April 21, 2017

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  • The left hand tool rest has a drill bit rest milled into the surface so you’ll get the correct angle on the tip at all times
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  • Incorporates 36 and 60 Grit Wheels for sharpening and grinding
  • Features a 5 Amp induction-type motor for powerful performance
  • Variable speed control offering you convenience and versatility in your grinding, sharpening, buffing and polishing operations
  • Two piece tool rests are independently adjustable to compensate for wheel wear and to achieve different angles
  • Water tray to help keep workpiece cool while grinding
  • Upfront variable speed dial allows you to easily control speeds from 2,000 RPM to 3,400 RPM
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

8 in. Variable Speed Grinder with two different grit wheels for sharpening and grinding. It includes a adaptable work light, cast iron base for durability, and full size safety shields. Motor: 5 AMP, 120 Volt, 1 Phase Shaft Diameter: 5/8 in. Wheel Dimensions: 8 in. Diameter x 1 in. Thick Wheel Speed: 2,000 to 3,400 RPM Wheel Grit: 36 and 60 Grit Wheels Cord Length: 6 feet Assembled Depth: 11 in. Assembled Width: 16 1/2 in. Assembled Height (not as well as light): 12 1/2 in. Base Dimensions: 7 1/2 in. Depth x 9 3/4 in. Width.

Compare with similar products:

Craftsman 11506 6" Sander/Polisher

This versatile 2-speed sander/polisher with 23-197 a 4. 5 amp motor is great for most sanding or polishing tasks. The trigger switch controls the two speeds and may be locked on for expanded use. The tool’s rear handle rotates 90 deg left or right and the side handle may be mounted on top, right or left side. A live tool display glows green to make the user aware of electrical current. Will include: rubber backing pad, wrench, polishing bonnet, spanner nut, aux handle assembly, and manual.

Sunex 5002A with Light,

Features. Bright adaptable work light. Has two 8 in. Grit wheels coarse 36 and medium 60. Each wheel has protecting spark guard and. Adjustable eye shield. Mounting holes and rubber feet make grinder easy to mount. On a stand optional – part 5003 or 5005 or use on an accepted worktable or workbench. Conveniently placed easy to use onoff switch. Long 6-foot power cord. Cast iron base for durability. Ball bearing construction for smooth operation. 58 in. Arbor accepts standard 8 in. Wheel. UL CSA Listed. Will include – eye shields tool rests. Power – 34 HP Motor. No load speed – 3450 RPM. Motor – 5 Amp. Voltage – 115V60Hz. Item Weight – 36. 900 lbs.

JET 577103 10-Inch Industrial

If you have things that need cleaning, sharpening, buffing, removing rust, or removing burs from metal, then you need this JET 10in. Industrial Bench Grinder. Features heavy-responsibility construction with powerful, long-life motor for use all day, every day. It comes standard with good and coarse vitrified grinding wheels, cast iron wheel guards and dust vents, and more. Wheel Diameter (in. ): 10, HP: 1 1/2, Length (in. ): 24 1/2, Speed (RPM): 1,725, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 24 1/2 x 12 1/4 x 13, Side Handle: No, Switch Type: Toggle, Battery Included: No, Wheel Included: Yes, Product Type: Bench.

JET J-4103 2 x 72 Square Wheel Belt

The JET J-4103 Square Wheel Belt grinder offers fast, economical grinding and finishing all in one machine. Serrated contact wheel removes heavy stock, cleans up a weld or snags a casting. The J-4103 grinds and refinishes cylindrical shapes and puts a satin finish on steel, iron or aluminum, and grind hard to reach regions with the 3in. X 2in. Or 1 1/2in. X 2in. Diameter contact wheels. Belt Speed (ft. /min. ): 4,600, Application: Metal grinding, Belt Size (in. X in. ): 2 x 72, will include: Belt, Wheel Included: Yes, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 20 x 18 x 20, Motor Phase(s): 1, Wheel Size (in. ): 8, Material Type: Metal.


Built to withstand the high volume demands of the busiest shops. These high quality machines, grind, sharpen and smooth with equal precision and flawless results. Pre-drilled bases for mounting on stands or work benches. Standard Equipment: Adjustable safety shields, Wheel dresser, Adjustable tool rests, good and coarse vitrified grinding wheels, Single dust chute hose, Two year warranty.

