April 21, 2017

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  • On-unit temperature control
  • Standard 1/2″ water connection
  • LEDs indicate active element and standby mode
  • Modulating power
  • Rugged brass/copper heat exchanger
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General description

Ideal for Point-of-Use Applications uninterrupted Hot Water on Demand Energy economical Compact Design – Fits nearly Anywhere On-Unit Temperature Control LEDs point to Active Element and Standby Mode Standard 1/2″ Water Connection Rugged Brass/Copper Heat Exchanger Applications Homes Apartments Condos Hospitals Hotels Boats Restaurants Offices Laboratories.. Anywhere hot water is required Model: RTE 9 Length: 10 Width: 7-1/4 Weight: 8 ELECTRICAL plans KW: 9 VOLTS: 240 REQ. Breaker: 40 MAX POWER(AMP): 38 AWG WIRE: 8 Minimum Activation Flow rate(GPM): 0. 4 Maximum Flow Rate(GPM): 3.

Compare with similar products:

Marey Power Gas 10L .1 Propane Gas Digital Panel Heater

Marey Power Gas 10L Digital RTE 9 Panel Tankless Water Heater delivers endless hot water with best energy efficiency No electricity obliged The Marey Power Gas 10L Digital RTE 9 Panel Tankless Water Heater is easy to install and will include auto ignition. Energy-saving design heats up in seconds and uses gas only while water is flowing. Available in LP and natural gas models. Things are heating up: Adjustable gas and water control knobs. Digital panel shows out coming water temperature. ; Electric pulse ignition (2 D-cell batteries obliged; not included); Activates by water flow when faucet is turned on; Rust-evidence.. No water loss caused by leaks; Anti-combustion and gas pressure safety protection; Works easily with low levels of water pressure; related water pressure: 3. 6 – 145. 0 PSI; Hot water output per minute: 3. 1 gallons per minute; Energy efficiency: 54% – 87%; Exhaust discharge mode: Flue channel type; Measures approx. 24″ x 14″ x 7″. Weighs approx. 21 lbs. State Model. Advanced technology saves water and energy Order Today Marey Power Gas 10L Digital RTE 9 Panel Tankless Water Heater.

Atwood Marine Heaters 11 Gallon Stainless Steel: #ATW 4550

For more than 30 years, Atwood has intended and made water heaters for recreational vehicles. Nearly 20 years ago, Atwood applied that specific knowledge to the marine business and has now become the business standard. Atwood water heaters not only heat water quickly and proficiently, however also deliver every possible oz of usable hot water from the tank. Atwood water heaters perform reliably, assuring buyer satisfaction and full use of the hot water benefits intended in your pleasure ship. Forgiving incalloy element-Each Atwood electric water heater comes with a high quality incalloy heating element intended to withstand accidental operation on an empty tank. The electrical system is ignition protected and meets UL plans. Safe and economical heat exchangers-to swiftly heat water when under power, Atwood has worked on economical heat exchangers. Each heat exchanger is exactly intended for the water heater’s capacity ensuing in superior heat-up times. These heat exchangers use double tube construction, which prevents any possibility of engine coolant contaminating the new water system. Corrosion tolerant outside-The casing of every Atwood electric water heater is constructed from corrosion tolerant materials and carefully painted to stand up against the most corrosive marine environments. Special attention to detail on edges and corners helps guarantee greater handling safety.

