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Nov 19th 2017
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  • Durable yet lightweight magnesium housing and carbide tips for long life
  • 3/4-inch to 1-3/4-inch coil roofing nailer with lockout mechanism prevents firing when empty
  • Adjustable depth control, full round driver, body and magazine wear guards, side-load canister
  • Backed by seven-year limited warranty
  • Patented single-action side load canister for fast, one-step nail loading. Adjustable shingle guide for quick shingle spacing
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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Recent reviews of BOSTITCH RN46-1 3/4-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch Coil Roofing Nailer:

Just finished laying 42 sq with this gun, and I have nothing but praise. Well balanced and one of the lightest guns I have ever used. In 42 sq, one jam and about dozen nails left proud. Standard home store nails work well in this gun and are easy and cheap to find. The tool-less depth of drive works just good and the side-loading feature is great, fast and easy. When it’s out of nails, you know it, it’ll stop firing. Yes, this is a contact “bump” nailer, and if you’re to get double and triple misfires, you’re using this gun WRONG. If you’re laying shingles all day long and you must pull the trigger on every nail, your finger will fall off. Put your shingle down, pull the trigger, and shoot four nails, next. That’s the beauty of a contact nailer. On that note, BE CAREFULL, after a long run out, your finger has a tendency to stay on the trigger, if you were to then bump any part of your body now, you too will get nailed. The Cons: shallow really, come on Bostitch (and other mfg’s), Give us a cheap plastic molded case for our costly tools and could it have been so hard to have installed an air nipple at the factory, save me a trip to the hardware store.

I am really surprised with the 1st review of this gun. I had a friend purchase one, it gave him problems, he exchanged it the next day and his second gun was flawless. I chalk it up to it being a new product on the market and to some of the initial guns having production glitches. As for my experiences with it? I was considering the Hitachi super-Light intially. I had been waiting for Bostitch to produce the rumored “lighter” gun too. Just before I went to get the Hitachi (which I kind of put off for a while because I heard that they just did’nt take a beating like their heavier standard guns did), the Bostitch came out and I got it. After over 20 years of roofing, I managed to do something I have’nt done in a long time. I surprised myself. I really laid out shingles faster than I usually do. I was going through coils so quickly that I thought my helper was’nt bringing me up what I needed. It is amazing for a seasoned roofer, this gun is just balanced so rightly. I had the model before this one (the RN45B-1) and still do. It too is a workhorse and bulletproof. As with any tool, keep it clean and it will run forever. I believe it’s the 2nd lightest gun on the market (behind the Hitachi), but I will give up that extra pound of weight for performance anyday. It is fast and it keeps up with me. It also makes it simple to place the nails in the correct nailing area on the shingle (anybody may be fast, however being fast and putting the nails where they belong distinguishes a roofer). I had no problems with my other Bostitch; I just wanted the newest gun on the market and I am happy I got it. I greatly reccomend it. In one run, I knocked out 4 squares with a 30 foot valley to contend with in 23 minutes and did’nt realize it. It is that fast.

I looked at this gun depending on the journal of light constuction reviews I read july 06 issue. They liked the last nail catch feature and I must admit that this was my only complaint with my porter cable gun. So I bought one localy (same price as amazon with a case so it made up for the tax) and have done 3 roofs of about 20 squares each and really like it. I have seen lots of fusing on here about this and that but I muat say that if a tool was giving me this much fuse I could bring it in and see what the fix shop says. When I have had problems in the past our local reapir shop was able to get us a new gun, drill, or exstend our warranty with factory approval. I guess the second question is how much do you beat on your tools. I tether not only my ladders and my self but my espensive tools too. Nothing screws with a gun more than a three story drop. Well enough rambling. For the money an excellent gun. I still use my porter cable for a spare gun when we have another man on the roof so I can not really bad mouth them. But if your banging out 5 or 6 squares a day by yourself 30 plus coils with our 12 pitch roof you appreciate the nail catch, easy load, and weight of this gun. Update: after a year this gun needed a rebuild because the nailes stopped advancing. And we bought the new movable cable while waiting for it to came back from the shop. We still favor the Bos for its features but I’ll say the porter cables are more lasting.