6" 3450 RPM Long Shaft Buffer Polisher Grinding Wheel Work Buffing Wheel vs Delta Tools 23-197 pricing

You will find so many uses for this new Bench Grinder right out-of-the-gate you will wonder how you ever worked without it. Not only does it grind any media you may be able to throw at it, all it takes is a simple change of the wheel and you have an industrial strength buffer and polisher. Make one side a grinding wheel and the other a polishing wheel and speed up your projects in no time. The extra long shafts on the grinder let for expanded clearance for bulky things and the lighted ON/OFF switch guarantees safe function at all times. Features & plans big expanded shafts Meets all your buffing, polishing and grinding needs Heavy responsibility Cast iron base and frame Precision machined shaft and lubricated bearings for longer life 1/3 HP 120v/60Hz. Will include 6″ Buffer Wheels. Arbor: 1/2″.

Wolff Industrial Twice as Sharp Scissor Sharpening System 220V European Plug

Wolffs Industrial Twice as Sharp is intended to make your in-house shear sharpening fast, easy, and exact. The complete system comes equipped with a 100 grit sharpening wheel so you may be able to sharpen your shear quickly, and a 350 grit honing wheel intended to improve your shear so it’ll be twice as sharp as new The Industrial Twice as Sharp scissors sharpening system also comes fitted with an arm and clamp assembly that may be set to go with all possible angles on any industrial shear up to 14 inches in length. This will let you to confidently sharpen any shear to the exact angle best suited to your application. Do you have questions about best angles or how to sharpen your shears? The Industrial Twice as Sharp comes with an in-depth manual that lists many of the best angles for different styles of shears, and when you buy one of our systems, youll have full access to Wolffs 800 number support line at no extra charge. All of Wolffs scissors sharpening systems come with a complete training video that will walk you through the steps of sharpening many shears. This exhaustive training tool will make it simple for you to teach your associates how to properly use your new sharpener and produce quality results every time.

Tormek Sharpening System Magnum Bundle TBM803 T-8. A Complete Water Cooled Sharpener With 13 Popular Jigs and Accessories vs Delta Tools 23-197 review

Let”s start with the evident – this is an unbelievable sharpening kit, it”s for woodworkers of all proficiency levels, however it”s also ideal for anybody wanting to start a sharpening service – it”s that complete. The Tormek T-8 is our top of the line water-cooled sharpening system, and is – by far – the best sharpening system one can purchase. If you use tools that need a finely honed, razor-sharp edge, this machine will give you a lifetime of excellent service, and ensure your tools have an edge that lets you to effortlessly work your magic. It sharpens all manner of tools – knives, scissors, wood chisels, plane irons, spoke shaves, carving tools, lathe turning tools, Axes, and more. If it has an edge, the Tormek T-8 will sharpen it. The Tormek Grindstone is constructed so that with the Stone Grader it may be treated to change its property from 220 grit to 1,000 grit. This has evident benefits. You may be able to make both the 1st fast grinding and the sharpening on the same grindstone and the same grinding machine and with the same jig setting. Included with this kit are the following: The sharpener, the above-mentioned grinding wheel, an 8-3/4″ Diameter x 1-1/4″ real leather honing wheel, Angle Master, Honing Compound, Stone Grader, Diamond Truing Tool, Advanced Square Edge Jig, Handbook and Instructional DVD. The included Hand Tool Kit will include the Knife Jig, Small Knife Holder, Long Knife Jig, Scissors Jig, Axe Sharpening Jig and Short Tool Jig. Also included is the Woodturners Kit, which will include the Tool Rest with Torlock, common Gouge Jig, Profiled Leather Honing Wheel, Multi Jig, Tormek Cover, Turning Tool Setter, and Turners Instruction Box. All packaged neatly together, this awesome system comes with a seven-year warranty.

Baldor 662R 6-Inch 1/3-Horse Industrial Duty Big Red /Buffer

Baldor industrial bench grinders are recognized to be the best. This 3,600 RPM grinder is built tough for all your grinding jobs. Intended to comply with OSHA standards. 1/3 HP, 115 Volt single phase, 60 Hz uses 6 In. X 3/4 In. X 1/2 In. Wheels. Supplied with one 36 grit wheel and one wire wheel. Useful for wire brisking. Removes scale, rust and deburs small parts. Weighs 30 lbs. Supplied with an 8 Ft. three conductor cord and plug. Will include 3 year warranty.

RIKON 80-808 8" 1 hp Low 1725 RPM vs Delta Tools 23-197 price

1 HP Low Speed Bench Grinder #80-808 is a bigger size motor and will tackle the tough grinding jobs that are common in production shops, also as the finesse shaping and sharpening of hand tools. Tool rests on this machine are extra-big and flat, without a drill bit sharpening groove. Wheel flanges are cast metal. Grinder will include dual dust collection ports on the rear of the wheel guards.

