April 21, 2017

What we found out: RoboVac 10, (Anker)

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  • 3-Point Cleaning System: Side brushes, a rolling brush and powerful suction ensure a thorough clean.
  • 2600mAh Li-ion Battery: Delivers a remarkable 100 minutes fade-free power for constant, powerful suction.
  • What You Get: Anker RoboVac 10, remote control, charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, HEPA-style filter, side brushes (x 2), welcome guide and our worry-free 18-month warranty.
  • Smart Features: Automatically returns to charging dock to recharge. Equipped with drop-sensing tech.
  • Automated Cleaning: Get a hassle-free clean with the click of a button. Auto, Spot & Edge modes.
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
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General description

RoboVac 10 The Automated House-Cleaning Robot From ANKER, the Choice of 10 Million+ Happy Users • business-Leading Technology • 99 Positive Feedback annoyance-Free Automated Cleaning RoboVac is the cleaning robot that takes on dust-busting around your home so you do not have to. Many cleaning modes and an auto-clean scheduling function ensure an effortless thorough clean if you are home or away. Low-Profile, High-Climbing A low-profile design lets it to easily go under furniture and eliminate hard-to-reach dirt. It climbs over objects up to 15mm high, making it simple to sweep over rugs or cross over thresholds to the next room. 3-Point Cleaning System Uses the powerful mix of counter-rotating side brushes, a rolling brush and powerful suction to ensure a thorough clean. Dirt is effectively loosened and extracted from the floor then powerfully sucked up to the dust collector. Extraordinary Battery Life A long-lasting 2600mAh li-ion battery delivers up to 100 minutes of fade-free power on a single charge. You are guaranteed of expanded runtime and constant, powerful suction during your cleaning. HEPA-Style Filter RoboVac comes with a HEPA-style filter that traps microscopic allergens like dust mites, mold spores and pet dander, making sure that expelled air is cleaner. Worry-Free Warranty At Anker, we think in our merchandise. That is why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and supply friendly, easy-to-reach support.

Recent reviews of Anker RoboVac 10, Self-Docking Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Drop-Sensing Technology – Black:

This is our 1st robot vacuum cleaner. In the past we evaded purchasing such robots due to high price tag (usually 500 or higher). When I saw this robot cleaner I quickly decided to give it a attempt caused by two reasons: (1) usually Anker has good and tough merchandise; (2) The price was below 300. It arrived in two days with amazon free shipping choice. The packaging was excellent and included the RoboVac, charging station, extra side brushes, cleaning brush, extra filters, remote and manual. The setting took less than 10 minutes and it was prepared to use. Now we have used it for around 10 days and have mixed success. I’ll talk about both success and failure. We live in a big 4500 ft2 double story home. On the upper floor, we have 4 beds and a loft. The RoboVac works perfectly on this floor with usually confined spaces (e. G. Bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors, etc. ). It cleaned up the dirt, hair, and small debris neatly. We tried it on wood, carpet, and tiles and had great success on all three types of floors. On the 1st floor, we have an open floor plan (Kitchen, family room, living room, dinning room – around 2600 ft2 area). Here we go most trouble. It’s usually missing 25-30 of the spaces. We 1st stared it from kitchen, it cleaned 30 kitchen, then found a way to the family room. It cleaned part of the family room and as early as it found a way to the living room it moved there. Now in 10 days we have tried it using different starting points also as different modes but facing the same problem. As early as it found a straight path it moved there without cleaning the last space. I think the reason is a big unconfined area.

I’m impressed with this product in general. For the price, the level of function and it is capability to do as a vacuum is great. I have some concerns that have been outlined below. Pros: – Gets under more things than I can with our vacuum (under fishtank, wardrobe, and our bed) – Picks up an unbelievable amount of dust and crumbs (pictured below) – Runs for at least 90 minutes. Generally returns itself to the home base – volume – comparatively calm. Sounds like a continuously running fan, however no where near the level of a normal vacuum. – Transitioned between tile, memory bubble bath mat, carpet and thick carpet with no issues at allCons: – Wish the remote was your phone to let for better control – No display that the bin is full. I check after each run, however I could for it to tell me this – Got stuck once because of some curtains. It thought they were walls, and till I moved them, it could not leave that spaceOverall, this is a great product. Some prep work needs to be done to let for the device to work perfectly (moving cords, shoelaces, etc. ), and finding a space for the base (needs 6 feet in front of it, and 3 feet on either side) was a little hard in my apartment, however not impossible. This won’t replace your regular vacuum, however will decrease how frequently you have to clean.

