April 21, 2017

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  • The Vario K Body REVO clamp enables the head to be adjusted at the press of a button
  • Alloy cast frame
  • Powder coat finish on frame
  • Soft non-marring jaw pads included for fixed jaws and spindle pad
  • The new K Body REVO clamp from BESSEY achieves a powerful 7,000 N clamping force – some 2,000 N more than usual
  • Fixed jaw includes 2 clamping surfaces to distribute force over broader area
  • Zinc plated handle and threaded spindle
  • The new K Body REVO clamp range from BESSEY offers some 30 more clamping force
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General description

The New K Body Revo Clamp vary from Bessey Offers Some 30 More Clamping Force, And Newly-intended Pressure Caps And Work-part Contact Elements Also Protect The Work-part very Well. The Vario K Body Revo Clamp Enables The Head To Be Adjusted At The Press Of A Button. The New K Body Revo Clamp From Bessey Achieves A Powerful 7,000 N Clamping Force – Some 2,000 N More Than common. Also, The Jaw Face was Increased By 30. Three Removable And Glue-Repellent Pressure Caps ensure Work part Protection. Adjustable Work part Contact Elements Prevent Direct Contact Between The Work part And The Serrated Steel Rail Under Full Utilization Of The Jaw Face. The Tilting K Body Clamp Adapter (Available individually) Kr-As Which Is Easily Pushed On To The Clamping Jaws Enables Clamping prerequisites Outside Of The 90° Range To Be Fulfilled. The Tilting Adapter changes To The Work part, despite Of if Fitted In A V-form Or At A Slanted Parallel. The extra Module Is endlessly Tilt-Able inside A Range Of 30°. 12 ” K Body Revo, 1,500 Lb Clamping Force, 3 3/4″ Throat Depth, 3 Removable Jaw Pads, 2 part Ergonomic Handle, Removable Material Protector Pads, Removable End Stop, may be Attached To A Work Bench Using Bessey Tk-6 Clamps. Set will include 2 Pieces Kr3. 524 K Body Revo Clamps, 2 Pieces Kr3. 550 K Body Revo Clamps And 1 Set Of Kp Blocks For Use Constructing Frames, Door Panels, Boxes And cupboards.

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Adjustable Co 38008 Gear Bar, 8-Inch

JORGENSEN 38008 Gear Clamp has KRK2450 a distinctive “power bar” design which lets for fast action clamping. With a fast push on the “power bar” the gear clamp develops up to 600 lbs. Of clamping force. The useful fast-release button releases the clamp instantly. The lightweight and fast action is ideal for projects which require constant use of clamping and unclamping. Opening capacity is 8 inches. Throat depth is 3 inches and steel bar size is 1/4″ X 3/4″. The Chicago established Pony Tools Inc. Which was established in 1903 is the maker of all JORGENSEN Bar Clamps. The JORGENSEN Gear Clamps are imported from Taiwan.

Jorgensen 3560 60-Inch Aluminum Bar

WE don’t STOCK THIS ITEM. It’ll BE DROPPED SHIPPED DIRECTLY FROM THE maker. Extruded aluminum 1-5/16″ X 13/16″ Bars with U-shaped channel, anodized finish and notched on 1″ centers 1/2″ cold-drawn steel screws with smoothly cut Acme threads, hardened steel thrust bearing malleable and/or ductile iron castings with orange baked-enamel finish rear-stop with trigger-spring steel sliding-pin handle.

Expable Tool Table For Bench Tools (HTC HTT-3) the Heavy Duty Bench Tool Wor Bench Tools

