April 21, 2017

Pro Joiner (Logan) has great ratings


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  • Quick adjust corner clamp
  • Quick load V-nail holding system
  • New moulding support arms
  • Adjustable nail spacing guide & settings
  • Faster than the Studio Joiner
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General description

Much faster than the Studio Joiner, the Pro Joiner drives 2 nails at a time into hard or soft woods and is ideal for production joining of copy frames using the same moulding size. Very exact and versatile, still compact and economical, while producing professional results. Heavy responsibility professional style joiner for exact corner joints. Features are: – V-nail alignment pins – Drives 1 or 2 nails at a time – Adjustable nail spacing guide & settings – Sliding nail loading system – fast-change corner clamp – Drives all nail sizes – Use on hard or soft woods – Use on mouldings up to 2. 5″ large – completely adjustable power-driven arm – Nails are stackable – fast load V-nail holding system – Improved foot depth setting – Improved moulding support arms – No assembly obliged. Will include 400 V-nails and free instructional DVD. Uses substitute v-nail packs F13, F14, F15, F16, F47 or F48. USA.

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Collins Tool Miter Spring Clamps – 12 Pack

Set of 12 Collins Miter F300-2 Clamps if you’re applying moldings and trim or whipping up a run of picture frames one of the biggest hassles in gluing up mitered corners is keeping them from opening up. Spring clamps are the fastest and simplest way to do it and the Collins Spring Clamp System is one of the most economical we have found.

New 5" Cross Drill Press Vise X-Y Clamp Machine Slide Metal Milling 2 Way HD

Feature Brand New And lasting completely Adjustable Adjustable Shims For good modification Heavy responsibility Steel Construction screw Down Slots For Secure Turn Your Drill Press Into A Milling Achine Precision Threaded Clamping And Cross Slide Screws Removable Handles For Easy Slide On And Off plans Material: hard Steel Color: black Gray Vise Travel: 7″ Jaw Width: 5″ Base Size: 9″ X 5″ Maximum Jaw Opening: 4. 75″ Package Size: 14″ X 14″ X 8″ Package Include: 1 X 5″ Cross Drill Press Vise.

3" Aluminum Corner Clamp – 4 pack

A great tool for picture framing, this corner clamp has a 3″ capacity with a 3/8″ high clamping surface. If you are simply gluing or using fasteners, this miter style clamp will hold stock firm and square at an exact 90 degrees. This is a rugged, exact clamp with a saw slot to let you to make your last miter trim while firmly holding the stock in position. Clamp is constructed of lasting aluminum ally with steel threaded vise screws and two countersunk mounting holes for permanent installation on the bench. Aluminum Alloy Construction W/Steel Screws Precision – Machined Screw Assembly Dipped t – Bar Handles Clamps Miter or Butt Joints Holds Joints at a 90 – degree angle for exact secure assembly Holds work of different widths at one time (up to 3 inches). Tow counter sunk holes let fastening to work surfaces. When gluing two boards don’t over tighten the joint forcing the glue out of the joint – this will because a weak joint and you could break or pull the washer out of the clamp.

Whitelotous 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp 100mm Mitre Clamps Corner Clamp Picture Holder vs F-300-2

Features: Aluminum alloy construction with steel screws. 90right angle clamp. Independently adjustable jaws. Holds joints at a 90 degree angle. May also be used for 45 degree sawing. Great for picture framing and wood working. Pre drilling mounting holes to let fixing to work surfaces. Maximum clamping range 7. 5CM, usually 4 right-angle clamp all together to use. Plans: Material: Aluminum Type: 4 -inch Color: Red Package Content: 1 x 90Right Angle Clamp.

Ulmia "B" Size Miter Clamp Ring 10 Pack

“B”-size rings are the second smallest size in the A-F range. For use with mouldings with a width of 5/8 to 1 inch. Distance between points is 3/4 inch. Miter Clamp Pliers (sold individually) are obliged to apply and remove these rings. Useful for clamping and glueing crown moulding, base trim, bench rail, picture frames, cupboards, etc. The application tool lets for exact alignment and clamping of all sizes of miter joints. The clamp rings are available in six sizes A-F also as a “pinch clamp” for smaller work. Search “Ulmia Clamp” to see all of the different sizes.

Kreg KHC-90DCC 90-degree Corner Clamp vs Logan Joiner F300-2 pricing

Kreg combines the function of a corner clamp with the convenience of a face frame clamp to create the final clamp for box construction. Pull drawer boxes into alignment quickly and easily. Assemble and secure 90-degree shelving in a snap. Self-squaring design aligns individual joints every time. Big clamping surface protects soft woods against workpiece imprint will include fast-change handle for varying stock thicknesses up to 1-1/4″.

Yost R25 Right Angle Clamp

Yost R25 model is a 2. 5 inch right angle clamp. It’s a lasting aluminum tool that’s efficient for making cupboards or box-frames, and functions as a 3rd hand for the every handyman. It is useful function of an assembly aid helps in the alignment and clamping of parts for nailing, welding, and screwing. The clamp’s ergonomic handles and fast-release system let for easy modifications, while the 2-1/2-inch jaw capacity handles most clamping jobs. A 3-inch clamp face with v-groove design is included to hold round materials.