5/9/2016: I have been using the RoboVac 10 daily for about 2 weeks now and I am pleased. Before I get too far into things I should preface my review with two important details:1. This is my 1st hands on experience with a robotic vacuum. (I have lusted after the well recognized Roomba merchandise for many years now, however as a single dad I can not rationalize a 500, 800 or bigger blow to the budget. )2. I was provided with a complementary sample product for testing and review. This has no bearing on my ranking or review. I’d be leaving an same review if I paid full price. Since I know a couple hundred bucks is not exactly chump change to lots of people, I wanted to take my time and do a thorough review. I do realize not everyone wants to read a novel when reading a review so I will start with a list of PROS and CONS for those who want the short variant. For possible customers that want more details I have provided a more in depth review afterwards. ___________________________________PROS:+ Well built and lasting design. + very easy to set up and use. + gives a well built, well performing and cheap robot vacuum choice. + may be “driven” or directed with the remote or simply let it go and do own thing+ Picks up lots of dirt, dust, hair and grime+ Does a great job of cleaning under things that are over 3″ off the ground. + Phenomenal battery life. I steadily see run times over 1. 5 hours+ on a single charge. + Automatically returns home to the charging dock when it needs a charge. + Easy to empty and clean+ calm operation+ Does a amazingly great job of navigating itself around and to get out of jams.

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Intended to manage pet fur, hair and other fibers, the new iRobot Roomba 620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot gives you clean floors at the push of a button. Using a patented, three-stage cleaning system, Roomba vacuums carpets, tile, laminate and hardwood for you. AeroVacTM Technology and a new brush design maximize cleaning results, with less hair left over tangled on bristles and a more evenly filled bin.

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Neutop Accessories for iRobot Roomba 600 s vs AK-T-2100111

Fit Model: For iRobot Roomba 600 Series 610 620 630 650 660, with the exemption of models 645 and 655 what is in the box: 2 X Bristle brushes for iRobot Roomba 600 Series 610 620 630 650 660 2x adaptable beater brushes for iRobot 600 Series 610 620 630 650 660 2 x AeroVac Filters for iRobot Roomba 600 Series 610 620 630 650 660 2 x 3 arms Side bushes for iRobot Roomba 600 Series 610 620 630 650 660 2 x screws for iRobot Roomba 600 Series 610 620 630 650 660 How to clean the Extractors: 1. Pinch the yellow extractor frame release tabs, lift up the extractor frame and remove any obstructions. 2. Remove the extractors and remove the yellow extractor caps. Remove any hair or debris that has collected underneath the caps and around the metal axles. 3. Remove hair and debris from the square and hex plastic pegs on the other side of the extractors. Suggestion: we suggest that you clean iRobot Roomba Spare parts every 1-3 uses. (depending upon the amount of dirt and debris in your home). It is best to replace your spare parts every 1 to 2 months to keep your home robot operating at peak performance. High Quality Warranty: Neutop is a professional merchant for Vacuum Cleaner Parts merchandise. We have a complete engineering building for product testing. Shipping with safeguard package Shipping with high strength safeguard protected box, prevent bending and compressing.

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Exell EBVB-149 Ni-MH 18. 0V Battery Fits HUSQVARNA Automower Vacuums The Exell EBVB-149 Ni-MH 18. 0V Battery has better performance (higher capacity) and dependability (longevity & safety). The superior performance improves batteries running time, which is better than original brand substitute. The superior quality results in longer battery life and better protection of the powered device. Higher capacity batteries supply longer running times with no negative effects on devices. All merchandise are passed with their QA dept which helps Cameron Sino to accomplish the lowest return rate in the business. Exell EBVB-149 Ni-MH 18. 0V Battery plans: Voltage: 18. 0V Amperage: 3000mAh/54. 0Wh Chemistry: Ni-MH Length: 8. 46in (215mm) Height: 2. 66in (67. 65mm) Width: 0. 89in (22. 70mm) Weight: 2. 31lbs The Exell EBVB-149 Ni-MH 18. 0V Battery Is aka: CS-HAT220VX At Exell Battery, our company goal is to become an business leader in offering quality product assortments that include many of the hard-to-find, out of date battery models from yesterdays devices and equipment. We’re one of the few battery businesses assembling Eveready substitute merchandise in the United States. Our variety will include many hard to find batteries that power many devices like meters, flashes, radios, microphones and many other devices. Why purchase Two or More? Have you ever needed a battery when it was late? You discover that your battery is totally drained and you have lots to do. Now, you must go out of your way to find and buy that specific battery. Lots of people do the same. They purchase devices and equipment without any thought of buying Back-up power resources in the event after amazingly discovering that they need a battery “now”. Think ahead and purchase two or more, get the extra savings.

