April 21, 2017

R134a R12 (R410a) reviewed…


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  • Aluminum housing. Includes 3 color-coded 60″ long service hose + 1black 60″ hose
  • Completed Aluminum AC 4 Way Manifold Gauge Set R134a R410a R22 A/C HVAC Refrigeration Freon W/60″ Charging Hoses + Coupler Adapters & 1/2″ ACME
  • Works for R410, R22, R134a
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Danelectro ’59 NOS – Blue

Danelectros were so many rock ‘n’ roll giant’s 1st guitar. And thanks to their instantly identifiable tone, comfy light-weight design, and look that oozes vintage vibe, they are still using their prized Danos today. Now you may be able to join in on the party with the Danelectro ’59 NOS solidbody electric guitar. The NOS mentions the Lipstick pickups. A batch that were made in 1999 surfaced at Danelectro. And now they are being put to use giving you the twangy, round, and old-school tone that Danelectro is so famous for, in your new ’59 NOS electric guitar.

Generic Exhaust Filter Set for Dryers

Note: they are generic filters intended to go with Avanti dryer filters but aren’t made by them. Instead they’re made to CTE Market’s high standards. Substitute filters are an important part of keep your dryer running at optimum efficiency. Correct maintenance will extend its lifespan. But, manufacturers frequently want to charge an arm and a leg for substitute parts for their dryers. We have engineered our filters with the same high standards as the original to work with your dryer and only charge a small percentage of the cost. It’s important to change your Exhaust Paper Filter every 3 months and your Air Intake Paper Filter every 12 months. So our kits will include the pieces to keep you going for a full year: 4 x Exhaust Paper Filter 1 x Air Intake Paper Filter substitute for Avanti Dryer Filters substitute for Dryer:Model: PAN40SF/PAN725SF substitute for Dryer Model: SYD-40E/SYD-60E.

Display Touch Screen (AMOLED) Digitizer Assembly with Frame for Samsung Galaxy S (SIV) SCH- I55 / SPH- L720 / SCH- R970 (for SAMSUNG Mobile Phone Re

Have you dropped your Samsung Galaxy S4 and damaged the touch screen, interfering with pictures? Has it otherwise become scratched or scuffed? If your Samsung Galaxy S4 had damage done to the screen, or if you’re having display issues that because a white or black screen or inky spots that get in the way with pictures and other pictures, you don’t have to replace the complete Samsung phone. For a small percentage of the cost, this AMOLED display and touch screen digitizer assembly substitute can fix a damaged touch screen and the AMOLED display simultaneously. This complete front assembly will let you to see pictures obviously again, without inky spots or scratches to the touch screen. If your touch screen isn’t reacting properly, this assembly may also replace a broken touch screen, and for a small percentage of the cost of a new Samsung Galaxy S4. If you are not good at repairing, you’d better ask someone who is experienced to do this for you. Or search the internet and find some tutorial video for reference. It is important to know the difference among GS4 model variants when you have to purchase a suited Galaxy S4 substitute part to fix your broken Galaxy S4 There are four ways how to know which Galaxy S4 model name you have. •Find Samsung Galaxy S4 Model Number in the system (Navigate to Setting>About) •Know Galaxy S4 Model Name from Battery Door •Find Galaxy S4 Model Number behind the Battery •Check Samsung Galaxy S4 Model Code under the Housing Each screen is tested before shipping and 100 working, Ships carefully with box packaging. Package as included: Display Touch Screen Digitizer(with Frame) fix Tool Kits(Philips Head / Flat Head / 5-angel star head / Pry Pick / Suction cup / Tweezers) Gift: New center Plate Silver Frame (Replace the center plate if your phone edge is damaged).

Stens Cylinder Assembly 632-825 Replaces Husqvarna 53715730 Fits 359 Chainsaws

Stens Cylinder Assembly 632-825 Replaces Husqvarna 537157304 Fits 359 Chainsaws DESCRIPTION Stens Cylinder Assembly Husqvarna 537157304 REPLACES OEM: Husqvarna: 537157302, 537157304, FITS MODELS: Husqvarna 359 chainsaws specifications: Bore: 47 mm Finish: Ceramic finish will include: Piston, ring, pin and clips Ethanol: Not well-matched with greater than 10 ethanol fuel extra information: CrossSell: 632-825 Uses 485-150 Muffler Gasket CrossSell: 632-825 Uses 623-489 Base Gasket CrossSell: 632-825 Uses 635-764 Decompression Valve.

