April 30, 2017

Pop 24003-AMZ (Whirley) has great reviews

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  • Makes 6 quarts of popcorn
  • Stainless steel pan and detachable lid with patented stirring mechanism and metal gears
  • Real Theater Kits includes the fresh yellow kernels; buttery seasoning salt; and gourmet popping oil
  • Whirley Pop backed by a 25 year warranty
  • Patented stirring mechanism
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General description

The new Stainless Steel variant of the Original Whirley Pop with 1 Real Theater Popping Kit for the first batch of buttery movie style popcorn.

Recent reviews of Pop Whirley:

I seriously LOVE popcorn. Over the years I have bought just about every corn popper there’s available in the home use group. I bought one small commercial grade popper. The trouble with most poppers is the cleanup. Lots of good poppers are just not worth the fuss. The electric "spinning" models are only just I believe due to sogginess inside caused by poor steam release. They’re also lots of trouble to clean. I wrote off Whirly Pop as a possibility for me primarily because my cooking surface is induction and it simply could not work. Also, I thought the plastic gears and function SEEMED a little on the cheap/poor quality side WITH THE AMOUNT I use it. The Whirley Pop is a great popper and is perfect for most home users. I don’t insinuate the plastic system doesn’t function well. I just came back in the market for a new popper since my small commercial popper died. My research for a new popper revealed the Stainless Steal model of Whirley Pop. I had no idea they made one. This is THE BEST of THE BEST – if you don’t have an induction cooktop. It’ll work with any technique and I imagine is pretty awesome on gas. The quality is top notch and the look and feel are great – but do those extra perks really matter? Not at the end of the day. They’re just great perks and well loved ones at that. What really matters is the popcorn. I have never had a popper that I love as much as this one. It is use is just as customizable as the connoisseurs that use it. It’s awesome The bottom line is that it’s the BEST corn popper on the market for home use (and for commercial use I imagine if you have an available heat source). The clean up is so easy and the popcorn is perfection. Thanks Wabash Valley Farms for upgrading your amazing corn popper.

This is really our second buy of the whirley pop. The 1st one was the less costly choice- you get what you pay for, plastic gears. That one broke quickly. We loved the taste and texture of the popcorn so bought the better quality whirley pop with metal gears. This one doesn’t turn as easily as the plastic, it catches and is in general quite fussy. We have been cautious to be sure the cover is balanced, on occasion that assists. The popcorn is worth the fuss, however the gear system leaves a bit to be wanted- particularly for the price.

Works great on glass cooktop, no marks. We had the aluminum variant for over 20 years. Got rid of it when we moved figuring we’d replace it. Moved to a place with glass cooktop and any aluminum pan could leave marks. Saw this stainless steel variant and had to have it. It’s much heavier than the aluminum. Heats evenly and popcorn is perfect in it. Follow directions to season before 1st use. Expect this popper to last a long time. Only downside was in shipping the oil packet and seasoning packet leaked all over soaking through the box. They should leave the samples out or secure them so they do not open.

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4079 GNP Hotdog 9 Roller Machine Features: -Material: Stainless steel. -Slow rolling grill. -7 Premium grade non-stick stainless steel rollers. -Heavy responsibility motor and safety temperature control. -Dual temperature controls: you may be able to roast/cook on the front rollers while you keep the batch on the real rollers warm. -fitted fuse for safety reasons. -Skid evidence rubber feet for tabletop use. -Easy to use with front on-off switch. -Heat up and keep warm control modes. -Full roller rotation. -Not fractional like some of the cheap imitations. -Removable and easy to clean stainless steel drip tray. -Design makes it safe and easy to clean. -CE accepted. Plans: -110V/50Hz. -Power: 1800 Watts. -Maximum capacity: 24 hot dogs per batch (8 rows of 3). Dimensions: -Tray: 17” W x 17” D. -Hot Dog 9 Roller Grilling Machine: 23” H x 16” W x 16” D, 24 lbs. Warranty: -1 year restricted warranty.

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New 8oz Ounce Deluxe Popcorn Popper Maker Machine Red Table Top Tabletop Theater Style

Features: major Product: Warming Deck (an extra heating element is fitted to the base of the unit) big stainless-steel kettle with fitted stirring system fitted Electric Stirring System kernel filter improved High-affect Thick Safety Tempered Glass Walls for extra safety Removable Crumb Tray Warming Light Keeps Popcorn Tasting new & Delicious. Highest Popcorn Output Per Batch Easy to use,just pour kernels & enjoy popped corn in just some minutes. Easy to clean accepted for commercial use Full Instruction Manual Cautious: 1. Decide model DZ12L-60G/1N as earth Leakage protection switch. 2. The popcorn machine should put under the conditions of under 40 centigrade, correct ventilation, noncorrosive gas. 3. The machine should be laid up flat and stable, better under 3 slant. Specification: Voltage(V):220/110 Power (KW):1. 175 Frequency (Hz):50 Output:8oz Temperature Controlled(C):220270 Top Machine size (MM):17. 7″14. 8″23″ Corn dose (G/once):150 Efficiency (Pan/min):1/2 Net Weight(kg):16 Color:Red Material: Top Machine:Tempered Glass + Iron Tray and Bottom:Stainless Steel Door:Acrylic Inner Pot:Teflon Outdoor Pot:Stainless Steel Column:Aluminium Package will include: 1 x Popcorn Machine 1 x Full Instruction Manual.

