April 21, 2017

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  • This fits your .
  • 8.4 gal/min. at 35-Degree Rise
  • UMC-117 remote control and 10-Feet of thermostat wire is included
  • Low Nox Version
  • Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

Rheem RTG-84XLN Outdoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater Residential Tankless Water Heaters – Rheem tankless gas water heaters offer you the perfect solution to heat your water at home. Imagine never running out of hot water again. Rheem gives to you groundbreaking, new tankless merchandise that supply a uninterrupted supply of hot water from energy economical and space saving design units. Plans – 8. 4 gal. /min. At 35A-Degree F rise max. – 6. 6 gal. /min. At 45A-Degree F rise : – Outdoor Installation Only. – New. Next Generation Burner Technology – business Best. 26 GPM Minimum Flow Rate.

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Eemax EX190T2 19KW 240V Therm Electric vs RTG-84-XLN

This electric tankless water heater RTG-84XLN with thermostatic temperature control will cut your energy costs and has on demand hot water. This unit is 99 economical, the power you use goes into the water. It also complies with disability prerequisites and has a that fits below any sink. No tap valve needed, only bring one cold water line to the lavatory.

Eemax ED024480T2T Electric

On demand hot water – no delay – cut energy waste – flow switch activates heater only when water is running, no standby heat loss – 99 economical, 99 energy factor – endless hot water – no storage capacity to use up – decreases installation cost and material – no tap valve obliged (check local Codes).


0. 95 energy factor ;main Heat Exchanger is constructed of HRS35 commercial-grade copper which is more resilient against wearing away ;Secondary Heat Exchanger is made of Type 316L stainless steel ;3″ venting up to 70 ft. ;4″ venting up to 100 ft. ;Indoor model will include a fitted temperature controller and advanced diagnostics ;100-140 degrees (5 degree intervals settings).

Navien NP-240 Commercial Condensing with Pump and Buffer Tank,

Navien Commercial Condensing Tankless Water Heater with Pump Natural GasSKU: NP240AWith Navien Condensing 98, you get the best of both worlds: the Best Value and “super Condensing Efficiency,” which offers considerable savings and contributes to a green-friendly environment. Plus, the installation and venting processes are easy, cost efficient, and Navien’s merchandise are simply the best in quality and performance. Navien Premium for commercial and residential hot water heating. 98 thermal efficiency. 0. 95 energy factor17,000 199,000 BTU/hrFlow rates – At 35 deg F Rise : 11 GPM, At 45 deg F Rise : 8. 6 GPM, At 77 deg F Rise : 5. 1 GPMEasy installation and PVC ventingIncludes NR-10DU remote control, buffer tank and pump (A)NOTE: All water heaters of any type MUST be installed by a trained and licensed technician. Failing to do so may result in damage, injury or death. Warranties can be void if installed by non-licensed staff. We’ll not be held liable for any damages, injury or death caused by correct or improper installation of hot water heaters. We’ll not be held liable for any local state, county or city code violations caused by the improper selection of water heaters.

Titan N-160 – Newest Digital 2016 Model

Tankless. Store on Amazon introduces the Titan N-160 digital Water Heater. Brand new and the new 2016 model with a full warranty. Don’t confuse this with older style dial models that are listed. The N-160 is the next step up in power from the N-120 model. It’ll replace your complete homes hot water heater system with no loss of comfort. 80 times smaller than a regular tank model and you may be able to save up to 60 on your hot water bill. Let us not forget endless hot water. The unit must pay for itself over time in energy savings. Never run out of hot water again, and you may be able to forget about cold showers. 10 year warranty on casing and water carrying parts. 1 Year warranty on all electronics and parts. Requires one 60 AMP double pole breaker with 6 gauge wire. 150-200 AMP minimum electrical service is suggested. All steel and brass construction. NSF/ANSI-372 Certified to meet the January 2015 Federal water rules (lead-free) obliged for plumbing manufacturers in the USA. Made in the USA Same day shipping of orders place before 3pm EST. Ad produced by Amazon seller: Tankless_Store.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15B 240-Volt 14.4 kW Electric vs Rheem RTG-84XLN 8 4 pricing

