April 21, 2017

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  • Cylinder designed to be removed for filling and cleaning
  • Plastic piston has handy air-release valve
  • All metal gears
  • Stainless steel base; Two clamps to conveniently secure during use
  • Three stuffing tubes: 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″; Each with a 1 9/16″ base
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General description

LEM merchandise 606 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer has a stainless steel base and cylinder and all metal gears. Clamp the stuffer to a table or counter top and crank out perfect sausage every time. Comes with 3 stuffing tubes: 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″. Cylinder removes for easy filling and cleaning. Air valve release pushes air out of the top instead of into the casing.

Recent reviews of LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer:

“Great product” really says it all. Hands down the best value out there when comparing apples to apples. What I like: A couple of features I could think about to be compulsory for a stuffer in this group: all stainless steel construction and all metal gears (the latter being an complete must if you are processing lots of meat). Looks and feels like quality – it is built like a tank. The piston and o-ring assembly fit tight in the cylinder so you do not have meat squishing back up above the piston. It has a pressure break valve over the piston, a feature NOT listed in the product description on the site where I bought mine (another compulsory feature). It is fast and smooth, taking only about 2 minutes to stuff 5 lbs. Of bratwurst into a 35mm hog casing. What I dislike: Nothing really but to be really nitpicky it may’ve come with stainless steel stuffing tubes. What I could change: Nothing. Like I said above – hands down the best bang for your sausage stuffing buck.

After trying to stuff with my meat grinder which essential disintegrates the meat as it goes back through the worm again I bought this and couldn’t be happier. I questioned one of LEM’s buyer service reps before putting my order and she was useful. It is excellent for those small batches and when you’re doing more weight it is a fast refill or hot and sweet sopressata the can is easily cleaned and prepared to go for the next batch. I agreed with another post I think S/S tubes could have been nice or maybe longer ones. I find it hard to fit the hog hank lengths I get from the butcher and have to cut them down but that is really digging for a negative. The only thing I could recommend as an extra buy to this product is a food grade lubricant. I noticed after some washes the silicone gasket that presses through the tube gets a bit dry and this is one spot that was lubricated out of the box so I keep up with it. Excellent product. Pleased.

I used the LEM 5lb Vertical Stuffer for the 1st time this weekend. One of the best purchases I made involving food merchandise. I used to use the sausage stuffer attachment to meat grinder of my kitchen aid mixer. After working with the kitchen aid for about six months and realizing that my family couldn’t eat store bought sausage anymore (as the sausage we make is leaner and more better with some spices) I had to decrease my production time as the mixer attachment was more then half the time to get the casings full. Now stuffing the casings only took 10 minutes for 3 1/2 lbs of meat. And the most of that time was to get the casings on the tube. The only negative is that the stuffer doesn’t come with a 3/8″ tube attachment. We only like making skinny sausage and it took a while of stretching the casing over the 1/2″ tube. The stuffer is a well built appliance particularly with the metal gears. I’m happy I spent the extra money.

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This meat grinder makes the 606 tough job of grinding meat easy. The powerful 2000 watt motor powers through tough meats with ease and lets for course or good grinding. This unit can slice and grind frozen meat also. Stainless steel design is lasting and easy to clean. This meat grinder is perfect for hamburger patties, meatloaf, sausages and game like deer, venison, elk and wild boar. Features High Power – 2000 watt motor powers through the toughest meats Stainless Steel Design – T-304 Stainless steel construction is easy to clean and is lasting enough for commercial use 2 Grinding Plates – Course and good grinding plates lets you to grind meats to your needs High Capacity – Easily grinds 450lbs/hr Loading Tray – Stainless steel loading tray helps keep meat close at hand for maximum productivity Teste & Certified – Our meat grinder went through broad ETL and CE tests to ensure correct performance and safety large Loading Funnel – large throat handles the biggest pieces of meat with ease Easy To Clean – Stainless steel design and removable head makes clean ups a breeze CE & UL Tested and Certified – intended and made in line with the valid safety and health prerequisites plans: Power: 2. 5 HP (2000 Watts) Grinding Head: #12 Grinding Plates: Course & good Blade Speed: 220 Rotations Per Minute will include: 1 x 2000 Watt Industrial Meat Grinder 1 x Meat Pusher 1 x Course Grinding Plate 1 x good Grinding Plate 1 x Sausage Stuffer.

