April 21, 2017

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  • 0.8 mm/20 gauge
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Full size perforated boiling basket vented lid
  • Measures 18.75-inches in diameter by 17-inches in height
  • Bayou Classic stockpot with boil baskets
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General description

This Stainless Steel Stockpot features a Vented cover, Heavy responsibility Welded Handles, and a Perforated Basket. Use basket to boil seafood, clams, and vegetables. Perfect for crawfish and shrimp boils.

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1160 62-Quart All Purpose Steam and

This All-function Stainless Steel Stockpot 1182 is the ideal addition to any cooking environment indoors or outdoors The Steam-Boil-Fry Stockpot has an indentation that raises the basket 2-3 inches above the bottom for steaming or boiling. Use the basket to deep fry chicken, fish or hushpuppies; steaming or boiling seafood, clams and vegetables. Use without basket to boil soups, stews, gumbo, jambalaya, and low country boil.

Carlisle 601003 Chrome Plated Nickel Mesh Fryer, 13.5" Diameter x 6.25" Depth (Case of 12)

This Carlisle 601003 wire mesh fryer basket is 6. 25″ in depth, 13. 5″ in top diameter, and is suited for small batch deep frying. It’s made of steel wire for strength and durability and is chrome-plated for resistance to corrosion. The heavy-responsibility handle has a hook at the end for hanging and draining. This fryer basket is dishwasher-safe. Not meant for cooking in water.

Miroil 40L/02040 35 Lb. Grease Bucket / Filter Pot Lid

Fits under most drain valves for safe, easy filtering of hot oil. Will include an anti-splash cover and fast lock clips. Model #: 40L/02040 intended for filtering and safe handling of hot oil Low profile to fit under drain valves Anti-splash cover fast lock clips Filters sold individually Material: Steel Capacity: 35 lbs. Diameter: 14″ Height: 12″ Ship Weight: 12 lbs. 658151.

Mini French Fries Net Fry Fryer 8cm Small Round Net Kitchen Cooking Tools

Description Material: Stainless steel Size 9 x 8 x 7. 5cm Color: Silver Package Include: 1x frying basket Features: Made from tough food grade stainless steel, this frying basket is ideal for presenting food to your family or guests. Great to control part sizes and could be ideal for home, cafes & restaurants. Shaped like a frying basket & made with tough stainless steel. Serve sides or Tapas dishes gastropub style, ideal for chip, shrimps, prawns, onion rings etc Ideal for restaurants, cafes or your home. Dishwasher safe.

Frymaster 8070746 Warmer Element Calrod 120V 825W 20-1/4" Merco Hwezfw-24 Hweztm 341486

Calrod element 120v, 825w, 20-1/2″ snap-in frymaster warmer where related merco warmer hwezfw-24, hwezt-24, hweztm-24, hwezef4m-24c. Replaces the following maker’s merchandise oem numbers were used for reference only, see policies for more details. Oem name oem # frymaster 8070746 merco 110674sp chromalox 305037002 chromalox 370790 merco 110674.

Ignition Module for Frymaster Part# 807-1006 (OEM Replacement) vs Bayou 1182 pricing


Anets P8904-66 Gas Valve 1/2" Fpt Max 14" Wc For Anets Garland 1587701 Pitco Oem Pp11002 541002

Lp gas safety max 14″” wc gas in/out 1/2″” fpt, w/ reducer bushings 1/2″ x 3/8″ width 4″ 1/4″ cct pilot out bleed gas actuator, with slottedthermocouple magnate, 240,000 btu, brand rs mfg# 7000bgor-s7b for nat gas valve use # 541003 1/4″ aluminum tubing 50 ft. Roll a834, t-302, # 261419″rigid” tube cutter 1/8 to 5/8, n339, # 721147tube bender 3/16 to 3/8, n280, # 721106solid state pocket gas detector n338, # 851101teflon thread sealing tape b415, q-130, # 851109″gripp” heavt responsibility thread sealer 1/2 pint b313, # 851101ptfe heavy responsibility thread sealer 1/4 pint b768, # 851136replaces the following maker’s merchandise oem numbers were used for reference only, see policies for more details. Oem names oem # anets p8904-66 garland 1587701 pitco pp11002.

Outdoor Gourmet® Deluxe Durable Propane Turkey Fryer Kit vs Bayou 1182 review

Fry turkeys and other meats with the Outdoor Gourmet Deluxe Turkey Fryer Kit, which consists of a 30 qt. Aluminum pot with a cover and a strainer basket and a 10 qt. Aluminum pot with a heavy-responsibility steel stand that has a side counter. The single cast-iron burner produces 38,000 BTUs of heat for great frying, and the kit will include a steamer, a lifter and a 12″ thermometer. Features and Benefits 30 qt. Capacity pot with a cover and a strainer basket and a 10 qt. Pot with a heavy-responsibility steel stand and a side counter for versatile frying needs Lightweight aluminum pots are easy to clean Cast-iron burner produces 38,000 BTUs of heat for great frying Auto shutdown safety valves CSA-accepted regulator will include a steamer, a lifter and a 12″ thermometer Important Product and Safety info Proposition 65 warning for California residents: WARNING – This product holds one or more chemicals recognized to the State of California to produce cancer and birth defects or another reproductive harm. What is in the Box 30 qt. Pot with a cover and strainer basket 10 qt. Pot with a steel stand and side counter Steamer Lifter 12″ thermometer Owner’s manual.

