April 21, 2017

Some info about 348024 SuperFlo (Pentair)


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  • Integral volute and pot reduce hydraulic noise; measures 28-1/4-inch length by 15-inch height by 12-1/2-inch width
  • SF-N1-1-1/2AE SuperFlo single speed energy efficient pump
  • Unionized fittings (1-1/2-inch internal slip and 2-inch external slip)
  • Extremely quiet operation; Cam and Ramp lid
  • Features thick walled body parts, a heavy-duty 56 square flange motor and highly engineered hydraulics
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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WAYNE PC4 /2 HP Cast Iron Multi-Purpose Pump With Suction Strainer

The Wayne 1/2 hp 115-volt 348024 move water pump can pump water out of flooded basements, tanks, or boats. It may also increase line pressure by up to 40 pounds or be used to water lawns and gardens, and can be used to wash cars and sidewalks. It is made from lasting cast iron steel. The included suction strainer keeps out extraneous material, and the 3/4-inch brass hose connections resist stripping while easily connecting to garden hoses. A top-threaded priming port is easily filled, and the ball bearings have lifetime lubrication. Wayne backs its pump with a one-year restricted warranty.

HomeBrewStuff Heavy Duty Chugger MAX SS Brew Pump Center Inlet

Wanting to take your brewing to a PRO level? The Chugger MAX pump is the solution you have been looking for. Chugger is the 1st pump made exactly by brewers for brewers. These pumps are superior to comparable pumps in almost every way, featuring a 17 GPM High powered motor and stainless steel head. This pump is comparable to the AC-5C-MD style pumps, with center head and 1″ female pipe thread connections. Centrifugal magnetic drive pumps aren’t self priming. Features: Inlet 1″ FPT, outlet 1/2″ MPT, steel (rear housing), Teflon (thrust washer), clear, silicone (O-ring), rayon/Teflon impeller, max flow 17 GPM 12 PSI, max head 27 FT, electrical 115V 50/60 HZ, non-submersible, can handle liquids of 250F, materials are FDA food compliant and parts are UL recognized.

Little Giant 509207 9EN-CIM 20FT 5 Volt 4800 GPH Effluent Pump

Little Giant’s 9EN-CIM effluent pump is rated for uninterrupted responsibility in dewatering, water move, and effluent wastewater elimination applications. Features are a 4/10 hp PSC motor with thermal overload protection, energy saving low amp draw, and a cooler running motor, a cast iron pump housing with epoxy covering, and stainless steel screws bolts and handle. If, after 30 days, you’re having a problem with your Little Giant, Franklin, or Red Lion product, call the Franklin Electric Tech Support Team at 888-956-0000 for Troubleshooting and Warranty information. The Tech Support Team is available M-F from 7:00am-4:30pm CST.

Little Giant GSC-3648-70 Industrial Gas Cylinder Cage, 2 Cylinders Capacity, 70" Height x 48" Width x 36" Depth, Yellow

Little Giant industrial gas cylinder cage. Intended to securely store industrial lift-truck propane tanks. All-welded cage has a 12-gauge top. Stores cylinders horizontally with lockable door. Accommodates 20, 33 and 44 lb propane tanks. Lag-holes in footpads for mounting to floor. Powder coated safety-yellow finish. High-visibility “Danger/Flammable” sign. Helps meet OSHA 1910 prerequisites. 12 cylinders capacity. Measures 70-inches height by 48-inches width by 36-inches depth.

WAYNE T5S0-4 /2 HP, 2-Wire, 5-Volt Deep Well Stainless Submersible Pump

The Wayne T51S10-4 deep well submersible pump is intended for well depths of 20-feet to 120-feet deep. This pump is made with corrosion-tolerant stainless steel motor enclosure, pump shell and fasteners. Intended with heavy-responsibility thermoplastic impellers, diffusers, intake screen and check valve. The high efficiency, hermetically sealed motor is thermally protected to prevent overheating.

