April 21, 2017

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  • Electric Ignition
  • 12,000 BTU Gas and 1440 Watt Electric
  • Cut Out Dimensions: 16 7/32″ Wide x 16 7/32″ High x 20 1/2″ Deep
  • LP Gas and Electric
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
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General description

All Suburban water heaters are intended for easy installation, operation and maintenance. The bound switch, reset button and on/off electric element rocker switch are conveniently located in a housing behind the removable outer door. The electric heat element and mix drain plug/anode rod are located there. For convenience of installation, rough-in openings for Suburban water heaters are small and less probably to get in the way with RV outside design. Model: SW10DE Part #: 5096A LP Gas and Electric Electric Ignition 12,000 BTU Gas and 1440 Watt Electric recuperation Rate of 10. 2 GPH and 6. 2 GPH for Electric 45 lbs Empty Weight Cut Out Dimensions: 16 7/32″ large x 16 7/32″ High x 20 1/2″ Deep.

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Having hot water never been SW10DE easier with the next generation of mix Gas/Electric Water Heaters from Atwood Mobile merchandise. Microprocessor Technology, Conveniently Located T-Stat and ECO, and a New Dual Switch Panel. Greater in general Efficiency – Incorporating advanced design notions, Atwood water heaters are the most economical, versatile heaters available for recreation vehicles – making it easier than ever to travel with the comforts of home. Lightweight – Never before has the issue of weight been as important as it’s today. At dry weight, Atwood 10 gallon models are 30 pounds lighter than competitive models. Many protection features – The high temperature bound switch, thermostat and pressure and temperature break valve, prevent problems before they happen. An externally seal combustion chamber keeps the outside of the unit cleaner. Model: GC10A-4E / GC10A4E LP Gas / 110V Electric Part# 94022, 94018 Electric Ignition 10,000 BTU Heat for Gas and 1400 Watt for Electric recuperation Rate of 13. 5 GPH for Gas and 6. 2 GPH for Electric 24 lbs Empty Weight Cut Out Dimensions: 16″ large x 15. 5″ High x 20. 8″ Deep Switch and Door Sold individually .

Rheem RTGH-84XLN Outdoor Natural Gas Condensing Tankless Low Nox

Next Generation Burner Technology business Best. 26 GPM Minimum Flow Rate,. 40 GPM Minimum Activation Flow Rate UMC-117 remote control and 10 ft. Of thermostat wire is included EZ-Lint cable available for high demand applications to connect two thankless units to operate as one Manifold up to 6 units with an optional MIC-6 manifold control board Exclusive. All Rheum models may be linked in up to 20 unit manifold installations by using the optional MIC-180 and MICS-180 manifold control assembly High-altitude capability – up to 9,840 ft. Elevation above sea level (no chip obliged) Exclusive. Guardian OFWTM overheat film wrap All Rheum thankless models are 3rd-party efficiency certified by GAMA uninterrupted hot water, energy saving and compact, space saving design Intelligent electronic controls intended to increase energy efficiency and safety Self Diagnostic System Digital display shows temperature setting and maintenance codes.

Rheem RTE 27 Tankless, 5 GPM

Ideal for Point-of-Use Applications uninterrupted Hot Water on Demand Energy economical Compact Design – Fits nearly Anywhere On-Unit Temperature Control LEDs point to Active Element and Standby Mode Standard 1/2″ Water Connection Rugged Brass/Copper Heat Exchanger Applications Homes Apartments Condos Hospitals Hotels Boats Restaurants Offices Laboratories anywhere hot water is required Model: RTE 27 Length: 10-1/2 Width: 11-1/4 Weight: 12 ELECTRICAL plans KW: 27 VOLTS: 240 REQ. Breaker: (2) 60 MAX POWER(AMP): 112 AWG WIRE: (2)6 Minimum Activation Flow rate(GPM): 0. 4 Maximum Flow Rate(GPM): 5.

Titan® N-0 Electronic Digital Tankless By Niagara Industries Inc. 29 Years in Business vs SW-10DE

In Keeping with the dependability and performance of our classic Titan-ATC Electronic Tankless Water Heater, we have worked on the newer and more advanced TITAN-SCR2. The new TITAN-SCR2 Digital Tankless Water Heater incorporates new space age technology and features a faster and more correct temperature sampling system, a manual resetable thermostat and a new air/water deferential examining system to prevent dry starts, (which is a key problem for other tankless systems. ) By heating water only as it is required the TITAN-SCR2 Digital Electronic Tankless Water Heater removes the need for bulky water heaters that heat water continuously. This can decrease hot water costs up to 60 over regular electric water heaters. The TITAN-SCR2’s high efficiency is in part caused by its dedicated digital microprocessor that samples input and output temperatures 21 times per second. This power control system analyzes the data and manages power handling for maximum efficiency and temperature stability. At rest, the TITAN-SCR2 uses no power at all.

