April 21, 2017

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  • (6) high-velocity brushes with indexed brush height adjustment provides maximum pick up of debris
  • Patented storage design provides simple and convenient storage with minimal space required
  • Large 20 cubic foot hamper and 42 inch sweep for fewer passes over the yard and less emptying
  • Our high-performance sweeper is the ideal tool for sweeping up leaves, pine needles, grass clippings and old grass (thatch) after dethatching.
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General description

Raking leaves may be a big job and one that must be done many times in a fall season and fallen leaves and other yard debris can lead to thatch build up if not removed. The Brinly lawn sweeper with its big 42 inch working width and 20 cubic foot hamper helps get your fall yard clean up done quickly and easily. The sweeper may be conveniently emptied from the seat of the tractor and may be stored upright to take up less space in a garage or shed.

Compare with similar products:

North Star 1 1/2 HP Pond Aerator vs STS-427-LXH

Dramatic ”North Star” spray design. STS-427LXH Powerful stainless steel fountain aerator. 230-volt, 1 1/2 HP, oil-free motor. Dynamic action circulates 600 gallons per minute. Fountain sprays 10 feet high, 18 feet in diameter. 100 feet of electric power cord provided. For new or saltwater applications. No maintenance obliged. Generous 5-year motor warranty.

Swisher 108A – Foot Multi-Purpose 1,000-Pound Capacity Poly Dump Trailer

Swisher’s 20-cubic foot multi-function ATV poly dump cart is built for strength and durability. The high-density polyethylene tilt bed and 2-Inch tubular, welded steel frame will haul a maximum 1000 lb. Load. Another long tow bar gives superior maneuverability and two high flotation ATV style wheels (18 x 9. 5-Inch tires) maintain 20-Inch of ground clearance. This versatile cart comes complete with a 30-Inch trailer tongue, standard 2-Inch ball hitch and high-speed, sealed precision ball bearings. Color: Green.

Kasco Marine Model 2400 1/2 HP Water Outdoor Fountain Aerator

Our 2400 Water Fountain Aerator is an environmentally friendly oil-filled motor with a hard-face interior mechanical seal and external lip seal for protection against leaks. Greatly economical – lower power intake than competitive equipment makes it cheap in the lasting also as at the time of buy – the F2400/VFX only draws 5. 6 operating amps. Superior dependability in salt-water and other corrosive environments. Requires little maintenance – we suggest cleaning the stainless steel motor housing once or twice per year.

Precision Products PA42GY Plug Aerator

Get Your Job Done Faster And Easier Aerators may be used in the spring or late fall, whenever the lawn’s moisture content is high. Plug aerators remove 3/4 inch diameter soil plugs from the lawn, allowing compacted soil to loosen up also to the benefits offered by a spiker aerator. Weight Tray Buckets Aeration Depth up to 2. 5 Inches Galvanized Points Resist Rust 42 Inch: Single Handle that’s available from the Seat of a Lawn Tractor 40 Inch: Two Handles -One Near Each Wheel-Engage Before Use 10 InchPneumatic Tires 2 Sizes Available 40 or 42 Inch.

