April 21, 2017

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  • Designed for superior performance on super plush carpets
  • Large rear wheels and a low center of gravity provide smooth swivel steering to Twist and turn around furniture with ease
  • Adjustable suction power allows you to reduce suction power to safely clean delicate curtains and fabric
  • On/off brush roll switch and 3-level height adjustment to clean all floor surfaces from bare floors to plush carpets-one product is all you need
  • Brush roll clean technology provides patented self-cleaning brush roll removes tangles from the brush roll with the touch of a button
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General description

Electrolux super Flex canister vacuum offers excellent performance everywhere-intended for superior performance on super plush carpets. With the Flexor performance system, one product is all you need super Flex will include an on/off brush roll switch and 3-level height modification so you may be able to clean all floor surfaces, from bare floors to plush carpets. Adjustable suction power allows you to decrease suction to carefully clean fragile curtains and fabric. A cyclonic system gives you consistent suction power to completely clean your home. With the motion control system-big rear wheels and a low center of gravity-super Flex twists and turns around furniture with ease. The 21 ft. Cord and 8 ft. Hose and telescopic wand add for 33 feet of cleaning reach. Super Flex is compact and lightweight so it is easier for you to get around, get up and down stairs and carry from room to room. It is easy to store with horizontal or vertical Parking alternatives and an auto cord Rewind. Versatile tools include a crevice tool and dusting brush that store conveniently on the handle, so you may be able to clean crevices and stairs in one fast step. Plus, an upholstery nozzle and bare floor nozzle assist you tackle your home’s surfaces. The premium HEPA filtration captures 99. 97percent of dust, allergens and other irritants for a cleaner home. The HEPA filter is washable, so you may be able to reuse and decrease waste. The thin design of the bag less dust cup and bottom opening let you easily empty the dust cup, decreasing the amount of dust escaping into the air. Super Flex will include a 5-year restricted warranty for your Peace of mind.

Compare with similar products:

EL7062A Oxygen Bagged vs EL4335-A

The Electrolux Oxygen with DeepClean EL4335A powerhead utilizes a high suction motor for deep down elimination of dirt, debris and pet dander. You get high performance cleaning power, without the sound. The Oxygen is the quietest, all-surface canister vacuum. HEPA filtration decreases allergens and captures 99. 97% of dust and allergens for a cleaner home. Above-floor cleaning tools store in the handle. A telescopic want and auto cord rewind supply uninterrupted cleaning.

The Original Bank

The Original Bank Canister Vacuum is the ideal solution for home floor cleaning. Easily switch between thick carpet, smooth hard wood, and the most fragile area rugs. It’s the most economical way to clean todays modern homes. The Bank Vacuum has the best performance out of any other vacuum in its class. It features the most powerful suction and the highest airflow possible, with S Class filtration.

ProTeam Backpack, Super CoachVac HEPA Commercial Backpack Cleaner with Small Business Kit, 10 Quart

Pro-team super CoachVac HEPA movable backpack vacuum: 10 qtr. /11 L. Power 1188w, 9. 9 Amp, airflow 150 cfm, static lift 100″. Sound level 66 db. 11 lbs. Intercept micro filter bag #100331. Comes w/kit #107421 for small businesses: 14″ over multi-surface floor tool, 17″ crevice tool, 3″ dust brush, claw nozzle and mesh bag to carry tools. 11/2″ static-dissipating vacuum hose, 42″ to 59″ telescoping aluminum wand, 50′ extension cord and two intercept micro filter bags. The super CoachVac HEPA industrial vacuum backpack is a productivity powerhouse intended to tackle the most calling for cleaning challenges. Like all ProTeam backpack vacuums, this powerful and high filtration vacuum cleaner backpack is ideal for vacuuming high square-footage regions that require the utmost hygiene. The Super CoachVac HEPA backpack canister vacuum /industrial vacuum backpack is a member of the ProTeam family of movable backpack vacuums, versatility and performance in a lightweight, compact vacuum cleaner backpack.

2016 SIRENA 2 SPEED 1200w w/ Power Nozzle Total Home Cleaning System w/ Exclusive Bonus Items + 4 Fragrance Pack + Deodorizer + Mini Power Head vs EL-4335A

SIRENA isn’t just another vacuum cleaner- It utilizes state-of-the-art water-established filtration technology with a washable HEPA filter- Powered by a 1200W dual cyclonic action Italian-made motor to accomplish 100 cleaning efficiency while freshening and deodorizing the air in your home-SIRENA is the culmination of modern design and engineering, built on years of experience- The result is SIRENA – a high quality, Canadian intended and engineered, water-established system. Make Your Indoor Environment Healthier Turn Your Carpets Into A Safe And Clean Playground Health and safety of their kids is a priority for each parent. Kids love playing on carpets making it very important that the carpets are completely cleaned. Sirena is intended to deep-clean all types of carpets. Breathe Easy In The Comfort Of Your Home The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) warns that indoor air may be up to 20 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Dust mites, mold and airborne particulates can because breathing difficulties and aggravate allergic reactions. Sirena improves the indoor air quality and removes allergens. Get Rid Of Pet Hair For Good Any pet owner will agree that pet hair may be a nuisance. Not only will it stick to almost every surface in your home, it makes cleaning a nightmare. Pet hair may also because or worsen allergies. Conventional vacuums lose cleaning efficiency quickly as pet hair clogs the air holes. Sirena’s water-established filtration is the final answer to pet hair problems.