AmeriHot Instant Hot Heater – 12kw

Amerihot tankless water heaters are able to offer your complete house with an endless supply of hot water whenever you require. By not maintaining a tank full of heated water, our heaters also cut down on your power handling, saving an average of 34 on hot water costs. How it works: When you turn on hot water, cold water enters the Amerihot heater and the water flow sensor automatically turns on the unit, energizing the heating elements. Water then goes through a closed loop, Multi-level heating chamber that has heating elements insulated in a waterproof ceramic level. As the water goes through it’s heated to the temperature you set on the digital LED display and comes out your faucet times afterward. Amerihot’s composite model uses a glossy IMD Film cover. This is a hard covering applied to the composite housing that’s tolerant to scratches, corrosion, water. The non-conductive plastic is ideal for moist and wet regions. Widescreen touch sensitive LED display lets the unit to be powered on and off, and the temperature to be adjusted up and down. The LED display shows set temperature, outlet temperature, time in use also as water intake. Any new or present home can accommodate an Amerihot heater usually no plumbing mods are obliged, and any experienced electrician can install your new heater Rest guaranteed in your buy because AmeriHot merchandise are supported by a 100 ensure for safe functionings, durability and dependability. Note 12KW model has 1/2″ NPT Threads, may require 1/2″ female to 3/4″ Male adapter.

Eemax EX10T2 S 1KW 240V Canada Heater

This electric tankless water heater with thermostatic temperature control will cut your energy costs and has on demand hot water. This unit is 99 economical, the power you use goes into the water. It also complies with disability prerequisites and has a that fits below any sink. No tap valve needed, only bring one cold water line to the lavatory.


0. 95 energy factor ;main Heat Exchanger is constructed of HRS35 commercial-grade copper which is more resilient against wearing away ;Secondary Heat Exchanger is made of Type 316L stainless steel ;3″ venting up to 70 ft. ;4″ venting up to 100 ft. ;Indoor model will include a fitted temperature controller and advanced diagnostics ;100-185 degrees (17 settings in 5 degree intervals) ;Easy Link up to 4 units (with no extra parts or accessories needed) ;Multi-Link up to 20 units.

AO Smith BTR-154 Tank Type Heater with Commercial Natural Gas vs Rheem RTE 9 pricing

AO Smith Master Fit BTR-154 Tank Type Water Heater Commercial Nat Gas 81 Gal 154,000 BTU Input. Self-Cleaning System intended to considerably decrease, or eliminate sediment build-up inside the tank. Factory-installed draft diverter and flue damper. Low-profile draft diverter helps for installation in tight spaces. Three water connection alternatives for extra flexibility. PERMAGLAS super coat glass lining -exclusive procedure gives superior protection against corrosion.

Chronomite SR-0/208 HTR 208-Volt 0-Amp SR Series Instant-Flow Standard Flow Heater

Chronomite was the 1st to patent a microprocessor technology which lets for a pre-set or controlled output temperature that delivers unlimited hot water without risk of scalding-in two seconds as opposed to the six seconds offered by other tankless water heaters. Chronomite is installed at point of use and is only operational when hot water is requested, considerably decreasing hot water delivery time and inefficient use of electricity.

EcoSmart 7.2 kW Heater Booster Model # ECOTB240 vs Rheem RTE 9 review

The SmartBoost is installed on an tanks hot water line to offer more hot water than the tank alone can supply. The unit has an adjustable activation temperature, this is the inlet temperature that unit will start heating water. As an example, if the activation point is 105F the booster will add power from the tank and redirect the power to the tankless unit. This will increase the tank outlet to 120F in common shower applications.

Chronomite Instant-Flow Micro Instant Heater M-15L 120Volt Factory Preset Temperature, 104F 110F 120F

The Instant-Flow Micro instant water heater features a factory predetermined temperature using digital microprocessor technology. This instant water heater responds to fluctuations in incoming water temperature, pressure, and flow rate regulating the water temp over 100 times per second. This removes the concern of scalding also as the need for mixing valves. It offers the same compact size, easy installation, and unlimited hot water as heaters without microprocessors, while giving up to 50 more energy efficiency. The Instant-Flow Micro is great for lavatories, sinks, and many other special applications.

Noritz NR81-SV-LP Indoor/Outdoor Heater .8 Designed for 4-Inch Single Wall, Class Iii Venting, Liquid Propane vs Rheem RTE 9 price

Indoor/Outdoor tankless water heater up to 9. 8 gallons per minute. Noritz was an innovator in the water heating business for over 60 years. We presented the 1st modern, electronically controlled tankless water heater in 1981 and we remain the leader in energy savings and superior hot water delivery today. Our goal is to empower you with the highest quality merchandise available at superior value.

