April 21, 2017

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  • Docking station stores and charges the machine so it’s ready to use.
  • Max mode gives stronger suction for more difficult tasks.
  • The Dyson digital motor V6 creates the most powerful cordless vacuum. 2 Tier Radial(TM) cyclones capture more fine dust.
  • Balanced for cleaning up top, down below, and in between. Wand detaches easily for handheld cleaning.
  • Motorized cleaner head cleans all floor types.
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General description

The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum gives you Dyson suction power without the annoyance of a cord. Its motorized cleaner head cleans all floor types.

Compare with similar products:

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity

Shark Rotator powered Lift-Away XL 209472-01 Capacity is a powered Lift-Away uninterrupted floor to roof cleaning with a big Capacity dust cup. Easily clean under furniture, above the floor, and in all those other hard to reach places around your home. The mini-motorized brush puts all the power of an upright in the palm of your hand. The mini motorized brush picks up pet hair and loose debris, and powerfully deep cleans surfaces LED lights on the wand are perfect for above-floor cleaning- particularly for spotting bothersome cobwebs in corners. The floor nozzle also will include led lights, illuminating your work area and making hidden debris easy to find. The fingertip controls on the handle make powering on and off a snap, and they make the transition between hard-floor and carpet cleaning seamless. Armed with advanced swivel steering for excellent control when maneuvering around furniture, the Rotator has Anti-Allergen complete seal technology + HEPA that traps 99. 99percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum. Joint with two bubble filters, this dust containment system helps keep dust and allergy-causing agents from escaping back into the air you breathe. This 3-in-1 vacuum instantly transforms into a movable canister with powered floor nozzle for effortless cleaning during your home. Also, the canister caddy can hold all your beloved attachments so they are available at all times. Also included is the new led Dust-Away hard floor attachment, which offers the final hard floor cleaning experience with led lights to illuminate your cleaning area and a microfiber pad to pick up and clean away good debris. Depending on ASTM F1977 of particles between 0. 3 and 0. 5 microns.

MOUNTO 1HP 3000CFM 12" Axial Blower Exhaust Fan Confined Space Blower … (Yellow)

The MT3000 is a real whirlwind on every construction site. This unit is a true professional: distinctive German industrial design with fitted carrying handle, shock-protected switch and stackable polyethylene housing. And all other features of the MT3000 are nothing to hide either. With its high-performance, encapsulated fan, this conveying fan which is as robust as lightweight can variably transport new air over long distances into bordering storeys or shafts and exhaust polluted air over equally long distances. They are ideal conditions for the obliged air exchange rates for ventilation throughout channel construction works or welding. Hoses of up to 38 metres in length can flexibly be attached to the blow-out or suction side of the MT3000 because this axial fan comes with the respective connections on both sides. This doesn’t only let the mix of dust bag on the blow-out side and air hose on the suction side, however also makes the MT3000 the ideal transport fan for far-off connected mobile air conditioning and heating applications. To help the cooling or heating units, this powerful conveying fan is simply installed between the ends of two air transport hoses and so extends the conveying distances of hot or cold air for long hose routes.

Rubbermaid Commercial FG9VBP060000 6-quart Backpack Cleaner, 8A Power

Rubbermaid Commercial FG9VBP060000 6-Quart Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, 8A Power. The 6-quart backpack vacuum cleaner is lightweight with comfy harness design and narrow profile for unlimited mobility. It’s ideal for the hospitality and environmental services business and is CRI Green Label certified. It has a closed bag design, security latches, 50-foot 3-wire cord, adaptable hose, and crevice and floor tools. Aluminum wands, dusting brush, and upholstery tool included.

Toshiba cyclone cleaner (power brush) Gran Red cleaner TORNEO mini (Torneo mini) VC-C3-R®

Product Description A thin body is light, strong suction force is followed. Anyway, it lighter. Body mass 2. 3kg ◆ lightweight compact body of the easy-to-use body mass 2. 3kg in the “lightweight compact”, nor I can comfortably carry move. ◆ to sustain the “dual Tornado system” suction force of fast separation and compression precipitator “dual Tornado system”, lets the length of suction force by fast separation of dust and air in the dust cup top. Compression of garbage in the lower dust cup, decrease the soaring of dust, trash will be easier. Also, clean the filter, is the simplicity of only move left or right hand to “dust off lever” of interior dust cup. “Dual Tornado system”, it decomposes to, is washable. ◆ eco mode equipped with “eco mode” is selected, it’s possible to decrease the auto suction force every time you float the head, you may be able to about 38 reduction in power intake in comparison to the time of strong mode use. ◆ Equipped with “flavonoid filter” and a deodorizing effect “high dust collection pleated filter” of deodorizing ginkgo leaf extract containing the exhaust. ◆ lightweight compact power head 2WAY brush wall Sai, is the head of the easy-to-clean motor drive the carpet. Rotating brush antibacterial specification, you may be able to wash it removed and. -Floor dust getter head from the top I’ll suction the floating dust. – By removing the 2WAY brush head the extension tube, you may also easily clean on the narrow gap and sofa. ◆ I’ll decrease the fall of the body by twisting of the hose by the base of the Nejiren hose hose is rotated. Also, change of direction will also be smooth.

