June 15, 2017

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GE Stainless 30 ” Microwave Oven Trim Kit.

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Microwave / Utility Stand Features a Pristine White and Maple Finish vs JX830-SFSS

This New Visions utility stand by Lane Kitchen Essential features a pristine white and maple finish, the slightest innuendo of Old World style. This stand offers open storage area and two framed doors for concealed storage. Barclin Distribution Co. Is an independent 3rd party distributor. Orders are fulfilled through the warehouses of some number of big commercial vendors and supply chains. The packaging and paperwork may reflect the name of the vendor or warehouse who fulfilled the order.

Exclusive Easy-Bake Oven Package with Cookie And Red Velvet Cupcake Mixes

Become the final treat master with your Easy-Bake final Oven it is simple as may be to whip up 12 tasty chocolate chip cookie bites with the delicious mix included, or get other combinations (refills sold individually) to make all types of treats to serve to your friends Just mix it, bake it and enjoy it with your amazing Easy-Bake final Oven Easy-Bake and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

22-ounce Laundry Stain Remover with Breville® Risotto PlusTM Rice Cooker

If you want to purchase separate go to ASIN:B00HB6Z5RO This convenient mix cooker from Breville allows you to make tender slow cooked meals, stir-free Risotto and fluffy rice all in the same bowl with just a simple push of a button ——————————————————– For 22-oz Laundry Stain Remover Dreft Laundry Stain Remover is specially formulated to help carefully remove tough stains and odors caused by formula, spit-up, food, urine, diarrhea and more. It’s an ideal solution for baby and kids’s clothing, bedding and blankets Stain remover is safe for all colorfast fabrics, works in all temperatures, and doesn’t harm the flame resistance of kids’s sleepwear.

Frigidaire Oven Range Stove Surface Burner Element 316010206 vs JX-830SFSS

StoveTopperTM is a one part burner cover for your stove adding extra counter space/work area to your kitchen. StoveTopperTM is available in White, Almond, and Black finishes – perfectly suited to meet your kitchen’s needs. StoveTopperTM is the fast, easy, and cheap way to get priceless, usable space in your kitchen while hiding unsightly burners by just putting it on your stove. Free Chopping Mat with buy of StoveTopperTM. UPC: 705105681955 StoveTopperTM Part Number: STSPE30″ BL This unit fits on most 30 inch Electric stoves, with the dimensions of 28 1/4 x 20 x 1 This unit will match Black colored stoves. Price 89. 99 Shipping Weight 132 oz Below is a list of makes an models that this unit is recognized to fit on. ESTATE TEP315VQO ESTATE RF365PXMTO FRIGIDAIRE FEFL79HBA FRIGIDAIRE FEFL68GM FRIGIDAIRE FGF168GM FRIGIDAIRE FZFB78DBL GE JBP27BL1BB GE JBP26GV3WH GE JGB21BB1AD GE JSP34 GE JBSO3GS1WH GE JBP26WOB3WW GE JBP24GR1AD GE JB507MICC GE JSP28GO57BG GE JS501-002 GE JBP22OND2AD GE PB70SMSS HOTPOINT RB757BC1CT KENMORE 665. 7582 KENMORE 92481 KENMORE 96412 KENMORE 7909422 KENMORE 7909643 KENMORE 790. 9642940C KENMORE 96412 KENMORE 94222 KITCHEN AID KDRP407HSS09 KITCHEN AID KERA205PBL4 MAYTAG MERH865RAW MAYTAG PER5510BAW MAYTAG 8114P732-60 MAYTAG MER5755QAB MAYTAG MER4351AAW StoveTopper STSPE30″ BL TAPPAN TEF326FB TAPPAN TEF351EW WHIRLPOOL WFE371LVQ WHIRLPOOL 3187321.

Garland OVEN THERMOSTAT 1032499

KX TEMP 140-550 BULB 3/16″ X 11-5/8″ CAP 36″. 187″ SOME MODELS USE A2412, #22-1216 DIAL (11224)OFF-550-200 A923, K-170, # 22-1065 DIAL 16393)OFF-500-200. Afterward MODELS AFTER SEP ’86 USE handle WITH POINTER # 22-1106 BLODGETT OVEN 1200 PIZZA OVENS, EF/EZE, RE. OVEN CTB & CTBR (previous TO 9-15-86), DFG (previous TO 7-1-87), MARK V (previous TO 9-1-86), MARK V (previous TO 9-1-86), SERIES:ZEPHAIRE E & G W/MECH CONTROLS,SH1G, SERIES: SHO. GARLAND OVEN SERIES: 680 (ELEC). CAPILLARY CLAMP: # 26-3078 SNAP-IN, CAPILLARY CLAMP: # 26-1935 CLIP-ON BULB CLAMPS, PKG/6, A1067, W-1130, # 26-1542 CALIBRATION SCREW DRIVER # 72-1007 CAPILLARY INSULATION PER FOOT: L307, Z-127, # 85-1161 ROBERTSHAW ACROFLEX INSULATION SLEEVING FITS BULBS UP TO 3/8″ DIAMETER.

