April 21, 2017

Find out more about VT2218-HY1-FC1A00 CIRC,ECM,VAR (Taco)


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  • Sensors and Integral Flow Check (IFC) included
  • Full speed override for system fill and purging
  • ECM high-efficiency motor
  • Operates in 5 different modes:
  • 22′ Shut-off head
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Warranty: standard manufacturer’s warranty
S&H: Free shipping if ordered online
Dimensions and weight: check our reviews
Coupon/Sale: n/a

General description

The VT2218 is whisper calm and has a big, bright LCD screen that is easy on the eyes. Simple push-button navigation allows you to set the pump to any one of five modes quickly and easily. But what you can not see is just as important: our groundbreaking Bio Barrier guards the rotor and bearings from system contaminants.

Recent reviews of Taco VT2218-HY1-FC1A00 CIRC,ECM,VAR SPD High Efficiency Motor:

This is a great pump. I just installed 4 of them, and the Delta-T function works perfectly. You may be able to see the real-time power handling in watts as the pump speed automatically differs. But I am not sure where Amazon’s 500+ price is coming from. I paid 161 locally.

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KOHLER K-10342-CP Lyntier Diverter Valve Kit, Polished Chrome

K-10342-CP Finish: Polished Chrome Features: -Diverter valve kit. -Classic bridge aesthetic evocative of vintage plumbing vernacular. -Two-way brass diverter valve. -Diverter valve has backflow protection. -The bath or deck must not surpass 1. 25” in thickness. -ASME A112. 18. 1/CSA B125. 1 listed. -ASSE 1014 listed. -ASSE 1025 listed. Construction: -hard brass construction for durability and dependability. Dimensions: -Include a hand shower kit for bath-mount or deck-mount installation with a 69” decorative hose and a 36” high-pressure hose. -Flow rate: 15 gpm (56. 8 lpm) at 45 psi (3. 1 bar) using 0. 5” high-flow valves. -Flow rate: 25 gpm (94. 6 lpm) at 45 psi (3. 1 bar) using 0. 75” high-flow valves. -in general dimensions: 2. 375” H x 2. 5” W x 2. 5” D. Warranty: -Kohler gives a lifetime restricted warranty.

Malida Water Filter Float Ball Valve,or Fish Aquarium  Uses 1/4 Inch Supply Tube

Plastic float valve automatically start and stop water flow. The float is adjustable to let you to control the water height. Estimated rate of flow up to 1. 5 gpm at 60 psi PVC for corrosion resistance Tank mount with expanded threads on inlet side of valve for mounting through tank wall will include 1×4″ float ball attached to adjustable valve shutoff arm 1/4″ Tube push inlet and free-flow outlet.

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Powermate Vx 072-0020RP Tank Drain Valve is a member of a big line of Powermate real substitute parts. Use the Powermate Vx Tank Drain Valve to replace the worn, leaky drain valve on the compressor. Installing a new, Powermate Vx Tank Drain Valve will assist prevent air leakage and water leakage when not draining the compressor. Powermate is one of the world’s leading brands of movable and standby electric generators, air compressors, water pumps, air tools, pressure washers, and accessories.

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Hansgrohe 15936181 PuraVida Quattro Green 3-Way Diverter Valve Rough, 3/4-Inch

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Watts Series 909QT Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer 3/4" (0387121) vs VT-2218-HY-1-FC-1-A-00

Product can’t ship to California, Vermont, and outside United States. Watts Series 909QT Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer 3/4″ (0387121)Series 909 Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies prevent the reverse flow of polluted water from entering into the potable water supply caused by backsiphonage and or backpressure. It consists of a bronze body construction, bronze ball valve shutoffs, and bronze test cocks. Series 909 features a patented “air-in/water-out” design principle for protection throughout emergency joint backsiphonage and backpressure conditions. It’s ideal for health hazard cross-connections or for containment at the service line entrance. Verify with local water authorities for installation prerequisites. Maximum Working Pressure: 175psi (12. 06 bar). Watts Series 909QT Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer 3/4″ (0387121) Features: 3/4 to 2 in. (20 to 50mm) Modular design Replaceable seats Compact for installation ease Horizontal or vertical (up or down) installation No special tools obliged for servicing Not AB1953 CA/VT Compliant.

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10-Branch PEX Manifold Radiant Floor Heating Set Stainless Steel w 1/2" Connectors by PlumbingPexSouth

MANIFOLDS COME WITH DOUBLE auto AIR VENTS ( IN THE SUPPLY AND THE RETURN) Complete kit as shown in the pictures provided: •1 supply manifold •1 return manifold •Adjustable flow meters •2 separation ball valves with 1″ NTP and temperature gauges •2 auto air vents •2 drain valves •1 pair of mounting brackets •auto air purge valves •Stem thermometers for both separation ball valves •20 adapters (1/2″ compression connectors) •Stainless Steel •Dimensions (L x W x H): 28. 5″ x 3. 5″ x 15″ •Measurement between ports is 2″ on center •Inlet: 1″ Female NPT •Body/Trunk size: 1-1/4″ •Max Flow reading per loop: 1. 3 Gpm •Weight: 21 lbs.

