April 21, 2017

UR30085 Pro-Series (Royal) is a great value at this price


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General description

The Royal Pro Series Upright will bring many years of cleaning satisfaction. It offers Hepa Filtration, on board attachments, plus it has rubber wheels for cleaning wood surfaces.

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Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG101 ProShake Comfort Grip Handle with Magnet, 870W, 12" Width

The Bissell BigGreen Commercial OR101 ProShake upright vacuum has a 12″ cleaning path, Comfort-grip handle, magnet bar, and 870-watt motor. This upright vacuum cleaner is better suited for cleaning carpets than common canister vacuums and takes up less space for storage. The vacuum holds a reusable cloth non-stike shake-out bag. A roller brush with four bristle strips moves debris toward the vacuum inlet for cleaning. The magnet bar helps prevent small metal objects like staples from harming the motor. The vacuum fan is strengthened for durability. The metal hood has V-shaped motor vents for air circulation, and the front housing is clear so that blockages may be spotted. A heat overload protection system helps prevent damage to the motor if the vacuum bag is full. The vacuum head may be adjusted to six positions to accommodate different flooring surfaces. The chrome hood gives access to the motor and has smooth contours that enable it to be wiped clean. The foot release pedal is made of steel, which is a rigid metal that’s tolerant to rust and wear. Rear wheels help help transport. A 50-foot power cord enables the vacuum to cover a bigger area without changing outlets than vacuums with shorter cords. Cord strain break gives flexibility and maneuverability. The vacuum weighs 14. 65 pounds.

Dyson The Ball DC15 Total Clean Bagless ( DC-15 TheBall 852184000518 )

This is the brand NEW Dyson Ball Total Clean Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. The world’s only true cyclonic vacuum, generating 100,000 g of centrifugal force and pulling dirt into an indestructible canister made from the same material used for crash helmets. The TOTAL CLEAN Model ADDS the following tools: Mini Turbine Tool, Mattress Tool, inflexible Bristle Brush.

Sanitaire EUK5745B Hepa

Worked on for daytime cleaning, the 3. 5Q Sealed HEPA Upright is engineered to be the final in bag less filtration with True Balance brush roll and an groundbreaking sound-dampening system. Synthetic media filters 96. 75 % of allergens down to 0. 3 microns for cleaner air. This LEED Compliant and CRI Green Label certified, bag less cleaner combines a clean-air system with the final in bag less filtration, sealed HEPA and another-big dust cup.

Pansonic MC-GG773 Ultra-Pro Commercial

EZ fast-Change Power Cord let us you easily change the cord length or replace a damaged cord. And the tough cord hook makes storing the 50-foot fast-change, heavy-responsibility commercial cord easy. New OptiFlowTM System Maximizes Cleaning Performance In conventional bag compartments, air flow is constrained as the bag fills with dirt. Panasonics new OptiFlow double-wall bag chamber lets constrained air to flow through the vented bag case and into the gap between the walls. Air goes more freely to maximize cleaning performance. Advanced Tri-Force Plus Motor/Agitator The advanced TriForce Plus motor combines strong suction and high airflow to offer excellent results for carpet, bare floor and above- floor cleaning. The triple-brush metal agitator gives 50 more cleaning action than conventional two-row agitators. On-Board Tools The stretch hose, extension wand, combo brush and crevice tool are attached to the vacuum, allowing instant access to powerful, above-floor cleaning. Side-Hinged Door The side-hinged door opens large for convenient bag and filter substitute.

Hoover CH86000 Ground Command 30-Inch Wide Area

The Hoover CH86000 ground command commercial large area vacuum is a professional cleaner intended to maximize productivity in an effortless way. If you are looking for a vacuum that will save you time and money, this exceptional cleaner is user friendly and cost-efficient. The Hoover CH86000 ground command commercial large area vacuum features a top mounted hopper that lifts off for fast and easy bag changes. This element saves the operator time and you money. Changing the bag could not be easier, and it holds up to a bushel of dust and soil in 1 bag. The Hoover CH86000 ground command commercial large area vacuum offers a sleek, low front profile that makes cleaning hard to reach regions effortless. This vacuum glides under office furniture, fixtures, and shelving with ease. The Hoover CH86000 ground command commercial large area vacuum offers 2 big rear wheels and front casters for best mobility. This feature makes maneuvering the vacuum easy, effectively minimizing operator exhaustion and saving time. This vacuum covers lots of space. Not only does it feature an super large cleaning base, however it will include another-long power cord for increased maneuvering. This vacuum is easy to manage, and the length of the power cord removes the have to stop and find a new plug.