Rockler 29190 Clamp-It Assembly Square Tool vs Logan Joiner F300-2 review

Here is a solution that is so simple, you will wonder why it took so long to develop. The Clamp-It® replaces custom clamping jigs, acts as a 3rd hand, and removes the need for long bulky clamps. Simply put, the Clamp-It® is a square you may be able to clamp. In fact, you may be able to assemble a cabinet one corner at a time. Works with any joinery technique, from nails to hand cut dovetails. It is ideal for each stage of construction, from assembling plywood cupboards to face frames and drawers. Clamp-It® is perfect for framing decks and installing rails and balusters. Attach it to a work surface, and it becomes a right angle fixture for bench assembly. Clamp-It® is computer intended and made from high affect, rigid polycarbonate to ensure strength and accuracy. Size of the Clamp-It® is 8″ X 8″ X 1 – 1/2″. Drawer Assembly: Clamp-It® is intended for use on either the inside or outside of a corner, making it ideal for assembling drawers with lipped fronts. Deck Rails: Use Clamp-It® to hold deck balusters at a perfect 90° angle while fastening. Bench Jigs: Clamp-It® may be secured to any work surface to create a simple 90° assembly jig. 5″ Clamp-It® Bar Clamp: Clamp features a fixed head with a comfy ergonomic handle and a moveable tailpiece. Sold individually Find the right Clamp-It® for each project. Also available from Rockler: Clamp-It® Mini Assembly Square Clamp-It® Adjustable Assembly Square Clamp-It® Assembly Square w/common Fence Clamps.

Ulmia Miter Clamp Pliers

The Ulmia Miter Clamp pliers were used to apply all 6 sizes of clamping rings. Step up to quality The Miter Clamp System by Ulmia is the original German variant of an very useful kind of clamp that was cheaply-and badly-copied by lesser suppliers. Get the best quality tool for best quality results. Works great for mitered joints like casing, crown moldings, picture frames also as holding parts together for assembly. The clamp puts enough pressure on your miters to create a perfect glue joint that will not fail. A woodworkers best friend, a tool that should be in every trim carpenter or cabinet maker’s toolbox. Youll be impressed how easily you may be able to clamp and align many kinds of joints.

Northern Industrial Welders 90deg Welding Angle Clamp vs Logan Joiner F300-2 price

This Northern Industrial heavy-responsibility cast iron vise lets two things of different diameter to be joined at a 90deg angle. Great for fast, easy set-ups for welding or assembling projects. Slotted base holes for easy mounting; copper plated screws withstand weld spatter. Finish Type: Painted, Pieces (qty. ): 1, Material: Cast iron, Throat Depth (in. ): 2 3/8, Opening (in. ): 4, Degree of Angle ( deg ): 90, Length (in. ): 13, Product Style: Welding angle clamp, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 13 x 13 x 3 1/2, Jaw Length (in. ): 5.

2 3/4" Clamping Squares 2 Pack By Peachtree Woodworking PW1166

90 angle may be challenging more frequently than not. A simple solution is to place a square in the corner of the two stock pieces you have to square and secure with a set of clamps, this but may be frustrating. Now with our Clamping squares, you may be able to do just that without having to find a square thick enough to accept a regular clamp. The clamping squares are 3/4″ thick to make clamping and placement a breeze. Each square is made from aluminum and machined with a tolerance of +/-. 001. The squares have beveled edges and are anodized to resist staining. The squares are available in two sizes: 2″ and 6″ and come in packs of two.

MLCS 9001 Can-Do Clamp vs Logan Joiner F300-2 reviews

Join picture frames or cabinet frames. 2-3/4-Inch width frame capacity. Sliding T-handle for high clamping pressure. Moveable jaws. Oblong mounting holes let easy mounting to a workbench. Tough aluminum construction. Shown and suggested in WOOD magazine (12/1994 issue). Can-Do clamp can do it all. A clamp and a viseSets up instantly; secures quicklyPrecisePerfect for framing, drilling, doweling, and more.

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Models to consider:
2205S029 3380-1LCWSM-9 WSM-12TZ7100-1 TZ7100
170-c WAC35-SW08A62C WR-1037-15D3227 170-b
170-d PW1167TZ7100 170-f07S51 TZ7100
C60015 Z0175WS-6 173HKKHC-90DCC Roc-4880
WS-1 WS-3PW1166 WAC45-SWWAC35D
170-d Z0175WAC45-SW PW1166TZ7100 WS-3
WR-1037-15 WSM-9WSM-12 WAC35-SW173HK 170-b
Roc-4880 WAC35DD3227 TZ7100-108A62C PW1167
TZ7100 WS-62205S029 170-fWS-1 TZ7100
07S51 170-c3380-1LC C60015KHC-90DCC
WR-1037-15 173HKZ0175 170-bC60015 170-d
08A62C 07S51170-f 3380-1LCTZ7100 WSM-12
Roc-4880 2205S029170-c PW1167WS-1 WAC35D
TZ7100 WS-3WSM-9 WAC35-SWKHC-90DCC TZ7100-1
WS-6 TZ7100D3227 WAC45-SWPW1166


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