Revesun Q5 2016 New Hot Precision Bionic ultrasonic Detection Patent Automatic Mini Robot, Robot s I

Five types of cleaning mode: multilateral, along the wall, random, concentrate, Z-type cleaning, make cleaning more thorough cleaner. Smart anti-crash function, effectively prevent damage to the furniture. Intelligent anti-drop design, auto height sensing gap, to prevent drop damage. The use of medical grade HEPA filter, effectively purify the indoor air, efficient dust, antibacterial, to prevent secondary pollution. AC Adapter/Battery Charger:Output 20Vdc 100mA Input 100-240V 50-6OHz Battery:14. 4V,2. 8Ah NIMH Rechargeable Battery ;Up to 3. 5 hours of charging time sound Level :65dB at distance of 3ft. UV Light Lamp Life :6000 hours Dust Bin Capacity :0. 32 L Unit Moving Speed :7-8 in/sec(19-21 cm/sec) Remote Control Range :RF single with up to 32ft(10m) range Moving Patterns :5 types Sport Spiral,Special Bounce,Along Wall,S form,and Polygonal Spiral Suction Power Speed &Vac Motor Speed :4ft/sec(1. 2/sec);11500rpm Dimension :13″(Diameter)x3. 2″(H)or 33cm(Diameter)x8cm(H) Weight :8. 6lbs(3. 9kg).

Hongfa Flexible Beater Brush and Bristle Brush for Irobot Roomba 500 Series Cleaning Robots Roomba (beater brush)

Description: This isn’t a iRobot Roomba OEM product and isn’t covered under any Irobot Roomba maker’s warranty. The Irobot Roomba brand names and logos are the registered trademarks of their respective holders. Any use of the Irobot Roomba brand name or model designation for this product is made Exclusively for reasons of demonstrating compatibility.

iClebo YCRM0510 Arte Smart Home/Office and Floor Mopping Robot by iClebo

Cleans up to 94 more than other robot cleaners;2 in 1 Vacuum and mops simultaneously;15 sensor monitor iClebo to minimize collisions;Camera Recognition Vision Mapping & Navigation System;World’s Best Cleaning Performance – Won first place award at the German Cleaning Robot Performance Test.;Uses a triple CPU system with camera vision, power management & device control for one of the best & smartest robotic technologies in its class;Advanced navigation system detects ambient environment 200 times per second & does a rigorous 10,800 times per second motion analysis for superior cleaning;fitted camera recognition vision mapping gives intelligent obstacle detection;3. 5 inches tall;Lightweight.

Iclean 1Pcs Flexible Beater Brush,1Pcs Bristle Brush,5Pcs Filters, 5Pcs 3Armed Brushes, Cleaing tool (A&B) For iRobot Roomba 770, 780, 790, 650,

Fit Model: iRobot Roomba 600&700 (620 630 650 660 770 780 790)Series Vacuum Cleaning Robots How to clean the side brush :To clean the side brush use the corner small screwdriver to take off the screws. Then remove the brush,remove the hair or debris,and put the side brushes back in place. How to clean the brushes: 1. Remove brush guard by lifting both yellow tabs. 2. Remove and clean under the yellow brush caps and remove hair and debris from metal brush cap shafts. 3. Use the included cleaning tools to take off hair easily from the bristle brush by pulling it over the brush. Suggestion: it is best to replace your spare parts every 1 to 2 months to keep your home robot operating at peak performance. Package will include: 1 x Bristle Brush for Roomba 1 x adaptable Beater Brush for Roomba 5 x 3-Armed Side Brush for Roomba 5 x Filters for iRobot Roomba 1 x Clean Tool (A) 1 x Clean Tool (B) Contact Us: I-Clean is a Professional vacuum cleaner accessories vendors, not only have a Professional maker, also as a Professional team. Any problems, we’ll resolve for you inside two business days. Kindly note: This isn’t an iRobot Original product and isn’t covered under any iRobotwarranty. The iRobot brand name and logo are the registered trademark of the respective owner. Any use of the iRobot brand name, model or part designation for this product is made Exclusively for reasons of demonstrating compatibility..

iTouchless Intelligent PRO

ITouchless Robotic Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner saves your effort and time. It’ll sweep and vacuum from carpet to hardwood to tile automatically so you do not have to. The new flat design lets it to go under beds and other places where upright vacuums can not go to clean dirt, dust, and pet hair. It works for about 80 minutes before recharge. It has fitted AI Smart Chip and self-adjustable wheels to prevent the cleaner falling down steps or elevated surfaces. Comes with a remote control so that you may maneuver it anytime. Safety features are: stops automatically when unit gets stuck or was picked up, comes out from black regions and stops in better lit area once finished cleaning or when battery power is low, gives a warning sound when low on power. Easy to use and clean. Package will include: Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner, Remote Control, Battery Charger, Filter Mesh, Rechargeable Battery, Cleaning brush, and side rotating brush substitute. One year maker warranty. Note: Not for use on high pile carpet (longer than 1 inch).