Scott Aerator 140 DA- Display Aerator–115V – .5 HP

DA-20 Display Aerator 1/2 HP. The DA-20 Display Aerator is the proven solution for keeping your water sparkling clean while at the same time beauty and healthy aeration. The DA-20 is a work, easily moving up to 400 gallons of water per minute. The trumpet shaped spray of the DA-20 is intended to put oxygen back into the water, which in turn helps control algae growth and pesky insects while carefully promoting a healthy environment for fish and other wildlife. The DA-20 is made using a stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor, making it the most environmentally friendly water aerator on the market. In fact, the DA-20 is proudly made in the USA and carries an unconditional 5-year motor warranty. This unit is made with 70 feet of submersible 12 gauge cable, greater lengths available. Available with lights or without. Specifications. 115 Volt 1/2 HP Oil Free Motor, 230 Volt Available. 400 Gallons of Water per Minute. Spray Pattern Measures 6. 5 Feet High, 22 Feet large. Electric Cable Provided is 70 Feet in length, 12 gauge submersible. Electric Cable may be Ordered In Greater Lengths. Light Kits may be Added afterward. Salt Water accepted. Two 20lb. Weights or Concrete Block obliged For Anchoring (Not Included). Two Nylon Ropes obliged For Anchoring (Not Included). Intended for 24 Hour per Day Operation. No Maintenance obliged. 32 Minimum Pond Depth obliged. Motor specifications: 60 HZ, Single Phase, 10 Amps, 680 Watts, 230 Volt Available. 5 Year Motor Warranty. Made in USA. Length: 10. Width: 10. Height: 35.

Ohio Steel Sweeper – 50in.W, 26 Cu. Ft., Model# 50SWP26 vs Brinly STS-427LXH 20 42 pricing

This professional-grade sweeper has a 26 cu. Ft. Capacity collection bag and a 50in. W sweeping path that quickly takes care of your lawn chores. The exclusive patented spiral brush sweeps more proficiently than standard sweepers and puts less stress on gears for a longer service life. Hopper may be emptied from tractor seat with the pull of a rope. U. S. A. Max. Cutting Capacity – Round in. Dia. 12, in general Dimensions L x W x H in. 54 x 60 x 32, Tire Size 11 x 2 1/2, Application Sweeper, Approx Capacity cu. Ft. 26, Walk or Pull Pull, Working Width in. 50, Wheel Type Semipneumatic turf. No-slip positive lock height modification won’t shake out of position and has easy-to-remember height settings A 9in. Chute decreases chances of clogs 3-position hitch modification for level operation on any tractor hitch height without spacer rings 11in. Spiraled polypropylene brushes 4 1/21 brush to wheel turning percentage Remove collapsible hopper for easy storage Sealed ball bearings on brush axle.

Husqvarna TA48 (48") Trip Aire – Aerator – 968 99 92-36

Husqvarna towable aerators have the capacity to aerate up to four acres per hour. Two independent tine rotors with 32 or 40 interchangeable closed spoon tines supply superior maneuverability around corners and tight regions. Optional weight containers let you to change the weight to ensure best soil penetration. Rear mounted tip wheels let the unit to pass through narrow openings. Two independent tine rotors with interchangeable closed spoon tines supply superior maneuverability around corners and tight regions. Removable weights ensure best soil penetration. Distinctive side wheels let the aerator to be handily stored on its side or be moved through tight passages.

Great Day Pro Hi-Hitch – 12in.L, Model# LNPHH650 vs Brinly STS-427LXH 20 42 review

This Great Day LawnPro Hi-Hitch is intended for use with riding garden tractors or riding lawn mowers (excluding zero turn models). The tough still lightweight 12in. L aluminum hitch makes yardwork or extra-light towing jobs a breeze. U. S. A. Application: Hitch, well-matched With: Riding garden tractor, riding lawn mower (excluding zero turn model), Finish Type: Powder-coat, Mount Bracket Included: Yes, Material Type: Aluminum.

Kubota BX Front Guard

We’re allowing a substitute Kubota BX Grill Guard. Guard is made to exacting specifications and is POWDER PAINTED silver to offer a tough lasting finish. Part is professionally packaged to protect your product throughout shipping. This is the same guard you may be able to purchase at your local dealer for a small percentage of the price.

PP-51BH Sleeve Hitch Moldboard Plow, 10-Inch vs Brinly STS-427LXH 20 42 price

Brinly knows plows. In fact, Brinly was manufacturing plows for over 173 years. If you’re breaking new ground for a garden or landscaping, the Brinly Moldboard Plow is the right tool for the project. The heavy responsibility steel coulter blade slices through sod and soil while the plow effortlessly digs the furrow and the moldboard turns over the old vegetation and sod to make way for new planting. All of which may be done easily from the seat of a garden tractor.