#22 Commercial Electric Meat Grinder

You’re looking at at our #22 110V 485lbs/h Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder. The complete machine is made of high quality stainless steel and comes with safe keeping device. It features big grinding tray and high quality steel cutting blades for easy operation. This high power Meat Grinder is intended for commercial use by restaurants, commercial kitchens, butcher shops, supermarkets, or the home cook that just wants the best. Features: tough full stainless steel body One waterproof switch for safe use Heavy responsibility Motor for Commercial Applications All metal gears with roller bearings Smooth cutting and grinding Safe operation and power economical Removable grinding head and feeding tray for easier cleaning Steady base plate with 4 plastic nozzles assures better stability clean the machine with water before using it. Plans: Power Supply 110V/60Hz Wattage 1100W Efficiency 485lbs/h Total Weight 37-1/2lbs in general Dimension 16″Lx9-1/2″Wx17-3/4″H Feeding Tray Dimension 13″Lx8-2/3″Wx1-1/2″H Package will include: 1x Meat Grinder Machine 2x Stainless Steel Cutting Blade 2x Stainless Steel Cutting Plate 1x Stainless Steel Feeding Table 1x Meat Stuffing Tube 1x Food Pusher info: have to stop 10mins after continually working 40mins, for keeping longer handling life.

New VIVO L /11LB 11 Meat Filler by VIVO (STUFR-V00)

The VIVO 5 L (11 Pound) Sausage Stuffer features a stainless steel cylinder and a stable, all metal base. All metal, high torque gears make this stuffer long lasting and easy to use. Its straightforward disassembly lets for thorough cleaning. The cylinder tilts back for convenient filling and will include four different plastic nozzles. Tube sizes include: 10 mm ( 0. 4 inch), 20 mm (0. 79 inch), 30 mm (1. 18 inch) and 40 mm (1. 57 inch). The VIVO Sausage Stuffer also will include a metal piston with an air release valve which lets air to escape up and out of the top instead of into the sausage casing. An effortless tool for both beginners and professionals. More VIVO Stuffers Models – 3 L (7 pound) model STUFR-V003 – 10 L (22 pound) model STUFR-V010.

Bundle 2 Items: Braun G 1300 100-watt Meat Mincer / Grinder, Acucraft Acupwr Plug Kit, WILL NOT WORK IN USA/CANADA OUTLETS, 220VOLT

The BRAUN G-1300 BLENDER/Mixer is a great everyday tool with awesome features like: MEAT GRINDER, FISH & VEGETABLE PREP,CONVENIENT CORD storage,SAUSAGE CREATOR, Stainless steal blades, 3 different slices of stainless steel, and meat mincer. This product is for abroad Use Only and we’ll supply our exclusive (ACUCRAFT ACUPWR Plug Kit – Lifetime Warranty) Not For Use In USA/CANADA.

Generic QYUS4160211769 83072 ic Meat Grinder Mincer Electri Electric Meat r Mince Blades Blades Cutter w/ 3 less Stee

—-NOTE—- And if any questions, contact us 1st before using A—/to–/-Z or neg-a-t-iv-efee-db-a-c-k or char-g-e-ba-ck or another Ama-zo-n Procedure which will give us lots of troubles Description: The Meat Grinders are noted for their exceptional dependability and nice, compact design. And it is the must have for food lover and Cooks. Useful, lasting die-cast metal parts for heavy responsibility grinding. This design is in rigorous compliance with cleanliness and safety standards. The energy economical motor and precision gear drive are dependable under the most calling for conditions. This electronic meat grinder is perfect for butcheries and supermarkets, Chinese restaurant, delis and pizza shops. Simply plug and grind your way to financial success. Feature: Voltage: 110 V,60 Hz Rated Power :300W Locked Motor Wattage:900 Watts of Peak Output Power 3 Switch System :On, Off and Reverse Stop and Reset Switch (Circuit Breaker) 3 x High Quality Steel Cutting Blades ( good, Medium, Coarse ) 1 x Each Stainless Steel Cutting Blades 1 x Sausage Stuffing Tubes 1 x Kubbe / Kibbe Attachment 1 x Meat Pusher Weight 4. 5 kg.

Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Electric Meat Grinder MAX 1HP 800W, Gray

High-power and lasting motor assures that you’ll be using it time after time. Removable square aluminum meat tray holds a generous amount of meat to change processing. Die-cast aluminum grinder head is built to last. Big size Stainless Steel Wrapped Body construction assures durability. Reverse function repositions trapped ingredients smoothly to maximize output. Full set of accessories is included to meet your needs. 3 Cutting plates let you to grind ingredients while the sausage attachments make stuffing your sausage faster than using a separate stuffer.