New Prolux 8000 Commercial with Sealed HEPA Filtration vs Royal UR30085 pricing

The Prolux 8000 is a high end machine powered by a 12 AMP sealed motor with 5-year warranty. This upright has a floating head and a steel brush roll that’s intended to deep clean any kind of carpet. Features metal bottom plate, big high end hose, dual standard lights and washable HEPA filtration. The Prolux 8000 will include: crevice tool, duster brush, upholstery tool, hard floor tool, on board hose, extendable major wand and 6 bags. Also will include high quality pet tool/mini head with a spinning brush roll. This tool is your answer to pet hair, upholstery and stair cleaning. The on board hose is high end lasting material and and big diameter to prevent clogs. When attached to the extendable wand the the cleaning reach is 8. 5 feet. Only weighs 19 lbs, convenient carry handle and comfy hand grip. On board tools and fast draw extendable major wand will save time and let you to clean hard to reach and high regions. Sealed Motor By-pass Technology takes dust and debris straight to the vacuum bag and never lets it to pass through the motor. This is why we offers a 5-year warranty on the motor for household use. Motor by-pass technology makes this a great choice for commercial use. Other Features – Motor insulation for calm vacuuming, 40-foot cord commercial grade cord, thermal reset switch, suction bypass control for light dusting needs and soft vinyl wheels that wont damage hard floor surfaces.

Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub with Tools, FH40030

The Hoover FloorMate has SpinScrub brushes that are intended to deliver the best clean for sealed wood, vinyl, and grout and tile. The dual tank keeps the clean water separate from the clean. The squeegee feature helps the floor dry quickly. The 13-Inch cleaning path allows you to get your job done in a shorter time. The brushes and nozzle are removable for easy cleaning. The handle has fingertip controls and fold for easy storage. It also come with detail kit and accessories.

Hoover FloorMate Hard Floor Model # FH40150 vs Royal UR30085 review

The maker Refurbished FloorMate Hard Floor Cleaner washes, scrubs and dries sealed hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate and marble in a snap. No more have to lug that heavy carpet cleaner to clean your hard floors. The lightweight, dual tank FloorMate has got you and your floors covered wherever a fast clean is required. Dual Tank Technology separate tanks for clean and dirty water Removable brush for easy cleaning Solution Control squeeze to release cleaning solution where you need it Clean increase Control applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic regions.

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG1000 Dual Motor with On Board Tools

Bissell BigGreen Commercial dual motors upright vacuum has commercial heavy responsibility high efficiency suction motor with powerful brushroll motor. Hi-tech fire retardant sound deadening gel for calm use throughout daytime or night time cleaning. It has 15-inches cleaning path, long lasting geared drive belt and self-adjusting head. It is 3-way switch turns on both motors or suction motor only. Patent pending perfect lock stretchable attachment hose, that’s reliable screw-in fit so hose locks in without fail, hose stretches from 3-feet to 6-feet. Fitted circuit breaker automatically shuts off of brushroll motor so you can not damage motor. Superior cleaning with L-shaped base for those hard-to-reach places. Perfect fast change cord system will include pigtail cord plugs into 50-feet heavy responsibility extension cord that requires no more down time or expensive repairs. Big cord wraps so 50-feet cord fits easily on machine. It features an comfort-clean handle grip. Attachments will include crevice tool, plastic wand, combo dust brush/ upholstery tool. High Filtration cartridge filter snaps on and off for easy use/easy substitute.

Clarke CarpetMaster 215 Dual Motor Commercial 15 Inch vs Royal UR30085 price

The Clarke CarpetMaster 215 is a professional cleaning tool that strikes an stylish balance between power, ergonomics, and a professional grade design. The CarpetMaster will include on-board tools for in depth cleaning, high efficiency filtration, and two motors that add for cleaning performance certified by the honored Carpet and Rug Institute.

