April 21, 2017

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Nov 20th 2017
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  • Large meat-grinder attachment makes freshly ground meat in minutes
  • Durable metal construction; instructions/recipes included; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • 3 grinding plates for fine, medium, or coarse cuts; 2 sausage nozzles
  • Connects to slow-speed power outlet on Cuisinart stand mixer
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
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General description

Now health-conscious buyers can connect the Cuisinart big Meat Grinder Attachment to any Cuisinart Stand Mixer to grind the ingredients they personally choose. This versatile attachment grinds meat, poultry, nuts and vegetables, and makes small and big sausages also. All parts are easy to attach, detach, and clean.

Recent reviews of Cuisinart SM-MG Meat-Grinder Attachment for Cuisinart Stand Mixer, White:

People should not give an item two stars just because of pricing in comparison to Kitchenaid. That is not useful to anybody. I pulled the trigger on this attachment when Amazon had it for 107 shipped. Yes it is a little costly, however in comparison to the Kitchenaid grinder for around 60, here is what I can see as the differences for spent:- it seems like the SM-MG tray seems to be a little bigger than the KA. (you may be able to order a bigger tray at add’l expense with the KA). – The sausage making attachments are included with the Cuisi. (Again these aren’t included, however may be ordered individually for the KA). – The whole major body of the SM-MG Cuisi is cast aluminum or some other metal, (whereas the KA body looks to be usually plastic, and seems smaller). – The SM-MG attachment gives you three sizes of metal grinding wheels, whereas the KA I believe gives you only two sizes. – The SM-MG attachment, just like the Cuisi mixer itelf, has a three- year warranty. (I believe the KA mixer, and I’m presuming the attachments, only have a one-year warranty). I hope I helped to compare apples to apples here. I know that I sound like a Cuisinart “fanboy,” but after weighing all of the pros and cons before buying a stand mixer for the 1st time, (and valuing my dollars spent), I went with the Cuisinart, and I haven’t been disappointed. (trust me, I really wanted to purchase American here, and KA makes a good product. If they could up their warranty to three years, I would not hesitate to go with Kitchenaid). You will not be grinding meat for any commercial applications with this unit. It’s rather slow, however does the job. (Grinding 5 pounds of meat for sausage took awhile – a good while.

This grinder is replacing a KA unit that, after 32 years of honest, dependable service, has worked on so many cracks in its plastic parts that it has lost the capability to remain sanitary. The Cuisinart unit has some benefits: a reasonably big tray, many cutting blades, pretty simple system for inserting it into the stand mixer, and a hard metal shaft and housing. It works well, neither faster nor slower than its predecessor. I am unaccustomed to the fineness of the good blade, and discovered that it is not alway appropriate to grind as finely as possible. For some reasons (making hot dogs or forced meat, for example) it is perfect; for a less emulsified texture, it renders the meat too sticky. This is obviously a cook’s issue, not a grinder issue. Two design faults stand in the way of my giving the grinder 5 stars:- 1st, the metal housing is cast aluminum. It’s great for keeping away from the cracks I found in the plastic equivalent, however it is unwise to put it in the dishwasher (Cuisinart tells you exactly NOT to) because the causticity of dishwasher detergent pits the surfaces of the metal. I could favor to be able to use a dishwasher to increase the chance of sanitary equipment, and wonder why it could not have been possible to make a dishwasher-safe alloy. Possibly it could have been cost prohibitory. Buyer beware: you have got to like using brushes in hot soapy water to keep this grinder clean. On the other hand, the tray part is plastic and easily removable, and it’s dishwasher safe. That is the one part I could feel comfy hand washing, so I can not win. – Second, the plastic pusher is problematic on a couple of levels. 1st, it cleverly houses the sausage horns.

For Christmas 2011, I bought a Cusinart mixer for my wife. But. Only after seeing on the attachments list a meat grinder. I’m a hunter, hence the pen name Carnivore. I find that it works more then projected. After all, it’s somewhat small in size, however not in stature. I have used the big grinders. They really have their function. But, this meat grinder never clogged up. Or been a disappointment. I have made a ton of hamburger and all varities of sausage using this grinder. It works very well on wild game also as beef. The bottom line is that I could heartily recommend it. What I have learned from this grinder is that it’ll do any job that I ask of it. After all, you may be able to only make so much sausge in a day.

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US-FF-232FC2-001 K5AWWEJA-12D EDDOUGH-HL640XXHOOK-20 6126-HBB908
MUZ6ER2 SMPC01KLW-1 HMBT-223K5ABB GF-P1177-597
AT974A K45DH10 BWSS KN3CWFB800 PD51070
10084-00026-OS K45SBWHFB140 HMBT-223PD53033 K45WW
KN12AP SE1000KSM7588PNK PD51070KG25H0XCE 10084-00026-OS


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