Ohio Steel Industries 36TD 36 In. Tine Dethatcher

The tow-behind Tine Dethatcher features a 36 in. Large work path and 18 spring steel tines that rake-up matted down leaves grass clippings and other growth inhibiting things from lawn. Assembles in only 5-minutes. Features. 36 in. Working width. 18 spring steel tines. 6 in. Hard transport wheels. Black poly rims. Well-matched with 7 to 11 in. Tractor hitch heights. Hitch pin included. Item Weight – 25.

Farm Star Equipment Flip-Over CultiPacker for Garden Tractors and ATVs, Model# FOC-48 vs Brinly STS-427LXH 20 42 reviews

For use with lawn and garden tractors with a minimum 18 HP/350cc engine and most ATVs. Ideal for incorporating seed when used for renovation of yards, pastures or food game plots. 50in. Operating width with 22 cast iron packer wheels and clevis hitch. U. S. A. Working Width (in. ): 50, in general Width (in. ): 60, Tire Size (in. ): Cast iron packer wheels, Application: CultiPacker, Displacement (cc): 350, HP: 18.

What people considered before buying STS427LXH:
  1. Brinly DT-48BH Tow Behind Dethatcher, 48-Inch
  2. Brinly DK-42LX Dethatcher Kit for Brinly Tow Behind Lawn Sweepers, 42-Inch
  3. Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294
  4. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch
  5. Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper
  6. Ohio Steel 42TSC 42″ Wide Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper with 22 Cubic Foot Capacity Hopper
  7. Ohio Steel Industries 46SWP24 24 cu. ft. Lawn Sweeper Spiral Brush
  8. Ohio Steel 42LS 42″ 18 Cubic Foot Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Models to consider:
5055C 180280ISA-40BH PLR1836XLZ60UC ACR-500T
48CP S4 30LSR60 LSP38PA-40BH 12008A
K259221251 TT-400GOR2541D TL0716016-16-G-SB-N-YK 1600AL
42SWP22 L-60-40-SC-YKCT036 84RAKELC1700GY LSP48
AS-40BH PA-48BHDT-48BH YTL22102800utx PA42GY
PRT-36SBH PRT-48SBHTL-125 YTL221394MH2121D DD-55BH
BP-01 3040P-SD180SKY1882 FR110-2TE4051 42LS
DT42GY FC-10KM8400AF250 GORMP-14TA48 BG-12
175LTD DK-42LX42TSC PLR1824AS-40BH LG253
HAYMP-(2)S39C2 DE-36BS-38BH PLR18248400AF150 C44-P10A
DT42GY TA482400D25 2400AF800AL NPW9665
G80024 SE-40B7380 FR1245-2BG-02 AE-48T
2400A050 3040P-SD180PLR1848 5055C16-16-G-SB-N-YK 2400AF
YT-1162 2400VFX10042SWP22 42SWP22PRT-48SBH DH-045
3.1AF-100 CT036SAT-40BH 4400AF200800utx ATV-51SGDH
ACR-500T PRT-36BHTT-400 TX159FTF-0424M TT500
KM8400AF250 LSP48TL07160 MH2121DSKY1882 S4 30
BG-12 C44-P10A45-0240 ATV 7055CFR110-2 3400AF050
PLR1848 HDC1000TA-400WW BS-38BH42SWP22 800AL
PRT-48SBH DT42GYATV-42DGD LSP48PLR1824 8400AF150
S4 30 TT500DD-55BH PA42GYERP50 2400A050
ACR-480JR 50SWP26SE-40 2400VFX10012008A AS-40BH
DE-36 DT-40BH2400D25 16-16-G-SB-N-YKSAT-40BH BP-01
2170T DT-48BH5055C LSR60MM60 LG253
LBD48D ACR-600TPLR1836 FR1245-2NPW9665 3.1AF-100


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