April 21, 2017

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General description

Want additional cooling that will not block your view? Do you live in an apartment building that does not let for window air conditioners? For any scenario, the De’Longhi Pinguino movable Air Conditioner with 11,000 BTUs is the ideal solution. Do not suffer in the heat, simply roll the Pinguino into any room and place it near a window and outlet. Plug it in, slide in the window bracket, attach the hose and turn it on. There aren’t tools obliged Not only is it easy to set up, however you’ll also save money with lots of energy-economical features like refrigerant gas and an adjustable thermostat. The convenient 24-hour programmable timer lets you to set it only for the time you need cooling. With most movable air conditioner units, you have to continuously empty extra condensation from a can. But with Pinguino’s “no drip” technology, the unit automatically recylces the condensation so you never have to empty a can again Other highlights include 3 fan speeds, auto fan function and easy-to-use digital controls with LED display and remote. With calm, worry-free operation, the Pinguino is perfect for your home office, bedroom, basement or anywhere cooling is required.

Recent reviews of DeLonghi PACN110EC 11,000 BTU 3 in 1 Portable Air Conditioner:

The wife and I bought this little gem used about a year ago, so we have used it for two summers. Easy to install. We don t have central air conditioning at all, so this is the ONLY thing cooling our house now. Set it up in the kitchen, and its covering about 600 sq ft. Or so. On occasion we will use a little floor fan to pull air into the living room, however in general it keeps the temp around 70-73 degrees; perfect for us. Could most likely run cooler, however we have not tried it still. Increase in electrical bill is negligible. Maybe 10-15/mo? I could see it costing 20-25/mo if you set the thermostat lower. Anyway. Dependable, does a great job, easy to use /install. No problems of any kind.

We bought this AC from Costco when they had a sale this summer. We’re using it in our cabin to keep the bedrooms cool/comfy. It is a small house ( 600 sf each floor) so we can really keep the complete second floor “comfy” with all bedroom doors open when it is in the 90’s & wet outside. We have it in a central place. It does not make the whole upstairs icebox cold but it does a great job of cooling so everyone can sleep. When we’re there alone, we keep it in our bedroom & it gets that room cool. It’s easy to set up if you have double hung windows. It took us about 15 minutes to unpack & get it going. One important note: If your unit has spent ANY time on its side, wait a minimum of 8 hours before plugging it in. If you do not, you’ll most probably kill your AC. If you’re ordering online, I could just assume it has spent some time on its side to be safe. It’s kind of noisy; a more than a big floor fan but it does not keep us awake. Trying to sleep in a hot/wet room is worse. We have had no leaking problems but keep the unit over a plastic boot tray just in case. Because this is a weekend house, we take it out of the window when we leave. It is so easy to set up that it’s no problem to set it up when we need it. It has wheels, so may be moved to other rooms easily. It’s heavy, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to use it on different floors; carrying up and down stairs isn’t fun.

I bought this movable A/C to replace the Amcor I used to have when its compressor died. My room is about 15×15, and I live in Southern California. Pros:- Never had to worry about draining it. Bear i mind, I live in a low humidity area if you live in a high humidity area, your experience may be different. – Cools adequately for the advertised BTU, though it is important to remember this is a movable A/C. It cools well in comparison to other movable A/C’s, however it cools badly compared to 11,000 BTU window units. If you are comparing it to window units, it cools also as a 8000 BTU A/C. – Easy to set up. Took all of 15 minutes. Cons:- At it is size and 60lbs, it is not exactly the most "movable" product. Then again, all movable A/C’s seem to be built that way. – doesn’t let you the flexibility of pointing the fans in specific direction. Simple oversights like these really annoy me as it would not have taken much for them to add that to the design but it could have added lots to the product. Neutral:- The product is deafening. I personally favor it that way because I use it to decrease outside sound, however some people may mind it. In general, the product is about 4 stars but I took one star down because it is advertised as a 11,000 BTU but cools more like an 8000BTU. Not sure why movable A/C businesses feel the have to inflate their cooling power.