G.E. Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 16 " # WB49X10166 vs GE JX830SFSS Steel Deluxe pricing

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you’re unsure about compatibility email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING. PSB1200NWW01, PSB1201NSS01, PSB2200NBB01 PSB2200NWW01, PSB2201NSS01 SCB1000KBB01, SCB1000KBB02, SCB1000KCC01 SCB1000KCC02, SCB1000KWW01, SCB1000KWW02 SCB1000MBB001, SCB1000MCC001, SCB1000MWW001 SCB1001KSS01, SCB1001KSS02, SCB1001MSS001 ZSC1000KBB01, ZSC1000KBB02, ZSC1001KSS01 ZSC1001KSS02, ZSC1201NSS01, ZSC1202NSS01 ZSC2200NBB01, ZSC2200NWW01, ZSC2201NSS01 ZSC2202NSS01.

Premium Reusable Microwave Baked Potato Bag Potato Express Washable Set of 2 vs JX-830-SFSS

With the microwave baked potato bags by Quizinary, you’ll get to take pleasure in perfectly cooked, moist, delicious potatoes while considerably cutting down on your prep time when making mashed potatoes and other favorites dishes. They work with all types of potatoes, as well as sweet, red, yam, white, and more. Just add the potatoes into the bags, microwave, and enjoy the results.

Microwave Cooking Set – 9 Piece Microwave Cookware Set by MicroBuddy – Home-cooked meals in minutes vs GE JX830SFSS Steel Deluxe review

The Original MicroBuddy 9 part Microwave Cooking Set A revolutionary idea in microwave cooking Gives you home-cooked meals in minutes. Super moisturized heat circulation seals in nutrients and flavor while using the speed of the microwave. You’ll enjoy the healthiest foods ever, cooked faster than ever before possible and totally without the “nuked” flavor or texture. MicroBuddy foods generally keep their inviting natural colors, flavors, aromas and textures. Only MicroBuddy uses super-moisturized heat circulation in its distinctive design. The elevated MicroBuddy tray keeps food out of the water, while the steam is circulated around the dome-shaped cover to seal in nutrients and flavor. This big set comes with three different sizes of cooking containers, so you will have one that’s the perfect size and form for anything you prepare. The mix will have you prepared for big meals, or a range of dishes without any have to stop for cleaning. When you do have to wash them, each part is dishwasher safe, so you will not have to waste any extra time or effort to get them clean.