EUKSC6093 – Sanitaire Wide Area

This 28amp;quot; large area vacuum has a cleaning path that can decrease cleaning time by almost half. Five height levels let the user to swiftly transition to different cleaning surfaces with its 3amp;quot; metal brushroll. Powerful 10-amp motor makes it ideal for cleaning big open regions. It comes with a 60-foot power cord and has a dirt bag capacity of 1,296 cu. In. Current: 10 A Voltage: 110 V Colors: Red Weight: 74 lbs.

Bagless EL4335A (Complete Set) w/ Bonus: Premium Microfiber Cleaner Bundle

Intended for superior performance on super plush carpets. Electrolux’s UltraFlex canister vacuum offers excellent peformance everywhere-intended for superior performance on super plush carpets. With the FlexPro Performance System, one product is all you need. UltraFlex will include an On/Off brushroll switch and 3-level height modification so you may be able to clean all floor surfaces, from bare floors to plush carpets. Adjustable suction power allows you to decrease suction to carefully clean fragile curtains and fabric. Related Consumables: EL012B EL012W EL020 Functions: Excellent Performance Everywhere On/Off brushroll switch and 3-level height modification. Patented self-cleaning brushroll Motion Control System Adjustable Suction Power Fingertip Controls Versatile Tools 33 Foot Reach System Washable Premium HEPA Filter Cyclonic Action Easy-Empty Technology Compact and Lightweight. Easy-to-Store 5 Year Warranty Features: Brushroll Clean Technology Patented self-cleaning brushroll removes tangles from the brushroll with the touch of a button. Easy-Empty Technology thin bagless dust cup with bottom opening allows you to easily empty the dust cup, decreasing the amount of dust escaping into the air. Washable Premium HEPA Filter Captures 99. 97 of dust, allergens and other irritants for a cleaner home and is washable, requiring less recurrent substitute. Versatile Tools Crevice tool and dusting brush store conveniently on the handle so you may be able to clean crevices and stairs in one fast step. Plus, an upholstery nozzle and bare floor nozzle assist you tackle your surfaces. With bonus: 1x premium microfiber cleaner bundle.

, HEPA, 4 Gal., 120V vs EL-4335-A

Technical Specification Item Canister HEPA Vacuum Peak HP 1. 3 Tank Capacity 4 gal. Series Industrial Air Flow 74 cfm Amps 8. 7 Static Pressure 92 Voltage 115-120 Watts 1000 Tank Material Aluminum Average Brush Life 1000 hr. Hose Length 6 ft. Hose Dia. 1-1/4 Power Cord Length 35 ft. Sound Level dBA 53 Drain No Casters Yes Filter Type HEPA Hz 60 Height 17-1/2 Width 13 Length 15 will include 6 ft. Hose Assembly with Bent Wand, Telescopic Wand, mix Floor Nozzle, Crevice Tool, mix Round Dust Brush/Upholstery Tool, Paper Bag Compliance & limitations Compliance and limitations None This listing is for each. _DELETE_.

Emer TR010002 Galileo Pet Parquet 12 amp 1400 Watts Hepa White

The Emer Galileo Dual canister vacuum cleaner is by far the strongest in its class with 105 inches of lift. The Galileo packs 1400 watts of cleaning power to ensure that you will enjoy the superior performance you could expect. With all this power amazingly the Galileo is one of the quietest vacuums you may be able to find. The Turbo Nozzle is a floor carpet nozzle can also be used on indoor/outdoor carpeting or commercial grade carpeting, The Parquet brush is perfect for use on any of your Hard floor surfaces. It and the useful pet turbo. Like all other Emer merchandise, our vacuum cleaners are made from the best materials available. Emer’s vacuums are produced for lifetime handling. The Botticelli vacuum and accessories are of the highest European quality.

UltraOne Signet EL7083ASG

With some number of decades of quality behind it, the new EL7083ASG UltraOne Signet canister vacuum by Electrolux has lots to live up to. The new addition to the favored Line upholds the brand’s repute for excellence with ease thanks to its powerful suction and long list of luxury features at an cheap cost. The simplified body offers simple motion as you clean also as a convenient carry handle/furniture guard. The hose connects to the canister parallel to the floor for improved airflow. The Electrolux UltraOne Signet switches between carpeting and bare floors with a push of the button located on the handle. One push activates or deactivates the brush from spinning to either agitate carpet or use the suction only on bare surfaces. The vacuum also comes with some number of attachments as well as a hardwood floor brush to sweep up dust hiding in the cracks. The Electrolux EL211 Long Performance S bag and HEPA filtration system seal dirt in and spare your allergies.