MetroVac 1.17 PHP DataVac Pro Series /Blower with Variable Control, 120-Volt

Today, you can not be in business if your computer is out of business. One minute part of lint, dust, hair, debris or paper shred can stop your computer cold. That means undone projects, fractured schedules and expensive downtime. But now there is DataVac, the world’s best computer cleaning systems. High-powered and specially intended to clean computers, printers and all sensitive-to-dust electronic equipment used in the modern office. And, to assist you clean more completely DataVac’s “Pro Series” will include a 4 part Micro Cleaning Tool Kit. There is a DataVac “Pro” model to satisfy every need. All at cheap prices.

EL4300B Electrolux Filter Ultraactive Deepclean Bagless Canister, Orange (Complete Set) w/ Gift: Premium Microfiber Cleaner vs Dyson V6 Cordless 209472-01 pricing

Active cyclonic cleaning for all surfaces. Compact storage with telescopic wand and ErgoShock storage solution keep UltraActive compact and tidy when not used. Powerful cyclonic technology with 12 amp motor and DeepClean powerhead. Easy-empty dust cup releases with the touch of a button. With powerful suction and a deep clean power head to deliver superior pickup, the Electrolux super Active Deep Clean canister vacuum has the capability to clean all flooring surfaces. It is true cyclonic separation and the easy to empty dust cup offers bagless convenience by eliminating the have to buy substitute bags. To get the Best Results: Use ‘Brushroll OFF’ setting for wood, tile, or another hard-surface floors. Don’t use ‘Brushroll ON’ setting for hardsurface floors, as the brush roll could damage fragile surfaces. Hard Floors Use the bare floor brush. Use the power nozzle. (Brushroll OFF) Carpets Use the power nozzle. (Brushroll ON) Crevices, corners, etc. Use the crevice tool. Curtains, lightweight fabrics, etc. Use the dusting brush. Decrease suction power if needed. Frames, bookshelves, etc. Use the dusting brush. Upholstered furniture Use the upholstery tool. Product Features: Compact Storage Telescopic wand and ErgoShock storage solution keep UltraActive compact and tidy when not used. Powerful Cyclonic Technology Bagless cyclonic technology, 12 amp motor, and DeepClean power head supply a deep, powerful clean for all surfaces. Easy-Empty Dust Cup With a touch of a button, the easy-empty dust cup releases dirt and debris into the trash.

IPC Eagle S9115 SCLP iClean 5.5 Continuous Duty Industrial

APPLICATION For uninterrupted run applications as part of manufacturing, cutting or grinding. Totally auto FILTER CLEANING SYSTEM Maintain full suction power and top performance without having to stop. FILTERS THAT ensure A DUST FREE ENVIRONMENT The filters are separated by plates to prevent the falling dust of the filter being cleaned from depositing on the other filters throughout use. FILTERS ARE generally CLEAN The Cyclic Filter Cleaning takes place every minute alternating ensuring the filters generally clean producing an efficient vacuum. THE novelty OF THE FILTER SYSTEM 1. The 3 filters are protected by a special cyclone effect preventing fast filter clogging 2. The filters are separatedby plates that prevent the falling dust of the filter being cleaned from depositing on the other filters 3. Gives the perfect filter cleaning using the right mix of vibrations and air blown onto the filter 4. Suction continues throughout the cyclic filter cleaning phases ADDITONAL features are 24 hour operation with powerful uninterrupted run motor reliable clean filters without operator intervention with completely auto filter cleaning using the 3 Flow System Clean air with HEPA standard filters Easy collection and disposal of debris with longopac collection system Long life with rugged heavy responsibility design with steel paitned tanks and heavy responsibility caster cart.

Black & Decker VCBD8080 Dual Cyclonic Compact Pro Cleaner, 220 Volts (Not for USA) vs Dyson V6 Cordless 209472-01 review

Scrap collection receptacle. Cable 5 meters, professional. Dual Cyclone technology. Hepa filter totally washable. 3. 0-L collector capacity. Speed control. On-off button, one touch. Easy to carry with handle. Button retractable cable. Cornerback for those hard places. Accessories for better aspirate: Turbo Brush included, 2 chromium-plated steel extension tubes, power adjustable suction hose, wheels that protect your floor from scratches.

