April 21, 2017

What I found out: SS4444G Tuff (Femco)

Nov 19th 2017
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General description

The FEMCO Tuff Top canopy is exactly intended for smaller compact tractors and R. O. P. S. Equipped Zero Turn Mowers. The sunshade guards the operator from direct sun contact over 13 square feet of shade. This Tuff Top is can withstand a heavy beating. It can be bent double and will “pop” right back into form. Constructed of high density thermoplastic, it’s built with the same material used in highway crash barrels as well as UV inhibitors to extend equipment life. The canopy frame is made of hot-rolled powder coated steel that attaches to 2″H x 2″W or 2″H x 3″W R. O. P. S with a square tubular form factor. FEMCO Tuff Tops are available in Grey or White and are a perfect match for the Swisher answer Zero Turn Mowers that feature R. O. P. S. The 44″ x 44″ canopy gives excellent shade coverage able of tilting 16 degrees forward or rearward and may be removed in seconds without tools. The virtually indestructible FEMCO Tuff Top ZTR/Tractor canopy is the ideal addition for your Swisher answer ZTR or any other R. O. P. S. Equipped mower and/or small tractor.

Recent reviews of Femco SS4444G Tuff Top ZTR Sunshade for Lawn Mower:

It is a great little sunshade for our ZTR. As you get older you have to be aware of skin cancer and this fits the bill ofsun protection. It protect you nicely and looks to be solidly built. It changes down (folding back) in less than one minute. We agree they do need better information. Due to material it should hold up longer than canvas. We could certainly purchase it again.

I put this on My JD 1025r and fits pretty nicely. But, the directions needs to be changed. I found it easier to attach the metal edge channels and bow extenders at one end 1st, next the other end after connecting the two panels. Then attach the struts/left over bolts in the center. But I could still purchase it again.

I did not purchase this form Amazon because I found it cheaper elsewhere. The top is great quality. My neighbor has used one for the last year and it’s holding up well. As others have stated the information are awful. So much so, I called Femco and suggested they redo them. With the poor information I really like the top. With good information, I’d give the top a 5 star ranking.

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THE HIGH TECH COVER SOLUTION FOR YOUR costly LCD MONITORSMade of lasting still adaptable modern copolymers, this monitor cover slips over the top of your display for unrivaled protection. This protector guards your big LCD screen and sensitive electronics from dust, moisture, static, oils, paints, kids, pets and more. You’ll use up just some times purchasing this today. You may be able to then use up more time with your family and earning money, and less time spending money on new monitors. FROM THE LEADER IN DUST PROTECTIONComputer Dust Solutions was supplying quality LCD monitor dust covers to heavy industrial users and home buyers for over ten years. Through uninterrupted improvement these protectors have evolved to meet the high tech demands of our diverse customers like you during the US and abroad. HOW ARE THESE COVERS DIFFERENT?-Advanced 0. 2mm thick EVA vinyl material is lasting still remains supple down to -80 degrees F so installation and storage is a breeze-Antistatic properties repel dust and moisture for a dry, clean monitor and screen-3 Year ensure for peace of mind and confidence in your purchasing choice-Translucent creamy coconut color and sky-blue trim adds a visually pleasing element to any home or office environment-Non-toxic around kids and pets so your loved ones stay safe-Light weight and odor free in comparison to PVC-Economical low-cost solution so you may be able to pay for to get agreeing covers for your equipment-totally protects back side of monitors unlike some covers having a slit in backSIZING information-well-matched with most monitor brands, as well as Asus, Dell, Viewsonic, BenQ, Acer, Hannspree, AOC, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, QNIX, LG, Gateway and more-Just measure your monitor (width, height and depth from front to back in inches) and choose a cover of the same or somewhat bigger dimensions.

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  2. Femco SS4444W Tuff Top ZTR Sunshade for Lawn Mower
  3. Great Day LNP1012 Big Top Zero Turn Lawnmower Canopy
  4. Great Day TAP1000 Universal Tractor Canopy
  5. Arnold Fast Attach Deluxe Tractor Sunshade

Models to consider:
MT313-037B-BK CB21UZ516T UBWC-15-BK-5US-LFSS-304SS 6DM08
OA16VB BG4/S/GRUZ516T IN05RHVR170-006-23 COVER-17P
02T00007-PUR 02T00001-BLUEKM0064US EKD0109USHEW-72-00001 B5388-GI
CH40B G7UR1HJMPC-M5-JARHEAD MSC1632EKD0021 326.iMac27
LP0675 HZ-4935-SETE9T041-C01 HV-1803T00001-BLK UZ516T
PCE265.1037 08P57-ZS9-00SAK-421-CYN 02T00006-TURQ3809-BLK-06 C90010
FPR65U EKM0076USVR038-110-23 VBW2000158182516A101STD RO-TC1
RS106 SP51NCEDL-4254 04T00003-GRNB5388-MK NCC-1701
NS120 11840-PLM-000YA132 NS520VR170-004-23 08P57-ZS9-00G
EKD0125US US-LFSS-304SSSOA342L120 MC50148LP93647 UZ516T
VR170-004-23 AK-422-CYNTDWSB1 EKK0001US04T00003-GRN HZ-4935-SET
310131-zzz-6 TDWPHLWCMR2NCC-1701 TDWSOL1Tractor1 N61C90
C90011 EKL0031USVR001-501-23 MSC16322L3Z6019BA EKM0076US
N61C90 CPU001-DC-61326.iMac27 PM1073_VCGR_TPCYA132 3809-BLK-06
02T00007-PUR 3656ABBbr-7691 02E00001-Green762002SH TDCHLA1
S/B97210-33 WPC-CLMC300DRS106 OA76DWMON003-DC-37 08P57-ZS9-00G
B5388-MK TooFair-2H2DL5PB5388-GI CH40BEKK0001US EKE0005
OA16VB AK-422-CYNEKE0004 N61C9011840-PLM-000 WK94BZ
LP0675 03T00001-BLKEKE0002 VR180-004-23VBW20001 TDWSOL1
08P57-ZS9-00S R6040EKD0109US FPR65UTDWPHLWCMR2 C90010
TooFair-2H2DL5P UZ516TEKD0186US EDL-4254EKD0135US YA132
GCU204 3656ABBVR038-110-23 TD4GTractor1 762002SH
H9EP2G UZ516TEKE0005 N61C90VR001-501-23 MT313-037B-BK
EKD0196US 326.iMac276DM08 EKK0001USUBWC-15-BK-5 02T00007-PUR


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