Tormek BGM100 Tool Rest Mount Kit for Tormek Sharpening Jigs

Sharpen your tools quickly and exactly with the help of the BGM-100 bench grinder mounting set from Tormek. This set enables you to mount any of three Tormek woodturning jigs to your bench grinder: the SVD-185 gouge jig, the SVS-50 multi jig (for skew chisels), or the SVD-110 tool rest. You may be able to mount it to either side of your grinder, and rubber feet add stability and decrease vibration. Sharpen a range of Tools with Ease With the BGM-100 bench grinder mounting set, you may be able to mount a Tormek woodturning jig onto your bench grinder and sharpen virtually any tool in your workshop with best precision. The set is well-matched with the following Tormek jigs: the SVD-185 gouge jig, the SVS-50 multi jig (for skew chisels), and the SVD-110 tool rest (mainly for turning scrapers, hollowing tools, and thin parting tools). Benefits of Mounting a Jig onto Your Bench Grinder Doing the initial shaping of a tool is frequently faster on a bench grinder. But, it may be hard to control the tool by hand, and it is easy to accidentally remove more steel than needed. By attaching a Tormek jig to your bench grinder with this mounting set, you may be able to sharpen your tools quickly but exactly, with greater control and more consistent results. Simple, adaptable Installation you may be able to mount the BGM-100 on either side of your bench grinder, and either to a wooden platform or straight to the bench–whichever best suits your needs. The mounting set is intended for grinders with wheel diameters between 6 inches and 10 inches, and your wooden platform must be at least 3/4-inch thick. Using the included rubber feet will give you steady performance with less vibration.

Premium, 8 In, 1.5HP, Var Spd vs Delta Tools 23-197 reviews

‘ Bench Grinder, 1-1/2 HP, Voltage 120, 1 Phase, Wheel Dia. 8 In. Dust Collection Yes, 12. 0 Amps, 1800 to 3450, 3600 No Load RPM, Wheel Width 1 In. Arbor Size 5/8 In. Wheels Center-Center 18-3/4 In. in general Length 22 In. in general Height 13-1/2 In. Exhaust Port Size 2-1/2 In. Wheel Material Aluminum Oxide, Grit 36 and 60, Light No, 60 Hz, will include Grinding Wheels, Electronically Controlled Variable Speed With LED Readout ‘.

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  2. DEWALT DW4906 8-Inch Crimped Bench Wire Wheel, 5/8 Arbor, Medium Face, .014-Inch Wire
  3. Commando Grinding Wheel Dresser with Flat Diamond Coated Surface for Truing Grinding & Deburring Wheels
  4. Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig
  5. JET 577172 Pedestal Stand for Bench Grinders
  6. Grizzly H7763 Pedestal Stand for Bench Grinder

Models to consider:
JPS-2A VOY-145806GBG800L 410BR410a 5002A
JSQ004 WSSAKO81112812RE JBG-6ABG600 WSSAKO81111
612R NANO-1000T-110VPCB525BG TBU704TOR-TBM803 DW756
TBW702 DW758662R TOR-TBW802DZ1114 T10010ANV
Tormek T-7 H7834578108K J-4103H7763 602E
G0596 DSD 250T-4CP 110-8107WD1022W BNCGRNDSTND1750
2FDB6 GB800ATG-02 T10097OWC-1 DS 200
JBG-10A BGM-100TOR-TBH801 JWBG-8G9928 T-4HTP
WSSAKO81111 BG600TOR-TBW802 VOY-145806PCB575BG NANO-1000T-110V
Tormek T-7 TOR-TBC807JBG-10A TG1052FDB6 TOR-TBD806
JWBG-8 1022W51400EDC TBM703R-410A 812RE
H7763 TBH701DW756 TBW702BGSS801 JPS-2A
602E BGM-100R410a 578108KWSSAKO81112 H7834
612R G9928410B OWC-1DZ1114 TOR-TBH801
DSD 250 GB800AG0596 BG8/915TG-02 T-4HTP
JSQ004 TOR-TBM803T10010ANV PCB525BGDS 200 GA16R
602E H7834TBH701 WSSAKO811115002A G9717
G9928 TOR-TBM803JSQ004 DZ1114TOR-TBU804 612R
812RE 1022WTOR-TBH801 DSD 250GBG800L BGSS801
TG105 OWC-1TG-02 PCB575BGR410a BG600
BG8/915 J-4103H7763 WSSAKO81112VOY-145806 JBG-6A
JWBG-8 TBM703GB800A BGM-100Tormek T-7 GA16R
TOR-TBC807 NANO-1000T-110V2FDB6 T10010ANVDW756 51400EDC
T-4HTP 410B578108K G0596R-410A TOR-TBD806
DS 200 BNCGRNDSTND1750T10097 110-8107WDTBW702 TBU704


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