High Quality Full LCD Display Glass Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement Part for Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 G900r G900f G900h G900m G9001

Well-matched with: Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 G900r G900f G900h G900m G9001 1. LCD Display Glass Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly. Replace the old, broken, cracked, damaged LCD screen with a new one. 2. High Quality LCD Display Glass Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly substitute,Make your device look more refreshing than ever. 3. Fix/Replacing old,broken,cracked,damaged LCD Display Glass Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly. 4. Each item was checked and in good condition before shipping. Note:Firstly, you may want to test before installing. Also,connecting the flex cable but not to the motherboard. If the touch screen does not work, releasing the cable and attempt to connect again. On occasion touch screen does not work just caused by the cable not connected well. Thirdly,After installing,the screen still does not work,release the cable and attempt again. 5. Professional installation is greatly suggested. We’ll not be accountable for any damages to your cellphone/mobile phone that you can because throughout the changing of substitute parts Notice: We propose you’re familiar or seek a professional for dismantling your device,or otherwise you may damage or break your device.

YOUYUE LCD Screen Separator Machine Touch Screen Digitizer Removal Cell Phone LCD Glass Plate Build-in Pump Vacuum Repair LCD Screen for Smart Mobile vs R410a R134a R12 pricing

– Description: -The newest third generation build-in air pump vacuum LCD Separator Screen fix Machine, used for separating glass lens, touch screen and LCD display assembly of iphone,Samsung, LG also as other cell phones. By this machine, you may be able to separate the broken glass from LCD and if LCD is still working well, you only have to replace a glass screen, however no have to replace a full assembly screen, typically that’s quite costly, saving you money. – plans: – Working Voltage: AC110V 50Hz – Power: 400W – Device Size: 263x165x90mm – Heat area : 192 x 114 mm Package Weight : 2. 7kg well-matched: For iPhone, Samsung and other – smart mobile phone which LCD screen’s size is 7 inch and below. – Suit for : iPhone 6+, 6, 5S,5C,5G,4S,4, and etc. Samsung Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy S4,S3 and etc. – Notes: – 1. Must ensure the machine connects ground wire; – 2. Don’t let air flow blows on the plate directly, or it’ll influence the heating machine. – 3. You’re taking some risk of damaging touch screen or LCD. When you’re a new repairer, you’d better practice your skill with some damaged LCD assembly. – – Package will include: – 1 x LCD Separator Machine – 1 x Wire Cut – 1 x Cutting wire gripping toolting Line – 1 x Rubber Mat – 1 x Power Cord.

New Full Assembly LCD Display Touch screen Digitizer For Samsung Galaxy S5 Active SM-G870A G870 USA Cell Phones Parts (Ruby Red)

Package include: 1pcs New Lcd display Touch Screen Digitizer For Samsung Galaxy S5 Active SM-G870A G870. 1) confirm the item is exactly one you need. If the customer bought a wrong item, not need the item, can’t install the item, or any other purchasers causes returns, customer have to pay for the return shipping and 15 of payment for the seller charge(Example: shipping fee, Restocking fee, Handling charges and so on. ) 2) don’t install the item now after received. Attempt to check the item function by just input the flex connector to your phone firstly. Be sure to test it 1st. Determining quality is good, work properly, no scratches, then installed. Once after installed, could not accept returns. Thanks for your cooperation.