Grohe 29712000 1/2-Inch Brass 3-Port Diverter and Transfer Valve

The Grohe 1/2" Brass FIP 3-Port Diverter Rough-In Valve is great for adding a handshower (not include) to a regular shower. This valve features rough-brass construction. Rough-brass construction. Use to add a handshower to a regular shower (not include). 1/2" NPT female inlets. Maximum pressure of 75 psi. 1 inlet, 2 outlets. Ceramic disc cartridge. Assembled Depth: 6". Assembled Height: 3". Assembled Width: 4". Color/Finish Family: Brass. Fitting material: Brass. Inlet Size: 1/2. Maximum Pressure: 72. 5 psi. Outlet Size: 1/2". Length: 4". Tube Diameter: 0. 5".

Kohler K-8549-BGD Two-Way Diverter Valve and Handshower Hose Guide, Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold

Kohler K-8549-BGD Two-Way Diverter Valve and Handshower Hose Guide, Vibrant Moderne Brushed GoldThis two-way diverter valve and handshower hose guide integrates with Kohler handshowers to create a personalized showering experience. The kit is for bath- or deck-mount installations and comes in an array of Kohler finishes. Kohler K-8549-BGD Two-Way Diverter Valve and Handshower Hose Guide, Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold Features: hard brass construction for durability and dependability Bath- or deck-mount installation Diverter valve may be mounted up to 1-1/4″ wall thickness Kohler finishes resist corrosion and tarnishing, exceeding business durability standards two times will include 2-way diverter valve, deck- or bath-mount handshower kit and Polished Chrome hose.

New 4 Loop 1/2" Pex Manifold Stainless Steel Radiant Floor Heating Set / Four Branch Kit from VIVO (PEX-M12-4)

PEX-M12-4 is a stainless steel 4 Loop Radiant Manifold kit from VIVO. Features are body flow meters with adjustable flow rates, separation ball valve with 1″ NPT thread made of high-quality brass forging, stem thermometers for both separation ball valves, auto air purge valves, ” compression connectors, and mounting brackets. Each port is spaced 2″ separately and has own turn off valve. The complete manifold measures roughly 21″ x 15″ and has an estimated weight of 12lbs. PEX-M12-4 is usually used for radiant floor heat systems and features easy installation. Complete kit as shown in the pictures provided (1 supply manifold, 1 return manifold, 4 flow meters, 8 adapters (1/2″), 2 separation ball valves with 1″ NTP and temperature gauges, 2 air vents, 2 drain valves, 1 heavy responsibility mounting bracket.

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  2. Z075C2-1 Zone Sentry, 3/4″ 2-Way Sweat, 24VAC N.
  3. Taco 007-F5 Cast Iron Circulator, 1/25 HP
  4. Grundfos ALPHA 15-55F/LC (59896832) Pump, Electronic Circulator 115V 1/16 HP w/ Line Cord – Cast Iron

Models to consider:
014-300A WV01LFUS100108-908A MBV38R530 SSM-03
410-K-NA PEX-M12-6fuqiu-1 0X8-340AHLS-1 GP1016515
R10000-UNWSHF LFLM495-1R125SS K-557-K-NAfuqiu1/2 S-4001-BODY
FS3/4H v4 10342-CP3/4 LFFBV-3C HG18113181R10000-UNBX 8549-SN
R540 108-908ARGP1017426 T16178-4A-BVGP76851 LFMMVM1-UT
015-IWDX GP71969R10000-UNBXHF 007M1QTG-8005 THU9726
RMV-2 DA507107B-0107-C FB075-1R10000-UNWS R520
108-910A 46-1X-BODY8549-BN Z075T3-10X6-440R K-728-K-NA
RP33791SSLHP G2CR09X C1T17T067 R10000-PXWSP6900-MV-XL R64707
108-908A fuqiu1/2R520 456-06BCLDR10000-UNWSHF VB8340A
JBX1032 108-908ARP6900-MV-XL R10700-UNWSPSB52X fuqiu-1
38480SP DE6060IRP33791SSLHP PEX-M12-4HG28719823 GP76851
G2CR09X C1 R10000-UNBXHFR10000-PXWS 14C-6-MH007M1QT PEX-M12-6
R530 SF-BM001WFN16A-03 FS3/4H v4K-8549-BGD A4917LPSTN
R540 0X6-440RHLS-1 072-0020RP50650-RB R125SS
R64707 K-728-K-NA10342-SN RPG05-0532-CATS970D#BN T-540
YHAM101C-US-1/U Z075T3-13/4 LFFBV-3C PEX-M12-10GP1017426 THU9632
UFG-ASP3211 22461LF671-XJKABNF RZ54674401-K-NA 007-31XA
22461LF HLS-1LCSFPTSV02 GP1017426TC2505LF GP1016515
GIDDS-479415 50650-RBVR8300A3500 A4917LPSTNTS960D1#CP Z075T3-1
FS3/4H-90 v4 8549-CPR10000-UNBXHF R10000-UNWS671-XJKABNF PEX-M10-10
10342-CP 8549-SNFB075-1 LFLM495-1R10700-UNWS UFG-BDL0688US
G-8005 K-8549-BGDfuqiu1/2 MIR674164R4707-MF THU9632
909QT R520RP33791SSLHP JBX1032FS3/4H v4 K-728-K-NA
108-908AR PSB52XG2CR09X C1 001-31XAPK1360 RPG05-0532-CA
DA507107 T17T067THU9726 R530R10000-UNWSHF R10000-PXWS
007M1QT SSM-03MBV38 R10000-UNBXVB8340A R125SS


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