April 21, 2017

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  • One shear blade outlasts over 20 saw blades
  • Quiet Operation / No Electricity – Cut anytime day or night
  • DUST FREE cutting provides a healthier job site
  • Cut Where You Work – Save time walking to and from your saw
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  • Made in the USA
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General description

The EZ Shear Flooring Cutter is a versatile, dust-free cutter for merchandise up to 13 in. Large and 5/8 in. Thick. The working design prevents airborne dust in your work space and frees you from the annoyance of electrical cords. This product is intended to cut laminate flooring, engineered wood, luxury vinyl tile/plank and other merchandise. We are proud to make our EZ Shears right here in the USA, and offer a one year warranty.

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QEP 10026Q 1/8-Inch Tile Spacers Spacing of Floor or Wall Tiles, 250-Piece

The QEP 1/8 instil Spacers 113-FLR assist you install floor or wall tiles with professional-looking results. The spacers ensure that grout lines are the same width and that the tiles line at the corners. The adaptable PVC construction makes it simple to place and change the spacers. Easily removed when finished. Made in USA.

QEP 10117 Tile Replacement Cutting Wheel, 7/8-Inch Titanium Coated Tungsten-Carbide

7/8″ substitute Wheel, Cuts Wall & Floor Tile Up To 19″, 14″ Diagonally, Thick Heavy responsibility Rubber Pads Prevent Tiles From changing, Linear Ball Bearing Slides For Smooth Scoring, Extra Thick Dual Chrome-Plated Rugged Steel Rails With Bumpers, Heavy responsibility 26″ Aluminum Alloy Base Is Lightweight & lasting, Extra Long High Leverage Handle Makes Cutting Easier & decreases exhaustion, Equipped With Replaceable 7/8″ Titanium Coated Tungsten Carbide Cutting Wheel.

Water & 19.5cm Length Lever Compasses Glass Circle Circular Black

Product Description Features compasses style, comes with round handle handle that fits in the palm of your hand. The lever is made of polished gold tone metal, clear-cut scale which make easy to read. Novelty and advanced design, this Glass Circle Cutter can cut a exact round circle This Circle Cutter is intended for both hobbyists and professional glass cutters.

FunnyToday365 Professional 40Cm 6 Numbered Wheels Compasses Glass Circle With Suction Cup Circle Glass Bhu2

Compasses Style suction cup 6 Turrets Glass Circle Cutter. This Circle Cutter is intended for both hobbyists and professional glass cutters. Features compasses style; comes with round handle handle that fits in the for palm of your hand. Compasses Style Glass Cutter with powerful suction cup holds center while cutter head scribes the circle. The lever is made of polished golden metal; clear-cut scale which make easy to read. Novelty and advanced design; this Glass Circle Cutter can cut a exact round circle. No waste; no breakage and easy to use that’s a great tool to have on hand. The turret head has six numbered wheels; so 6 Turrets Glass Cutter will long outlast other circle cutters. SpecificationsMaterial: Metal; plastic; rubberColor: as the picture show. Lever Length: Approx. 20cmRotation Diameter: Approx. 40cmSuction cup diameter: Approx. 5. 5cmPackage include1 x Circle Cutter.

Uxcell Tipped Cutting Tool Glass Minerals Diamond

This is a new Glass Cutter for mineral glass and diamond. The Diamond Cutter (note: this cutter isn’t diamond made, however for cutting diamond) is perfect for cutting and glass art work. The Minerals Cutter also perfect for cutting stained glass, other craft and household uses. With a metal holder, anti-slip design, convenience to us.

Generic QYUS41602152022 80342 Replacement Scoring 2" Tung Tungsten Carbide 2pc 1/2 2pc 1/2" rbide R Manual Tile Wheel Blad vs Bullet Tools 113-FLR pricing

. – – NOTE – -. And if any questions, contact us 1st before using A – -/to – /-Z or neg-a-t-iv-efee-db-a-c-k or char-g-e-ba-ck or another Ama-zo-n Procedure which will give us lots of troubles 2pc 1/2″ Tungsten Carbide substitute Scoring Wheel Blade for Manual Tile Cutter Professional-quality substitute blades for lever-style manual tile cutters Extra-lasting tungsten carbide stands up to repeated use scoring tile 1/2″ diameter with 3/16″ center hole, 0. 05″ thickness. Fits many brands of tile cutters Sold in sets of two blades so you will generally have a spare Replace dull, nicked, chipped or bent blades for consistent results.

QEP 21643 120-Volt Professional Hheld Tile with 4-Inch Diamond Blade Molded Carrying Case

The QEP Model 21643 4-Inch Professional Handheld Tile Saw is ideal for cutting tile, stone, granite, block, brick and marble. The saw is UL accepted and comes equipped with a high performance 1-1/2 HP motor. The saw is compact, lightweight and double insulated to ensure no water damage to the motor. The steel base changes to change cutting depth and angle, as well as bevel cuts up to 45-Degree. The comfort rubber grip has an easy on/off push button trigger. Simply install the blade, change the angle and cut the tile. A custom molded carrying case is included.

RTC 26 inch Razor Pro Tile vs Bullet Tools 113-FLR review

The RTC Razor Pro combines many elements of European technology. The distinctive cutting head sports 11 interior ball bearings for a smooth, exact motion across the rail. A rear mounted scoring wheel improves vision of the score line all the way through the cut. The cantilever breaking design applies greater force with less effort, decreasing material damage when engaging. Available in 22, 26, 31, 35, and 52 inch models.

