May 2, 2017

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24 drawer cupboards. Drawers feature sides slotted on one inch centers to hold high affect plastic dividers in place. They have two easy glide runners and full width. Each drawer will include 2 easy to label dividers. Dividers are adjustable on 1″ centers. Cupboards may be stacked using mounting holes. Modular with other 33-3/4″ large drawer cupboards and bins. Lasting gray powder coat finish. Ships completely assembled. In general measures 33-3/4″ width by 14-3/8″ height by 11-5/8″ depth.

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Rubbermaid Commercial FG9T0600BLA fifth Wheel Wagon Platform Truck With 16-Inch Pneumatic Wheels, Black. The fifth wheel wagon platform truck has a structural bubble body. It’s ideal for transporting heavy or bulky loads in manufacturing, industrial, and groundskeeping settings. The 16-inch pneumatic wheels increase capacity to 20 cubic feet and help keep small loads intact. A rear hitch lets training some number of wagons together. 70 inches long by 40 inches large by 20. 13 inches high. 130 pounds. Made in the USA.

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Vestil platform truck with 6-inches diameter by 2-inches width rubber caster. Hard, smooth steel deck is all welded and features structural reinforcement underneath for extra strength. Will include one removable high-polished steel handle and rolls smoothly on two rigid and two swivel casters. 2000-pounds capacity. Measures 48-inches length by 24-inches width by 10-inches height.

Wesco 273291 Galvanized Steel U-Boat Truck with Removable Handles, Polyurethane Wheels, 1750 lbs Load Capacity, 60" Height, 60" Length x 16&

The Wesco 273291 galvanized steel U-ship truck has two removable handles, a tread plate deck, and six polyurethane caster wheels and is suited for moving boxes or another heavy things. The truck is made of galvanized steel for resistance to wear, rust, and corrosion. The tread plate deck helps keep loads from slipping. The polyurethane caster wheels will not puncture or go flat and are tolerant to affect and wear. The four wheels at the corners swivel for maneuverability and measure 1. 25″ large and 4″ in diameter. The two wheels at the center are rigid and measure 2″ large and 8″ in diameter for turning the truck. This U-ship truck has a load capacity of 1,750 lb. weighs 97 lb. and measures 60 x 16 x 60 inches in general (H x W x L). (H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; L is length, the horizontal distance from front to back. ) The deck is 10. 75″ high. Pallet trucks, aka pallet jacks, skid jacks, and pump trucks, were used to lift and transport pallets or skids of products. Pallet trucks include a swivel pump handle, a squeeze trigger, two forks, and wheels for maneuverability, and usually contain a hydraulic cylinder or a battery-powered motor to increase and reduce the forks. Some pallet trucks have an adjustable push rod on the bottom of each fork, allowing the user to change the height. Pallet trucks may be used in warehouses, storerooms, shipping buildings, and a range of industrial environments. Wesco manufactures material handling equipment. The company, founded in 1948, is headquartered in North Wales, PA.

Little Giant HE-1660-RS High End Bulk Handling Truck with Removable Shelf and Non-Marking Polyurethane Swivel Wheels, 200 lbs Shelf Capacity, 60"

Little Giant high end bulk handling truck with removable counter. Narrow 16-inches large 12-gauge steel deck is perfect for narrow aisles. Each corner has 5-inches polyurethane swivel wheels. Two 8-inches center wheels let the unit to pivot inside own radius. All wheels are non-marking polyurethane. Two removable handles extend 48-inches above the deck to contain taller loads. The counter may be mounted in three different heights (7-1/2-inches, 21-1/2-inches, 35-1/2-inches from the deck) on the upright cross braces. Counter capacity is 200 pounds. Measures 60-inches length by 16-inches width. Polyurethane wheels features easier rolling for higher capacities, long lasting, chemical tolerant, non-marking and calm operation. High strength polyurethane tread liquid cast and mechanically locked to a polymer or cast metal core. A polyurethane tread is superior for industrial, warehouse and institutional applications with a great mix of easy rolling and maneuverability under heavy load capacity while able to silently roll over rough floor surfaces.

Magline AXK1-1 Aluminum U Boat Platform Truck, Removable Handle, Thermoplastic Wheels, Silver Color, 1200lbs Capacity, 52" Height, 60" Lengt

Save an average of 10 minutes per stop per day and increase SKU management by owning your Magliner Axiom 360. 1200 pound capacity. Holds four times more than a hand truck. Turns 360 to maneuver around tight spaces. Weighs only 40 pounds. Is made of aluminum so it never rusts. Has non-marking casters to protect floor surfaces. Rolls smoothly over bumps, cracks and thresholds. Protect floor surfaces. Glide over thresholds and cracks with ease. Stow in van and no waiting for in-store equipment. Deliver more product in less time. Add optional carrier plate to transport in hand truck carrier. Non-marking casters protect floor surfaces. Carry more things in fewer trips. Maneuver around tight spaces. Deck measures 60″ length by 16″ width by 10″ height.