Feuling Conversion Camplate – HP Series 7076 vs R410a R134a R12 review

FEULING – OIL SYSTEM PACK Both HP+ and Race Series kits include Feulings HIGH FLOW billet camplate made from 7075 aluminum which is 50 harder and stronger than the factory, SE and other aftermarket camplates. Feuling increases oil flow and volume by enlarging the oil pump reservoirs and important oil passages as well as agreeing the oil port holes during the camplate to the port holes in the engine case which increases engine oil flow to the lifters, piston cooling jets, crankshaft and rod bearings. These kits increase oil pressure, oil volume, engine oil flow and return oil scavenging, eliminating wet sumping and oily air cleaners. Test results show 25-35 degree cooler engine temperatures, 15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures, 15-30 more pounds of oil pressure and quieter smoother engine operation. Results also show a considerable increase of oil pressure and 3 H. P. And 4 ft. Lbs. Of torque to the rear wheel. HP+ Series kits include a billet 6061 aluminum high-volume oil pump, Feuling HIGH FLOW camplate, HP+ Hydraulic roller lifters, gaskets and o-ring kit. Add all the needed parts to finish your T/C engines oiling system. Available in either HP+ or Race Series kits. Race Series kits include a billet 7075 hard anodized oil pump which is 50 harder and stronger than the factory pump holding tighter tolerances under temperature. Race Series hydraulic lifters have a full. 200 of total travel intended with a slower bleed-down rate to manage heavy valve spring pressures, increase engine RPM before valve float and feature increased roller clearance for steep-ramped camshafts. Kits include a Race Series oil pump, Race Series lifters, high flow camplate, gaskets and o-rings. Conversion camplate kits use the early-style 99-06 camshafts and upgrade the cam chain system to use the late-style 07-14 hydraulic tensioner.

Stihl TS60 Concrete Saw Rebuild Includes Cylinder Piston Gasket Set Spark Plug Filter Belt Decompression

Cylinder Replaces OEM: 4221-020-1201. Piston & Rings Replaces OEM: 4221-030-2000. Gasket Set Replaces OEM: 4221-007-1050. 3 part Air Filter Set Replaces OEM: 4221-007-1002. Belt Replaces OEM: 9490-000-7850. Spark Plug Replaces OEM: 1110-400-7005. Fuel Filter Replaces OEM: 0000-350-3500. Decompression Valve Replaces OEM: 4223-020-9400.

Choice Parts – Black Recliner Cable with Release Handle – Exposed Cable Length: .75" – Total Cable Length: 39.5 vs R410a R134a R12 price

Choice Parts Recliner system Did you use up lots of money on your reclining furniture and the handle or cable broke? Its not an unusual occurrence. That is why Choice Parts now offers these high quality, low profile black recliner handle-cable combos. To get the Size You Need There are two big business standard sizes. If you’re unsure what size you need, the important measurement you need is the exposed cable length (the length from the plastic plug part and the end of the Z tip), as seen in the photo above. The 2 lengths we offer are 3. 25″ and 4. 75″. You may be able to check your current length to find out the right size for your recliner. The other measurements of this recliner are listed in the above bullet points. The total cable length isn’t as important. It may be as long or longer than your last cable and work good. The extra cable will just hide inside your sofa. Restrictions While this recliner system is most usually used for all big brands, there are some that take a different fitting on the plastic end part or metal Z tip. Check your fitting on the bottom of your reclining furniture before purchasing.

Touch Screen Digitizer for Motorola MAXX XT1080 Replacement parts

About Flashtechllc:The leading provider of cell phone fix parts and accessories, service and supplies to persons and business for many years. Be aware this isn’t a Phone buyer service is our #1 priority 1. Touch Screen Digitizer ONLY. No LCD or Frame. 2. All of our packages are shipped in a protecting shipping box to avoid damage. Well-matched with : Motorola Droid super MAXX XT1080 1080M Tool kit provided, see contents below: 1 x Triangular pry part 1 x Plastic Opening Tool 1 x Phillips Head 1 x T3 Torx Screwdriver 1 x T5 Torx Screwdriver 1 x Suction Cup 1 x Cleaning Cloth Before installation carefully check the item’s look when you get it. Examine the item and all of the band cables for signs of damage. If there’s any problem, contact us now and supply pictures of defects. Instruction confirm the device functions properly before you use any sticky. Perform “dry Test” by plugging the flex connector to your device to confirm your device functions. You may be able to use our videos on Youtube by searching Flashtechllc for reference, there are lots of in depth installation information. Caused by the complexity of phones and tablets we suggest that all repairs are done by a professional. If you decide to do the fix yourself understand if you damage your device, parts or substitute part in the procedure we’ll not be held liable for the damage.