Hyundai HWP552CA Gas Powered Water Pump vs Pentair 348024 SuperFlo pricing

If at home, on the farm, or at the cottage, this water pump will meet your needs. This specific model features 2-inch suction and discharge ports and a max flow of 160 gallons per minute or 9600 gallons per hour. Not only does this unit move a big volume of water quickly, however its’ 5. 5 HP fuel-economical Hyundai motor is calm. Silicone seals were used in water pump for long lasting pump operation. Total lift of 25 feet and total head of 105 feet. Commercial-grade steel frame protects parts, still is lightweight enough to lift by a single person. Simple operation with color-coded easy start, easy to use controls, and all-condition durability. 1-gallon unleaded gasoline tank. CARB accepted. 2-year restricted warranty.

Zurn – RD250-SS3 – 3 Replacement Roof Drain

Technical Specification Item Roof Drain Material of Construction Stainless Steel Body, Dura Coat Cast Iron Clamp Color/Finish Mill Connection Push In Grid Material Cast Iron Height (In. ) 4-15/16 Length (In. ) 12 will include Neoprene Gasket, Clamp band, Dome And Stainless Steel Hardware Package Quantity 1 This listing is for each.

Dayton 4JPH3 Coolant, /8HP, 5/230V, 2.5/.08Amp vs Pentair 348024 SuperFlo review

Pump, Coolant, HP 1/8, Phase 1, Amps 2. 15/1. 08, Voltage 115/230, Length 5 13/16 In. Width 5 1/2 In. Height 14 1/16 In. Inlet/Outlet 3/4 In. RPM 1750, Motor Enclosure TEFC, GPM of Water 1 Ft. Of Head 12. 5, GPM of Water 3 Ft. Of Head 11. 3, GPM of Water 5 Ft. Of Head 9. 8, GPM of Water 9 Ft. Of Head 4. 6, 10, Max. Immersion Depth 6 3/8 In. Max. Suggested Viscosity 500 SSU, Max. Temp. 200 F.

TeraPump TRPMW200 Universal Manual Drinking Water Fits Any Bottle, Excluding Glass bottle

This manual drinking water pump is like no other. This model will fit onto any size bottle, screw-top or crown-top except glass bottles and Primo brand bottles. It’ll don t have problems fitting and pumping water from 2 gallon through 6 gallon water bottles. The new fastener system can grab onto and seal any bottle is a breeze. The new fastener was intended with cleanliness in mind. Last models have generally had a bunch of ridges and rough regions that are safe havens for bacteria. The new design has all of these parts on the inside with a nice surface on the outside. Simply change your tubes as indicated by the size of the bottle and tighten the pump onto the bottle. This pump will dispense water as fast as you may be able to pump it and it’ll do it well.

Enovative R099A-USK 99 Series AutoHot Pump System, Red/White vs Pentair 348024 SuperFlo price

The autohot system is an on-demand recirculation system that will eliminate the wait for hot water. It gets hot water during your home quickly and proficiently. The most economical and lasting recirculation system available today. The R099A-USK comes complete with the 99 series pump (for homes over 4,000 sf), under sink kit and hardwired push button activator.

Banjo Transfer Pump – 7,400 GPH, 3in. Ports, Honda Engine with Electric Start, Model# 300PH-6-200E.BAN

This Banjo move Pump features a Honda GX200 engine with electric start to proficiently handles high-capacity liquid move jobs with flow rates up to 300 GPM. Ideal for farming, move of corrosive chemicals, dewatering and lawn and garden irrigation. Discharge Port (in. ): 3, Flow (GPH): 17,400, Impeller Shaft: 5-vane polypropylene, Max. Total Head (ft. ): 90, Seals: EPDM, Suction Port (in. ): 3, Self-Priming: Yes, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 21 x 17 x 15.