Bench tools like grinders and drill presses are great. But they arent all that movable till now. This exceptional, patented heavy responsibility tool table lets you to mount your bench tools and use them wherever you like. This table stand is 31 high, and constructed of heavy gauge powder coated steel. It features a 14 x 25-inch MDF top, that can cleverly (and usefully) divide into two pieces for expansion this lets it to accommodate bigger machines (or a hundred other uses). It also has convenience features, like a useful ruler imprint on the surface, and an 18 x 27 lower counter for extra storage. A bench tool table is only as good as its strength and stability, and the HTT31 shines here. A 500lb capacity is generous, and the strong legs have gripping rubber feet for extra stability. Its heavy responsibility for sure, and can be made mobile by adding the HTC HRUS-330 Mobile Base. Complete your shop with one today Constructed of heavy gauge steel, HTC’s patented HTT31 Tool Table features a 14 x 25-inch top that can divide into two pieces for expansion, and it offers a useful ruler imprint on the surface. The MDF top is complemented by a lower counter that measures 18 x 27 inches, rubber feet for non-skid support, and a tough, powder coat finish. With a working height of 31 inches and a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. the HTT31 is the ideal tool table for all your workshop needs. For extra convenience, the optional “I”-style HTC HRUS-330 Mobile Base may be added for portability. What is in the Box HTT31 Tool Table Top expands into two pieces, will include ruler imprint on both sides (view bigger). HTT31 Tool TableAt a Glance: Expandable top measures 14 x 25 inches Lower counter measures 18 x 27 inches Shelves made of MDF Heavy responsibility steel frame Rubber feet for non-skid support 500-pound maximum weight capacity restricted lifetime warranty See all.

Wilton Tool Group 2000S-8C Light Duty F-, 8", Copper vs KRK-2450

The top of the line Wilton Spark-DutyTM series with copper spindle is superior when resisting welding spatter. Every Spark-responsibility F-Clamp comes standard with an ergonomic, anti-exhaustion Wilton-Grip and V-Groove pad accessory. Boasting a lifetime warranty, the 2000S series F-Clamps clamp down with 2000 pounds of force.

24" Sure-Foot® Aluminum Bar

Get all the great features of the aluminum Sure-Foot® Pipe Clamp in a size that matches your project This Rockler exclusive design is available in 24″, 36″, 48″, and 60″ lengths. The optional Aluminum Bar and Connector Kit (#29608) lets you to extend any clamp by 48″. Technical Details:Extra large 2-1/2″ foot for exceptional stability Higher base that raises the bar 1-1/2″ above the table for excellent handle clearanceBuilt-in clamp hook locks onto a 3/4″ board eliminating the have to “clamp the clamp” when hanging on a wall. Tblhdr font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;font-size: 12px;. Tblhdr font-weight: bold;. Tblhdr text-align: center;. Tblhdr color: #FFF;. Tblcpy text-align: center;. Tblcpy font-family: Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;. Tblcpy font-size: 12px;.

, 24"

For high pressure clamping, 90 degree clamping, or powerful spreading, the new K Body REVO is an ideal choice. Its big, parallel jaws are uniquely intended to distribute pressure across the complete surface of your work to stop bowing, turning, and lifting. The K Body’s updated design will include three removable jaw protection caps to help prevent wear. They’re repellent to glue, easily replaceable, and resist paint and grease solvents. A fast-release feature lets the movable jaw to slide up and down the rail by just fishing the comfy Power-Grip handle. Plus, each clamp will include two slip-on workpiece supports that attach to the rail, allowing a stable base and preventing direct contact between the clamp and the real workpiece. Well-matched with K-P clamp blocks and the K-Body Clamp Extender.