Universal Sectional Sofa Interlocking Sofa Connector Bracket with Hardware, 2 Complete Brackets vs R410a R134a R12 reviews

Common Sectional Sofa Interlocking Sofa Connector Bracket, 2 Complete Brackets A complete set of common sectional sofa mounting brackets. These interlocking sofa brackets are meant to be mounted in between two sectional portions, allowing for the sectional to be locked firmly together. Easily installed with included screws, these sectional brackets can fix damaged brackets, or be added to a sofa with no present brackets. Sure to and be very useful for someone with sofa problems. Not usually found in stores, however available here at a value price. This item is imported from the peoples republic of china, and may also be in some cases, minimally assembled, filled, or otherwise finished in the USA, marketed by Cornucopia Brands.

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  3. Refrigerant Recovery Cylinder Tank 30Lb.
  4. Robinair 13203 Premium High Vacuum Pump Oil – 1 Quart
  5. ARKSEN 4 Valve Manifold HVAC Dual Gauge, R404A R410A R22 R134A
  6. NEW & Improved SuperCool Slide Rule

Models to consider:
S97015620 i5C-BLK-TLMR987492 vji-546djiw-4235fs LGI9500WT
i5G-BLK-TL 5C-BLK/TLY303836 66100-SCV-A00ZZUB-75105 A146
WE1M504 AP3094323S97011224 WX09X10018DSi5G-WHT-TL BTSA17RIFLEKIT
S97016714 ZTR-6b001039150-SV4-A02 ER279640-xxLCDI6 iPhone 6
I337 M919 N900AX8200 PT600L1700-B A1428, A1429
S99523652 S99020130OMER-OPN-895319 6501EL3001ACOV30314806 HKHJ-300
67010-SHJ-A70ZZ S97013569LG037+T006 W10111905S99010301 NEXU-5-TLS
S99010307 MA1767HC39GE242 510006-ADiPhone 6 plus U3802
S99010308 ZTR-6b00103100-20Q18999C WE4M181ACK375120 50820-T2F-A01
LGI9500WT NEXU-5-TLSfor iPad 1 S97013622DE702T ZTR-6b0010
383EEL3002D CR36K6-PFZ-875ZTR-007 WE3M26OMER-OPN-895319 SEN00355
S97015620 ACK35024N900A SD-10Vfor iPhone 5s Y312959
S99010308 D800 D801 D803UB-75105 djiw-4235fscji-435 6501EL3001A
A1428, A1429 iPhone 65C-BLK/ 3100-20Q18999CE00110306 S97016566
i5C-BLK-TL S99030285MRA-98866-6 i5G-WHT-TLACK375120 510006-AD
576XP CY-TM65LBC/ENS99523652 SR99080535S97016449 S97014926
6871A20482A 66100-SCV-A00ZZiPhone 6 plus UOIU-3342.1 drag motor MBC2000
S97016714 Carb-1-15900AR1173A i5G-BLK-TLAW-053 6871A20418A
D800 D801 D803 CNT0218450820-T2F-A01 66100-SCV-A00ZZSC0003 QD-U08PGC
i5C-BLK-TL 5900AR1173AY312959 5988LCD023WHT002vji-546 SD-10V
RS 2552 SEN00355S99010308 5C-BLK/PT600L HKHJ-300
S99360135 1700-BWE1M504 SR99080535UVXF10g 5C-BLK/TL
WX09X10018DS S99080556E00110306 for iPad 2WE3M26 S97016714
383EEL3002D iPhone 6 plusS99010307 ZTR-6b0010S99523652 i5G-WHT-TL
SAM842+T001 for iPhone 5sNEXU-5-TLS RC0081WE19M1490 W10111905
A1428, A1429 A1632WE4M181 MBC2000A146 COV30314806
2.1 drag motor IP5BID0195 SV05528U3802 WE01X20378


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