Generic O-8-O-3074-O hen Han Chopper Kitchen pper Ki Food Manual Meat Grinder Maker Hand r Mince Mincer Pasta Maker HX-US-16Mar28-177

Item Description 7″ Height. Ideal for meats, beans, nuts and many vegetables Make your pasta from your beloved recipe. Will include instruction and recipe booklet. Comes with two screens: Coarse mincing plate, good mincing plate, sausage funnel and 3 pasta attachments: rigatoni, spaghetti and linguine. Crush beans, vegetables and nuts for widens and p? T; grind beef chuck, round or sirloin for unbelievable homemade hamburgers; pulverize stale bread for breadcrumbs; or break up veggies for baby food. The possibilities are endless thanks to coarse- and good-textured steel mincing plates. Three pasta attachments open up a world of Italian cuisine, enabling cooks to create new homemade rigatoni, spaghetti, or linguine. Plus, an enclosed funnel makes grinding sausage a snap. Also included are a suction-locking pestle, plastic tray, in depth information, and a recipe booklet. The unit stands 7 inches high with a 4-1/4 inch diameter base. This kitchen tool is FDA-accepted. 3-in-one kitchen tool; minces, grinds, and makes new pasta from scratch Comes with two screens; coarse mincing plate and good mincing plate Comes with three pasta attachments; rigatoni, spaghetti and linguine Comes with secure suction base and locking key will include a sausage funnel attachment-stainless steel blades.

KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers

Make your KitchenAid stand mixer more versatile with this white KitchenAid food grinder attachment. Easy to assemble, attach and clean, it comes with good and coarse plates, a stomper and a wrench. Good plate grinds raw or cooked meat for widens, also as new or dried bread for crumbs. Coarse plate grinds raw or cooked meat, firm vegetables, dried fruits and cheese. Made in USA.

Guide Gear Electric Meat Cutting Band Saw and Grinder

Guide Gear 1-hp. Meat Processor / Bandsaw. Years of reliable service procedure your meats at home, just like at the butcher shop. Save cash and get exactly what you want. Perfect for hunters, farmers, more. Powerful 1-hp. Motor tackles big jobs, frozen meat; 18 1/2″ x 23 1/2″ sliding stainless steel table with 2 adjustable fences; Cut capacity: 9″d. 9 1/2″w. Adjustable blade height; Easy clean-up front access panel; Steel construction; Meat grinder attachment; Blade included. Weighs 114 lbs. Cut loose, order now Guide Gear Electric Meat Cutting Band Saw and Grinder.

Zeny® New 10" Blade Commercial Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Premium Quality 240w 30RPM with Dual Baffle Plates

Features: 1. CE accepted 2. Sharpening control buttons for controlling the whetstones to sharpen two sides of the blade easily 3. Convenient to change the exact thickness of meat from 0 to 5/8″ with the numerical scale handle 4. Numerical scale handle makes the adjustable plate to move back and forth and change the thickness of meat 5. The adjustable plate fixed handle for fixing the adjustable plate 6. Stainless steel confuse plate and transparent plastic plate avoid meat falling off when slicing thicker meat 7. Two confuse plates and the stainless steel fixed device with steel nails for fixing meat to slice 8. Fixed device handle for pushing the fixed meat to slice 9. Moving handle and the fixed device handle compose of dual handles system to slice meat effortlessly 10. Big sliced meat exit behind the machine for sliced meat sliding out quickly 11. Heat output holes under the meat slicer to disperse heat 12. Skidproof rubber feet for table use 13. Easy to clean and maintenance 14. Low sound level Specification: Power: 110V, 240W 1/3HP Blade Diameter: 10″ rotating Speed: 530 RPM Material: lasting Stainless Steel Blade & Fixed Device in general Dimension: 19″ x 18-7/10″ x 16-1/2″ estimated Maximum Slicing Thickness: 5/8″ (17 mm) Specially intended for commercial use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, butcher shops, delis, farms, and home use. It is perfect for slicing big beef, venison, mutton, turkey, cheese, ham, bread, vegetable, fruit and other food up to the 5/8″ thick (0-17mm).

