April 21, 2017

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General description

Remember when power tools were really powerful? WEN’s 12-inch swing, variable speed drill press with laser centering device, is a powerhouse for your shop. Filled with features that you’ll find in bigger more industrial type drill presses. This bench-top, cast iron drill press has the power to drill through metal, wood and other materials. Max drill capacity is 5/8” in 1” thick cast iron. The variable speed feature lets you to target in the exact speed (endlessly from 580-3200 RPM) that works for your project. While you’re working you simply move a lever and change the speed as needed. No pulleys and belts to change Our design uses a mechanical variable speed which lets for the same power and torque through the complete speed range. A digital readout powered by LED’s displays the running speed. Constructed with a rigid frame composed of cast iron: head, table, and base, assures correct holes. Its powerful induction motor features ball bearings for an expanded life and it all comes with smooth and balanced performance at high speeds. The 5/8” chuck with MT2 spindle taper gives you versatility with a range of bits and features on-board chuck key storage, so you never have to hunt around for it. Worktable bevels 45° left and right for those difficult functionings for the perfect right angles steadily. Base has predrilled holes for mounting onto a bench or work stand. Slotted table lets for mounting clamps and vises for efficient mounting. The X-pattern laser locks-on to your drill points saving on speculation and sparing costly materials. A versatile and priceless tool for any shop particularly when you expand its range of use with optional accessories like mortising attachments, drum sanders, circle cutters, etc. Since 1951, WEN has proudly made groundbreaking powered tools focused on value delivering meaningful features that will assist you complete and enjoy the work as much as the project. Remember when you could drill with laser precision? Remember WEN.

Recent reviews of WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press:

Happy with this drill press. Came punctually in a double box package. Easy to assemble with good information. Calm smooth motor with minor vibration to the table. Make sure to screw this unit down to a hard stand as it’s top heavy. Love the variable speed control and RPM digital readout. Also, the rotating depth gauge wheel works great for setting the drill depth or using a drum sander to set and hold that position to free your hand to hold your work part while sanding. I really do not use the Laser except to align/center the table, however still is a nice feature. The chuck is good quality and in spite of what others have said about the spring loaded chuck key it isn’t a problem or an issue.

OK, I had a 8 inch harbor freight drill press and needed a taller drill press, so after some research I have decided on splurging for the WEN 4214 12 inch, wow, when it arrived a used my hand truck to get it up stairs to my work shop. Unpacked and assembled. It was easy to figure out what went where. Once assembled I put it side by side with my HF 8 inch. I now feel like I have a real drill press. Here are the photos they speak for themselves. In general it seems and feels like a winner. Oh and it’s nice and calm. UPDATE: 02/02/2015 OK, had a chance to use my new WEN 4214 12 inch drill press. When turning it on it’s calm, setting the speed with the handle to the left is easy and useful. I tried to drill a project of 160 PVC parts, that I have drilled in the past with my older HF drill press, and what a obvious difference. The HF drill press speed was way to fast and generally heated up the PVC and made it adhere to the PVC. Now with my new WEN 4214, I adjusted the speed down to a slower speed using the handle to the left, and it eliminated this problem. This drill press drills smoothly and precisely. And it did the job in less than half the time of my old HF Drill Press, and was easy on my hands when I was holding the PVC in place. I think it was well worth the money, because I’m a happy camper.

This thing is just great. The chuck, bearings, and alignment is spot on. There’s no wobble from the end of the chuck that i have the capability to detect at all. A long quality bit does not rattle around at all. The variable speed modification works good. Digital readout is easy to read. I do not think I will ever use the little fence or roller, so i took those off. The crank to increase and reduce the table works good. Gripes:- The chuck key has a little spring loaded pin that prevents you from accidentally leaving the key in the chuck. This is just stupid and makes it harder to tighten the chuck. I cut it nearly totally off and now it is good. If i ever leave the key in the chuck and turn it on, who cares. It is not like it turns into a quick projectile. Some people watch too many movies. -The set screw on the base for the pole was stripped out. I had to back the screw out to get the pole in, then the screw had no threads to pinch on the pole. I remedied that by drilling holes straight through and put a screw across the complete base through the pole. This is more secure and i’d recommend doing this anyway. -The table tilt requires loosening a nut (it comes with cheap wrench to do this). I wish it was easier, however it is good enough for me since i will not be tilting it much. Pros:-Strong motor. 2/3 HP. You will not find another motor this big on anything else this size or price point. -Smooth operation of press.-there’s a depth gauge with a depth stop AND a retraction stop. You may be able to set both and just move the bit up and down quickly if you are making some number of holes. -No wobble. Other things:-The roller on the table rolls easily and changes easily. -The fence is good enough if you may be able to use it.

