April 21, 2017

You asked for it: Skid Sprayer (NorthStar)…


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  •  Tank is UV-stabilized to reduce fading and other sun damage
  •  Powered by a dependable 160cc Honda GX160 OHV engine
  • Extra thick tank walls won't bulge or sag
  • Delivers up to 5 GPM
  • This fits your .
  • 150-ft. hose with gun makes delivering chemicals to hard-to-reach areas easier
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
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General description

NorthStar PSkid Sprayer is intended for applying pesticides and other chemical sprays. Tough Comet direct drive pump is powered by a trusty 160cc Honda GX160 OHV engine to deliver up to 5 gallons per minute. NorthStar’s tank features extra-thick walls will not bulge or sag. It stands up to chemicals because thanks to a special polymer recognized for its superior chemical resistance. Tank is UV-stabilized to prevent fading and other sun damage. 150-ft. Hose with gun lets user deliver the chemicals for the most efficient pest control, in hard-to-reach regions. Will include a Coxreel manual rewind hose reel. Engine: Honda GX OHV, Hose (in. X ft. ): 3/8 x 150, Spray Pattern: Straight, fan, Flow (GPM): 5, Spray Gun Type: #31 gunjet, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 54 x 40 x 34, Agitation: Yes, Pump: Comet MC25 diaphragm direct drive, Gear percentage: 1:5 1/2, Pressure (PSI): 350, Tank Size (gal. ): 100.

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Guide Gear ATV Broadcast and Spot 26 Gallon vs NorthStar Skid Sprayer 268177 pricing

Guide Gear 26-gallon ATV Spot and Broadcast Sprayer. Spray a swath of destruction through worrisome weeds. Control what is growing in your area. This big, beefy Broadcast Sprayer covers 14′ at a time, with a spot sprayer wand for hitting the difficult regions. Prepared to clean up your property: 12V 2. 2 GPM open flow on-demand pump, 70 psi max; 100 uninterrupted responsibility ranking; Honeywell MICROSWITCH for improved durability and efficency; Chemical-tolerant valves; fast-connect ports for easy changes; Pressure switch gradually cycles pump for less switch and motor wear; Extra-thick tank walls are chemical and UV-tolerant polymer; accepted for use with Roundup herbicide; Single nozzle broadcast lance sprays a 14′ large swath with no boom arms to break; Sprays big droplets for minimal drift; changes from cone to stream, shoots up to 30′ horizontally and 19′ vertically; 15′ clear PVC hose for easily monitoring flow; Bottom tank drain for easy emptying; will include tie-down straps, remote switch and 12V battery clips. Guide Gear ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer, 26 Gallon, 2. 2 GPM, 12 Volt.

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If you want Peace and calm with Low Vibration. You found the right motor. This motor is so calm; you will not know your stove is on. Estimated Lifespan: 15-20 years. Fasco uses the highest standards of engineering with parts calibrated inside 1/10,000th of an inch. The room for error is so small is must be checked using a microscope. Your new motor is intended for Variable Speed which requires high quality electronic parts not included in other motors. High temperature rubber bushings and washers were used to Damper Vibration. Go Green. In accord with new environmental standards your new motor is more economical so it cost less to run. Wiring – Your new motor may have a electrical plug that’s different from you old motor. Cut the new plug off and splice the wires to the old wiring using your choice of electrical connector. It does not matter which wire goes to which as long as they’re connected.

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The Husqvarna st42e 42″ electric lift snow thrower attachment fits all Tex-Style tractor frames (2006 and newer models) and largely lessens the physical exertion required to complete your snow throwing job. Features are: electric lift via one-button operation, two 12″ diameter serrated input augers that pull in snow, then a quick impeller propels the snow thru the poly chute and replaceable wear plate and skid shoes. The attachment may be raised and lowered from tractor seat. Operator can change discharge chute and control deflector pitch and has 180 degree rotation from the tractor seat. After initial mounting brackets and pulley frame brackets are attached, the snow thrower may be removed without tools. Wheel weights and chains suggested.