Roberts 10-918 Vinyl Tile, 18"

This Roberts 18 in. Vinyl Tile Cutter features fitted casters and rubber feet for maneuverability and stability. The cutter has a obviously marked measuring guide and 45-degree miter guide to help change the cutting of 12 in. Or 18 in. Vinyl tile. Moveable cutting guide for consistent and correct recurring cutting. Roberts vinyl tile cutters are intended to cut hard Vinyl Tile, Vinyl structure Tile (VCT), and Cork Tile, up to 1/8 in. Thick.

CRL TOYO® Custom-Grip Super® Custom Grip with Pattern Head TC21PVR vs Bullet Tools 113-FLR price

Length: 5-1/2″ (140 mm)Cut Type: PatternHone Angle: 140 DegreesTap Wheel Technology gives a Superior CutCustom-Grip Supercutter with Pattern HeadAdjustable Grip Improved Oil ControlThe CRL TOYO Custom-Grip Supercutter Custom Grip with Pattern Head saddle fits between the thumb and forefinger, allowing the fingers to remain straight, relieving them of strain while scoring. To fit all hand sizes, the saddle is adjustable to four different heights by reversing it and a bushing from the top and bottom. The Custom-Grip Supercutter has a new spring-controlled oil flow system. Pressing down on the cutting head opens a valve and lets oil to flow, stopping totally when pressure is released. This controlled oil flow removes the possibility of leaking, something usually related with oil cutters. The TAP Wheel has an axle bore with eight microscopic cams creating eight “taps” per revolution of the wheel. The 140 degree hone angle suits general cutting applications. This cutter is the one to have if you want the best in cutting today. The result is longer wheel life and a clean, consistent score. Supercutters are sold individually. Important NotesAlways wear the correct protecting gear when cutting glass. Failing to do so can result in injury.

Brutus 10500 20-Inch Rip Professional Porcelain Tile with 7/8-Inch Cutting Wheel

The 10500 Professional ceramic Tile Cutter is a multi-function cutter for most ceramic and ceramic tile up to 20 inches in length. This cutter has Ishii engineering with a large cast aluminum alloy base with heavy rubber pads for cutting stability, dual chrome-plated rail bars and linear ball bearing slides for smooth scoring. The 7/8 in. Titanium-coated tungsten-carbide ball bearing cutting wheel is intended for long lasting performance when scoring hard ceramic tiles. The wheel is adjustable to 4 different heights to move out of the way and let easy snapping. The big, high-leverage bicycle grip handle makes repeat cutting easier and decreases exhaustion. The base will include side arm extensions to support big format tiles.

Rubi SPEED-92 With Case 993 Stard Tile s Size: 36 vs Bullet Tools 113-FLR reviews

13993 Size: 36″ (92 cm), Carry Case: Yes Features: -Speed Standard Tile Cutters. -Manual tile cutter to cut floor and wall ceramic tiles. -With moving breaking system. -chromium-plated and rectified steel guides with anti-corrosion treatment. -With side stop for recurring and 45 square cutting. -Case optional. -Available in 17”, 25”, 28”, and 36”. Will include: -will include tungsten carbide scoring wheel of 8mm. Dimensions: -Depth: 0. 2” – 0. 6” (5-15 mm).

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  6. PacTool International SA903 2-Piece Gecko Gauge Hardi Board Siding Gauges

Models to consider:
AO9695 PSC400a13081600ux1705 Gen-0722QGL001 82-RS10
3B3M EC-2633C3M 3D3MPC1818 a13062500ux0540
CU20 UP090a14060400ux0498 513B152503L RS1000
RODEL10UT TC31PROa13100400ux0799 UP2743-B4 UP261
G8206 10214Q10552BR JP570XEQY-US4-160215-69 ST007
RS2000 SWC003a13112800ux0502 TCUT6a14031100ux0148 TC22PRO
a13042600ux0285 712HDJW-480S 10630QVIT102015 JW-650ST
13A766 10026QTC53SB a14071900ux0099ST072 She-0743
RI-00604 PSC400HY0544 513Ba13112800ux0502 TCPUSH29
C2191 JP570XETCUT6 ST00610600BR RS1000
G02101 PC1818a13042600ux0285 EC-263AUDEWQbShn6oYW C2153
UP274 926BEC-261 Gen-0722JW-480S VCT18
VIT800100 G8206YC-US2-150525-34 TR562TCPROFI60 ST002
CU20 UP091UP273 G05823TC17P AO9695
PTC-3/16 a13062500ux0540VIT102010 82-RS10TC31PRO 3D3M
a13081600ux1705 TP28SET514CC 13A766152503L C2160
a14031100ux0148 a14060400ux0498TLT001 POP60RCTC26PRO PL-215
UP261 120-FLRPSC400 G8206a12123100ux0046 UP274
She-0743 a13112800ux05023B3M TC17P513B POP60RC
ST007 RS2000ST007 JW480-11PC2160 EC-263
3C3M UP091JW-650ST 01-122-02ACPQGL001 MA0000931
a14071900ux0099 PC1818ST072 TCPROFI13010091Q TC53SB
a12112600ux0160 82-RS10a14031200ux0721 RS1000JW-480S QGL002
a13042600ux0285 3D3MC2191 TC31PROTP28SET VCT18
UP090 CU20TC22PRO RI-00604RK7322 UP273
AUDEWQbShn6oYW SWC003G05823 514CCAO9695 a14012000ux0106


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