Compare with similar products:


The Porter-Cable RN175B has a RN46-1 compact body design which is 5-% lighter for improved balance and control (in comparison to last model). Intended for use with 15-Degree, 3/4- to 1-3/4-Inch wire collated roofing nails, and handles a large range of roofing and siding projects with ease. With a magazine capacity of 120, and two firing modes (single sequential and contact), this useful tool resists jams, loads quickly and easily, and is compact and comfy to hold thanks to its rounded body and rubber grip. Its economical motor features an exhaust diffusor that you may change without the need for extra tools, also as a lasting steel safety contact with dual carbide inserts to guard against wear and tear. For seamless transitions from restrictive to contact mode, there is also a selectable trigger, and the shingle guide locks down for consistent results.

Surebonder 9780 Pneumatic ed with Carrying Case

The Surebonder Coiled Pneumatic Roof Nailer is the ideal air-powered tool for use if reroofing, box Assembly, siding and more. The Model 9780 has lightweight, rugged cast aluminum construction, see-through nail magazine, contact system that prevents accidental firing, fitted shingle guide, adjustable air exhaust, plus a high-affect carry case. Air intake (CFM): 2. 45, Case Included: Yes, Coil or Strip: Coil, Fastener Capacity Per Strip: 120, Adjustable Depth Control: No, Inlet Size (in. ): 1/4, Min. Hose Size (in. ): 1/4, Operating PSI: 80-100, Tool Length (in. ): 12. 50, Fastener Sizes (in. ): 3/4-1 3/4, Fasteners Used: Roofing nails, Tool Weight (lbs. ): 6. 05.

How Install Metal DVD

Overview This product was produced by roofing professionals to teach home holders and freelancers how to install their own screw down metal roof. A thorough and easy to follow 14 part video series shows all parts of installing a metal roof. From ordering materials to flashing chimneys, this video gives you all of the info you have to effectively install a metal roof yourself. Parts covered include: Tools needed Ordering materials Laying out your panels Flashing pipes and skylights Edge flashing details Valleys Roofing hip and ridge sections Chimney flashing Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Max CN445R SuperRoofer vs RN-46-1

Features fast fire trigger valve Powerful, fast and light weight Maintenance free end cap filter Dial adjustable depth control Tangle free swivel joint Full round driver Nose magnet holds the last nail in the coil Removable contact foot Tar tolerant nose Applications Asphalt shingles Siding Box assembly Metal to plywood Drives from 3/4″ x. 120″ up to 1-3/4″ x. 120″ roofing coil nails.

MAX CN445R2 SuperRoofer

The CN445R2 is the new variant of the MAX super roofer. MAX made the 1st roofing nailer sold in the US market and we continue to enhance on our original design. The CN445R2 is lightweight still powerful. The CN445R features dial adjustable depth control, full round driver blade, fast fire trigger, online filter, trigger lock out, magnet in the nose, shingle guide, shoots 3/4 In. To 1-3/4 In. Roofing nails and patent pending self cleaning nose. Shoots 3/4 In. To 1-3/4 In. Roofing nails.

Porter Cable 886113 Pisn Bumper

Porter Cable 886113 Piston Bumper. Piston bumper can be used on nailer. This part fits model number RN175. This piston bumper also used on a stapler. 5-Inch long, 5-Inch large, and 4-Inch high. Package weight of this item is 4-Pound. Porter-Cable is a brand with a proud history of novelty and has brought many firsts to the power tool business. The company designs, manufactures and distributes electric and cordless power tools, pneumatic tools and compressors, pressure washers, generators and related accessories for the professional woodworking, commercial/residential construction, plumbing and electrical markets.

NATIONAL NAIL 345144 700CT 2-3/8 Trim Screw

National Nail Corp 345144 Camo Trim head Screw 2-3/8″ 700 Count is for use with the camo hidden fastener system. Intended for all standard 5/4 deck boards as well as wood, composite, cap stock or PVC boards for fastener free deck surface. Enough screws to do 200 square feet depending on 16 on center. One free bit included. ACQ accepted. Pail.