Grundfos 5272252 3- /6 Horsepower Circulator Pump with Flow Check vs Pentair 348024 SuperFlo reviews

The Grundfos UPS26-99FC is a 3-speed circulator pump with fitted flow check. This model features pre-programmed handling times that help save power and incorporates an auto resetting thermal protection that assures motor safety and longer life. Specifications: Voltage: 115V; Amperage at Speed 1: 1. 3 Amps; Amperage at Speed 2: 1. 5 Amps; Amperage at Speed 3: 1. 8 Amps; Hertz: 60 Hz; Phase: 1; Watts at Speed 1: 150W; Watts at Speed 2: 179W; Watts at Speed 3: 197W; Max Pressure: 145 psi; Max Temperature: 230F; Min Temperature: 36F; Flow Range: 0-33 GPM; Head Range: 0-29 ft; Horse Power: 1/6HP; Body: Cast Iron; Connections: Flanged, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″;.

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  1. Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump, 11/2 Horsepower, 115/230 Volt, 1 Phase
  2. Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5-HP Max-Rated Single-Speed Pool Pump
  3. Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pool Pump, 3 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase – Energy Star Certified
  4. Pentair 340042 SuperFlo High Performance Energy Efficient Two Speed Pool Pump, 1 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase – Energy Star Certified
  5. Pentair 011514 WhisperFlo High Performance Energy Efficient Single Speed Full Rated Pool Pump, 1 1/2 Horsepower, 208-230 Volt, 1 Phase
  6. Pentair 340043 SuperFlo High Performance Energy Efficient Two Speed Pool Pump, 11/2 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase – Energy Star Certified

Models to consider:
PE-2YSA UPS15-55SUC/TLCWP-2065HL HPR-6DCT-15000 LHB08100095
XP650WP 186863LFFP5722 LF2WP-65006-BC7-1PNP 4JPG7
0013-F3-1IFC VIP5050DWXU6.75S SV9501M2700AK300 LMB15107975
50DWXU61.5S2 TE-3-MD-HCX1HG10010 6050U50140012-SF4 TE-5-MD-SC
1BL013LF TRPMW1004008-101-E65 TRHD016050E7000 LHB08100085
0013-SF3 B-0823-20CHSJ20N SKV50AD1 104JPG4 VCMA-20ULS
FPOS1775A 2P5XHR8852-2J03-B423 LSB00582350TM2.75S LF1.5WP
RD2150-SS3 3793-IPT-95DM150AD IMV08-ESKV50AW1 2P5XA
X1048 P372LE410012-SF4 LSB005823SKV50AW1 186863LF
815 SS-C 115V 009 BF5-JLHB08100092 UPS15-55SUC/TLCTRHD01 B-0823-20C
FP5455 JRD1020S-CIM 3AB2LCB1H2D0FPSE9000 PB1045
FP5242 189165LFSV9501M2700 TE-3-MD-HC118612LF 6050E7000
5YN79 3ZHT8DM150AD 006-BC4PSKH07 0013-F3-1IFC
ERP1000-JG-S Sb-1-14U141-281TT WB20XT3ALMB15107993 WP-2065HL
HPR-6 FP5722PE-2YSA AC-5C-MD 230VWIP90 50DWXU61.5S2
APP6020 4008-101-E65RD2150-SS3 TRPMW100TE-5-MD-SC ADP20E
LF2WP-65 SR506-4CP8000RC RL-S50SB300 55AQUAJET-ARV
L23401 T75S10-2DM150AD 815 SS-C 115V4JPG7 SJ10A
AK300 PB4-60QIGF 32-9 0012-SF4HPFC-2070R 4-MDQ-SC
ES09563-000 B-0823-20C50TM2.75S ADP20EE75STVT APP6020
SE2FL PE SKV50AD1 10FP5722 AQ2246FP5455 VIP50
LF1.5WP SV9501M2700102208LF 189165LFFPOS1775A WIP90
006-BC7-1PNP 106197LFHPR-6 6RLAG-2LSTHSJ20N 50DWXU61.5S2
FPSE9000 IMV08-E118612LF 50DWXU6.75SU141-281TT GWTP-201


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