Jet 70450-2 50" 2 Pac

The JET 70450-2 50-Inch Parallel Clamps (Two Pack) supply powerful 90-degree clamping potential at up to 1,000 pounds of pressure. These versatile clamps include movable jaws that may be reversed and used as spreaders. Easy to use, the clamps feature SumoGrip handles that supply comfort and increase torque. They have an groundbreaking measurement system for fast identification of opening capacities. The 70450-2 50-Inch Parallel Clamps (Two Pack)At a Glance:90-degree clamping capabilitiesUp to 1,000 pounds of pressurePrecision-Rule Measurement System gives exact setups and readingsSoft SumoGrip handles increase torqueReversible, movable jaws double as spreadersClamps feature large fast-lock jaws and a 1,000-pound pressure capacity for superior stability. View bigger. A Precision-Rule Measurement System along the rails helps supply steadily correct results. Deep Throats and fast-Lock Jaws for easy UseEach JET 70450-2 is a well-constructed 50-inch parallel clamp with a deeper-than-standard throat and large jaw, so it’ll be indispensable to your workshop. For convenience, the clamps’ Slide-Glide causes easily lock the jaws into place, allowing for smooth motion. Smart Rail Design Makes Tough Jobs EasyEach 70450-2 rail features an groundbreaking Precision-Rule Measurement System that gives you with consistent setups and exact readings on your openings–a feature other clamps fail to offer. What is more, the moveable rail stands add convenience and accuracy to both clamping and spreading jobs. Ergonomic Design Works for YouThe 50-inch parallel clamps feature ergonomic construction that is intended to work for you–not the other way around. Soft SumoGrip handles make the clamps easy to hold, and they also give you increased torque. The clamps don’t take much strength to control, still can clamp up to 1,000 pounds of pressure. For more convenience, each Acme-threaded handle easily turns while applying uninterrupted pressure. Built for Durability and VersatilityThese clamps are constructed to see you through your projects. Featuring a lasting aluminum design, superior I-beam construction, and a completely-plated rigid backbone to prevent corrosion, each clamp is built for long-lasting use. Also, a non-marring composite resin covers each clamp’s jaw face to prevent wear and tear and ensure clamping pressure. Versatile, each 70450-2 is intended with a workable profile that lets you to closely clamp on the side of the jaw face. For more flexibility, the clamps’ moveable, reversible jaws may be dual-purposed as spreaders. What is in the BoxJET 70450-2 50-Inch Parallel Clamp (Two Pack).

Groomers Helper® ʺ Stainless Steel Table – Stard vs Bessey KRK2450 K 2 review

This grooming clamp features a heavy-responsibility welded steel construction for many years of use. There’s a spring steel tension clip at the bottom to prevent the grooming arm from sliding down while adjusting the height, and a silicon pad on top to help keep the clamp from damaging the grooming table top. It also has a stainless steel core to prevent rusting to the grooming arm. Another feature is using locking nuts to keep the clamp in place once it was adjusted. This clamp opens to a maximum of 1 3/4″ and is intended to be used with a 1″ width, square grooming arm. A signature on delivery will be obliged.

Woodte 7053, 8-pac, s Vises, Bar & Pipe s, 36" Bar

Clamp doors and drawers with pressure to prevent bowing and distortion. Woodtek Parallel Jaw Bar Clamps exert pressure for clamping doors and drawers without distorting the alignment of the parts. A smooth, strengthened carbon steel bar lets the clamp head to slide silently and results in an in general lighter weight clamp than most in this class. Die cast aluminum alloy body has a lasting powder coat finish. Big TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) pads on clamp head and foot supply cushioning to protect the workpiece and grip to help keep the clamp in place. TPR pads are glue tolerant, preventing increase. 1. 16″ diameter composite handle is fitted witrh a smooth operating ACME threaded screw. Sliding supports keep the clamped parts from contacting the bar, decreasing the possibility of staining from the glue. Jaw depth is 100 mm (4″) Maximum clamping force is 400kg (880 lbs. ) Function is easily transformed from clamping to spreading by removing the snap-on support foot and reversing the sliding head. Available in 12″, 24″ and 36″ bar lengths. Taiwan.

GSCC3.52 3.5-Inch x 2-Inch Economy Clutch Style Bar vs Bessey KRK2450 K 2 price

Clutch Style Bar Clamp, Opening (In. ): 12, Throat Depth (In. ): 3-1/2, Load Capacity (Lb. ): 1100, Nominal Rail Size (In. ): 1 x 3/8, Nominal Clamping Pressure: 1000, Spindle Dia. (In. ): 0. 440, Pad Type: Non-Marring, Swivel on Anvil Surface, Swivel Type: Replaceable, Swivel Pad (In. ): 1, Screw Size (In. ): 0. 44, Max. Jaw Opening (In. ): 12, Clamp Face (In. ): 1-1/4 x 1-5/8, Bar Thickness (In. ): 1, Bar Width (In. ): 3/8, Bar Material: Nickel-Plated, Drawn Steel Serrated Rail, Handle Length (In. ): 4-1/8, Handle Material: Wood, Bar Size (In. ): 1-3/16, Clamping Surface D (In. ): 1-1/4, Clamping Surface W (In. ): 1-5/8, Application: General function, For Assembly, Gluing, Construction And Maintenance, will include: Removable Plastic Jaw Caps.