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Jacobs Taper #3 mounted heavy 4214 responsibility basic substitute chuck for drill presses. Jaws center-ground for complete straightness and alignment. One-part sleeve removes crack between driving teeth frequently found in other designs. Through-hardened sleeve teeth, plus hardened nose and keyholes supply remaining wear resistance.

Grizzly G7944 12 Heavy-Duty Floor, 14-Inch

This heavy-responsibility floor model drill press is the mainstay in any shop with 12 speeds and powerful 3/4 HP motor. Features crank handle operated rack and pinion vertical table motion padded grip quill handles fitted light and the table has lock levers and a coolant trough. A well-liked machine. Plans: • Motor: 3/4 HP single-phase 110V • in general height: 64″ • Spindle travel: 3-1/4″ • Number of speeds: 12 • band size: 2. 595″ • Drill chuck: 1/64″-5/8″ • Spindle taper: MT -2 • Swing: 14″ • Drilling capacity: 3/4″ steel • Precision-ground cast iron table • Table size: 11-3/8″ sq. • Table swing: 360 Deg. • Table tilts: 90 Deg. Left and right • estimated shipping weight: 171-Pound.

JET J-2500 15-Inch 3/4-Horsepower 115-Volt Floor Model

This JET 16-speed drill press has a 115V, single-phase motor. 16 spindle speeds ensure correct application for a range of different jobs. Draw Bar: No, Dimensions L x W x H (in. ): 26 x 14 x 64, Speeds (qty. ): 16, Swing: 15 in. Volts: 115, Speed (RPM): 200-3,630, Light Included: No, 360deg Head Swivel: Y, Vertical Stroke: 3 3/8in. Worktable L x W (in. ): 11 x 19 1/2, HP: 3/4, Drilling Capacity (in. ): 5/8 cast iron; 1/2 light steel, Stand Included: Yes, Chuck Size (in. ): 5/8.

Dake 50H Model Hand Operated H-Frame Hydraulic, 50 Ton Capacity, 43.5" Length x 36" Width x 85" Height

The Dake 50H hand-operated H-frame hydraulic press applies up to 50 tons of force to help pressing and forming. The channel iron H-frame accepts big and bulky things, and the hoist changes the table height for correct positioning and automatically locks in place. The workhead is mounted on bearings to enable modification for off-center pressing. The handwheel advances the ram for fast placement near the object being pressed. The handpump lowers the ram onto the object with more precision and control than the handwheel. The release valve turns to release the hydraulic pressure, starting fast ram return after downstroke. Closing the valve at any point throughout the ram return will halt the ram.

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When is a drill press powerful enough to tackle the big jobs, and movable enough to do it anywhere when it is the all-new Jet 12 VARIABLE speed drill press. A powerful 1/2 hp induction motor that pushes through nearly anything you Throw at it; over 3-1/8 spindle travel for maximum depth cutting, and our groundbreaking x-shaped xacta laser that assures drilling accuracy; makes this workhorse the best choice for in your shop or on the go. “.

uxcell® 10# Quill Feed Return Coil Spring Assembly 1 3/8"

The drill press quill return spring is good substitute for many present quill spring on 10# drill presses, this is the chrome housed spring that returns the quill to the top after you have finished drilling. Used to all types of vacuum cleaner coil spring, volume tube coil spring, safety belt coil spring.

Dake Force 10DA Model Electrically Operated Hydraulic Dura, 10 Ton Capacity, 110V, 1 Phase, 29.75" Length x 24" Width x 80" Heigh

The Dake Force 10DA model electrically operated hydraulic Dura Press is powered by a single-phase, 110-volt motor to apply up to 10 tons of force to help pressing and forming. The channel iron H-frame accepts big and bulky things, and the table height changes for correct positioning. The three-point lever gives single-handed control over ram motion, both advancement and return. The double-acting cylinder moves the ram throughout the downstroke and the return, smooth motion in both directions and enabling exact positioning.