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 15 Electric Tankless Water HeaterUnlimited supply of hot water: The Tempra; continually heats water instantaneously as you require it – and only when you require it. The Tempra; unit totally replaces a regular tank heater with no disruption to your comfort and hot water needs. Save energy and decrease your electric bill: Electric tank type water heaters are subject to stand-by losses which amount to 15 – 20 of the kWH used. Also, water in a tank must be heated hotter than needed to be these stand-by losses. Changing to a tankless system like the Tempra; removes these problems and results in common savings of at least 15 – 20 on the heating part of your electric bill. Sleek design saves space: The Tempra; takes up considerably less space than regular tank type water heaters and saves priceless living space. Control temperature simply by setting a dial: Set the handle on the front cover and enjoy water temperatures between 86;F (30;C) and 125;F (52;C). Change the wanted temperature at anytime. Advanced microprocessor technology assures that the water temperature never deviates from the set point. Better than gas: The Tempra; has some number of benefits over a gas-type tankless water heater. In comparison to many alike gas tankless models the Tempra; is less costly to buy. Installation is much simpler and cheaper since it isn’t needed to vent a Tempra; to the outside. The venting that a gas unit requires causes anywhere from a 10 – 20 efficiency reduction from heat escaping out the exhaust pipe. Also, for each cubic foot of gas burned, two cubic feet of air must be blended in to create ideal combustion. In a cold weather, this hurts efficiency more. When a gas unit fires, it draws in air around it, heats the water,, then expels warm exhaust outside. Since no house is airtight, this suction action causes a drafting condition where cold air from the outside seeps back in through.

GHE100-200 Universal Commercial, 100 Gallon

GHE100-200 Features: -will include temperature and pressure break valve. -Natural gas-fired commercial water heater. -Tank capacity: 100 Gallons. -Temperature: 185 degree. -Full port and flow brass drain valve. -95 % thermal efficiency decreases operating costs. Product Type: -Storage Tank Water Heater. Country of make: -United States. Finish: -Black.

MR20230 Marathon point-of-use Electric 20 Gal. vs Rheem RTG-84XLN 8 4 review

Rheem MR20230 Marathon point-of-use Electric Water Heater 20 Gal. Rheem MR20230 Marathon point-of-use Electric Water Heater 20 Gal. Features: Seamless, blow-molded, polybutylene tank – impervious to rust and corrosion many layers of filament wound fiberglass give the tank unmatched strength Polyurethane Envirofoam insulation helps decrease energy intake The most energy economical in its class Recessed drain valve is out of the way of brooms and scrubbers Tough molded polyethylene outer shell resists dents and scratches Bowl shaped bottom lets complete sediment draining High temperature polysulfone dip tubes All plastic tank removes the need for an anode rod Thermally fused element to protect tank against “dry-fire”; low watt, density for long life. Factory installed temperature and pressure break valve Factory installed vacuum break valve Inlet and outlet connections are 3/4″ NPT Water tight grommets keep out overhead moisture and condensation.

Diamond Group HR10 Hott Rod Conversion Kit – 10 Gallon Capacity

The most efficient water heater conversion kit in the RV aftermarket, the Hott Rod changes your LP water heater to an electric operation while keeping your LP system intact. Rated at 400 watts and drawing only 6 amps, the 10 gallon Hott Rod will supply a faster recouping system and supply free hot water while using a camp site hook up. UL Listed and CSA accepted, the Hott Rod has a restricted lifetime warranty and usually installs in less than an hour.

G100-200 LP Propane Universal Commercial, 100 Gallon vs Rheem RTG-84XLN 8 4 price

Rheem G100-200LP 100 Gallon Liquid Propane Commercial Water Heater with 199900 Max BTU InputRheem G100-200LP 100 Gallon Liquid Propane Commercial Water Heater with 199900 Max BTU Input Features: Ideal for retrofits Maximum Temperature Setting: 180 degrees F Water Inlets: Top, Front, and Rear Water Outlets: Top, Front, and Rear Stainless Steel Burner Sentinel LED Diagnostic System many magnesium anode rods Direct Spark-to-Pilot ignition System Factory installed full-port, full flow brass drain valve.

