April 21, 2017

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  • 400 lbs weight with water to help flatten uneven grass and level new soil in 36″ wide swaths
  • Less than 50 lbs without water for easy storage and transport
  • Roller drum crafter in sturdy polyethylene with powder-baked paint resists dents, rust and weather damage
  • Includes removable drain plug and poly scraper bar; center baffler provides additional stability
  • Durable poly 18″ diameter, 36″ wide roller drum
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Restore a lawn’s smooth look after flooding or eliminate frost heaves with this heavyweight lawn roller from Agri-Fab. Users fill the roller’s drum with up to 400 pounds of water or sand and hook it up behind a tractor. The tractor tows the roller over lawns and fields, flattening uneven grass or leveling new soil in 36-inch large swathes. Rolling can also help plant new seeds for uniform growth and eliminate mole holes.

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Ohuhu Aerator Shoes /Spikes Aerator Sandals for Aerating Your or Yard

Why use up a fortune 45-0268 hiring a lawn service to aerate your lawn when you may be able to do it yourself with the Ohuhu® One-size-fits-all Lawn Aerator Shoes? Attach spikes to molded plastic base, strap onto your shoes, and take a walk on your lawn Our lawn aerators have twenty-six 2″ steel spikes which create open-air passages down into the lawn to let air, water and nutrients to reach the roots for a healthier lawn. Keeping your lawn properly aerated is an important way to keep the grass growing strong. Do not hesitate purchase this Walk your way to a greener healthier lawn plans: tough base dimensions: 2 12″ (L) x 5″ (W) Product weight: 2 500g/1. 1lbs Package will include: -2 x tough base -26 x 2″ Spike -6 x Strap with Metal Buckle -1 x Small Wrench(Bonus).

Earthquake 5055C Rear Tine Rototiller with 205cc 4-Cycle Briggs and Stratton Engine, Counter-Rotating Tines

The Earthquake 5055C rear tine rototiller is the ideal machine for preparing soil that never been tilled. The 5055C features counter rotating tines (CRT), with wheels that pull the tiller forward against the counter rotating tines, the power to tear heavy uncultivated soil. The 5055C also has the dependability of a Briggs and Stratton engine and quality gear-drive transmission for supreme dependability. With its power, it’s smooth to operate. With the 5055C, you”ll have a brand new garden sprouting vegetables in no time.

Brinly AS-40BH Behind Combination Aerator Spreader, 40-Inch

Aerating a lawn and spreading seed and fertilizer in the spring and fall are the best ways to have a green, healthy lawn. But these can frequently be big projects; particularly if you have a big yard. The Brinly 40 inch mix Aerator-Spreader helps get these projects done quickly and easily with only one attachment. The 120 pound capacity hopper drops seed, fertilizer, or lime while galvanized tine stars aerate the lawn to let water, air and nutrients to get to the lawn’s root system. Having a lawn like a pro never been easier.

40-Inch Tine Dethatcher 45-0294

Uproot dead, matted grass and dislodge hard-filled dirt for planting with this economical tine de-thatcher from Illinois farm and garden supplier Agri-Fab. The tine de-thatcher penetrates and turns up dried grass, weeds, and soil in 40-inch large swathes. Loosening heavy thatch and compacted dirt lets water to penetrate deeper and enhances drainage while letting in important oxygen. Without these elements, grass and soil can become prone to illness and bug- and pest- related problems. Users tow the de-thatcher behind a tractor for fast productivity. The de-thatcher features twenty 3/16-inch spring-loaded tines, heat-treated for greater durability in tougher conditions. Rustproof and replaceable, the tines are affixed to a heavy-responsibility steel tray. Users lower and lift the tines from use by pulling an upright lever over the tray. The long lever is easily available from the tractor seat. Two 7-inch diameter semi-pneumatic wheels with a width of 1-1/2 inches traverse most any terrain. A hitch pin goes along with the de-thatcher. For the best results, de-thatch in the spring, mid-summer, and fall to keep yards and fields healthy and nice. The de-thatcher was made in the USA and requires no tools for assembly. A restricted one-year warranty can be available for this item. Upon shipping, the de-thatcher measures 40-1/2 by 11 by 4 inches and weighs 31 pounds. – Jessica Reuling.