JET JDP-17MF/354169

The jet JDP-17MF floor drill Press is a true woodworker’s drill Press. With 16 speeds, it allows you to decide the best speed for the job. It comes equipped with a fast release crank operated worktable, work light, x-pattern mounting grooves, depth stop, and adjustable tension Spindle return spring which is ideal for recurring drilling of the same depth.

uxcell 13-inch Quill Feed Return Coil Spring Assembly 0.8cm

The drill press quill return spring is good substitute for many present quill spring on 13-inch drill presses, this is the chrome housed spring that returns the quill to the top after you have finished drilling. Used to all types of vacuum cleaner coil spring, volume tube coil spring, safety belt coil spring.

EZ-1500M Metric Insert ( Guide)

EZ-1500-M Metric put (96mm and 128mm) (Drill Guide) The EZ-1500-M Metric put is fits both the EZ-1000 Door Jig and EZ-2000 Drawer Jig for the Handles and Pulls for the high end hardware installations. It’s made with the same heavy responsibility material and hardened steel inserts as the original tools. No have to buy another door and drawer tool for your tool box to install metric handles/pulls. Just remove the standard put (4 screws) and install the put (96mm and 128mm) into the door or drawer tool. This gives you the capability of installing any handle or pull on the job and you’ll save space, time, and money. Now you may be able to do any job the 1st time with your EZ Jig Tools.

DEWALT DW6182 Plunge Base

The DeWalt heavy-responsibility plunge base features an adjustable, tool-free steel motor cam lock for fast and hard-locking depth modification and base changes. An integral through-the-column dust collection collects 95-% of dust and gives superior bit visibility. Made with precision machined brass bushings with case-hardened steel guide rods, the base gives a smooth and correct plunge stroke. A clear, LEXAN sub-base offers improved base durability, bit visibility, and accepts standard template guide bushings. Rubber overmolded handles, a low center-of-gravity design, and an easy to reach plunge lever give the user balance, comfort and control. With five position, the adjustable turret stop assists in stepped or repeated plunge cuts. The micro-good depth modification on the plunge base changes 5/128-inch per turn for exact routing in veneer and inlays. Intended for DeWalt routers No. DW616 and DW618.

uxcell 8" Quill Feed Return Coil Spring Assembly 1.5"

The drill press quill return spring is good substitute for many present quill spring on 8″ drill presses, this is the chrome housed spring that returns the quill to the top after you have finished drilling. Used to all types of vacuum cleaner coil spring, volume tube coil spring, safety belt coil spring.

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Models to consider:
DP-1000G G794575-030 M1 G7944W1669 DP5UL
B00NREHNQA 5750PSWFSS10 W1670a14040700ux0215 SDBN2334
977400-1V 57100PSRK7033 J-A5816J-2530 J-2500
J-2550 J-2232ACAST1441 TA-EL-3-12-110VDWA500DC DW6184
a13092400ux1049 2705S060JDP-17 J-A3816J-2223VS DW6182
WFBR6 DP-15VSFJ-A5818 JET354402D4088 SS01
DP-1500G a12060500ux0656M1039
SS01 TA-EL-3-12-110VWFBR6 DP5ULJ-2550 RK7033
a14040700ux0215 2705S060DW6182 W1670DP-1500G 977400-1V
M1039 D4088DW6184 J-A5816J-2223VS WFSS10
57100PS DP-15VSF75-030 M1 G7945J-A3816 AST1441
JDP-17 SDBN2334G7944 5750PSDP-1000G J-A5818
a13092400ux1049 J-2232ACa12060500ux0656 B00NREHNQAJ-2500 DWA500DC
J-2530 W1669JET354402
AST1441 5750PSJ-A5816 J-2223VSDP-1000G J-A5818
TA-EL-3-12-110V J-2500DP5UL J-25502705S060 DW6182
SDBN2334 G7945W1669 D4088RK7033 977400-1V
J-A3816 B00NREHNQADP-15VSF G7944J-2232AC 75-030 M1
a13092400ux1049 W1670JET354402 DP-1500Ga14040700ux0215 DW6184
DWA500DC M1039JDP-17 J-2530SS01 WFSS10
a12060500ux0656 WFBR657100PS


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