Duo-Fast DF175-CN 7/8 inch – 1 3/4 inch Cap

Duo-Fast introduces an groundbreaking Cap Nailer System, Model DF175-CN, intended to make installing synthetic roofing underlayment and organic roofing felt simpler and faster than other techniques on the market today, adding to the roofing freelancer’s profitability. Unlike the competition, the Duo-Fast Cap Nailer System uses standard 120-count roofing coil nails (from 7/8″ to 1-3/4″) and the distinctive DuoCapsTM collated plastic caps with 240 caps per spool. The DuoCapsTM supply a consistent tight seal preventing moisture from penetrating the deck surface. Plus, the DuoCapsTM superior holding power removes slack in the underlayment, translating into more secure footing for roofing freelancers. The DuoCapsTM spool is easy to load and sold in amounts of 240 caps per spool and 2400 caps per box. The gun takes any standard coil roofing nail and adds a cap to it and -boom- your felt paper is installed. There’s also a toggle that shuts off the cap feed, so it only shoots bare nails. That means that fast roofing repairs may be had with this tool. Weight: 8. 24lbs, Height: 11 3/8″, Length: 17 3/4″, Nail Capacity:120/Roofing coil nails, Cap Capacity: 240 Caps/Spool, Operating Pressure: 90-110psi.


The DEWALT DWFP12658 Coil Roofing Nailer has a compact body design for better balance and control with potential of: 70-120psi, 3/4″ – 1-3/4″ nails, capacity of 120. It has a tool-free, adjustable shingle guide for correct shingle placement, with a selectable trigger for easy change between sequential or contact mode. This unit includes a fast-set depth of drive to prevent single damage, and skid-resitant pads / wear guards for safety and tool protection. The over-molded grip is intended for comfort and control.

Facry-Reconditioned SENCO 3D0101R XtremePro 15 Degree 1-3/4 in.

This is a factory reconditioned product. Reconditioned usually means that the product was returned to the maker, who brings the product back to like new condition. Some merchandise may contain cosmetic blemishes. Will include RoofPro455XP XtremePro 15 Degree 1-3/4 in. Coil Roofing Nailer – 3D0101R, Wrench.

NATIONAL NAIL 345148 350CT 2-3/8 Trim Screw

National Nail Corp 345148 Camo Trim head Screw 2-3/8″ 350 Count is for use with the camo hidden fastener system. Intended for all standard 5/4 deck boards as well as wood, composite, cap stock or PVC boards for fastener free deck surface. Enough screws to do 100 square feet depending on 16 on center. One free bit included. ACQ accepted. Pail.

Central Pneumatic 11 Gauge

Lightweight roofing nailer weighs less than 5 lbs. Comes with adjustable roofing gauge for correct tile spotting. Drives standard 15, 11 gauge wire collated roofing nails from 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ long Adjustable handle for sequential or contact firing Steel contact safety with dual carbide inserts for less wear Tool free-depth of drive modification 360 exhaust Fasteners sold individually. Load capacity: 120 Gauge: 11 Average air intake: 1 CFM 90 PSI Working air pressure: 70-110 PSI Air inlet: 1/4″-18 NPT Weight: 3. 96 lbs. Dimensions: 10″ L x 9. 5″ W x 11. 5″ H Application Guide: Roofing, tar paper, vinyl siding, metal drip edges, upholstery panels, fiber cement siding Shipping Weight: 5. 46 lbs.

What people considered before buying RN461:
  1. BOSTITCH CR3DGAL 1-1/4-Inch Smooth Shank 15 Inch Coil Roofing Nails, 7,200-Qty.
  2. Bostitch BTFP72333 Industrial 1/4-Inch Series Swivel Plug with 1/4-Inch NPT Male Thread
  3. BOSTITCH VSA4 Vinyl Siding Adaptor Kit
  4. Amflo 12-100E Blue 300 PSI Polyurethane Air Hose 1/4″ x 100′ With 1/4″ MNPT Swivel Ends And Bend Restrictor Fittings
  5. BOSTITCH PREMOIL-4OZ Premium Pneumatic Tool Oil
  6. Bully Tools 91110 10-Gauge ProShingle with Fiberglass D-Grip Handle and Notched Teeth

Models to consider:
AN451 CN445R2CR175C DWFP12658Roofpro 455XP CRN45
R175RNE URN461U/BRN175 RN175BCRN45-15 NV45AB2
PX00ZSPLNH NV45AB2 RDF175-CN CN445R33D0101R CR175C
Roofpro 455XP CRN45-15DWFP12658R U/BRN175DWFP12658 ZRR175RNE
D51321 GRTCR175CN445R URN461RN175B RN175BR
CN445R2 AN451CR175C GRTCR175RN175B STARN461
GRTMP16RF CN445R3R175RNE Roofpro 455XPDWFP12658R 3D0101R
PCN45 URN461CRN45-15 U/BRN175DF175-CN NV45AB2
CN445R NV45AB2SDWFP12658


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