Bissell 2001 Hard Floor Expert Cordless

The Bissell hard floor expert cordless vacuum combines the best of a powerful, canister vacuum and a lightweight, movable cordless vacuum. Distinctive lithium-ion battery technology delivers run times of up to 45 minutes with powerful cleaning performance on hard floor and above floor surfaces. The air-driven Turbine tool protects your floors with the soft dusting brush, while powerful cleaning performance. The lightweight design gives excellent maneuverability and the capability to clean hard to reach regions with ease.

Leifheit 11402 Carpet Sweeper, Rotaro S

The up-to-the-edge Rotaro S push sweeper for both carpets and hard surface floors has corner brushes that sweep along baseboards and around table legs and chairs. Continuously adjustable to every carpet height, smooth floors. Collapsible handle tilts flat to reach under furniture. The 3 sweeping brushes are made of natural bristles and the two dustpans built into a single one-hand lift-out unit assures hygienic disposal of dirt. Will include thread comb for brushes and 2 year warranty. Color: black/silver.

NEW More Powerful Proteam Super CoachVac 10 QT Backpack Cleaner Quart Coach vac

This is the Brand New completely Loaded ProTeam Super CoachVac backpack vacuum with the Heavy responsibility ProTeam 1 – 1/2″ attachment set, which will include: Multi surface Floor tool, Duster brush, Crevice tool, Upholstery tool, 2 tool extension wands, heavy responsibility tool hose, 50′ cord, and 12 extra bags. The Super CoachVac comes with a 5 year motor warranty. This powerful backpack vacuum uses 3 filters to protect the motor from grease, dirt, and sound mufflers aid in calm operation. Its rugged design and redesigned form make for a much more comfy fit on your back and make it a perfect match for the tough demands of food services, office buildings, schools, hospitals, churches and movie theaters. The Super CoachVac is the only backpack vacuum tough enough to last in the restaurant business with a Five-year motor warranty, and Lifetime body warranty. The 11 pound Super CoachVac is ergonomically intended and easy to preserve and use. Studies from an independent laboratory comparing upright and backpack vacuum use proved that operators using back packs vacuums: expend HALF the physical energy and perceived effort. Vacuum in HALF the time. These vacuums are ideal for cleaning commercial-grade carpeting, hard floors, chairs, sofas, blinds, stairs, and reaching up to clean heat and air conditioning vents also as over door and window trim. Plans: Watts: 1188 W, Weight: 11 lbs. Decibels: 66 dBA, Airflow: 150 CFM, Static Lift: 100 in. Amps: 9. 9 A, Capacity: 10 qt. (11 L), Four Level Filtration: 1190 sq. In. W/ HEPA Level Filtration.

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  2. SquareTrade 3-Year Floor Care Extended Protection Plan ($350-399.99)
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  6. Electrolux Ergospace Bagged Canister Vacuum, EL4103A
  7. Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition
  8. Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A Canister Vacuum, Hose Length 6 Feet, Power 9 amps

Models to consider:
VC248 Compact C1400K H100BG1006 36610DS
ZW12-14WFT(A) AG-1200SD40010 700-LS86-R3-100 S8590
EUR3683 UH70817BFP-1150 EL7063BS3825 MC-CG467
MC-CL310 MC-CG917NP319 SK30080PCMC-CL935 PU3650
EL7060A np32041DAE030USA MC-CL933MDV-3TAV DC39 Animal
vacbpb9/vacbp36v FC10010QT S3590PUCVC29 MU4200
911-XLS S6270C-VC439 NV755S5629080 EL4021A
SD30040BB GIDDS2-2464774ST2500R DC39 Multi floorSD40055B SBD265
H503 DC46THCOMCVC 370 MC-CG93735410DS C101
SCBP-1 VC248SEB236 41FAE030USA1191-5AW-400 41GDE032USA
41BAN031USA EL4103ASD40130 BB900DGREL4101A Compact C1
E2type12 JL-B4001VC-PC7A(L) 911-XLSBGCOMP9H 3670G
CH30000 SK1-220SD30035 S8590BP6S VCBD8521
MU4200 SH40070EL4042A UH7081790640AM 86-R3-100
CC1600LR SC3683AVCBD8080 ST2500R1NP319 36610DS
955A C101MC-CG937 H503NV755 9299AM
PN12 Airbelt K2SD30040BB C2401-01041DAE030USA 9VBP-10
BG1006 EL4071Awhite30 DC39 Multi floorAG-1200 MC-CG301
EL7060A S6270S8590 wd145141GFE036USA 9299AM
S3590 ATIHCTV536610DS MC-CG901S10NA SD40130
VC-PC7A(L) EAT606SSD40120 C101MC-CL485 EL4103A
E2type12 S6270BFP-1150 ST2500R1H100 H250
SK1-220 S5281MC-CG301 SD3003541FAE030USA EUR3683
1191-5AW-400 9951AMSH40070 CVC 370GIDDS2-290500 C2401-010
SD40010 ZW12-14WFT(A)3684F BGCOMP9HSC3683A MC-CL310
90640AM PUCVC2986-R3-100 911-XLSBSG71360UC vacbpb9/vacbp36v
BG1006 C-VC439SBD 285-3 MCCL433CH30000 700-LS


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