G.E. Microwave Glass Turntable Plate / Tray 15 1/2 " WB49X0690

This tray ONLY fits model numbers listed here. If you’re unsure about compatibility email us with your model number BEFORE ORDERING. JE1530GW01, JE1530GW02, JE1540AW01, JE1540AW02 JE1540AW03, JE1540GW01, JE1540GW02, JE1540GW03 JE1540WW01, JE1540WW02, JE1540WW03 JE1550GW01, JE1550GW02 JE1640AB002, JE1640AB003, JE1640AB01 JE1640GB002, JE1640GB003, JE1640GB01 JE1640WB002, JE1640WB003, JE1640WB01 JE1660GB002, JE1660GB003, JE1660GB004, JE1660GB01 JE1660WB002, JE1660WB003, JE1660WB004, JE1660WB01 JES1534BW01, JES1634WB001, JES1634WB002 JES1655BF001, JES1655BF002, JES1655BF003 JES1655CF001, JES1655CF002, JES1655CF003 JES1655WF001, JES1655WF002, JES1655WF003 JKP85BA1BB, JKP85BA2BB, JKP85BA3BB, JKP85BD1BB JKP85WA1WW, JKP85WA2WW, JKP85WA3WW, JKP85WD1WW JKP86BF1BB, JKP86BF2BB, JKP86BF3BB, JKP86BF4BB JKP86BF5BB, JKP86BF6BB, JKP86BF7BB JKP86CF1CC, JKP86CF2CC, JKP86CF3CC, JKP86CF4CC JKP86CF5CC, JKP86CF6CC, JKP86CF7CC JKP86SF1SS, JKP86SF2SS, JKP86SF3SS JKP86SH1SS, JKP86SH2SS, JKP86SH3SS JKP86SH4SS, JKP86SH5SS, JKP86SH6SS JKP86WF1WW, JKP86WF2WW, JKP86WF3WW, JKP86WF4WW JKP86WF5WW, JKP86WF6WW, JKP86WF7WW JKP90BM1BB, JKP90BM2BB, JKP90BM4BB JKP90CM1CC, JKP90CM2CC, JKP90CM4CC JKP90DP1BB, JKP90DP1CC, JKP90DP1WW JKP90DP2BB, JKP90DP2CC, JKP90DP2WW JKP90SM1SS, JKP90SM2SS, JKP90SM4SS JKP90SP1SS, JKP90SP2SS, JKP90SP3SS JKP90WM1WW, JKP90WM2WW, JKP90WM4WW JT965BF1BB, JT965BF2BB, JT965BF3BB, JT965BF4BB JT965BF5BB, JT965BF6BB, JT965BF7BB JT965CF1CC, JT965CF2CC, JT965CF3CC, JT965CF4CC JT965CF5CC, JT965CF6CC, JT965CF7CC JT965SF1SS, JT965SF2SS, JT965SF3SS, JT965SF4SS JT965SK1SS, JT965SK2SS, JT965SK3SS, JT965SK4SS JT965WF1WW, JT965WF2WW, JT965WF3WW, JT965WF4WW JT965WF5WW, JT965WF6WW, JT965WF7WW JTP85BA1BB, JTP85BA2BB, JTP85BA3BB JTP85BA4BB, JTP85BA5BB, JTP85BA6BB, JTP85BD1BB JTP85WA1WW, JTP85WA2WW, JTP85WA3WW JTP85WA4WW, JTP85WA5WW, JTP85WA6WW, JTP85WD1WW.

Lang 2N-11010-24 Element T/P 480v I/S 3-Kilowatt vs GE JX830SFSS Steel Deluxe price

The Lang 2N-11010-24 Inner Oven Range Element is a real OEM (original equipment maker) substitute part for Lang commercial and marine ranges. This heating element uses 3,000-watts and 480-volts of power. Use real OEM parts for safety, dependability and performance. For over 100 years, Lang was customized solutions to multi-unit restaurants and foodservice operators. Lang produces a large range of cooking solutions, as well as high performance ovens, griddles, fryers, char broilers and more.

Mastrad A64501 Top Chips Maker, Set of 2

Create healthy chips and crispy snacks in minutes-all in your microwave with the Top Chips Maker. Crispy chips and snacks are achieved without any oils or fats, cooking up light and crispy, all with the use of your microwave. So many vegetables and fruits contain priceless vitamins and minerals that we miss out on because we don’t like the restricted ways we know to prepare them. With the Top Chips Maker-you may be able to add healthy nutrients to your diet in a fun and delicious way-without all the harmful preservatives you find in pre-packaged variants of your beloved crisp snacks. To use, just slice potatoes, or another fruits and vegetables thinly and evenly. Place in a single level on the Top Chips Tray, and microwave as indicated by enclosed directions. Season with your beloved topping and voila. You have a healthy, delicious snack that you’ll feel good about serving to your kids and guests. Stack many trays to cook more than one serving at a time. A fun way for kids to experiment and attempt different vegetables and fruits they may not be used to. The Top Chips maker is intended for the smallest of microwaves, perfect for small microwaves like those found in RVs, dorm rooms and apartments-you may be able to use your Top Chips everywhere. Hand wash or top-rack dishwasher-safe. Made by Mastrad, the makers of groundbreaking and award-winning kitchen merchandise loved the world-over.

Home-X Micro Mate. Multifunction Microwave Accessory. Functions asTray with Handles, Spatter Cover and Plate Stacker vs GE JX830SFSS Steel Deluxe reviews

A versatile microwave accessory youll use every day. This smart helper offers many uses, instantly converting from a tray with handles to a space-saving plate stacker to a spatterproof cover. As a tray, it holds plates, soup bowls, cups and more and it has handles for easy lifting. Your hands never touch hot cookware. Invert it and you have a stand that allows you to heat two things now. Or fold down the handles and its a cover that replaces plastic wrap. Made from polypropylene in bright blue. About 9″ in diameter with 3″ handles. Dishwasher safe. BPA free.

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