5 Pac Irwin 22324 Quic-Grip 24" Clutch Loc Steel Bar

The Irwin 24″ Steel 100 Series bar clamp has many enhancements over competitors bar clamps that will let you to do your work faster and easier. The handle was enlarged and encased with a rubberized non-slip surface. The handle also has bevels to help with applying more torque. These new handle features lets it to be 25 easier to apply torque and also decreases hand exhaustion. The bar is heat treated which gives you 33 less bar deflection. This lets you to save time and improves the flatness of the glue up. These features improves your hand load with a 50 greater load capacity than the closest competitor.

Jorgensen T25359 8" Mini Bar/Spreader/Expable vs Bessey KRK2450 K 2 reviews

The Jorgensen E-Z Hold Hobby Craft Bar Clamp is ideal for hobby, craft, and model projects and may also be transformed to a spreader clamp. Features are easy/comfy one-handed clamping, 1-1/2" jaw reach with protecting pads, contoured comfort grip, and fast release lever. 8" jaw opening, load bound is 50 lb.

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  2. Bessey KBX20 K Body Clamp Extender
  3. Bessey KR3.524 24-Inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp, 2-Pack
  4. Bessey KR3.550 50-Inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp, 2-Pack
  5. Bench Dog Tools 10-077 Glue Brush, 2-Pack
  6. Bessey KR3.540 40-inch K Body REVO Fixed Jaw Parallel Clamp, 2-Pack

Models to consider:
00ARWS6031-HDG KR3.512GSL60 TG7.024GSCC3.512 TG7.024+2K
CMA360 VGP518QC2021412N KRK2440DWHT83158 Agi-5488
LC-12 ZT9251-000C-HP506QCN GSM30LE-2342345 KR3.524
W032033A 4800S-36CPW613 SQ-83736-HD KR3.531
Qui-4459 QCS-300DWHT83191 UC924CHIFC24 KR3.512
T74176 013-GS30K114644×4 GS128KEZS15-8 HT-24
KRK2440 CK-12Jor-4376 PW632TP63625 TW28-30-14-2K
Cen-5709 TG4.524TA4PC-2 UC-76APW2958 D4346
GSCC2.518 DWHT83140W032035A KR3.550UC-76 H1319
TG7.024 LC-12PW613 KR3.540DWHT83140 Qui-4459
KR3.512 KRK2440TG4.512+2K 00ARWS4035-WMZUF1000 CK-12
DHBC-36 EZS15-8PW2958 TW28-30-14-2K00ARWS44438-SS DWHT83192
00ARWS6005 GSL603706-HD LM2.0042021412N 00ARWS6031-HDG
2400S-36 KR3.524KR3.550 QCS-300W032035A 00ARWS6030-SS
Cen-5709 HT-24KR3.524 TG4.540+2KKRK2440 PW632
GS128K WX065KR3.531 KR3.512D2916 DWHT83158
R60100R 013-GS30Ka12082300ux0234 P480D4346 KSC147024/X2
UC948 4800S-24CHIFC24 ZT9251-000C-HPQCB-300 ALL-54100
DWS5026 LM2.0042000S-8C TG7.024114644×4 BTB30
GS128K HT-24HRD-PN-79041622 D2237CMA360 TA4PC-2
00ARWS6005 LC-12CHIFC24 KRK2440DWHT83191 D4346
00ARWS4035-WMZ KR3.531KR3.540 SQ-8W032035A Cla-6096
00ARWS44414-SS TW28-30-14KD912C KR3.550UC-76 2021412N
ZT9251-000C-HP H1319GSM20 WX065PW613 T74176
013-GS30K GSCC2.518TG4.524 UF1000SQ-12 KSC147024/X2
DWHT83192 KR3.540PW650 TW28-30-12KPW632 506QCN
R60100R Qui-44593704-LD GSM3000ARWS6080 SG24-WF


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