Rinnai Q85SN 85,000 BTU Natural Gas Condensing Boiler

Q85SN Features: -completely modulating pump combines with stainless steel heat exchanger to make this one of the more economical units available. -Optional 3-way valve available to eliminate the need for a pump for the indirect tank. -Compact wall-mounted design saves space over conventional boilers. -Super calm operation. -Outdoor reset function with sensor included. -Plumbing kits with low-loss header included. Product Type: -Tankless Water Heater. Finish: -Chrome. Hardware Finish: -Chrome. Material: -Metal.

Eternal BU15M Condensing Hybrid 1.5 vs Rheem RTE 9 reviews

Eternal Condensing Hybrid Water Heater 19. 5 GPMSKU: GU195MUltra low emissions (1ppm CO) leaves nearly no carbon footprint and is safe98 + Efficiency saves cost, exceeds Energy Star standards, and qualifies for Tax and LEED creditsM choice Factory Installed Multi Control Unit module for up to 8 x GU195M in network for heavy commercialThermostat and Flow Activation is well-matched with WaterSense fixturesUp to 19. 5 GPM of unlimited flow, 199000 BTU’s Max InputNote: we’ll not be held liable for any damages, injury or death caused by correct or improper installation of hot water heaters. All water heaters of any type MUST be installed by a trained and licensed technician. See Terms and Conditions. The warranty may become void if the water heater wasn’t particular by a professional installer.

What people considered before buying RTE9:
  1. Siemens Q240 40-Amp 2 Pole 240-Volt Circuit Breaker
  2. Aqua-Pure AP430SS Hot Water System Protector
  3. Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 4 GPM
  4. SHURFLO (255-313) 1/2″ Twist-On Pipe Strainer
  5. Watts LFTWH-FT-HCN Service Valve Kit for Tankless Water Heater
  6. Rheem RTE 7 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 2.5 GPM

Models to consider:
iE18kw VIR613310DEL-30D EX48EX100T AAP-340SB
RL75eNG ECRT-40BFG61-40S40-3NOV SHS101NPE-180A Sw6d
6-30-EOMSS K100 ECOTB240SW10PE SP12143KSW6DE ECT-80
GPVT-50 JSD32-KNH199-DV F242900RU98IN-ADP 6 50 DORS
ST120 EX190T2 SIR30 POU EX90 DLT-KJr2-OS-NG ECO240
XJ180FDCH DS-SH58-15TV53e-N 330 PN LPMR50245 VIR613313
RTGH-95XLN EX48EJC-6 GA16LPVIR201603009 T-H3S-OS-P
F242900 IR30 POU9ILH WX-205DEZ202 TEMPRA 29 PLUS
520 PN LP tank301GA5PORT EMT6ENT-55 VIR201603008
6 40 DORT ECO150DVLN3VIR258344 GPVT-50MR50245 ST-30V
PPXE5 G100-200LPC 950 ES NG AGT705NINRC711-OD-NG HT-2B
SW12DE EX100TUSA/32-1 VIR9965D6 50 DORS SSU30
BL-8-4H GA16NGDPSP8208 ECO 24AH-900-3 ATI-110-N
GA16NG SP55ATO-310-N 330 PN LPECO 24 SW10PE
VIR9965D 520 PN LPV53e-N ENT-55ECOH160DVLN JSD20-K
EX100T 742G1GWHAF VIR20160300845HILPVB GPVT-50
ECO240 JSD32-KG10-3E V75IPC-15 WX-205D
RTG-84XN ECO 11WB303 NG EZTR40DS-SH58-15T ECT-80
TEMPRA 29 PLUS VIR6133101080DHPT tank3016-30-EOMSS K100 tank202
ED020480T2T DHC-E8ECO 36 ATI-110-NXCV-40 SP60


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