Youzee Most Advanced Robot (Sweep,,Mop,Sterilize) Remote control, LCD touch screen, schedule

LCD:Yes Remote Control:Yes Commodity Type:Household Cleaning Special Suction Nozzle:Clean Cyclone Dust Collection Nozzle Cord Length (m):Wireless Type:super good Air Filter Timing Reservation:Yes Bag Or Bagless:Bagless Battery Life:1 hour and 30 minutes-2 hours Cleaning path:Planned Type Function:Dry Certification:CE,EMC,RoHS Installation:Robot Dust Storage Type:Dust Box/Dust can Virtual Wall:Yes Model Number:A338 Power (W):Other Voltage (V):Other color:black working time:120 minutes charging time:3-5 hours battery:2200mAh MI-MH Battery center brush:2pcs virtual wall:yes self charging:yes remote control:yes UV lamp:yes.

iClebo Arte YCRM0520 Floor Mapping Smart Robot Cleaning for Home / Office (Color Silver)

Description Brand Name : iClebo Arte Model Name: YCR-M05-20 Color: Silver (Metallic Silver) made in Korea(South) Korean User’s Guide is just included in the package English User’s Guide (PDF) shall be sent by email after the shipment shortly Specification -Charging Power intake: Below 1. 4W -major body Power intake: 12 W -Voltage: 110V 220V -Battery: Lithium Ion (Li-ion) -Audio S/N: 90dB (1KHz) -Diameter: 35cm -Weight: 2. 8 Kg -Filter: Antibacterial filter -Sensor: Camera, IR, PSD, Gyro, Encoder, Bumper -Charging time: 110 min. -handling Time: 120 min. (depending on normal floor) -Can climb up to 2cm of doorsill or carpet to clean every corner of the house -super-light 2. 5kg and height of 8. 9cm. Shipping: Expedited Shipping, Ship from Korea(South) Expedited Shipping takes 35 business days from shipping date from South Korea.

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Models to consider:
RV337-BK Roomba 630 i7PRO-GOP5727556ST DEEBOT D35
PTB04320 XV-21R645020 5200CQQ3 LT Bd70000
MRB2800 Hovo 650 RedRV-T4 SCGH231540 PCB w/ RF SCGH221
AK-T2102111 MRI6500TIT003.33H_19 SCGH232CD-02BL02 B2005PM
ZC-R3000 QQ2 BASICMR6550 AG-65832NT5FS-36 ROOMBA-4905-DL15
SM09 MS01T320 B2000Hovo 600 PLUS WY5462
B2005Plus VC-RVS2(R)HOVO 620 Scooba 385NTMC-033 SCGH264
DEEBOT D80 D-520NTBB5-0102 VR1AM7040WG/AASR2AJ9040U 500002_SE
SWR-T321 NT-XV-11-DL6MX_G425760045 WJ540011VC-RM96W SR2AJ9040U
SCGH221 2RSW(B)ROOMBA-4905-DL28 Roomba 555NT6CMK-044 Q-644
RHDMK6V0 P4960NTCM6-063 H10A0101US-19033495-R A320
R630020 AG-65832RV-T4 RHBM6V0iRobot960 NT5FS-36
RYDIS H68 SCGH232YCR-M05-50 R960020F-3R BL618-BLK
MRB2800 790TQQ5TVSBLACK 310CILIFEA4S01 R880020
SM09 NTBVFB-0893090045R_bb3-REC MS01R645020 SR2AK9000UG
RVC007 NT8ES-032Hovo 630 T320RS118 TIT003.33H_19
RHDMK6V0 B2000NTCM6-063 SR2AK9000UGRAO_4030 NTCM6-062
WY5462 NTBVFB-089BRRIRRO500L_3 45690S3310C H68 PRO
MRI6500 Roomba 540CVABA-H147 RV-T4MRB2800 D-S272
SCGH264 iROBOT880VCRC561-W AIM-RC029033495-R SCGH232
VP-RM800-EXT-DL2 D-S272S450020 3090045R_bb3-RECNTCM8-057 AIM-RC01-CG
NTMC-033 RHDDMP6V0Roomba 555 DB-0011ROOMBA-4905-DL41 DB-0008
WY5462 NT6CMK-044QQ200 White RV317-SROOMBA-4905-DL32 QQ5TVSBLACK


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