Compare with similar products:

Dyna-Glo Radiant Kerosene Heater – 0000 vs PACN110-EC

Well-liked for each day zone PACN110EC heating, emergency heating and for use as a secondary heat source, DYNA-GLO Radiant Kerosene Heater uses only 1K kerosene and burns with 99. 9 efficiency. Heater operates without electricity (2 D-cell batteries included) keeping rooms warm and livable if the power goes out. Push button ignition powers the heater while the one touch extinguisher system turns unit off when not needed. Other standard features are mechanical tip shut-off assembly, run-time fuel gauge, removable tank, and side handles for easy positioning. CSA certified.

Water & Wood Adjustable Angles Scented USB Electric Conditiong Mi Fan Cooler Green

Features: Material:ABS+electronic parts; Product size:14×11. 5×10. 5cm; Color:Blue; Weight:403g; Package material:PVC; Powered by USB cable or 3X 1. 5V batteries(not included); Add 50ml water or ice water to the box,then you’ll feel cool; Input some scents,then it may make air more new. Hot summer must-have little gadget. Package Content: 1 x Mini USB Fan Air Cooler.

All Pro Jam Basketball System with Collegiate Rim (Polycarbonate)

Will include 42 – 72 in. Acrylic backboard, collegiate rim, and backboard connectors. Superior direct mount design. Responsive steel strut design. Heavy responsibility breakaway goal with nylon net. Recreational pro mold backboard padding. Fast connect backboard attachment. Movable basketball system. Premium board and pole padding. Wrap around pole pad. Big actuator with 90 degree handle. Modification height actuator system board to easily change from 7. 05 to guideline 10 ft. Heavy 2 – 5 in. Tubular lower arm. White target, border, square corners and arena style look. Heavy steel welded uni frame for extra support and safer play. Backboard braces extending to outer corners of board. Heavy tubular lower arm a direct goal attachment for backboard and rim. Square heavy gauge steel post with 0. 19 in. Wall thickness. Textured and black powder coated finish. 6 – 8 in. Post with 48 in. Extension. 0. 38 in. Thick glass backboard. Fitted pole pad for 6 in. Square post. Base pole pad for 6 in. Square post. Gared Sports is the standard by which sporting equipment is calculated. For more than 20 years, our groundbreaking basketball equipment was used entirely in all NBA arenas. Whatever your sport – basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, or tennis, Gared is the leader in quality, technology, and superior service. It is time to play like a professional. You’re prepared for the best. You are prepared for Gared Sports. “Wherever the game takes you, Gared Sports is there.

Hoops 2 vs PACN-110EC

Intended for indoor and outdoor use. Standard institutional fixed goal with unit. 3 – 3 in. Movable basketball backstop with 54 – 39 in. Fan shaped fiberglass backboard. Easily adjustable unit 8 – 9 ft. And 10 ft. Height. Easily lifted and rolled away. Suggested 300 lbs. Of ballast. 2 in. Thick high density polyurethane bubble. Covered with non tearing 1. 13 lbs. Black vinyl. Warranty: One year restricted. Black powder coated finish. Weight: 220 lbs. Gared Sports is the standard by which sporting equipment is calculated. For more than 20 years, our groundbreaking basketball equipment was used entirely in all NBA arenas. Whatever your sport – basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, or tennis, Gared is the leader in quality, technology, and superior service. It is time to play like a professional. You’re prepared for the best. You are prepared for Gared Sports. “Wherever the game takes you, Gared Sports is there. “.

North Storm, 4– Heater, Fan, Dehumidifier, AC – 4,000 – White

The North Storm 4-in-1 movable AC Unit brings compact versatility to your home or office. No have to have many units that take up space when you may be able to have one that does everything Cool up to 700 square feet. The joint heater, dehumidifier and fan means you may be able to make use of this throughout all season and save money and space on addtional units. The fitted wheels make this easy to move from room to room and the remote lets you to control it with ease. Digital display shows you all the info you have to see. The included window kit lets you to use this on a range of windows.