Ohio Steel Sweeper – 50in.W, 26 Cu. Ft., Model# 50SWP26

This professional-grade sweeper has a 26 cu. Ft. Capacity collection bag and a 50in. W sweeping path that quickly takes care of your lawn chores. The exclusive patented spiral brush sweeps more proficiently than standard sweepers and puts less stress on gears for a longer service life. Hopper may be emptied from tractor seat with the pull of a rope. U. S. A. Max. Cutting Capacity – Round in. Dia. 12, in general Dimensions L x W x H in. 54 x 60 x 32, Tire Size 11 x 2 1/2, Application Sweeper, Approx Capacity cu. Ft. 26, Walk or Pull Pull, Working Width in. 50, Wheel Type Semipneumatic turf. No-slip positive lock height modification won’t shake out of position and has easy-to-remember height settings A 9in. Chute decreases chances of clogs 3-position hitch modification for level operation on any tractor hitch height without spacer rings 11in. Spiraled polypropylene brushes 4 1/21 brush to wheel turning percentage Remove collapsible hopper for easy storage Sealed ball bearings on brush axle.

Kasco Marine 3 HP 240V High Oygen Aerator – With 100-Ft. Cord, Model# 3.1AF with Bottom Screen vs Agri-Fab 18 x 45-0268 pricing

The 3. 1AF High Oxygen move Aerator produces a crown of water at the surface, adding 9 lbs. Of oxygen per hour. Draws 10. 7 Amps 240V. Will include 3-pc. Float with three 50-ft. Mooring ropes. Requires only 24in. Of water to operate. ETL accepted to UL and CSA standards. Bottom screen included for extra protection.

Dethatcher Behind 7" 1.5" 70 Lbs.

Intended to do a light job of bringing matted layers of thatch and big clippings to the surface for a healthy lawn. Use de-thatchers in spring midsummer and fall to bring life and color back to lawn. Plans Hitch pin included. Single lever transport handle. Features. Weight tray able of carrying up to 70 lbs. Semi-pneumatic transport wheels. Item Weight – 32.

45-0267 18- by 24-Inch Push/ vs Agri-Fab 18 x 45-0268 review

The Agri-Fab poly push/tow lawn roller is ideal for flattening uneven ground caused by moles or frost-heaving, and for packing down newly sown seed or sod. It may be filled with up to 250 pounds of water. Weighing less than 40 pounds without water, this roller is light enough to be pushed by hand. It features a removable hitch for push or pull operation and a removable drain plug. A well-intended channel bar right above the roller knocks off extra dirt. The roller is made of smooth-finished plastic for and consistent flattening. The poly drum resists rust. This push/tow lawn roller comes with Agri-Fab’s 1-year warranty.

Kasco Marine 1/2 HP 120V Circulator – With 50-Ft. Cord, Model# 2400CF

The 2400CF 120V Circulator is ideal for mixing and eliminating stagnant water for improved water quality. May also be used as a deicer in winter months. Will include horizontal float with two 50-ft. Mooring ropes. Draws 5 Amps 120V and requires 4ft. Of depth to operate. ETL accepted to UL and CSA standards. HP: 1/2, Power Cord (ft. ): 50, Volts: 120, Water Depth obliged (ft. ): 4, Thrust (lbs. ): 26, Running Amps: 5, Starting Amps: 12, Power Cord (gauge): 16, Model: 2400CF.

Farmboy 3-point Hitch for Kubota RTV 900, 1100, 1140 (1 1/4" Receivers) vs Agri-Fab 18 x 45-0268 price

The Farmboy is a regular group 1, completely hydraulic 3-point hitch that will attach to both front and rear of the Kubota RTV 900, 1100 and 1140. It boasts an 800 lb. Lift bound with the same 800 lbs. Of hydraulic down pressure. This Farmboy can attach to a 1 1/4″ receiver, making it available for all RTVs with this receiver size. There’s another variant available for the 2″ receivers. Because it’s a regular group 1 hitch, there are thousands of implements that are already available to attach to the Farmboy. Also, since it can attach to both front and rear of the RTVs, the Farmboy is suited for year-round usefulness. Attach a 3-point snow plow in the winter, then turn the hitch around to aerate, disc and plant with it in the spring. The Farmboy is totally screw on, and uses only the hydraulics that are already in the machine from the dump bed. Total installation time is about 15-20 minutes. The Farmboy attaches to both the receiver hitch AND the frame of the car – 80-90 of the weight will go onto the frame of the car, allowing the Farmboy to lift 800 lbs. With no risk to the receiver hitch. The dump bed may also be left on while using the Farmboy.