HSHFlo 220V 160PSI 5.5LPmin High Pressure Misting Pump Booster Diaphragm Water Pump (220V 160PSI 5.5L/min) vs NorthStar Skid Sprayer 268177 price

Description: Long life, no leak, calm operation Positive displacement pump Can run dry business standard mount pattern Built thermal protector Self priming, completely auto, easy installation Special valve for liquid input and output many fittings alternatives for greater mounting flexibility Parameter Voltage:220V Flow:5. 5L/min Pressure :160PSI Amp Draw(A):0. 55A put size: 3/8″hose barb,thread Outlet size : 3/8″hose barb,thread Type: 3 Chamber Diaphragm Ports: 1/2orts: 1/2″-14 NPSM-Female Liquid: 136 F 60 C Max Self-priming: 6 feet inside 2M Inlet PSI: 30 PSI 2. 1Bar Max Run Dry: Yes responsibility cycle:Intermittent Net weight: 2. 4Kg Gross weight/pc: 2. 7kg Dimension/pc :26. 61211cm.

Orbit 58291 18Inch 9Pattern Turret Wand Spray Nozzle

With 9 different spray patterns, this garden hose wand measures 18 inches in length. It has a turret nozzle sprayer and comfort grip handle for easy use. This water wand is ideal for watering hanging plants and also as many other yard watering uses. It has a flow control handle and metal shut-off lever to help conserve water. This orbit water wand is a must-have for many garden watering needs. Features and benefitsmeasures 18 inches in lengthturret water nozzle has 9 different spray patterns: mist, flood, jet, angle, flat, shower, cone, fan, centerhas a shut-off lever and water flow control knobfeatures a padded handle for comfy gripping.

360 Degrees Mist Nozzles vs NorthStar Skid Sprayer 268177 reviews

Our 360 degree mist nozzles are ideal for roof cooling and green house misting applications. Suggested for applications that require slight dampening of the merchandise. These Rust evidence nozzles, can work with pressure up to 400 PSI and don’t clog easily. This nozzle has a 10 foot diameter, 360 degrees spray pattern. Can be threaded onto PVC tubing. It’s wise to install roof cooling nozzles, on topside, 10 feet separately, to prevent overlapping spray patterns. Working pressure of 40 to 400 PSI. Custom mounting PVC riser available on ask. Suggested for use with our mid pressure booster pumps 160-250 PSI.

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Models to consider:
HPNB24 A455CFC6500 1170000C95002L734-04018C 12DSF
A192 TB14500A180 PF10988BV-006 A369
18HX100R SWS2S5880-3/4-2TOC20 MPS-8A218 BG20776
LG230 491922MAA211 BN2BP125FWX-CSFB-RFB787 LP37042
GCH8040 WLS200GBA80400 FB-RFB54019a30022OEM 207365GS
AM138497 A15112DSH JOKSPR-25880-3/4-2TOC06 925-1426A
A090 12DSQET80 BP SC25BSB4AH82 FB-RFB181
DCB407 CD8100100612230SAH C60066A288 A199
Yosoo16325 SP-1075LCS40 TMB-10SA242 FB-RFB111
12DSF FB-RFB787SC15-SS-GTNS SB00015A199 5880-3/4-2TOC10
WA3538 FTF-CBP3PTBSB4AH82 204627GSA218 A090
tat098 A288OEM-290-005 AM140967TB12000 LP37042
A280 491922MABV-006 738-04124AWLS200 TR00028
12DSH 734-04018CFB-RFB936 100030CBA2800 A165
1170000C95002L A184A185 FB-RFB181YC-US2-151007-83 AM138497
TRPMW300 ABS-C-235SSBK-10FB BSB2AH82WR17X12111 5880-3/4-2TOC20
20S232-0036-F1 Luchen NSP-750B918-04296B GBA80400SP-325 206376GS
207365GS WA3152HB-RB37 12DSQGCH8040 1147-4000-100FT
C50070 A184A455 A165PF10974 734-04018C
FB-RFB111 WLS200205734GS CFC6500A240 SWS2S
A218 B2251020S232-0036-F1 LMY0002DCB407 BV-006
PF10987 PF10988925-1426A 204627GSLP37042 BG20776
FSD-3017-20SKIT SB24-4tat098 TRPMW300A138 LG230
A288 206376GSABS-C-235 A1185880-3/4-2TOC06 WA3538
FTF-CBP3PT TB12000YC-US2-151007-83 HB-RB3712DSQ WR17X12111
TMB-10S JOKSPR-2FB-RFB540 12DSHA369 5880-3/4-2TOC20
C60066 BN2BP125FWX-CSA151 19A40027OEMBR-201AC A192


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