Weston Brands Grinder #8 Electric HvyDty 7 Watt 33-0201-W

Weston Meat Grinders are heavy responsibility machines built for home meat processing. A meat grinder is the final tool among home butcher supplies – procedure your deer, wild game, and other meats for sausage making, burgers, and more This versatile electric grinder doubles as a sausage stuffer and features a compact design for easy storage. Its powerful 575 watt motor is ideal for grinding any wild game or domestic meat. Features: – Powerful 575 watt motor – 3 stainless steel grinding plates for good, medium, and coarse grinds – Sausage stuffing funnel for easy sausage making – Forward and reverse operation – Compact design for convenient storage – Attachments store inside stomper – big grinding tray.

KWS Professional Commercial Electric Meat Grinder Meat Grinder ME-22 11/2 HP 900w For Restaurant/Deli/ Home

The KitchenWare Station ME-22 heavy- responsibility commercial use meat grinder is perfect for creating ground beef, sausage, and wild game. With its 1 1/2 hp motor, it’ll certainly meet the demand for restaurants, meat processing shop, deli, butcher shops and more. ME-22 meat grinder can grind roughly up to 485 lbs of meat per hour or 8 lbs per minute. ME-22 is made of high quality stainless steel which are harder and more lasting; consistent with international sanitation standard and accepted by CE, LFGB. This meat grinder has two lines of heat dissipation holes on each side of the machine body, it assists expand the service life of the machine. The handle of is attached to the top of the unit to offer a more convenience and steady use. Other feature: • On-off switch with waterproof cover • Easy to clean and operate • Come with 5′ power cord • in general dimensions is 16. 9 (L) 12. 6 (W) 21. 7 (H). • Meat tray in general dimensions: 13. 5″ (L) 9″ (W) 2. 5″ (H) • Voltage: 110V/ 60HZ Accessories: • 3 sausage stuffing tubes • substitute knife • Plastic pusher • Gasket • Stainless steel meat tray • 1/4″ and 5/16″ grinder plates.

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Models to consider:
MG-800 26MEA00108-3201-W TC12E-MTA74SM07528 MG105FR
VMIX-650 86-0701-WGBS-450S AX-G12SYC-US2-160128-42 NT094
MKG20NR SM-G50HK002 PAN-MK-G20NR-W048-GM-48191 048-GM-48190
52-0601-W W781AE-TS12 mg-1PSE-12 ME-8
168889K UMG-3010B-210 CM22YC-US2-160128-43 MSS178821H01
ME-22 AX-G22S36-2201-W No.1HLK18-010 048-GM-48214
SV-3 STX-3000-TFSM-G31 Mdl:MKG20NRW003-PT-30179 TC8-MT527-FME01
MEG300 g-1300126-STF001-3L8LB V5267CC12 FM1700
TSV1016 TC-12E86-1101-W STX-3000-MFDKS-240 250F
08-0801-W 048-GM-48190MG1200 820103WAX-G22S MG105FR
MG-CN-0010 330201WMM-5501 MGR 38593 BKME605131 MUZ6FW4
RH-12 26MEA002-22-SS048-GM-48214 UMG-3010FA12G81 B-210
HA-3433A STUFR-V207AE-G22N 361001WV5267 AE-G12N
g-1300 STX-4000-TB2-W36-2001-W 168618K168889K No.1
003-PT-30187 HK001MMG-3000 86-1101-WPSE-12 SV-3
MGR-25959 26MEA00136-3201-W TB-500ECCM103 08-3201-W
TC-12E 250RH-2MG100 CC12CM22 MG-A01
MEG300 PAN-MK-G20NR-W330201W STUFR-V010G-1500 No.1
STX-4000-TB2-W MG-855AMZBP100 NT094g-1300 08-2201-W
SM-G33 07-0901-WFTS22-2 YC-US2-160128-42048-GM-48191 STUFR-V205
ZL01214991.8-003 CCM103YC-US2-160128-43 W782MG-A01 33-0201-W
AS 27222 TB-500EMG-1.5 08-0801-W330201W MK-G20NR
330201W AE-TS12HK002 MSS178821H01ESS01 MEG300
MG-203100 26MEA002-22-SSG-1500 TSV1016AE-G22N PAN-MK-G20NR-W
5Lhunter 11806/SSTX-1800-MG 08-3201-W08-0801-W MG100
361001W 36-2201-WSM-G70 B-310250F DKS-240
W777 STUFR-V010AT950A HK001126-STF001-3L8LB TB-300E


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