SW6D Rv Camper Trailer Lp Gas w/White Door

Suburban Water Heater SW6D for RV Camper Trailer LP Gas Electric Ignition / DSI / 6 Gallon Quality you want.. Now and down the road. The best water heaters on the road today, Suburban’s line of water heaters will include high recuperation gas models with sizes and features to go with the prerequisites of nearly any RV. Faster recuperation Fast recuperation means more hot water and fewer cool water cycles. Six-, 10-, 12- and 16-gallon Suburban gas water heaters feature 12,000 BTUH input and a recuperation rate of 10. 2 gallons per hour – that is the fastest in the business. Model: SW6D LP Gas Electric Ignition 12,000 BTU Heat recuperation Rate of 10. 2 GPH 33 lbs Empty Weight Cut Out Dimensions: 12. 75″ large x 12. 75″ High x 19 3/16″ Deep.

Bosch Therm 520 HN LP (Liquid Propane) Whole-House Tankless vs Suburban SW10DE Direct pricing

The Therm 520 HN incorporates an evolutionary hydro-power ignition system which lets this tankless water heater to work without a standing pilot, grid connection or battery. A small turbine inside the water heater uses the energy from the flowing water to ignite the burner. The modulating gas valve then maintains a constant temperature at varying flow rates. This groundbreaking technology, patented by Bosch, makes this an ideal product for installations without access to electricity or regions prone to inclement weather and power outages.

Rinnai Commercial Int CTWH 199k Btu 98 gpm max wValve vs SW-10-DE

Rinnai's line of commercial water heaters are manufacturered to be reiable and reliable enough stand up to the most calling for of jobs, from restaurants, hotels, schools, and more. Also, the C199 series is easily able to be hooked up to Rinnai's Tankless Rack System for increased output and redundancy. These merchandise are backed up by Rinnai's exceptional commercial water heating maintenance service. For complete details on Commercial Water Heating Solutions and Maintenance Services, call Rinnai's commercial service at 866-383-0707 Features: Commercial ENERGY STAR® certification operates more proficiently while giving an endless supply of on-demand hot water Commercial grade heat exchanger is intended for the demands of the toughest jobs intended for indoor use only many venting alternatives offer easy installation alternatives Integrated temperature controller gives temperature range control from 98°F to 185°F super low NOx emissions compliant auto maintenance alert system keeps the water heater at best efficiency and performance Compact design lets for adaptable installation accepted for use in altitudes of up to 10,200 ft Commercial warranty offers 6 years coverage on the heat exchanger, 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor plans: Amperage: 4 Amps Depth: 8. 7" channel Size: 3" Round, 4" Round Energy Factor: 0. 96 Fuel Type: Natural Gas Height: 25. 7" Ignition Type: Electronic Max BTU Input: 199000 Temperature (Max): 185°F Temperature (Min): 98°F Voltage: 120v Watts: 75W Width: 18. 3"Product Variations: C199IN (This Model): 9. 8 GPM Commercial Indoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater C199IP: 9. 8 GPM Commercial Indoor Liquid Propane Tankless Water Heater.

NEW ATWOOD RV GC6AA-8 SIX 6 GAS/ #96117/#96153 vs Suburban SW10DE Direct review

Delivers hot water in less than 30 minutes. All you must do is light the pilot light when you reach your destination and hot water is available in less than one half hour. Atwood six gallon water heaters are 14 pounds lighter than competitive brands. Heaters that also operate from an electric source can run off an electrical hook up or a generator. Features are a high temperature bound switch, thermostat and pressure and temperature break valve that prevents problems before they happen. 8,800 BTUs. 6 Gallon Capacity LP Gas or Electric Pilot Ignition Input 8,800 BTU Gas – 1400 Watt Electric recuperation Rate of 6. 2 GPH for Electric and 17. 8 GPH for Gas/Electric 24 lbs Empty Weight Cut Out Dimensions: 16″ large x 12. 5″ High x 16 7/8″ Deep.

Westinghouse WER052C2X055N09 with Durable 316L Stainless Steel Tank, 52, 5500W, 9-Year Warranty

The Westinghouse electric water heater combines high quality stainless steel construction and energy economical operation long draws of hot water without consuming big amounts of energy. A cleverly intended water connection directs cold water to the heating element near the bottom of the tank to minimize the mixing of cold and hot water. Lasting parts, low standby heat losses, and high recuperation rates make the Westinghouse electric water heater an ideal choice for electric water heating needs.

GMO Enamel In 40 s Tank – 1 Coil vs Suburban SW10DE Direct price

GMO worked on the enamel covering heat exchanger for indirect tank. The heat exchanger is enamel covering, which can protect the heat exchanger from corrosion. Its advantage is low cost, high efficiency, safe, no leakage, life, and meeting drinking water standard. How Indirect Water Heater System Work? Indirect water heater system means the water in the storage tank is heated by heat exchangers, instead of direct heat. The water in the indirect tank will not go through the gas boil, or solar panel directly. The heat transferring medium will be heated by the gas boiler, or solar panel, then the high temperature heat transferring medium will move the heat to the water in the indirect tank by heat exchangers. Indirect water heater system is a perfect selection for multi-energy system combining with gas, solar, electricity. It may be used for the instant hot water and room heating.