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Rugged construction assures years of superior performance from this maximum-responsibility truck. Ideal for transporting sheetrock, building materials, office partition panels, furniture, TVs, luggage and other heavy loads. Platform Base: 12-gauge robotic welded steel base strengthened with 12-gauge steel ribs for lasting durability. Platform is coated with anti-skid poly vinyl to help secure and protect the load. Shipped KD by truck. Removable uprights: 2 filled: One box.

Wesco 278762 Economy Series Steel Platform Trucks with Steel Folding Handle, Pneumatic Wheels, 400-lb. Capacity, 35" x 23"

This Wesco 278762 platform truck has a 400-lb. Capacity, two rigid casters, two swivel casters, and a 38-1/2″ handle height. It’s made of stainless steel for strength and resistance to corrosion. The casters have 8″ diameter air-filled rubber wheels for a calm ride and resistance to shock. The truck has a fold-down handle for easy storage and a vinyl perimeter bumper for protection. The platform is 35″ in length and 23″ in width.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG9T1200 Heavy Duty Platform Truck (2000-Pounds Load Capacity, 70-Inches x 40-Inches, Black) vs Durham 007-95 Gray Cold review

The Rubbermaid Commercial merchandise FG9T1200 Heavy responsibility Platform Truck is ideal for moving big, heavy loads in nearly any environment. Duramold precision engineered resin and metal composite structure for unsurpassed durability. Molded-in tie-down slots supply load security. Powder coated steel handle/frame for optimum service life. Two fixed and two swivel casters for best control and maneuverability. This design holds post-buyer recycled metal content and may be used to get LEED credits.

Z ZTDM 660lbs Platform Cart Capacity Foldable Folding Platform Four Wheel Warehouse Push Hand Truck

Features: 1. A good mix of superior material and workmanship 2. Lasting enough for behind heavy products 3. With maximum bearing capacity up to 300KG 4. Folding style, it will not occupy much space when not used 5. Hand-push operation, fitted four wheels are quite labor-saving plans: 1. Material: Steel & Non-skid Rubber Mat 2. Dimensions: (35 x 24 x 33)” / (89 x 60 x 84)cm (L x W x H) 3. Color: Creamy White & black Blue 4. Weight: 29 lbs 5. Weight Capacity: 660lbs 6. Folded Height: 6. 75″ / 17cm Package will include: 1 x Hand-push Folding Flat Car.

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This Muscle Carts flat garden wagon with two decks and is suited for transporting up to 330 lb. On the bottom deck and 220 lb. On the top deck for a total carrying capacity of 550 lb. In supplies, equipment, and materials. The decks have 2″ sides to help prevent things from rolling off, and their steel mesh construction gives increased rust resistance over iron. The utility wagon comes with a U-shaped handle with a bubble rubber cover for comfort and pulling the wagon. It has four 10″ pneumatic rubber tires, with two fixed back wheels and two front wheels that pivot for maneuverability. All four tires are made of rubber to resist attrition and take in shock while rolling on assorted indoor and outdoor terrain. This flat wagon has a powder coat finish to resist chipping and corrosion, and it’s usually used for material handling applications in gardens, warehouses, construction sites, and stores, among others. The wagon measures 33 x 20 x 38 inches (H x W x L). (H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; L is length, the horizontal distance from front to back. ) This flat wagon requires some assembly. Assembly information are included, and assembly tools are sold individually. Utility wagons, aka service carts, were used for securely storing, organizing, and transporting equipment, supplies, refuse, and materials. They’re suited for use in industrial, manufacturing, and maintenance applications, also as in the home. Sandusky Lee manufactures steel storage merchandise for office, commercial, industrial, and educational applications.

TruePower Hardwood Carpet End Furniture Dolly / Mover’s Dolly – 3" Casters – 1000 lb. Capacity

Save your back when moving handling bulky home furnishings, and other big things yourself. The 1000-Pound Furniture Dolly will assist you get the sofa, recliner, and bedroom furniture from the back of your truck into your home with ease. The 30-Inch by 18 3/8-Inch dolly has a big and stable wood base with carpeted pads. Three-Inch swivel caster wheels make objects weighing up to 1000-Pound easy to move.

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Little Giant cushion-load puncture-evidence tires platform truck with 10 inch rubber casters. These trucks feature soft, hard rubber tires that can not go flat. Well suited for use over rough surfaces, still easier to move under heavier loads than pneumatic tired trucks They also require less maintenance than pneumatic tires Removable crossbar handle and 2 rigid, 2 swivel casters. Platform measures 48 inches length by 30 inches width.

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