Yard Tuff 48 Acreage Rake

Yard Tuff brings you a time and labor-saving tool with the Acreage Rake. With this Acreage Rake, you may be able to rake, dethatch, and turn loose leaves and grass into neat rows for fast and easy pick-up. Attaching is easy with a pin-style hitch to your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor, giving your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor a new function. Yard Tuff’s Acreage Rake has a V-style design and a 48” large working path, allowing it to swiftly handle big regions. The 4 tine reels are 20” in diameter and are particularly intended with fitted bearings for smooth operation and great performance. These tine reels are reversible for expanded use and the reel arms may be raised and lowered manually. The reel arms can be lifted individually for windrowing With 12” pneumatic tires, this rake can travel easily over a large range of tough terrains. Because this product is made of heavy-responsibility, 1” tubular steel, you may be guaranteed that this is a long-lasting and lasting acreage rake. To add more convenience for the user, this Acreage Rake has a special design to let for compact storage. The user may also adapt this rake for the sweeper hitch, adding more to this product.

Gorilla Carts Steel Dump Cart with Removable Sides and Full Bed Liner/Cover with a Capacity of 1200 lb, Gray vs Agri-Fab 18 x 45-0268 reviews

This Gorilla Carts 1,200-lb. Capacity Steel Dump Cart features the exclusive fast-release dumping system for easy unloading. The full-size removable plastic liner keeps dirt and other materials inside the cart and may be inverted to act as a load cover and useful work area. With a 1,200-lb. Hauling capacity and 13-in. Pneumatic tires, this cart can handle the toughest jobs. Removable sides add versatility, allowing the cart to be transformed into a flatbed to move bigger materials like tree branches or fence posts. The 2-in-1 convertible handle may be pulled by hand or towed behind a lawn tractor. The cart has an in general height of 24. 25-inches and weighs 84-pounds. Gorilla Carts full line of merchandise meets the needs of the light-responsibility homeowner also as the commercial-responsibility professional user by offering carts in a large range of sizes and weight capacities. The Gorilla Carts 1,200-lb. Capacity Steel Dump Cart comes with a 1-year restricted warranty.

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  5. Good Vibrations 170 Hitchin’ Lawn Mower Post Ball Connector
  6. Corona Clipper Landscape Rake Aluminum 60 “, 67 ”
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  8. Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller, 18 by 48-Inch

Models to consider:
FR110-2 HDC1000B7380 PRT-48SBH42CPA 45-0240 ATV
800AL HGDS200TLG253 ACR-500T84RAKE TT-400
PA-40BH LC1700GYTA-400WW TL07160YTL22102 GOR200-BD
LBD48D BP-01PP-51BH 2400VFX100TE4051 PRT-36BH
DT42GY YT-116012008A YT-1162LDT1002GY ACR-480JR
TL-125 ATV-51SGDHBG-08 BS-38BHPA42GY MH2121D
KM8400AF250 BG-1250SWP26 XLZ60UCDT-40BH GOR2541D
180280I 8400AF1507055C SE-40CT036 DH-045
FTF-0424M ERP50AE-48T PA5002170T DT-48T
42TSC TX159S4 30 UTV-FB1TA-400WW G80024
12008A 1600ALPA-48BH BG-1142CP 2400VFX100
LG253 GOR2541D800utx TL4000800AL L-60-40-SC-YK
LNPHH650 TA50016-16-G-SB-N-YK 2400A0503400AF100 PRT-48SBH
AE-48T 42CPABB-56BH PRT-36BH8400AF150 MH2121D
ATV-51SGDH FC-104048P-ATV-IN LSR6042SWP22 SE-40
PRT-36SBH PLR1836ACR-480JR PLR1848LC1700GY PA400KD
7055C YTL22102BG-08 SA-40BHPRT-36BH 5055C
MH2121D C44-P10AK259221251 NPW9665LBD48D TT-400
BS-38BH YTL22102DT-48T YT-1162ATV-42DGD 42CPA
BP-01 TL-125LNPHH650 800ALLSP38 SAT-40BH
45-0240 ATV 42CPATV-51SGDH ACR-500TBG-19 PA42GY
3400AF100 DE-36PLR1836 TA48TYR-72-YK 84RAKE
1600AL 4048P-ATV-INPLR1824 GOR200-BD3040P-SD180 FTF-0424M
HGDS200T 16-16-G-SB-N-YK2400D25 S4 30TT500 18-24-G-NBF-YK
8400AF150 TA500PRT-36SBH 4400AF20042SWP22 FR110-2


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