Cana-Vac Central Ultra Quiet Model 700-CLS Bagged or Bagless

The Cana Vac Central Vacuum Unit 700-CLS is Cana-Vacs Quietest central vacuum unit in there lineup clocking in at only 54 db. The 700-CLS cleans homes up to 10,000 SQ Ft. For its size the 700-CLS is the strongest central vacuum unit in the world. Included with the 700-CLS is an exhaust muffler and motor sound reduction kit. With the Moveable Utility Valve on the 700-CLS this Unit can replace any pre-present central vacuum unit in any home. Plans Suction: 132 Airwatts: 625 Airflow CFM: 139 Dirt Capacity: 5 gal Dimensions: 12″ x 25″ Sound Level: 54 db.

360 EYE RB01NB Cleaner – International Version (Japan) vs Dyson V6 Cordless 209472-01 price

Distinctive 360 vision system The future of robot navigation technology Just like you, Dyson 360 Eye robot constantly observes and interprets its surroundings. But unlike you, it sees all around the room now. This distinctive 360 vision system uses complex mathematics, probability hypothesis, geometry and trigonometry to map and navigate a room. So it knows where it’s, where its been and where its still to clean.

Lindhaus Aria Red Multifuntion Canister Cleaner with Turbo Brush and Hard Floor Tool

The Aria vacuum cleaner is a result of years of cautious planning on both the creative and working level. It is sleek design delivers the highest quality performance and filtration with exceptional versatility and whisper calm sound levels. Full deluxe on-board tools include an upholstery tool with removable bristles, full length crevice tool and round swivel dusting brush with natural bristles. The 3 L Micropor Hepa style bag also to the other phases of filtration brings the Aria to a total of 5 levels of filtration which assures excellent protection against dust mites, pollens, etc. For people with serious allergies, Aria may be equipped with the Lindhaus S-Class Hepa filter (optional). The S-Class Hepa filter assures 99. 97 filtration efficiency at 0. 3 micron. The Aria returns this purified air into the room through an exclusive draft free clean air ventilation system built into the 360 degree bumper.

Dirt Devil SD40130 Breeze Lightweight Canister vs Dyson V6 Cordless 209472-01 reviews

Compact cleaning with cyclonic performance – breeze lightweight canister packs powerful suction in a maneuverable design. Now it is easier to tackle corners, crevices, stairs and other hard-to-reach regions with an expanded reach. And powerful cyclonic technology helps cover the tough messes. When you are done, just press the one-touch cord Rewind for a Fast cleanup.

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Models to consider:
BGC2000 BSG71360UCCO711 NP319SR30020 41GJE031USA
CC1600LR JL-B4001S10NA MC-CG901SCBP-1 DIS-200-NA-D
S2121 SD40010MC-CL943 RB01NB30ft Central SC412A
BA-BA2 30ft CentralEL4040A CVC 370S5629080 MC1000
9696AM C-VC439PA00043-HS50 SH40060PU3900C AHSC-1
SEB236 S8990BG1006 VCC96P0H1G/XAAVX475C CV-SY7000 R
SH40050 PK12MC1000DC39 Multi floor BG1001AT1100 Compact C2
9vbp-06 EL4021AVC-PC6A(L) 9299AMMC-HS700G-S BATTGV8QTRED
41DAE031USA MC-CG937S3590 GIDDS2-29050035ft Central VC-PC7A(L)
SR30020 MC-CL943700-LS AERO 26-21SD40130 PU3650
MU4200 C-VC439CC1600LR EUR3683MCCL433 PU3900C
41GDE032USA SuperQuartervac286-R3-100 41BAN030USAMC-CL453 9000-II
Compact C2 Topaz BGC2000SH40072 VCBD8080MC-CG301 MC-CG937
AHSC-1 PK12MC1000CV-SY7000 R S3755MC-CG973 SCBP-1
S2121 9696AMvacbpb9/vacbp36v 9299AMVC-PC7A(L) 30ft Central
TR010007 CO711VACBP1 SBD 450-3SD40100 90640AM
EL6986A EL4021AMC-HS700G-S NU370030ft Central EL4300A
9299AM PK12MC100086-R3-100 S8590SL18156 VC-PC6A(L)
90640AM E2 TYPE 12MCCL433 SR30020CV-SY7000 R GP1.5G-3
41BAN030USA S2121EL7085ADX 9696AMZW12-14WFT(A) 30ft Central
MC-PR2-P VACBP1RB01NB SC412ADC39 Multi floor GC-1150
PU3900C SH40072BG1001 S5629080white30 VCC96P0H1G/XAA
MC-CL453 MC-CG937SD30040BB S8390CC1600LR np320
prolux2.0_c Compact C2 TopazEL4335A SK1-220SK30080PC NU3700
PU3650 VX475CMC-CG467 BB2000DIS-200-NA-D SH30050
940A vacbpb9/vacbp36vEL4060A Compact C2MC-CG301 9VBP-10


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