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The Nostalgia KPM200CART 48-Inch Tall Vintage Collection 2. 5-oz 10-Cup Kettle Popcorn Cart has a vintage look evocative of the silent movie house and carnivals of the 1900s. The big 2. 5-oz kettle with dual-hinged cover and fitted stirring system pops delicious crunchy popcorn. Featuring tempered glass windows and door, a lighted interior lets you to watch each batch pop to perfection. The tilt door lets for easy access serving and be sure to keep everything you need in the convenient see-through storage compartment located in the base. Popcorn never tasted so good at home.

Benchmark 11045 Metropolitan Popcorn Machine, 120V, 980W, 8.2A, 4 oz Popper

4 oz popcorn machine. 85 Quarts per hour. Ideal for home theaters. Its distinctive design enables it to be placed against a wall for a minimal space prerequisite while an nice visual affect. Common popcorn machines have the graphics and cosmetic attraction on the back of the popper making them unsuitable for wall placement. These commercial quality poppers feature a aluminum food-zone, 20 mil anodized kettle, a heated warming deck to keep the popped corn new for hours, old-maid drawer (for un-popped kernels), tempered glass panels and a 3 year parts warranty. The inner kettle is constructed of thick gauge anodized aluminum for maximum performance and easy cleaning. Aluminum gives the best heat move of any “cookware accepted” alloy while the 20 mil thick anodizing armors the kettle for durability and gives a super-slick surface for easy cleaning. The kettle jackets are made of plated steel for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Poppers have a 50 watt heating element in the base to keep popped corn new and warm. Since heat rises, bottom heating is favored to heat lamps that only heat the top level of popped corn. The heated warming deck will keep popped corn at the ideal serving temperature for long periods of time. No worry about biting into an un-popped kernel with the Metropolitan’s old-maid drawer. The perforations in the bottom aluminum tray let the un-popped kernels to fall int the drawer leaving only new and completely popped corn in the holding bin. Simply “rake” the popped corn with a scoop and the old-maids fall through the openings. Intended to be easy to operate making them ideal for places that have many operators. The master switch turns on the warming deck and the interior lamp. The kettle switch turns on the agitating motor and the kettle heat for a popping cycle. The kettle switch won’t operate without the master switch in the on position. Measures 20″ width by 30″ height by 15″ depth.

Popcorn Maker Machine by Paramount – New 8oz Capacity Hot-Oil Popper Color: Black

Product Features & plans: • Brand New Paramount Popcorn Machine • Warranty: restricted Lifetime • Eight (8) oz Maximum Capacity • Can Use 2. 5oz, 4oz, 6oz, or 8oz Popcorn Packets Per Batch • suggested For Use With Paramount Popcorn Packets – Available individually • Rotational & removable Hot-Oil Kettle • fitted Electric Stirring System With Low-sound Motor • Convenient On/Off Control Switch • Popcorn Scoop (Included) • removable Clear Acrylic Door • Clear Acrylic Walls • Full Instruction Manual • Easy To Use & Clean • Operates On 110v (Standard Outlet) • 480 Watts • ETL accepted • Physical Dimensions: 19. 5″ Height x 10. 5″ Width x 9. 5″ Depth • Weight: 12lbs • Notice: This product isn’t a “commercial” machine and isn’t intended for “high volume” applications. The machine body and clear walls are mainly made of plastic. Popping unlimited back-to-back batches is possible, but a single 8oz batch will fill the capacity of the machine. As with all hot-oil kettle popcorn machines, there will generally be a % of unpopped kernels with every batch. The % of unpopped kernels will vary from roughly 2 to 8, based on the type and quantity of ingredients used. Any unpopped kernels need not be discarded as most unpopped kernels can still be used as wanted.

Star 39D-A JetStar Woodgrain 6 Oz. Popcorn Popper Kettle

The Star Jetstar popcorn popper pops 135 one oz servings of popcorn per hour. The compact design fits anywhere. The 6 oz nickel plated kettle and the stainless steel outside will last for many years. The kettle swings up and down and has a magnetic catch to hold the cover up while dispensing popcorn. The heated stainless steel corn pan keeps the popcorn hot and new. The clear tempered glass panels are easy to clean and the Lexan doors have aluminum hinges that hold up to constant use. This popper is available with a cart. Standard Features:Uses only 19-1/2 inches of counter space Swing up / down kettle design Heated stainless steel corn deck 6 oz. Nickel-plated kettle One part kettle cover with magnetic catch Clear tempered glass panels S/S old maid drawer to take off unpopped kernels Two clear Lexan doors Clear Lexan serving drop panel Eye level control panel Three 1/8″ thick clear tempered glass nice color graphics Pops 135 one oz servings per hour Wood grain top Optional cart available extra info:Weight: 45 lbs. Ship Weight: 56 lbs. Width: 21″ Depth: 14-1/4″ Height: 25-1/8″ 120 / 230 Volts, 1197 Watts, 5-15P 2 year parts and labor warranty UL, CE and NSF Listed Model #: 39D-A 888273.

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