimulate the conversion of more of the dissolved calcium bicarbonate in the water into crystals in suspension than could otherwise happen. The ensuing hot water, with less calcium bicarbonate, is chemically softer. Aqua-Rex is the only electronic device of its type that was proven by independent laboratory tests to produce softer water.

Aquios FS-24 Whole House Jumbo /Softener

Aquios whole house water treatment systems are engineered to deliver superior water filtration and salt-free water softening. With a bias for results, Aquios offers merchandise that will considerably decrease water off-taste, chlorine and organic impurities while eliminating the damaging scale build-up on your fixtures and appliances. The Aquios Water Treatment System utilizes a food grade polyphosphate additive. This additive is called Siliphos. Siliphos largely decreases scale deposits and over months and years will gradually decrease scale which was deposited on your pipes and appliances. Siliphos decreases the amount of scale deposits by keeping minerals which because scale in a dissolved and suspended state at higher temperatures.

Premier Plastic Funnel 2.5 x10 Softener Resin / carbon for 2.5 mineral Tank vs RFC-1600-A-3-PK

Makes filling resin and mineral tanks much cleaner and easier 10″ opening narrows to 2. 5″ may be used to refill 2. 5″ and 4. 5″ filter cartridge filters also lasting plastic construction The styrene funnel snaps into a tank opening for stability when pouring media. The neck of the funnel was carefully intended to let trapped air inside the mineral tank to escape when media is poured in. This heavy responsibility part is blow molded out of high density polyethylene for exceptional strength and durability. The oval design gives another large opening for easy use if pouring.

Fleck 5600 Well Softener Removes: Hardness, Iron & Sulfur In One System Eradicator 2000 w/ KDF85

THIS COMPLETE WATER SOFTENER/FILTER COMES WITH: HIGH CAPACITY good MESH RESIN,. 25 CUBIC FEET GRAVEL BED, KDF 85 MEDIA GUARD 48,000 grain (10X54) RESIN TANK (18X33) SALT TANK & SAFETY FLOAT STAINLESS STEEL BYPASS COMPLETE SYSTEM (30X18X62) 5600 TIMED CONTROL VALVE note: some water may still require iron filter. If bacteria is present in the water a disinfection system must be added to take off it.

Fleck 9100SXT Dual tank softener 48k, 48,000 grain with the digital 9100 sxt valve

Complete System (2) 10″x54″ resin tanks (2) Riser tubes with distributor baskets 1. 5 ft high capacity resin per tank (3 ft total) Fleck 9100SXT Digital Metered Control Head Fiber strengthened Polymer Valve Body Choice of connection bigger Round Brine Tank with Safety Float Dual Tank Twin tanks alternate treatment, maximum efficiency and making sure soft water 24/7 SXT Controller LCD Display and touchpad controls for simple setup and added control On-Demand Flow meter measures water and regenerates depending on water use, not time, conserving salt and water 48k (48,000) grain capacity holds 1. 5 ft of high capacity resin in each tank, able of removing up to 48,000 grains of hardness between regeneration cycles 12 GPM Service Flow Treats a maximum flow rate of 12 gallons per minute Removes Water Hardness Ion exchange procedure physically removes the ions that because hard water removes Scale Water that was softened doesn’t form scale increase on faucets or fixtures or inside pipes decreases Soap Use Soft water improves soap efficiency, decreasing the amount obliged for dishes, laundry, and bathing. Fleck 9100SXT Digital Control Head Polymer valve body and digital metered head gives maximum efficiency and simple user control at an cheap price Structural USA Resin Tank lasting, high quality polyglass tank made by a reliable name it tank manufacturing High Capacity Resin High quality ion-exchange resin in the heart of the water softener bigger Round Brine Tank Used for holding salt used throughout the regeneration procedure. Measure roughly 18″x40″ and holds roughly 300 lb of salt DIY Installation Simple system connections and in depth installation information let most homeowners to install this system themselves. For those who favor to leave the work to a professional, most plumbers can install the system in 1-2 hours.

Nuvo H2O Studio, Refil (2 ) Home Salt-Free Softener System 20,000 Gal. For Homes Less Than 1,000 Sq. Ft.

The NuvoH2O Studio system uses revolutionary technology to reduce the PH level of water depending on the basic scientific procedure of chelation in which the metal ions causing hard water, principally calcium and magnesium, are bound to the chelating broker in nuvoH2O’s FDA-accepted, proprietary formulation, which keeps the minerals soluble and unable to produce hard water problems. The ensuing water is soft and healthy for your household uses, as well as drinking, bathing, washing, and lawn and plant watering.

Roebic K-8-Q-4 SGP Soap, Grease And Paper Digester, 2-Ounce

K-87 is a distinctive product that degrades soaps, grease and paper that can clog plumbing systems. Soaps and grease tend to gather and “crust” in pipes causing slow drainage and killing the useful bacteria in wastewater systems. This mix bacteria lives on soaps and grease and enzymatically breaks them down. Adding this product to your system, will fortify your system’s bacteria and help ensure problem free septic system functionings.

Magnetic Softener & Conditioner-The Ultimate Magnetic Softener

New water treatment technology. This final unit was worked on for our customers in Australia and the Western US States per their ask for an very powerful, non-electrical unit. Tens of thousands have been sold with bad water in Australia, Great Britain, Israel, center East, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, California, and Utah, and we get compliments every day. A heavy 10 extra-big magnet set of two unit bars of quality magnetic water softener/conditioner which simply straps to your major water inlet to your home in about 60 seconds without tools. Anybody can install it. This is about 20 times more powerful than our Standard units. Hard galvanized steel base with superior potency magnets. Nobody gives you more power. Not all neodymium magnets are the same potency although they can be the same size. And since they create a magnetic field inside the inlet pipe which performs the conditioning function, this difference is important. Water holds iron & minerals, as well as lime, calcium, magnesium, and the worst the water, the more minerals translating to hard water. This system uses basic physics to change the molecular structure of your water, as calcium and other minerals remain suspended in the water while it goes, causing them not to stick to dishes, skin, fixtures, pipes, and pipe walls. Those minerals still suspended, totally go through your plumbing system and out the drain instead of being deposited into your fixtures, pipes, dishes, skin, etc. USA made. There are other units with ceramic magnets, which just are toys. And they sell for considerably more money and do not have a small percentage of the power of this unit. The ranking of the magnet force is important, and none are close to this unit for the price. Thoughtful information included and everything you have to install is included, as well as Velcro and nylon straps and bubble cushions. Will fit any size household pipe, and material. Never needs maintenance.

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2WHSP20CB2FK55 F5600-T1MC-34466 HSUV-SS-12-185MHP17-110 RS-32
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