Tankless Propane Gas 16L LPG ETL

Plans: Hot Water Outlet (Per Minute): 16 LPM (4. 2 GPM) at a 45F rise Gas Type: Liquid Propane Heat Loss: Propane Gas: 107,000BTU/h Activation Flow Rate: 0. 66 GPM (2. 5L/min) Maximum Flow Rate: 5. 4 GPM (35F rise) Related Gas Pressure: 0. 4 PSI (LPG) Exhaust Discharge Mode: Room sealed-forced draught flue related Water Pressure: 1. 45 PSI – 138 PSI (0. 1 – 9. 5 bar) Ignition: Direct Electronic Ignition, 2 D Cell Battery Powered Energy Efficiency: 82% Height x Width x Depth: 22 ” x 14 ” x 6 ” Weight: 35 lbs. Features Compact design saves space and lets for easy installation just about anywhere Heats unlimited volume of water as needed Hot water is available in just some seconds doesn’t require electricity Perfect for those feeling recurrent power outages Digital Display lets water temperature to be controlled Only uses gas while water is flowing Anti-Combustion and gas pressure safety protection Activates by water flow from the moment the faucet is opened Can last a lifetime keeping 87% efficiency level 5 years warranty Special Note: Before you purchase, find out your incoming water temperature and obliged output flow rate to decide the correct tankless water heater. If you have any problems with your item, just send us a message with your phone number and a description of the problem you’re having, and we’ll open a case with Marey directly for you.

AmeriHot Tankless Instant Hot – 15kw Metal vs Suburban SW10DE Direct reviews

Amerihot tankless water heaters are able to offer your complete house with an endless supply of hot water whenever you require. By not maintaining a tank full of heated water, our heaters also cut down on your power handling, saving an average of 34 on hot water costs. How it works: When you turn on hot water, cold water enters the Amerihot heater and the water flow sensor automatically turns on the unit, energizing the heating elements. Water then goes through a closed loop, Multi-level heating chamber that has heating elements insulated in a waterproof ceramic level. As the water goes through it’s heated to the temperature you set on the digital LED display and comes out your faucet times afterward. A Powder Coated metal cover is scratch and corrosion tolerant, is splash tolerant and lasting. The metal housing is ideal for garage or laundry room regions. On/Off and temperature modification buttons are constructed into the metal housing. Widescreen LED display shows shows set temperature, outlet temperature, time in use also as water intake. Any new or present home can accommodate an Amerihot heater. usually no plumbing mods are obliged, and any experienced electrician can install your new heater. Rest guaranteed in your buy because AmeriHot merchandise are supported by a 100 ensure for safe functionings, durability and dependability.

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  3. Dicor BT-1834-1 1/8″ x 3/4″ x 30′ Butyl Seal Tape
  4. JR Products 10414 3-1/2 inch Polar White Plastic T-Style Door Holder
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Models to consider:
Smart SPA 11 45HI-NGRHG PRO50-50F MR40245VIR9965D 330 PN LP
088L3152 GEH50DFEJSREX8208T Ms225ec1xECO180 SHS101
830 ES LP AHS18-DRTG20124 N270GEH50DEEDSR ECO240
ECO210 DEL-10SNPE180S-NG BFG61-40S40-3NOVGT-340-PIH RLX94iN
5121A EX3277VIR201603009 HR10VIR9973C SR-30L/120 HTR
BFG61-40S40-3NOV GVR-50-LPECO 18 PVG62-40T42-NVS-16 ECO150DVLN3
C-15 VIR9973CEX4277T ML GEH50DEEDSRVIR201602854 Ms400eb3x
SP14218B HR10SHS101 6 2 SSUS KRL94eP SW6D
RTG20124 GPVT-50GWHC800ESLP ST-210VRU80EP VIR109779N
E61-20U-015SV EMT4V75EP RGB-20-UMs225ec1x EX8208T
EX3512 RTEX-04VIR613310 ENS-50EX95T S RC98iN
BT4x12-70 EL2695WRU80IP AGT705NIJSD24-K ECO110
ATI-510-N MR50245C-9-240-3-QS EX4277T MLVIR201602894 DEL-20S
BT4x12-70 EX3512RU80IP VIRT9F245835GL4S SP14218B
RL94iP EX90 DLSR-30L/120 HTR IH15A.2206 2 SSUS K RHG PRO50-50F
T4K1J2-800 ECO110N270 EZTR40XFJ100FDCH tank151
EZ-37 MR40245GT-140-NIH Bosch GWH-425-EFSW6DE 330 PN LP
RGB-20-U EAU0200E61-20U-015SV 6 50 LORTRTG-84XN EMT1


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