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Nov 20th 2017
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General description

Housed in lasting die-cast metal, this stand mixer features a powerful 1,000-watt motor that can handle the heaviest mixing tasks. Its extra-big, 7-quart, stainless-steel bowl accommodates big batches– double or triple recipes. The unit also gives 12 mixing speeds, with a 15-minute countdown timer and auto shutoff, for maximum precision. Decide the slow-start function to eliminate splatter or the super-light fold function to carefully blend in fragile ingredients. The mixer’s tilt-back head lets for easy access to the mixing bowl and makes attaching accessories simple. Accessories include a chef’s whisk, a flat mixing paddle, and a dough hook, also as a splashguard. The whisk aerates ingredients to increase volume or may also be used on slow speed to softly add dry ingredients. Contoured to reach the bottom and sides of the bowl, the flat mixing paddle assures thorough mixing. The dough hook makes hand kneading out of date, while the splashguard offers another-large pouring spout for easily adding ingredients. The stand mixer also holds three power outlets, as well as a high-speed outlet for its optional dedicated attachments (meat grinder, citrus juicer, blender, food processor, or pasta maker–all sold individually). The stand mixer measures 15-1/2 by 11 by 14-1/2 inches and carries a three-year product warranty and a five-year motor warranty. From the maker.

Recent reviews of Cuisinart SM-70BK 7-Quart Stand Mixer, Black:

I make bread weekly using a mixer and recently my Kitchenaid motor gave out after overheating. Although I favor the looks of the Kitchenaid mixers (something more industrial about them), Cuisinart has addressed some number of of the key problems found in Kitchenaid mixers: not enough power, overly large bowl form, absene of timer/minimal speed control. The stronger motor is crucial if you are mixing bread doughs for minutes at a time. The taller, more narrow bowl form prevents spilling. The timer function is tremendously useful. And the wider range of speeds (particularly slow speeds) and light acceleration up to any speed, again, prevent spills and let for more control. Other features I like: the spill guard fits neatly and is ONE part (again, unlike my old Kitchenaid); the lock feature clicks the top arm into place so you never run the risk of lifting from the top and having the bottom swing out; the smooth surfaces make for easy clean-up; the attachments all wash easily in the dishwasher. A great product.

I have owned some KitchenAid 5 Qt mixers, and a Hobart Professional 5 Qt (45 lbs, 3 speed manual transmission). I was disappointed to hear (but never experienced) the problems users encountered when KitchenAid changed their gear box from metal to plastic (yes, their gear box, not their gears). So, the assurance that now seems on their product box that their mixers have “all metal gears” doesn’t address the problem of the gear box COVER material. If K’Aid has addressed this issue never really been cleared up by them adequately for my taste, and so my temptation to buy the 6 qt. KitchenAid was dampened. I bought the Cuisinart 7 Quart because I wanted the extra capacity – simply that. I find that its power is adequate for all tasks, and regardless what the speed setting, it “knows” to ramp up to that speed gradually (so as not to produce a cloud of flour or another ingredients with the possible to scatter), something only possible with the advent of newer electronic controllers. The bowl is deep and well intended. A word about wattage: do not puchase any mixer because you believe that high wattage will translate to more power. That just is not so. Wattage is a measure of power consumed by the mixer, not put out as torque (capability to slog through heavy doughs). A badly intended motor will use lots of watts, however won’t deliver it to you in increased power. This mixer happens to have 1000 watts of power – sounds like lots. The point is that whatever its power draw, its power output is enough for the tasks at hand. Way back when, I had a KitchenAid 5 qt. That used 325 watts (before wattage became sexy).

I researched the Kitchenaid, Viking and some number of other brands of mixers. There were lots of good and bad reviews of Kitchenaid, however what I was able to discover was that Kitchenaid used to be owned by Hobart Corp. At that time they were excellent mixers, however then they were bought by Whirlpool. The mixers now have plastic gears. Though the higher-end models have metal gears (Pro series), they’re still in a plastic housing. This decline in quality disturbs me. It’s probably that majority home cooks don’t use it for heavy-responsibility handling, however those cooks who do have seemingly found the merchandise from Kitchenaid don’t last (see negative reviews – particularly from the engineer who took some number of of them separately). The Viking seemed better made but was quite costly. I settled on the Cuisinart after learning that its gears and gear housing are metal. Hopefully it’ll last a long time. I noticed that the Kitchanaid had only a one year warranty, however the Cuisinart has a FIVE year motor warranty, and a three year product warranty in general. It seemed a safer bet, so I got the Cuisinart. It performs well. The timer is built right into the side of the mixer and is useful. The mixer leaves little batter unmixed if you do not annoy to scrape the bowl yourself. The range of speeds is big – from very slow (1) to very fast (12). It’s pretty calm in its operation. I’ll have to continue using it to see how long it lasts, however so far it does a great job.

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Models to consider:
XSK48OZ DLC-093CUDLC-196ATX 12-SS-100024×48 FP-12JNDISC-1
MBR-1701 MUZ7FV1ROB28113 R-KFP1333QGN17-1001 DLC-2007WBCN-1
35SDS-5/8 NB-BX001J-23PB-985 WFP11S1SM-70 DLC-893
36386A DLC-842TXX5010 KFP13CRWFP11S1 KFP0930CL
Z-NE6-224CLR-001 DLC-2AGMMUZ4MX2 24×48NE6-2BLFC-001 DLC-042TX
35SDS-5/8 CBC-5200PCUA01 FP-100TXMBR-1701 DLC-139ATX-1
WAR502956 DLC-836SM-70 DLC – 070XSK48OZ 106458S
PB-985 DLC-03612-SS-1000 WFP16S16FP-631AGTX 14-C08E10A
NB-BX001J-23 R-KFP1333QGDLC-861-TX CAC20DLC-893 DLC-039ATX-1
DLC-870 NBM-VE016WFP14S2 CAC105AG1217 CAC59
CAC105 WFP11S3BCUDLC-195TX NE6-2BLFC-001HCM6162-LID PB-985
KFP13CR FP-KIT14NNB-BX001J-23 FW-1002BDH-2 MUZ4FW101
CAC08 32 ounce TRITANR-KFP1333QG FP-100TXMBR-1701 FP3020
12-SS-1000 NBM-VE016DLC-118B DLC-093SM-70 z-NE6-232CCR-002
DLC-6WB DLC-046FP40SSB 35SDS-5/8DLC – 070 SPB-452-2B
DLC-834TX AFP-7DSC24×48 N17-1001DLC-2AGM FP-12JNDISC-1


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