Avallon 4,000 Dual Hose with visimist Feature – No drag required

Using Avallon’s exclusive Invisi mist drain technology, the APAC140C liberates you from ever having to drain an interior reservoir again. As warm air and humidity are usually related, we engineered this movable air conditioner (PAC) to take off up to 86 pints of moisture from your air per day. In many cases, the APAC140C’s self evaporative function will expel the most of air moisture. But, in high humidity environments, self evaporation isn’t enough. Extra water accumulates in the interior reservoir and, to prevent itself from overflowing onto your floor, a PAC will automatically turn off. This could occur at any time and will need you to manually drain the PAC. The system solves this problem. Composed of an interior drain pump, a water line and our nozzle, the system automatically turns on when water accumulates and carefully disposes of it through the easy-to-assemble window kit. This unit is more powerful than other 14,000 BTU PACs, cooling your space up to 40 more quickly because of its dual hose air system, which separates intake and exhaust, allowing for more air intake and cooling power. The three (3) adjustable fan speeds let you to customize the unit’s functionings to match your cooling preferences. Included casters let you move this PAC to wherever you need it and the included remote with LED display enables you to easily change operating settings, the auto restart function stores your settings so that in case of a power outage, the unit will pick right back up where it left off when power is recovered.

Whynter 2,000 Dual Hose, Frost White (ARC-2SD) vs PACN-110-EC

The energy-economical Whynter ARC-12SD Dual Hose movable Air Conditioner draws warm, wet air in and transforms it into cool and new air. The sleek, frost-white movable air conditioner features auto-drain technology for controlling condensation, an easy-to-install dual hose venting system, and three operational modes; cooling, fan only and dehumidifying. Energy economical ARC-12SD movable air conditioner may be easily set up in any indoor place. View bigger.

Spaldg 6629 Pro Slam Basketball System with 54" Acrylic Backboard

Enjoy years of recreational basketball fun in your backyard with the Spalding residential movable basketball system, which features a 37. 5-gallon Hercules base that fills with water or sand for stability. It offers a three-part, 3. 5-inch diameter silver pole and EZ Touch lift system correct height modification from 7. 5 feet to 10 feet. It is paired with asteel-framed acrylic backboard, 5/8-inch hard steel Pro-Slam breakaway rim, and all-weather net.

First Team Basketball System – Hurricane Triumph ST

The 1st Team movable Basketball System – Hurricane Triumph ST is perfect for school gyms or community centers. It has the features fit for competition style games. For starters, the 42in x 72in backboard is made of tempered glass and fitted with bolted padding made with Tuff Guard polyurethane, while the hoop is directly mounted onto it. This prevents breakage from slam dunks, with its 180-degree breakaway rim. The mid-part (96in backboard-base horizontal distance) comes with 2 boom supports and an modification scheme made for easy height modifications and storing, heavy bubble padding (colored royal blue) surrounds the lower area as well as the back of the base, while non-marking wheels with foot pads constitute the foundation. Also, this unit will include extra support anchors for standard flooring. Get the 1st Team movable Basketball System – Hurricane Triumph ST today.