American Heat M16

70 AMP Double pole breaker NEW STEEL ENCLOSURE RIGID WATER TIGHT enclosure. Bacteria Free STAINLESS STEEL Heat Exchangers. EASY GRIP FITTINGS on inlet and outlet for easy installation. IHEATTM MODULATION, concurrent Calculations, NO PRE-DETERMINED TABLES. Installs anywhere hot water is required. NO VENTING needed. Endless Supply of Hot Water.

Marey 5.4 Hot ETL Approved GA16NGETL vs Rheem RTG-84XLN 8 4 reviews

Features:ETL accepted. Compact design saves: space and lets for easy installation just about anywhere. The tankless heater can heat an unlimited volume of water as needed. Hot water is available in just some seconds. Activates by water flow from the moment the faucet is opened. 5 years warranty. Can last a lifetime, keeping up to 87 efficiency level. Rustproof, no water loss caused by leaks. The tankless heater saves water and up to 60 in the water heating bill than regular tank water. Metallic color cover. Digital Panel showing output water temperature. SpecificationsHot Water Outlet (Per Minute): 16L (45 degree rise)Heat Loss: Natural Gas: 107,000 Btu/hActivation Flor Rate: 0. 66 GPM (2. 5L/min. )Maximum Flow Rate: 5. 4 GPM (35F rise)Width x Height x Depth: 14″ x 22″ x 6″Weight: 35lbsGas Type: Natural GasRelated Gas Pressure (PSI): 0. 4PSI (LPG)Exhaust Discharge Mode: Room sealed-forced draught flueApplicable Water Pressure: 1. 45 PSI – 138 PSI (0. 1 – 9. 5 bar)Ignition: Direct Electronic IgnitionEnergy Efficiency: 82.

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  8. Rheem RTG 95XLN 9.5 GPM Low NOx Outdoor Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

Models to consider:
RTE 3 RTG202185057A JSD10D 10DSX-30V RL94eN
PXNS-40 SW6PG100-200LP EX190T2NCC1991-ODLP Tempra 24B
EMT1 i12NGHBRTEX-08 ECO200XLN3HWJ120T Ms225ec1x
GC10A-4E SP65 DLEX160TC RTE 136 2 SSUS K VIR613310
Pro25 PG10-34-130-2PVECO 18 N-120N-120 GVR-30
EX60 EM-2.5SP100 DL ECO210GAS16NG VIR201603008
ExpTank-019V-PW NRC98-ODLPUSA/32-1 NH150-DVAE-7.2 6-30-NOCS 400
PXNS-40 i12NGHBNPE240S-NG V75EPAE-3.4 PT-40
SHC 2.5 F242900RL94eP XGV-40ECO210 EX75T
NP-240A 6 10 SOMSKRUR98iP WM-1.0EM-2.5 HYB-90N
5057A EX160TCN-120 EX4277T MLGA16LPETL S-54
NRC111-SV LP RL75iPEX190T2 V65EN330 PN LP 830 ES LP
RTEX-27 WER052C2X045T-H3S-OS-N M-16ECO200XLN3 SP3208
G6A-8E RU80EPEX60 330 PN NGL10 Shower Set RUCS65IP
WM-2.5 SHC 4Bosch GWH-425-EF SP65 DLAY132 RL75iN
NRC111-DV NG VIR201603007S-54 940ESLPGCNH-40 ECO 24
i12NGHB VIR201603008NPE240S-NG SP48V65EN C 1210 ES NG
RTGH-84XLP AH-1300-CVIR613310 WX-205DMini 2-1 DHC 10-2
WEC080C2X045 M-16SP100 DL RTEX-11ION-6 VIR201602929
EX160TC AE-7.2RL94eN QB-50-FRL75eP 5120A
N-180 V53e-N830 ES NG RUCS65IPExpTank-019V-PW RUC98iN
NR111-SV NG AE-3.4SW6DE NC1991-DVC-NG6-30-NOCS 400 N-120
Tempra 20B NR981-DVC-LPRA-14 SP3208Tempra 24B 6-30-DORS-SE


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