Homeleader 120V 2.0-2.2L Oil-Less Electric Cooking Air Fryer Machine-Low Fat More Healthy

Specification: 1. Voltage: 120V 2. Temperature:0-200℃ 3. Timer:1-30min 4. Capacity:2. 0-2. 2L 5. Dishwasher-safe parts for a fast and easy clean up 6. Controlling Mode : Manual Control / Mechanic Timer Package Include: 1x Air Fryer Features: The Airfryer does more than just fry. It may also grill, roast, and bake your food, so you have more alternatives when feeding your family or entertaining guests. Create everything from delicious cakes to tasty fried chicken with the Airfryer. Also to its fast Air technology, the fryer’s distinctive starfish design on the bottom helps help air circulation for evenly circulated heat, so your food cooks completely and quickly without the need for oil. When the timer hits zero, the fryer shuts off automatically to prevent your food from overcooking, and a “prepared” sound display alerts you when cooking is complete. It will include two integrated dials; one of them sets a timer for up to 30 minutes, and the other sets the temperature up to 390 degrees. Customize the settings to cook your food exactly as you want. The fryer’s handgrips stay cool-to-the-touch, and its non-slip feet help keep it in place as it cooks. Cord storage located at the bottom of the appliance keeps things tidy and organized.

2x Philips Air Fryer Double Layer Accessory Hd9904/00 Suits Viva Hd9220 & Hd9230 vs Bayou 1182 price

Product Description Philips Airfryer maximizes cooking space with the double level accessory. Bake, grill or fry tasty burgers, chicken wings, fish and more in an easy, fast way. For more versatility, use the skewers to make vegetable or meat shaslicks. Only a little effort • Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning Double your cooking surface • Double level accessory for more versatile recipes • The accessory lets you to cook flatter foods Dimensions: 180mm x 180mm x 65mm suited for AirFryer Viva and Digital (HD9220 and HD9230).

Update International (FB-8) 8 1/2" Round Wire Fry

This wire fry basket is ideal for light to heavily-breaded food merchandise. Made of nickel-plated material. This basket can handle the most rigorous of conditions. The basket can dive right into the fryer and create something delicious. It’s nickel-plated to resist corrosion and is easy to clean. This basket have a strengthened base, 0. 8-mm medium-wire mesh with a welded handle and heavy responsibility frame. Comes with round form. Measures 8-1/2-inch diameter by 4-3/4-inch depth.

p zazz 401-0046 Deep Fry, 7-Inch, Silver vs Bayou 1182 reviews

MDC Housewares is dedicated to bringing to the market a diverse selection of kitchen ware things and offering our customers the best possible value. We offer large ranges of gadget and kitchen tool handles also as cutting boards made of cherry and Canadian maple. We also offer high-end expertise cookware things and a vast selection of professional quality bake ware under our well-liked “Chloe’s Kitchen” brand. Our stainless steel strainer selection branded under our “Pizazz” label is made of rust tolerant, lasting stainless steel, our good mesh strainers supply economical straining with an stress on durability and available in a large range of styles and sizes. Pizazz Deep Fry Basket Stainless Steel 401-0046.

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Models to consider:
60LC/02065 FB-8RB6PS/12852 FE1718-CP5047587 DT 24.3
60L/02060 SLFB00312FB2 2FV803UP-TABK-8 PS1892-5
HEN-0015 FB-126PH963-S PP11323ROY FB 8 RD LFB15
LFB10 FB-9BBQ09902-A EL2X25IMP37560 40LC
FB-178PH P9315-80FE1422P-C 40L/02040PP10368 FYM106-6022
P8904-66 B6664304FBR-9 F6-1260125201-C
LFB15 SLFB00312FB2 PP10368963-S PS1892-5
PP11323 FB-126PHF6-12 FBR-9FE1422P-C 60LC/02065
P9315-80 RB6PS/12852P5047587 FE1718-CBBQ09902-A FB-8
FB-178PH 60125201-C40L/02040 P8904-6640LC DT 24.3
HEN-0015 B6664304EL2X25 2FV80360L/02060 UP-TABK-8
LFB10 FB-9IMP37560 FYM106-6022ROY FB 8 RD
60LC/02065 SLFB003FYM106-6022 PP11323FB-9 LFB15
40LC PS1892-540L/02040 60L/02060FB-126PH FE1422P-C
2FV803 FBR-9LFB10 EL2X25UP-TABK-8 PP10368
B6664304 60125201-CFE1718-C FB-178PHP8904-66 FB-8
P5047587 12FB2BBQ09902-A F6-12963-S IMP37560
DT 24.3 ROY FB 8 RDHEN-0015 RB6PS/12852P9315-80


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