April 21, 2017

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6 gallon hot water heater, 5058A model number, suburban brand.

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Stiebel Eltron 23288 Tempra 3B Tankless Electric

Siebel Eltron Tempra 24 Electric Tank less Whole House Water Heater, 240 V, 24 kW. Set the handle on the front cover and enjoy water temperatures between 86 Degree (30 Degree C) and 140 Degree (60 Degree C). Change the wanted temperature at anytime. No buy of a remote selector control is needed. Advanced microprocessor technology assures that the water temperature never deviates from the set point.

Ecosmart US Smart SPA 11 Electric Spa

Ecosmart Spa Heaters operate by using the new flow sensor technology instead of the conventional pressure switch activation to decrease the risk of burned elements, which increases its dependability and longevity. The Smart SPA series comes with digital thermostat control so you may be able to set the temperature exactly where you want it.

Marey Propane Gas 1L LPG Tankless Hot

Marey Power Gas 16L Tankless Water Heater is the low – cost, high – output choice for hot water No electricity obliged The Marey Power Gas 16L Tankless Water Heater is easy to install and requires just (2) D-cell batteries to operate. Energy-economical design heats up in seconds and uses gas only while water is flowing. Available in LP and natural gas models. Things are heating up: Adjustable gas and water controls; Electric pulse ignition (2 D-cell batteries obliged; not included); Activates by water flow when faucet is turned on; Rust-evidence.. No water loss caused by leaks; Anti-combustion and gas pressure safety protection; Works easily with low levels of water pressure; related water pressure: 3. 6 – 145. 0 PSI; Hot water output per minute: 4. 3 gallons per minute; Heat loss: 111,903 BTU / hr; Energy efficiency: 54% – 87%; Exhaust discharge mode: Flue channel type; Measures approx. 28″ x 16 1/2″ x 8 1/4″. Weighs approx. 29 lbs. State Model. Advanced technology saves water and energy Order Today Marey Power Gas 16L Tankless Water Heater.

Chronomite SR-30/208 HTR 208-Volt 30-Amp SR Series Instant-Flow Standard Flow Tankless

Chronomite was the 1st to patent a microprocessor technology which lets for a pre-set or controlled output temperature that delivers unlimited hot water without risk of scalding-in two seconds as opposed to the six seconds offered by other tankless water heaters. Chronomite is installed at point of use and is only operational when hot water is requested, considerably decreasing hot water delivery time and inefficient use of electricity.

Eemax EX108TC 1.KW 208V Canada Electric Tankless

Cut energy costs – flow switch activates heater only on demand (no standby heat loss) – 99 Energy economical – The power you use goes into the water, not up the chimney – Compact Design – No need for a bulky tank – Reduced installation cost – No T&P valve needed (check local codes) – Easy Installation – integral 3/4″ NPT fittings on bottom (no sweat connections) – Hot or Cold Water Feed – uninterrupted, on demand hot water – no storage capacity to run out – restricted warranty: 1 year parts, 5 year leaks.

Raritan 20 Gal vs Suburban 5058A Water DSI 110V pricing

A mix of Raritan’s modern polymer jacket and economical insulating bubble and glass-lined tank gives a superior marine water heater value. Features are ignition-protected thermostat and an groundbreaking heat exchanger is over seven feet in length and is evenly coiled during the tank hot water quickly and proficiently. These water heaters are intended to withstand the rigors of the severe marine environment and tank is protected by a 75-PSI temperature and pressure break valve.

Rinnai RUCS5IN Ultra Series Tankless, White

Super series tankless water heaters deliver novelty and technological management in condensing tankless water heating design, while giving homeowners with an endless supply of hot water, energy savings, a space-saving design and environmental benefits. The new rucs65i at 130,000 btus, available in natural gas and propane, offers condensing technology with lower capacity at nice price points. As the only maker to offer both concentric and pvc/cpvc dual pipe venting alternatives on the same unit, the rucs models join the super series lineup of groundbreaking designs and enduring values.

Eccotemp L10 Tankless vs Suburban 5058A Water DSI 110V review

LP – powered Deluxe Tankless Water Heater. A powerful heating solution for camper, cabin and more. Uses an acute propane flame to instantly heat water the moment it passes through. As long as you feed water in, HOT water comes out. Produces enough hot water to fuel a running shower and sink simultaneously. Battery ignition starts flame when water is running, no overheating; Delivers 2. 65 gal. / minute; 1/2 NPT water fittings, also will include garden hose attachment; For outdoor use; Stainless steel rain cap vent; will include hose and regulator for attaching to standard LP tank; 20-lb. Tank good for approx. 12 hrs. Of uninterrupted use, based on temp. ; Measures 36 x 15 x 9″h. 23 lbs. ; Uses 2 D batteries (not included). ; Order Now. Deluxe Tankless Water Heater.

Reliance TS-540-GIH 199K Indoor Tankless Natural Gas

Reliance Thankless Gas Water Heaters Gas Water Heaters Endless Hot Water. Endless novelty. Trust “Your Neighborhood Water Heater Source” to get you more choices in thankless water heating. The complete line of Reliancetankless water heaters supplies endless hot water at predetermined temperatures. All models are ENERGY STAR qualified. Our Condensing models supply the highest energy efficiency, saving money in all applications Product Features: groundbreaking Technology Condensing models feature a 316L stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, extra protection against corrosion Increased flow rates supply uninterrupted hot water (up to 10 GPM) Improved scale-reduction software Whole house water heating solution All models include interior freeze protection and many safety features Direct vent conversion kits available for indoor installations related for residential hydronic heating applications Excellent Performance Complete range of models from 140,000 to 199,000 BTU to cover every application Residential warranty: 12-year restricted warranty on heat exchanger/5-year parts Energy Efficiency All models are ENERGY STAR qualified Condensing models supply the highest energy efficiency with 0. 91 EF (Energy Factor) Models are qualified for Federal Tax Credit Reliance thankless water heaters supply endless hot water when sized properly for your home’s needs.