Sunpentown Mi Cooler Humidifier & Fan

This Evaporative Air Cooler is versatile, lightweight and economical. The Cooler easily rolls from room to room for use anyplace in your house or office. This Air Cooler shoots a stream of air with oscillating louvers, to evenly distribute refreshing cool air. The remote control lets you to easily change settings. The Air Cooler works by endothermic reaction (a reaction that consumes heat), so this evaporative Air Cooler sucks air through a wick saturated with water. As the air goes through the wick, some of the water evaporates into the air, consuming the heat that was in the air. An air stream is then blown out the front of the unit and is considerably cooler than the current room temperature. This isn’t an air conditioner so uses less energy. Note: This unit isn’t an air conditioner and doesn’t have a compressor inside. The air temperature difference won’t be as good as an air conditioner, however an evaporative air cooler saves more on electricity cost. This unit is best used in dry climates or open spaces. Leave window/door open to bound the rise of humidity and for better air ventilation in the room. Add as much ice as possible and set unit beside you for best effect. Features and Functions – With remote control – 10L water tank capacity – Nylon and Photocatalystic filter – Three air speeds: H / M / L – Sleep mode – Timer: from 0. 5 7. 5 hours setting – ETL plans Input voltage 120V / 60Hz Power intake 60 W CFM (L/M/H) 308 / 391 / 476 Water intake 0. 6 0. 7 liters per hour Dimension (W x H x D) in. 16 x 25 x 12 Net weight 17 lbs.

Midea 8K AC

Energy Star ranking/, Full functioning remote Control, Lift Out washable Anti-bacterial filter, Convenient backless system, Washable Air filter, gather Dust Partials, Mode: Cool/Fan/Dry Air/Auto Fan, Speed: Low, Medium, High, Temp: Adjustable Temperature setting, Timer: One/Off, A Adjustable time clock setting, Lock Protect against program change, Can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit 2 way, air deflection, 24 hour Digital timer, Soft touch Electronic Control Panel Lift,Out washable Anti-bacterial filter, Convenient backless system, Washable Air filter, gather Dust Partials, Mode: Cool/Fan/Dry Air/Auto Fan, Speed: Low, Medium, High, Temp: Adjustable Temperature setting Timer: One/Off, A, Adjustable time clock setting, Lock Protect against program change, Can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit 2 way air deflection, 24 hour Digital timer, Soft touch Electronic Control Panel.

SPT,000 Dual-Hose AC

This 13,000btu, 3-in-1 system gives multi-season comfort. Intended to proficiently cool and dehumidify any space without permanent installation. Effectively improves air circulation in badly ventilated spaces and gives fast cooling. Self-Evaporating Technology – throughout the cooling procedure, water is extracted from the air into the unit. Most of this water is recycled and used to cool the cooling coils. This creates improved cooling proficiently without adding energy cost. The moisture is then pushed out with the exhaust air, leaving you a virtually no-drain unit. In extreme wet conditions, if condensation collects faster than the unit can evaporate, the extra water will gather in the fitted tank. When the tank becomes full, compressor will automatically shut-off and unit will point to that drainage is required. Note: Exhaust hose installation obliged (all standard accessories included). Included plastic slider kit forms up to 48″.

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Models to consider:
KSTAP12B YPC-012CAKW12CR51 MES 6000-teWPAC10R SS10N10
FFRA1022Q1 PAC-AN135EWSHF5840-TC WA-1410ESF-608R PATC8000
8,000 BTU 9100WB13C657 FFRA1222Q1AP8018 ipac08ks
TN-09E SF-613SF-615H YPH-12cPACAN125HPE MES 6000-te
LP1200DXR FCF0012000GSOP18 FES-1548-3EAP8018 IPAC12-KR2
MMBT14 DPA120B1WBFFPA0822R1 TT360DGWA-9000E KY-120E1
WA-1420H LW8011ERPAC52-2-12D MCP44-PPK1513-HWV08XC5 SENP/12
WA-1240H PAC2K363SLP1013WNR KUHLER 1250WA-1061H PAD6048/G-5
MCP44 9100WBAC-10000H YPF-12CWA-9000E AKPD14HR4
FCF0009000GS ACAU24QCSENP/12 PATC8000ARC-142BX WA-1310E
YPC-012C PAC2K361SFES-1548-3E KY2-100RA125LPDGD MWJ-12ERN1-MI8
PACAN120HPE LP1200DXRHF5840-TC FFRA1222Q1CCSD373742 AP11000
RA250NDGD SF-607HPAC52-2-12D PE6-10R-03BPACT14HWT KPAC2421-2
LAY45771-0060 TT360DGSF-615H RPAC10EEPAC-13 ARC-12SDH


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