SEBO-Automatic X4 White/Gray

SEBO auto X4 in depth plans Water lift: 92 in. H2O Filter bag volume: 1. 4 gallons Cleaning path width: 12 in. Motor protection: Electronic cut-out Colors available: White, red, navy, black, spring green Brush speed: 3100 rpm Brush drive: Toothed belt with electronic overload protection Cord length: 40 feet Body weight: 16. 9 lbs. Sound level: 69 dba Vacuum motor: 1300 Watts Air flow: 103. 8 CFM Attachments: upholstery nozzle, dusting brush, crevice nozzle. 40-foot operating radius 12-inch large cleaning path Instant-use active wand with a reach of eight feet for easy spot cleaning Flat-to-the-floor profile for easy cleaning under furniture and beds Warning indicators & auto shut-off protect your vacuum cleaner. Fast-release brush head for easy elimination The strengthened toothed belt comes with a lifetime warranty. Colors available are white, red, navy, black, and spring green 5-Year Warranty on motor and parts; one-year warranty on labor.

SEBO Felix Kombi Fun 9825AM (Orange) vs Royal UR30085 reviews

Intended and made in Germany The World’s Best Pet Vacuums Excellent for Users With Allergies or Asthma Tightly Sealed Hospital-grade Filtration dependable, Commercial-grade parts Rubber Wheels and Bumpers Protect Homes High-tech Brush Roller Technology Changing Bags is Easy and Clean Save Money. SEBO Vacuums Last for many years Five-year Warranty Coverage.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Royal Y Vacuum Bags royal-aire y bags
  2. Royal Commercial Lightweight Upright (Widepath Bagged)
  3. Hoover Commercial CH50400 Hush Tone Lite Upright Vacuum, 13.5″
  4. Royal Commercial Metal Upright (14 Inch Zip Bag)
  5. New Prolux 7000 Upright Sealed HEPA vacuum on board tools 7 Year Warranty

Models to consider:
NV355 V33186C1800010 NV360REF-BLUES647E OR1001
SRS15 DC40AS3104A 41HCE030USADC50 Nv500
SF-2209 DC33 Multi floorSC785AT SC9150AVM825 KZ-1NVB-IXC3
CH53010 380eV33231 HU88MAFEOR100 16N5F
HV302 S670AS1000A DC40 AnimalEL1017 DV3ESDI220V
UPRO18T SEN1AS3033A R66520BB750XLD DC35 Animal
DC50 NV6429803AM CPU-2DC41 Refurbished FH40010B
H3030 SC5845BZPUH72510 PA03UD30005B U7010ECS
DC50 CPU-2FH40160PC GV30PRODC50 9570AM
CS600 NV46DC65 C1800010PF1886DC AS3020A
R66520 MCUG693EUKSC5845B 93Z6WSBD 350-3 NV505
ASM1155A PF62ECHV381 U8371-9009570AM UH71250
EUK52100C12 VM825U4180HHPDTARG 41HAE032USAFBP-14PW DC56 Hard
UD30005B SC5845BZPNV400-RB 30C7TUK2200 U6485900
CP-CPU2T SEN1DC40 Animal H3030E-SC9180 AS3033A
MMPW4 EUKSC679JAS2113A UH70831PCAS1104A NV760
MC-UL429 EUKSC5845BV33231 NV46HV320REF MC-UL671
S7580 EL1017DC40 Animal EUKSC9180BBG1000 41HCE030USA
AS1104A NV355ASM1155A SC688CP-CPU2T DC59
553305i_Pro10 DC33 Multi floorBDASP103 EUK52100C12U2200HHS CYC-3
DC50 SEN19803AM DC50KZ-1NVB-IXC3 UH72450
PF1886DC DC50VC-F700G HV381Nv500 NV356K
UK2200 NV355U6485900 DC65V33186 DC35 Animal
VU12F70SHAF/AA R66520UH30600 LuV400TMRY6100 NV760
Diamante 380 CV3016N5F DC56 HardEBK340-QDC MMPW4


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