Titan® N-100 Electronic Digital Tankless By Niagara Industries Inc. 29 Years in Business vs Suburban 5058A Water DSI 110V price

In Keeping with the dependability and performance of our classic Titan-ATC Electronic Tankless Water Heater, we have worked on the newer and more advanced TITAN-SCR2. The new TITAN-SCR2 Digital Tankless Water Heater incorporates new space age technology and features a faster and more correct temperature sampling system, a manual resetable thermostat and a new air/water deferential examining system to prevent dry starts, (which is a key problem for other tankless systems. ) By heating water only as it is required the TITAN-SCR2 Digital Electronic Tankless Water Heater removes the need for bulky water heaters that heat water continuously. This can decrease hot water costs up to 60 over regular electric water heaters. The TITAN-SCR2’s high efficiency is in part caused by its dedicated digital microprocessor that samples input and output temperatures 21 times per second. This power control system analyzes the data and manages power handling for maximum efficiency and temperature stability. At rest, the TITAN-SCR2 uses no power at all.

iHeat AHSH2500 Hot Spot Electric Tankless Shower Head 120 Volts

The iHeat AHSH2500 is a mini electrical tankless water heater. It’s called HotSpot. It’s small unit that may be installed anywhere where you have the obliged 110 Volts AC, at least 25 PSI of inlet water flow with temperature above 70 F degrees (21. 11 Celsius Deg) and the obliged plumbing fittings. This shower head water heater brings 1. 5 GPM of uninterrupted hot water with only 2. 5 kW of electrical power needed. It’s water evidence, safe and dependable. Powerful enough to be used on houses, apartments, public showers, shelters, cabins, boats, RVs, and in any place where hot water is required for a shower. It may be connected to a generator and may be used as a movable unit. It’s easy to install with minimal tools and has all of the needed accessories in the box as well as the wire (If you have to connect this Shower Head to electrical socket or outlet you’ll have to install an input plug to the provided wire). This unit is a point of use water heater, for showers. If you need more power or if you’re in places where the water is less than 70F Degrees this unit won’t bring the projected services and you’ll require a higher power heater or another water heater used as main heater that brings the obliged minimal temperature to the AHSH2500 HotSpot shower head.

Rheem RTGH-95XLP Prestige Propane Outdoor Whole House Low NOx Condensing Tankless 9.5 GPM vs Suburban 5058A Water DSI 110V reviews

Rheem is the business leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions. In fact, Rheem is one of the few world brands with product offerings covering residential and commercial heating, cooling, regular storage-style water heaters, tankless water heaters, solar water heating systems, substitute parts and accessories for all groups – making us a one-stop solutions provider.

What people considered before buying it:
  1. Suburban 6261APW Polar White Water Heater Door
  2. Suburban 232795 Switch/Lamp/Plate
  3. Dicor (BT-1834-1) 1/8″ x 3/4″ x 40′ Butyl Seal Tape
  4. Suburban 520764 Switch and Lite Plate Assembly
  5. Suburban 6261ACW Colonial White Water Heater Access Door

Models to consider:
EX90T C-15BW264 A10-4010VPNRC111-SV LP R98LSi-N
742G Tempra 12BECORAD18 BFG61-50T40-3NOVMS210C2TMU SP60
EX144TC ML GU100UTherm 330 PN LP 6 50 DORSSR-30/208 HTR E61-12U-015SV
ET-32 RU98EPECOH160DVLN S-14NR98-OD LP PA005240T
6 2 SSUS K M-12VIR201602911 6-30-EOLBS 100ATI-510-N XJ180FDCH
N270 Smart SPA 5.5SP11524C POU 3.5SP3277 GT-540-NIH
DHC-E8 RTG-95XLPA10-4010VP ECS-50NR981-SV-NG M-12
GCH6A-10E MR40245SW10DE EX65TSR-30/208 HTR SW6P
EX144TC SP3208ECO270 NR98-OD LPTherm 330 PN LP RTG20124
PROE6 1 RH POU N270PVG62-40T42-NV RL94ePSP12143K HA024240
NR981-SV-LP AAP-340SBPOU 3.5 PCG75HS-4 SW12D
EX3512T XGV-40C 1210 ES LP S-16GU145S R98LSi-N
PA005240T 520HNLPED020480T2T EX60TGCH6A-10E HWJ120T
EX4208T FS POU 3.5BFG61-50T40-3NOV GVR-30GAHH-40 EX65T
ATI-510-N US12NRC1111-ODNG GMO80ECOH160DVLN VIR201602911
T-D2-OS-NG RL94ePDHC 3-2 ECO MINI 2.5SR-30/208 HTR 830 ES NG
5057A G10-2PVG62-40T42-NV RU98INCE-6-AS HR10
RTG-64XLN HCG3-100T150-3NVIR9971D NR-210NR981-SV-LP ST-12
CH210 TEMPRA 20 PLUSA10-4010VP RTGH-95XPWGR080NG076 SP60


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